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Viralyft Service Comparison

Social media marketing is critical to helping brands and businesses get real Instagram followers and growing their social media platforms in general.

Because of the demand of companies looking to grow their social media accounts, there’s no shortage of experts in the field who can help get you more followers and more social media growth.

But as with all things, having such a broad range of choices of brands and businesses offer you social media growth services, it can also make it difficult to find the right person or business to really help you get the best value for your investment.

Oftentimes, these social media marketing “experts” provide you bot follower(s), write spammy fake reviews for your brand or business, and provide you with an overall low-quality engagement that does nothing more than help you lose followers in the long run.

In today’s Viralyft review, we’re going to give you an absolute breakdown as to what they can offer you, if Viralyft is worth it, and we’ll also give you a few Viralyft alternatives to try out.

TLDR: We would NOT recommend Viralyft as a social media growth service that we can trust. Furthermore, after testing their services, we found that not only did our client’s Instagram accounts get shadow banned, but some of them were deactivated.

That being said, you can see below which Viralyft alternatives take the cake now and into 2023.


1. ThunderclapWINNER

2. Fameoid – Runner up

3. Ampya – Third place

4. diogrowth

5. Boppersocial

6. Flubber

7. Pensta

After our extensive testing to confirm the best Viralyft alternative, we’ve found Thunderclap to take the number one spot.

Below you will get the full Viralyft review for 2023.

Viralyft Review 2024 – What Is Viralyft?

Viralyft is a social media growth company that claims to help you grow multiple social media networks.

These networks range from your Instagram account to Facebook and all the way out to Clubhouse, Spotify and much more.

While that might sound attractive, we want to ask ourselves a serious question:

Is claiming to help you grow your other social media platforms (8 social media growth services) in total, is it actually effective?

Because our motto here is, “a jack of all trades, and a master of none”, and that surely rings true.

Unless of course, Viralyft doesn’t actually do much in the way of helping you grow your target audience with organic followers and provides your social media platforms a filet of fake followers and low quality engagement.

And unfortunately, that’s EXACTLY what Viralyft provides…

Social media followers that do NOTHING for you.

In fact, there are no targeted audience AKA, targeted followers, delivered and realistically, this means that Viralyft does nothing to help you gain real users that take action on your Instagram accounts (or whatever service you leverage them for).

That means that you’ll never get more exposure or reach the explore page with your Instagram page, AKA Instagram profile, or any other service or other platforms that Viralyft claims they can help you with.

Viralyft for Facebook

Viralyft claims to help you gain followers and likes for your Facebook page.

viralyft review facebook likes

We’ve concluded that the service for this social media platform (Facebook) fell massively short because all the Viralyft team delivered were bot followers.

And look, we’re not opposed to bot followers and this is why:

Whether using bots to get Facebook followers or more Instagram bot(s), when you use high quality bots, you tip the Algorithm in your favor because high quality bots are still considered high quality engagement and that’s the very beginning of using a marketing strategy that works.

But the followers delivered through VL (Viralyft) were crappy bots that were immediately distinguishable as fake and irrelevant.

Top Facebook Growth Tools

Best Tool For Facebook Growth – Thunderclap

2nd Best Tool For Facebook Growth – Fameoid

Viralyft for Instagram

Using Viralyft for Instagram to get real followers is where we’re really concerned.

Your follower count on Instagram can help you get more followers due to social proof, drive positive reviews of your brand and business, help existing clients find you easier, and more importantly, having a high Instagram engagement rate helps your Instagram account whether it be a new Instagram account or not, get rock solid results by ranking higher in the Instagram algorithm.

Once again, though, Viralyft fell short on their Instagram growth service as well.

More Instagram bots were delivered to our client accounts which didn’t help their Instagram feed one bit.

As a matter of fact, if you are going to be buying followers then you should just use a site like Thunderclap.

Because when you buy followers, you can do it the good way — or the bad way.

And when you use Viralyft, you’re doing it the bad way.

viralyft review instagram followers

Look at how bad these followers look from the Viralyft growth package. This makes me really question Viralyft safe and believe the bad reviews that we saw.

I came to the conclusion that people don’t just leave bad reviews unless there is a reason to do so.

To be fair, we were expecting at least the right users to be delivered within a few hours from Viralyft, but instead we got the opposite of real followers all within a few mins.

Does this make Viralyft legit?

We’ll let you be the judge.

Top Instagram Growth Tools

Best Instagram Growth Service – Thunderclap

2nd Best Instagram Growth Service – Fameoid

Viralyft for YouTube

According to Viralyft, they also offer you more exposure on YouTube and provide services to gain you YouTube subscribers, views, and comments.

