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Research highlights that metrics like followers count, likes and views has great influence on people’s mind. The more followers, views or likes, the more will be the user trust. So take advantage of this opportunity, buy social media followers with Thunderclap

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Choose A Package

Once you choose the package, we will need your username, ensure the delivery is made to the right account. never asks password and other similar details.

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Make the payment and see the followers, likes or views Delivered instantly. We take great care of the algorithms to help our clients make the most of the social media platform and grow their businesses.

Watch Out for Growth
Watch Out for Growth offers customized pricing packages to suit your needs. Choose from the packages available be it Instagram likes, TikTok followers, views.


How Helps You Grow?


Consistent Delivery For Maximum Success

We delivers packages consistently so that your profile grows as time passes. We do everything while keeping the algorithm in mind and adhere to its policies.


Enhance Profile Visibility

Organic followers help increase engagement, i.e, likes, shares, and comments on your profile. We offers these services for Instagram and TikTok to enhance engagement and increase credibility.


Grow Profile Engagement

Building a profile from scratch is challenging and time-consuming. Instead, get a good start with our growth tools and create a solid fan base of engaged followers.

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As Your Personal Social Media Growth Tools?

We helps you obtain the best of social media growth services for TikTok and Instagram. With active followers delivered instantly to your social media profile, we guarantee massive growth. We helps you obtain the best of social media growth services for TikTok and Instagram

Quality Services Highest Quality Services

We have a team of experts who work day and night to help our clients get the deserved boost on social media. No matter if you are starting from scratch or are mid-way, we will help you get acknowledged by your target audience.

safety 100% safety assurance

We do not ask for social media passwords as we value your privacy. Our system is designed such that we deliver followers, likes and views just through your username.

Followers Permanent Followers

We offers genuine followers and quality engagement; hence, they are similar to your current followers. You will not see a sudden drop in your follower count. Even if you see, you will get a complete refill as soon as possible.

Reputable Legit & Reputable

All social media platforms have their terms and conditions for their users. The users are required to adhere to them so that they can continue obtaining the benefits. Our services are fully compliant with the T&C so that your profile is never on the radar.

Support Robust 24/7 Customer Support

If you face any issue during or after the process or are unsure of anything, our team will help you with the solution. Reach out to our customer support team at any point in time to seek help.

Refund 7 Days Full Refund Policy

In case you are not satisfied with our services, we guarantee full refund within 7 days considering you meet our terms, In any case, the end decision will stay in hands of experts.

Satisfaction Guaranteed Satisfaction is always available to answer all your queries, and you will feel confident throughout the process. We have designed services for maximum satisfaction and hence will not disappoint you.

No Downloads No Downloads Required

We delivers everything over web. Hence, there’s no hassle of downloading any kind of software when you avail our services. Good user experience will always remain our priority.

Compliant Services Compliant Services

All social media platforms have their terms and conditions for their users. The users are required to adhere to them so that they can continue obtaining the benefits. Our services are fully compliant with the T&C so that your profile is never on the radar.

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With over a decade of experience in social media growth, has established itself as a reputed social media growth service globally. Over 3.7 million customers have benefitted from our services worldwide. Thanks to domain experts in our team, we keep searching for better ways to grow your engagements and metrics that matter to you. With us, you don’t have to wait to experience good growth. You can just get started instantly. In case you face problems, we will always be there to help you through our customer support. We have pre-built packages for you to choose from and offer customization options for bulk inquiries.


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Yes, startups, mid-scale, and even established enterprises nowadays buy followers for your Instagram and TikTok accounts. We offer quality services at various price points, making it easy for people to grow their accounts on different platforms. In addition, brands, influencers, and celebrities also buy followers and engagement for their profiles to make the most of social media.

Our team strives to offer its customers the best social media growth marketing services, and we will help your brand reach more and more potential customers. As soon as the followers and engagement on your profile are delivered, you can see higher engagement on your Instagram and TikTok profiles. Purchasing followers is one of the quickest ways of increasing your online visibility. We offer genuine followers, likes, and views, so they will keep engaging with your content to help it reach more people.

Many companies offer followers and engagement for your social media profiles, so you need to be vigilant when buying. That said, we recommend buying only from trusted sources like ours. We offers reliable services for all kinds of businesses and individuals so that they can organically grow their online presence. Purchasing likes and engagement is one of the best ways of increasing your profile within a short turnaround time.

We offer followers who are real and genuine, so the delivery may take some time but don't worry, it happens instantly on the same day. After you pick a package for yourself and make the payment, you can expect the delivery in no time. Though, the process will not take much time, as we deliver the order within minutes. However, we ensure the delivery within the same day. The only prerequisite to buying our services is that you will have to make your profile public. We efficiently handle the entire process for everyone looking to grow their social media presence.

We never asks for confidential information like a password. We only need some basic information required to offer quality services. Your profile username is all we need to deliver the services to your account. Our unique technology works behind the scenes to deliver the service without requiring a password. You should never ever avail of services that need your password as you are directly giving them access to your personal history and a chance to damage your account.

Certainly not. We ensures the delivery of real followers, likes, and views for Instagram and TikTok and you are not required to worry about the drop in your follower count. The services are guaranteed, and the followers are all genuine whose profiles adhere to all social media guidelines. In addition, we ensure that the new followers are active and retained over a period after the delivery. We monitor the followers to make sure that they engage with your page and remain loyal. Also, you can stay assured with our 30-days guarantee.

