Meet Our Team Who Make Everything Possible

Introducing you to the intelligent and dedicated team of digital and social experts seated at Thunderclap. It is a team of coffee addicts who pride themselves on the industry, culture, creativity and expertise. We come together to craft colourful solutions and fascinating digital experiences for our clients.

Tasnia Tasnim


Meet the wondrous mind that rethinks strategies and curates the most ideating plan to master the social media platform and take an edge in the popularity metaverse. Recently, he’s been referred to as the social guru turning expectations to reality.

Tasnia Tasnim

Marketing Head

Say hi to veteran industry expert with ingenious ideas and finest client handling skills. Whilst running the team of creators, influencers, and brands, he has been engaged into bringing success for Thunderclap. From operational to managerial, it all operates under him.

Tasnia Tasnim

Customer Support Lead

What do you say about him? From helping clients choose the most appropriate and profitable package to letting them resolve all their queries with care and extreme softness, he has been leading the team of customer support members who are available 24/7 into client's service.

Tasnia Tasnim

Social Media Manager

The face of social media at Thunderclap is here! She has been running the social media team and taking care of the analysis and social media reports that have a viable contribution in the strategy making process which our clients love. Meet the dedication that makes visible social media presence for our clients possible.

Tasnia Tasnim

Creative head

With outstanding visuals and aesthetic graphics, he has surely managed to grab the limelight towards his creations. With expertise in static, motion, and UI/UX designing, he is leading the design team at Thunderclap attracting the clients attention to cutting-edge visuals.When not designing, he brings new ideas to the table.

Tasnia Tasnim

Content Marketer

Meet the mind behind the text you read all across the platform and beyond. With an eye for detail she writes lucrative phrases and holds an unbeatable expertise in clientele understanding. At Thunderclap, she is weaving words into meaningful content and answering queries of clients all across the globe.

A Day At Thunderclap

Gad Elharrar

Associate Partner

Every day, the team of social experts sit together to create excellent marketing campaigns inspired by thriving content, social media strategies, client communication and handling, operations, and customer support. We come together and participate in the joyride while affluently impacting our customer's social base! Everyday our effort goes into improving our services to offer you real and authentic likes, followers, and views for platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and more.