Basically pricing starts at $10.99 for 100 YT subscribers, and Viralyft claims that these subscribers are “top quality subscribers.”

viralyft review youtube subscribers

They are all global subscribers, so there’s no way that you can hone in on any type of potential area or location, which is definitely a downside if you are looking to reach an audience in your local area.

They also take up to 10 days to deliver these followers, which is pretty slow considering there are only 100 subscribers. They claim to have the same delivery time for bigger packages, so something isn’t adding up here.

The good thing is that you won’t have to provide your YouTube password when buying subscribers or other services, but there is nothing that guarantees you’ll actually get something of value when you work with Viralyft.

The subscribers, likes, comments, and shares all come from bots, which doesn’t fall in line with YouTube social media’s terms. You also won’t be able to monetize your channel that way.

At the end of the day, there’s nothing about the YouTube packages on Viralyft that will set you apart or help you monetize your platform; the validity of their services is seriously in question.

Top YouTube Growth Tools

Best YouTube Growth Tool – Thunderclap

2nd Best YouTube Growth Tool – Fameoid

Viralyft for Twitter

Because Viralyft focuses on social media growth for multiple platforms, you can also find different packages for Twitter on their website.

These packages are supposedly some of the best price points on the market and claim to offer you unmatched quality in packages that start at 100 followers and increase from there. The cheapest option costs $3.99 for 100 Twitter followers.

viralyft review twitter followers

No password is required for Twitter followers or engagement just as we saw on their other social packages, and Viralyft asserts that they can get you your Twitter followers faster for some reason.

They’re the same global followers as seen with all other social media networks, why would Twitter be any speedier?

While it may seem repetitive, all of the social media growth service offered by Viralyft are the same– they are not verified as real or top quality followers + engagements, your account will be polluted with bots and fake profiles, and you’ll see no value or monetization as a result.

If you know anything about the social media marketing industry, you know that real followers and engagements are vital for success. Find yourself a great Viralyft alternative if you really want to see a better performance on Twitter and other socials.

Top Twitter Growth Tools

Best Twitter Growth Tool – Thunderclap

2nd Best Twitter Growth Tool – Fameoid

How Did Viralyft do in Comparison Tests?

We went through the process of testing and buying followers to see if Viralyft is really a huge con artist. Ultimately, in terms of a review conclusion Viralyft didn’t do well.

To test their impact as a social media growth service, we decided to buy Instagram followers as this is one of the most popular and sought-after services on the market.

Quite honestly, we were about as disappointed as it gets.

First off, the delivery time took much more than the 72 hours that they claimed, and the followers received were notably not real users.

It’s not difficult to spot bots and fake profiles on Instagram these days, and we recognized immediately that what we received from Viralyft was not going to help us in any way. In fact, most of the followers we got could ruin our reputation and mess up our metrics.

Thus, we’ll need to go through and remove them, meaning more work for us and little to no ROI.

Another thing that Viralyft notes as a feature is their high retention rate. We lost a big chunk of the followers that we received just one day after they finally started to arrive.

This is unacceptable considering that Viralyft explicitly states they have a high retention rate, and we tested on that with no bias.

Overall, it was a messy experience at best and imagine the same for any other social media service they provide.

Based on the claims on the Viralyft website, we were highly disappointed.

What About The Viralyft Team?

Having a good support team is vital for any social media growth service.

Sometimes things don’t go right or may have some technical difficulties, or issues with retention, and having someone to reach out to is important to the customer experience.

Not only that, this starts with a FAQ section that explains everything directly before purchase.

While Viralyft does offer quite a bit of information on their website, little of it helped with the issues we experienced during our tests.

Unfortunately there’s also no reliable way to contact their support team directly.

There’s a generic Contact page where you can chat with someone on their website, which we never got a response back from.

What’s more, there is a chat box, but you can’t continue without entering an email address right upfront. They claim to respond immediately, but that didn’t happen either. Still waiting to this day.

viralyft review support team

Viralyft User Reviews

Many of the Viralyft reviews you can find online are similar to what we have documented in ours.

You’ll even find that a lot of clients received nothing at all, which is even worse.

It’s really saddening to see such reviews and know that a company that claims a good reputation and a high level of trust doesn’t deliver what they promise to their paying clients.

Social media is a huge part of many businesses and it’s unacceptable to take advantage of clients in this manner.

Viralyft FAQ

Before we go over a few alternatives, we’ll answer some of the most common questions about Viralyft to make sure we didn’t miss anything in our review.

Is Viralyft Legit?

Based on our Viralyft review as well as our tests, customer reviews, and experiences with other services, we aren’t confident in recommending Viralyft.

While they have a legitimate website and secure services, the quality vs. value and ROI is low. This is the exact opposite of what one needs when trying to grow Instagram and other platforms.

