Our Leaders



1. Alex Thompson (He/Him/His)

Leading Thunderclap.it, our founder, ensures that his vision is implemented and provides strategic direction so that our platform remains at the forefront of social media innovation.

Chief Executive Officer

2. Ryan Anderson (He/Him/His)

Guiding Thunderclap.it, our CEO is the prime mover behind exceptional service, business development, strategic leadership, and great success


Chief Marketing Officer

3. Olivia Foster (She/Her)

Curating excellence, Our CMO is the mastermind behind powerful brand strategies. His expertise in marketing has elevated Thunderclap.it's growth and presence.

Content Creator

4. Emily Thompson (She/Her)

Crafting creativity, our content head oversees the curation of engaging, compelling, and relevant content that best matches Thunderclap.it’s objectives.



5. Daniel Brooks (He/Him/His)

Focussing on Talent Management, our HR is dedicated to hiring expert and talented professionals. His talent acquisition adds to Thunderclap.it’s vibrant team..

Digital Marketing Manager

6. Joe Davison (He/Him/His)

Our digital expert ensures comprehensive digital growth across all platforms. Thereby helping Thunderclap.it maintain a strong digital presence


Data Analyst

7. Francisca Jones (She/Her)

Leading Sales team, our Sales manager is a sales expert and implements strategic initiatives to boost the revenue of Thunderclap.it

Brand Strategist

8. Alexander Wagner (He/Him/His)

Focussing on extensive marketing, our marketing manager spearheads marketing plans and regular marketing objectives to achieve goals and success.


Social Media Expert

9. Lucas Dupont (He/Him/His)

Focussing on extensive marketing, our marketing manager spearheads marketing plans and regular marketing objectives to achieve goals and success.

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Strategic Social Media Growth Empowered By Real Services

Comprehensive Solution:

Unprecedented social media growth on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Threads, Twitter and Twitch.

Unmatched Quality:

Flourish your social media channels with the highest quality services that define excellence.

Real Services:

Skyrocket your social media presence with genuine likes, followers, views, and comments, and steer clear of bots or fake accounts.

Safe and Secure:

Your social media journey is in safe hands. We prioritize client safety at every step.

Compliant Practices:

Our services comply with the terms and conditions of social media platforms, ensuring your profile's security.

Thunderclap.it’s Journey So Far

Thunderclap.it emerged with a vision to address the challenge of achieving real social media growth. Recognizing the struggle, the visionaries of Thunderclap.it embarked on a revolutionary journey, leading to the emergence of “Thunderclap.it- The unique social media growth model.”

Today, with over a decade of experience, Thunderclap.it has emerged as a global leader and a beacon of real and comprehensive social media growth. Trusted by millions of content creators, brands, businesses, and influencers, it has become a go-to platform to reach great heights in the social media landscape.

Thunderclap.it stands tall with 3.7 million satisfied users globally. It has become a trusted name in the industry, recognized by renowned platforms G2, Trustpilot, Deccan Herald, Outlook India, Hand, News Direct, and Tapinto.

Our experts continuously innovate strategies to enhance your social media presence and engagement through our versatile growth packages. Choose Thunderclap.it today to start your journey to social media glory!

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Happy Users 3.7 M

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Followers Growth 50k+

Monthly Followers Growth

Content Reach 4X

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Customer Support 100%

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