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Instagram engagement rate and other key metrics are crucial to measure Instagram influencers engagement rate on Instagram. Understand an influencer’s audience quality and find high quality influencers.

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The free tool from Thunderclap will help you understand an influencer’s engagement rate and other beneficial information to help you size up any Instagram influencer. Learn about engagement rates and how to measure engagement.

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Much can be learned from analyzing influencer Instagram accounts. If you want to become the authority in your space you need to learn and apply what the biggest brands are doing.

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3,338 people used the calculator in the past 7 days


Have Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator Questions?

Using Instagram Engagement rates to help you grow your Instagram isn’t easy. Learn more about the most frequently asked questions so that you can understand more about IG engagement.

Measuring an Instagram engagement rate is easy with the Thunderclap Instagram engagement calculator. Simply scroll up and input any Instagram username, then click “analyze profile”. Once you do this, our in depth analytical tool will help process all the Instagram account(s) analytics.

This means, you’ll receive the influencer’s average engagement rate, follower count, Instagram posts number, data from their Instagram feed and Instagram stories, along with their audience quality and if they have fake followers on their profile.

The Thunderclap Instagram engagement rate calculator is one of the most in depth social media analytics tools on the market. Adopt this tool as a common practice and you’ll see things that will help you increase your engagement on Instagram fairly quickly and easily.

An Instagram engagement rate, AKA, Influencer engagement rate is a calculation based on the average number of likes, comments, and other engagements on a creator’s Instagram account.

Simply put, the number is formulated by taking the full number of post engagements (photos, videos, comments, etc) and dividing that by the creator’s number of followers.

That gives you the average.

These rates are one of the most important metrics in today’s Influencer marketing because it’s a tell-tale sign of whether or not the specific creator will be a good choice to partner or endorse.

A lack of engagement, due to either having fake followers, likes, and comments skew the metrics, or from producing low quality content is a huge red flag for anybody that is interested in working with you.

All in all, it’s key to your success to have high engagement rates across the board. A lack of this will hinder your ability to work with well known brands, business, and other influencers on Instagram.

Luckily, it’s not very difficult to generate a higher rate of people engaging if you analyze big brands and creators in your space, then follow their roadmap.

Remember that it’s not the total number of followers that users have on their posts, but how much or how little real people are interacting with their content (IE: following, liking, or sending comments.

High quality Instagram followers can be delivered to you without putting your account at risk. In fact, Instagram’s made it very clear their stance regarding providing your login information to anybody other than yourself.

When you give out your personal Instagram login, you’re giving out the ability for anybody to login to your Instagram account along with permission to doing so.

We at Thunderclap pride ourselves on giving you more followers on Instagram for free without having to provide us any information. Any company that tells you they can provide you with high quality followers on instagram can do so without needing your login information.

There are many services out there that try and trick you into saying they will give you free Instagram followers, only to require you to take surveys and provide your account information. Do not trust these companies because there is absolutely nothing they will do for you.

Thunderclap has delivered over 10 million Instagram followers and we’ve perfected the process to do so quickly, effectively, and safely. Every single Instagram follower we deliver is done so with the utmost integrity and a smile. We love our customers and want you to get organic growth and many followers so that you can hit the explore page and have a huge following.

Influencer marketing absolutely took off in or around the year 2013. And as with any new market, there were some growing pains. This was no different for the influencer marketing game.

What ended up happening initially, was that influencers, AKA, creators, had fake followers which meant absolutely nothing for the brands and businesses trying to partner with them.

Because the market was so new, these brands and businesses were mislead to believe that by partnering with a specific person, they’d get more traffic and ultimately sales for their products or service.

To their horror, once the campaign started on their posts, the influencers that they partnered with didn’t bring in any kind of uptick in sales and traffic.

Nowadays, businesses know that it’s not the follower count that matters, but it’s the Instagram engagement rate that’s key.

Put it like this:

John has 10,000 followers, yet he only has a .5% rate.

On the other hand, Jane has 10,000 followers with a 14% rate.

From a businesses point of view, which one creator is more likely to return on an investment?

Follower count in today’s Instagram market has little to no relevance when it comes to somebody choosing your account to help them promote their products or services.

Because an engagement rate doesn’t lie, it makes it the true source of how valuable somebody’s account is on Instagram.

When an Instagram users posts, will there be any action taken? That’s the most critical question.

As touched on above, Instagram engagement rates are so important because they are the true signs of whether or not an account is valuable or not.

Follower count, while beneficial, is not anywhere near as important because you can inflate this number with fake profiles.

On the other hand, you can’t really fake engagements on posts.

So for you as a creator, the people engaging on your Instagram is key for you to build a self-sustaining business or brand that brings in enough revenue to satisfy your lifestyle.

And as for a brand or business that is looking to partner with you, the engagement rate on your Instagram posts gives them insight as to whether or not the account they’re looking at would be a wise investment for them to take on.