We guarantee our services and make sure that the followers are all high-quality, which will help you increase your online presence down the line. The followers delivered are all engaging and long-lasting. The best TikTok followers are guaranteed, and we ensure speedy delivery so that you instantly start getting engagement on your profile. When you choose us, know you are opting for the finest services.

For the ease of our clients, we offer several payment options, and you can use anyone that is most feasible for you. Every payment on our portal is processed securely through a trustworthy payment processor. The payment processors all adhere to the PCI DSS standards. The standards ensure that the information about the payment made is safeguarded every time you purchase.

If you opt for to purchase followers for your TikTok account, rest assured that you won't receive any fake followers. We prioritize the quality of our services and followers provided, ensuring that you only receive genuine followers who can aid your business's organic growth on the platform. Our ultimate objective is to assist our clients in maximizing their potential on social media platforms, which is why we place great emphasis on the standard of our offerings. So, sit back and relax, and let us provide you with authentic followers only.

Yes, we do. We monitor your account to see if there is a drop in activity or engagement and deliver the replenishment. This usually occurs every 24 hours. It means that you can buy TikTok followers, views, and likes instantly and also enjoy our long-term service, so your numbers stay high.

The risk involved with buying likes, followers, and views is more pronounced when the engagement is not organic. Usually, they are bots or inactive accounts that create the impression of active engagement; meanwhile, all they do is cost you money. It will become challenging to measure your metrics, and your posts will not reach a wide audience. All traffic is organic since the followers are real and enjoy your content in most cases. All the engagement is genuine and more likely to last. So, your posts will reach your target market, and with captivating content, you will be able to keep them. We use safe methods to direct organic traffic to your profile to prevent any banning.

  • We are dedicated to ensuring that you receive your exact order on time, whether you buy TikTok and Instagram views, followers, or likes. However, there are a few things you can also do before you place the order for delivery to be successful:
    1. Make sure your account is public. As mentioned, it is easier for other Instagram users to engage with your content if it is public. Here is how to change it:
      1. Open the App on your mobile device and go to your profile.
      2. Select “Edit Your Profile”
      3. Look out for “Posts Are Private” and switch it off (IOS users) or uncheck it (Android or Windows users)
      4. Click “Done” to save the changes.
    2. Make sure the social media name you typed is correct. Double-check the spellings and positions of the underscores, points, etc
    3. Ensure that you have not altered your profile name before completing the order
    4. Ensure the post or account you are making the order for is still existing and has not been deleted.
    5. If the post is a video, then ensure that it meets Instagram’s and TikTok guidelines and hasn’t been removed or restricted. For example, you might not receive your order if the footage has copyright infringement issues.
    6. After making your order, allow 24 hours to pass for its delivery completion
  • For any other issues concerning the delivery of your order, you can contact our support team for assistance.

You can buy followers, views, likes, and comments for Instagram accounts of all types, both private and public. However, it will be more effective if your account were public because it will be easier for visitors to your profile to view your content and take further action. When your account is private, the user cannot know what kind of content you create to follow, like, or comment, if they are not following you. In short, public accounts attract followers easier than private ones do.

Yes, you do. Whether you are buying likes, views, or real followers on Instagram and TikTok, we understand that you might have a few issues, especially at the beginning, when it becomes overwhelming to keep up with the traffic. Our team is, therefore, on standby to attend to your needs. And if you are not satisfied with the product, we are ready to work hand-in-hand with you to achieve your goals. Another reason to trust us is that we are cover all over major news publications like Deccan Herald, and many more.

All services are included in our packages; therefore, whether you purchase the influencer or brand package, you can buy Instagram likes, views, followers along with TikTok likes, views, and followers all at once.

Both Instagram and TikTok have been successful in using people’s love for pictures to create one of the most popular social media platforms there. Some of the opportunities that this social media app brings seem to be tied around the number of followers one has, which is why so many people want to get more followers and look at options to buy followers to help them on their way. Here are some of those benefits:

  1. To promote a cause: Having many followers means that you have a bigger audience. Therefore, you can spread the word wider and get some action taken. Whether it is a social or environmental issue, you are more likely to make some change with a bigger following than a smaller one.
  2. To earn an income: There has been a rise in the number of “influencers,” and the larger your following, the bigger you are. Brands usually look for Instagrammers with large followings to work with, usually to sell a product. The influencers are paid either per post or based on how many people buy the products.
  3. Market a product: Social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok have the option of setting up a business account where you can market your product. The bigger your following, the more famous and credible that product seems, and you are more likely to sell.
  4. For popularity: The last benefit of having a large following is the fact that you automatically become famous; you are branded as a ‘public figure’ that people look up to and aspire to be.

Apart from followers, likes are also crucial for enhancing your online presence, which is why people want to get real Instagram likes on their posts and decide to buy real Instagram likes. Here is why they are useful:

  1. More traffic: More likes on your posts means people enjoy your content and are engaging with it. This makes it easier for the algorithm to recommend your posts to more users. Therefore, you can pull more organic followers to your profile.
  2. Puts you ahead of the competition: As mentioned, social media sites like Instagram are an excellent place to make money, and so the more likes you have, the more popular your account seems. This may be an indication that your products work and put you ahead of your competition.
  3. Enhance your online presence: In general, having more likes is a great way to get yourself noticed on the app. You gain more reach, build connections, and probably get featured on the explore page. If you run a business, then it will be good for growth since you are likely to make sales from leads and conversions.