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2,199 people purchased likes in the past 7 days

Why Choose Thunderclap For TikTok Likes?

From providing 360-degree digital growth solutions to enabling you better the reach and response of your digital activities, we cater solutions holistically and reasonably. The fair and unbiased positioning comes from trust we have built-in time.


All our TikTok Like Packages come with reasonable prices given that we serve organic and real likes that count for real-time engagement results. Explore for better insights and to know more.

Instant Delivery

If you are trying us for the first time, you needn’t wait to see results, everything happens within moments here. And our clients who have been there knowing it and, thus, keep coming back!

24/7 Support

We understand your hectic schedule and emergent requirements. We have a team 24/7 so that all your urgent and non-urgent queries and demands are fulfilled on time.

Trusted by Experts

Most of our clients who tried us once chose to return whenever needed. In our experience and time, we have been catering to high-profile professionals for a long time, choosing to keep our prices reasonable.

360 Degree Social Media Growth

We offer complete digital marketing and growth services across all social media platforms. From Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to more, we have growth packages for all!

Simple to Use

To know our services or to buy our growth package, everything is simple and easy to handle. The team is available right there in case of any error or miscommunication.

A Decade of Experience

We have been leveraging social media growth services for a decade now, building and reaching trust amongst clients of multiple niches. Choosing us is like choosing experience and expertise.

Custom Package Availability

In addition to all the packages we provide, clients can choose to build their own custom package that suits their needs. If there’s a certain number of Likes or Followers you want, just let us know and we’ll help you get that.

Secure Transactions

All the transactions made by our clients stand secured and well-handled. All the data is privately held, and no password is required anywhere. Rather, we choose to generate a one-time pin to the client's personal handles.

Look What Our Clients Have to Say

offering TikTok and other social media growth services to multiple clients have helped us broaden our vision. Their appreciation has an immense role to play there! Take a look at what they say.

2,199 people purchased likes in the past 7 days


Check The Facts!

Likes on TikTok define your reach and engagement. More than followers, brands look out for reach. Better the reach, better the business. Especially, if you are an influencer looking out for brand endorsements, likes could work extremely well for your quotations to them.

Therefore, as you grow the number of followers on your channel, simultaneously work on growing the number of Likes, it is extremely beneficial.

It's like asking; it is worth growing your TikTok account. Believe it or not, as per search, social media platforms work on a snowball effect. This means, if your account has a high number of likes, people will watch it more and share it more. This is the opposite in the case of a low number of TikTok hearts. When people see low likes on posts, they will move on without engaging.

So, is it worth investing in quality TikTok likes? Big, big yes.

Next to the number of followers, what defines the growth of your social media channel is the number of Likes. As you grow the number of followers, it is advisory that you grow the number of likes too!

Also, before reaching out, brands look at the insights of your TikTok posts, where the first thing visible is the number of likes. So, you actively need to boost the number of Likes on TikTok posts and TikTok videos.

Competitive TikTok landscapes can make even growth experts sweat. As one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, you will always have thousands, if not millions, of competitors in your same field creating similar content. So standing out is not an easy task.Competitive TikTok landscapes can make even growth experts sweat. As one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, you will always have thousands, if not millions, of competitors in your same field creating similar content. So standing out is not an easy task.

And that's why many influencers and even celebrities take advantage of your TikTok growth, and other social media growth could be investing on followers and comments as paid options. Especially comments. They are the ones that look more organic and real.

In terms of non-paid options, try enhancing the quality of your content that goes to the page while deliberately trying to engage with other posts so that they engage with yours.

What are the acceptable payment methods?

We have tried to simplify the payment methods to keep it convenient for our TikTok users. For all our plans, you can use debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, and UPI to make payments.

Everything is well-secured to meet the ends and help you with an ultra-safe transaction.

Absolutely Yes! We do provide instant delivery plans because we know how important it is for you to start seeing results.

As soon as you place the order and make payments, you’ll start seeing results on your TikTok posts. Arbitration Providers.

Look at our package section to view all our packages. You have the option to choose from the given list, while you also have the option to customise it as per your need.

Though there is a defined set of numbers as per price, you will be able to see an average cost when you enter the desired number of Likes in the box. For more, explore the packages above!

Refund is generally not the case since we give free trials. So, you can try the service without any added cost and then choose to invest in a package upon satisfaction.

Here, a refund doesn’t seem to appear as a concern for all our clients because they have already tried the service for free. However, you can report in case anything doesn’t go right.

You will find various packages and sizes above you can choose from. From a given number of 100 likes going up to 5000, there are more in between. Prices for each are mentioned there.

As part of our service, we also facilitate you with custom packages where you can convey your desired numbers, and we shall quote the price accordingly. Thus, here’s when our customers take over.

Yes! Our service helps you get organic Likes from real accounts. This means that nothing is wrong.

There are original, existing, and active TikTok accounts that Like your post. So, even if someone tries to see who liked your post, they are all visible accounts.

No, we do not invade privacy. Our service comes exclusive to privacy locking. We only require your Id and post-view permission. You need to ensure that the posts are not private.

Just get in touch with the team and get to know the entire process explained to you.

Yes, you can! Our payment boards allow you to use Apple Pay for various payment purposes. Other than that, you can also try using debit and credit cards.

Placing an order on ThunderClap for TikTok likes is extremely easy. There’s no great hassle. If you like a package, add it to the cart and proceed to make payment and receive instant delivery.

For custom orders, input requirements, view prices, choose the package, add it to the cart, proceed for payment, get the order confirmed and receive it instantly.

Thunderclaps' main aim is to provide premium quality services, which means that your payment data is taken care of! There’s no manipulation, including any selling of data to third-party sources.

To support your privacy, we don’t ask for the password of your TikTok account. Instead, a one-time code is generated and that is how it proceeds. In simple terms, be assured that your payment handling is given sensitive care and is privately held. Place order with assurance.

It is upon you to trust our service. Thunderclap is a result of years of hard work, research and experts to provide you with the best TikTok services.

From the option of a free trial, instant delivery, trust and reviews to how we do it. While nothing is hidden, it is your choice to trust. We do not even ask for a password like other TikTok views services, as we have a unique system that delivers likes from authentic TikTok users.

Rest assured to receive quality products, no manipulation and a secure mode of transaction.

Yes, until you are doing it maliciously. If you want to put some money and buy followers for your social media pages, just ensure that you trust a good and trustworthy site.

Channelize your thoughts once you have gone through the web page, read reviews, go for a trial package, start with a small one, and if it works, build it in Time.

Unless you go ahead with a fraudulent site, it will not happen. Here is when trusting a worthy site becomes important alongside your research.

When Likes are purchased from a site that gets you real accounts like the content, there’s no possibility of the account getting banned or something wrong happening to it.