Aside from what we’ve already discussed, using our engagement rate calculator is a great way to understand the reason for why an influencer’s account is doing well, or not so much…

Seeing detailed metrics of their analytics along with other key KPI (key performance indicators)for your posts, it gives you as a creator an understanding of what’s working for an account and what’s not working.

Armed with this information, it gives you everything you need to optimize your choices in choosing your content strategy, AKA, choosing the content you want to create.

You see, knowing the numbers behind the influencer is critical if you want to know what you can create to help users engage and interact with your Instagram.

Think of tracking this information as a cheatsheet as to how you can cut through all the mediocre accounts and make your posts even better.

Something that your audience will love and get you even more followers to subscribe to your Instagram account.

Lastly, I’d like to say that this is something that nearly no Instagram influencer do, and this will definitely give you an edge that your audience will appreciate.

The tools from Thunderclap can help you understand your data in an easy to use way.

Nowadays there’s many different brands that can help you by simply putting in any Instagram account and having it calculate the engagement.

Although, before these tools were created, what we used to do is take the last 12 pieces of feed content, AKA, photos, videos, and albums, and then add up all the engagement elements (likes, comments, shares, etc).

Once we had this number, we divided it by the 12 most recent photos and came up with the engagement rate.

As I said before, though, Thunderclap and other brands have made it easy for you to get the engagement on Instagram instantly by creating a tool that formulates the number automatically.

Instagram keeps their “good rates” on the downlow, but based on a number of different sources, you can consider a good engagement rate on Instagram from 1%-5%.

Keep in mind that there’s a lot of different variables that go into this such as:

  • Instagram post type

  • Follower amount

  • Post timing

  • Post frequency

It’s been proven that the more followers you have in your audience, the less buzz you’re going to receive. Also keep in mind that you will also receive less interest on your pictures and videos if you provide your audience with low quality content.

Hootsuite claims that, on average, carousel posts are the most engaging type of Instagram post. It makes sense, because if you think about it, a carousel post gives a creator up to 10 chances to get their followers to engage on what’s considered one post.

Just remember, that in order to boost your engagement rate, you need to have great content and a low number of fake followers.

We wrote a great post on how to increase Instagram engagement, but in a nutshell here’s some tried and true tips that you can use to help your followers interact and engage on your content, thus increasing your average engagement rate:

  • Get to know your audience: You can’t make content if you don’t know who’s on the receiving end. Remember, you’re not making content for yourself, you’re making content that will build a bridge and bond with your market. If you don’t know your audience then you’ll never build a lasting connection, and thus you’ll generate low buzz on your content.

  • Be authentic: Social media is a place of egos and fakers, so it’s refreshing when a truly authentic brand or business comes around. Being authentic helps win you a bigger chance for your followers to comment on your posts, which helps your audience age better by continuing to follow your profile.

  • Share great content: Instagram is too saturated with crappy content. In order for your campaign to attract more followers and Instagram influencers, you need to not only produce, but also share the great content of others.

  • Post Carousels: I already told you that carousels give influencers up to 10 chances to receive that coveted buzz. Whether it’s a comment or a like, carousels are a good example of the most effective use for marketers trying to grow their Instagram accounts.

  • Use Hashtags: Hashtags are a great way to get more reach through potential explore page results. Try and put them in your first comment on your posts so that way when you get comments they will hide the hashtag list you put.

Keep in mind that there’s much more you can do to improve your IG engagement, but these are some of the most effective strategies you can implement right away.

There’s a number of different reasons as to why you might have a low engagement rate on Instagram. To quickly sum it up, you could have posts that are not worthy of a users like or comment, AKA, crappy content.

Another reason could be that you aren’t using a tool like the Thunderclap engagement calculator, so you’re producing the wrong kind of content.

A big reason why your engagement rate could suffer is if you have a load of fake people following your Instagram. Actually, Reelit says this is the biggest reason for inaccurate IG engagement statistics.

If you’re having a hard time getting likes, comments, shares, mentions, etc, then you have to do some due-diligence and understand where that’s coming from.

Once you identify the problem, you can fix it. But until then, you can’t fix something when you don’t know where it’s broken.

Marketers know this and know how to identify the problem.

We consider anything under 1% a bad engagement rate, although you have to remember that the more followers you have, the lower your engagement rate will be.

It’s not uncommon to have under a 1% engagement rate, should you have more than 10,000 followers.

Fake influencers on social media, Instagram specifically, really hurt the influencer marketing market.

When a brand or business gets mislead into thinking that an influencer is legit and has a big engagement on their post(s), think of comments, likes, etc etc, it gives the influencer marketing industry a bad name.

Fake influencers are an example of the kind of accounts you do not want to run a campaign with.

Fake influencers give out inaccurate tracking data and metrics, and misleads the Influencer marketing community on the whole.

Because of this, influencer marketing got a bad rap and suffered heavily.

Social media platforms in today’s world d o a lot to stop these fake “micro influencers” from spreading and pushing a bad name for the true “influencer” in the sense of the word.

Having an active audience is super key when it comes to knowing which influencers are fake and which ones are real and active.

People that work in influencer marketing are much smarter and want more information before endorsing. your profile.