Not only that, it’s nearly impossible to get in touch with anyone from the company, which is another big red flag when considering using them for any type of social media growth.

Does Viralyft have negative reviews?

Based on reviews, your engagement rate will tank due to the low quality and fake followers that Viralyft provides.

They have a one star rating on The Small Business Blog and have purchased fake reviews to bolster their reputation on other similar sites.

This completely goes against all of the “five-star reviews” that can be found on their website.

Overall, their online presence has outed them as a company that sells fake and low quality followers to their customers, harming their reputation in the long run with no remorse.

What kind of pricing Viralyft offer for their services?

Viralyft pricing is relatively cheap. Some packages cost just mere dollars, but that price is reflected in the quality of what they provide.

For instance, you can get “high quality followers” for Instagram at the rate of just $2.89 for 100 followers. These are claimed to be real users, but they simply are not.

Buyer beware of incredibly low price points like this with big claims of “real” and “engaging” users.

You would be better off working with a real account manager or a growth service that has reputable services in comparison to Viralyft.

Does Viralyft have a crappy writing style?

When you’re looking to get some more engagement through comments on your social media accounts, you may need to get some help.

Viralyft offers comment services, and if they were any worse, we might have to delete our social media accounts altogether.

The comments are beyond generic and don’t have anything to do with the content that they’re applied to.

This is a huge blow to your reputation on any platform, and even the content on their website including competitor reviews is subpar at best.

It’s in anyone’s best interest to avoid comment services from Viralyft if you value your online reputation and credibility.

Are other services better than Viralyft?

There are various companies out there that are better than Viralyft.

While the model for Viralyft is a very common one, they sadly can’t deliver on what they claim based on our tests and other customer reviews.

It’s best to seek an alternative if you want valuable social media growth on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms.

Where can I find more Viralyft reviews?

Some of the different business review sites out there, such as The Small Business Blog, will provide you with even more Viralyft reviews so that you can gather multiple sources for your decision.

You’ll see that any of the reviews you find on Google and other websites have all come to the same consensus– Viralyft doesn’t help your social media.

Their Trustpilot has been suppressed from Google so that potential clients can’t see just how bad others feel about their services. New reviews have been disabled on the platform.

viralyft trustpilot reviews

Does Viralyft let me buy followers

You can get followers from Viralyft, but do keep in mind that their reputation online is less than stellar and their services may potentially damage the progress you’ve made so far on different social media.

Viralyft Review 2024 Conclusion – Conclusion Viralyft

Unfortunately we can’t recommend Viralyft because they are a company that claims to grow your social media accounts and fails to deliver. They can’t be trusted and while they look good at first glance, their clients have been disappointed.

The claims made on their website are all inflated or simply false, and this is one of the reasons we advise you to avoid their services– don’t get taken advantage of.

All of their followers, subscribers, and engagements are fake or low quality, which will damage your engagement rate and ultimately your reputation.

Based on the reviews, we did our own tests to see if these accusations were true, and they were just as bad as others have mentioned.

There are a plethora of negative reviews out there from past clients and the promise of real followers and active engagement are all untrue.

Anything you receive from Viralyft is spammy and created by bots.

We hope in the future that Viralyft will adjust their services and deliver on their promises, offering something of value to their clients.

If you’re looking to outsource some of your growth on social media, be sure that the company cares about their clients and can actually provide what they promise.

Top Viralyft Alternatives

If you’re curious about some of the more reliable options out there, check out the following sites.

With a high level of transparency, reliability, as well as high-quality followers and engagements, you’ll find much more value in these companies when compared to Viralyft.


The leader in Instagram and social media growth, Thunderclap provides a real network of users to help you boost your follower count and engagement.

With flexible packages, fast delivery, and engagement that will help your accounts grow, they’re a much better option.

You can expect real, high-quality accounts when you buy Instagram followers and likes from Thunderclap.

They’ve been in the industry for quite some time now and have helped countless clients grow their social media platforms in all different niches.

Their expansive network of real users help them to provide the quality that you deserve when buying social media growth online.

Not only that, they provide 24/7 support, ensuring that someone is always there to help you when you need it.


One of the best places to grow your social media accounts is Fameoid.

They are much more reliable when it comes to delivery and you have very clear options when you are selecting which packages suit your needs.

The level of transparency with Fameoid is almost unmatched and they are able to provide the quality needed to see more success via social media, whether you’re an aspiring influencer, business, musician, and more.


Ampya provides some of the best Instagram followers on the market. They have developed a seamless service that offers its clients real growth, helping in the long run.

No matter if you need engagement, followers, or a combination of both, budget-friendly options are available with Ampya that Viralyft simply can’t match.

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Written By Alexander Noah

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