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YouTube Growth Metrics You Must Know!

YouTube is the earliest social media platform with the most innovative and user-centric content concept. Whether it is the buyer or the seller, the platform was the first to create an opportunity where both the integral elements of the marketing world could meet and accelerate the exchange process. While the platform has been there for a while, there are key-informational notes the service givers and takers are missing. Thus, here's an attempt by to make it easy to understand the platform and act smartly to gain from it. 

Let's start with a realistic interpretation of YouTube's key metrics that brand owners and service providers should keenly focus on:


YouTube subscribers to a specific YouTube channel are the fans or followers added to the list of the channel's regular and most loyal fanbase. Subscribers on YouTube have a keen interest in the channel's content and are the most worthy target audience for the given channel. These people would turn out to be loyal buyers and also ones who would organically promote the brand to others. The promotion usually comes from loyalty and experience.  While most of you already knew who YouTube subscribers are, this must have exposed you to a different side of facts.


YouTube views are also the result of organic and paid performance metrics of the channel's reach to the target audience. YouTube views show how well the video has reached the audience and the content interpretation. A secondary term to followers and fanbase, views are primary when looking to generate some real cash from brands and paid advertisement endorsements. Views for influencers who make tutorial-based content are a significant YouTube metric. YouTube views define the reality and effectiveness of the content.


YouTube likes are the most straightforward metric to understand. They probably give the content creator an idea of what the user wants and what isn't working for them. YouTube likes also attract new viewers, as more likes to any video directly create a positive mindset. This positivity leads to eagerness to watch and know what is so good about the content. Whether a brand or an influencer, YouTube likes to sell content and product explicitly. However, it is the hardest to gain!


YouTube dislike has a prominent place on the YouTube metric space alongside YouTube likes. It is a negative metric, but it can sometimes end up driving engagement on the channel. Humans are always curious about knowing the factor of dislike. The curiosity of dislikes is often more than likes on YouTube. However, it sets a negative impression on the user at the first glance. There are chances to convert this impression into a positive one also.


A new addition to YouTube's user insight (YouTube metrics), YouTube Share, depicts the highest level of engagement. It can be called an engagement metric on YouTube. Shares are the number of viewers who have sent the content to others via any other platform (say WhatsApp). YouTube shares increase the number of views, and chances to gain more subscribers and likes on the video.

Bell Icon (Notification)

Bell Icon appears after a user has subscribed to a channel. This icon is for regular updates of new content uploaded on the YouTube channel. It is also called the notification bar that allows subscribers to stay tuned to the channel's latest updates. So, buy YouTube subscribers, likes, views, and comments to have a kickstart on your engagement metrics. 


Benefits of Growing the Brand and Business Influence on YouTube

We, at, have done intense research on YouTube to understand how it is futile bag of opportunities for you. During the research, we listed down certain benefits that YouTube has to grow your business, brand, and organic reach.   

Let's look at the benefits of growing brand and business influence on YouTube, we have found out:

Master platform to grow engagement

Any other media cannot work better than YouTube to gain engagement. Period! The platform is the first one to come up with full-video content, and the humungous information and resources available on it is insane. YouTube is a station for all users to reach their destination in search of certain information. 

The long-form videos are highly engaging and keep the viewers hooked. From descriptive tutorials to skilful learning sessions, YouTube keeps the users engaged. It is the perfect place to find information, learn a skill, get some humor, and keep yourself entertained.

In our research, many users have said that "YouTube never disappoints" with any type of search.

Sell to an unbeatable list of consumers

Everyone who owns a smartphone watches videos on YouTube. Thus, from 1-year-old kids to 60-year-old adults, anybody can be your target audience on YouTube, as there are no age restrictions on the social platform. 

Moreover, YouTube's tone is very neutral and unbiased because everyone can find their preferred content creators here. This is a massive factor in the channel's mammoth audience. The level of crowd and traffic any brand can find on YouTube is hard to see anywhere else.

The best part is growing on YouTube isn't even tough, only consistency and good content are required coupled with lots of patience. However, in the modern era growing on the platform isn't that time-consuming with reputable growth service providers, like us.

Show the efficacy of your product and services in detail

YouTube promotes long-form content more than short ones. The lengthy videos have dominance over short clips in the media. YouTube's audience also most likely enjoys long videos.

Thus, this is the platform where you can make detailed content on your products. Shoot tutorials, brand's USPs, vlogs on products and so much more. There is absolutely no limit on the length of the content you can create on this platform. Here, every brand gets an opportunity to express the make and feel of their product on YouTube.

Little Work in Optimization and Larger Growth

The amount of optimizations required on YouTube is much less than on other platforms. There is much less to do with inner optimizations. You need to optimize the metrics such as views, likes, subscribers, and comments to improve your ranking on search results.

We have seen that most of the time, a catchy title on a YouTube video often makes it go viral. There is more work with title optimization and category listing so that it can reach the target audience. Specifying the categories helps YouTube understand where to deliver the video. Thus, with little effort, you can go a long way!

You can also use to optimize your YouTube and buy views, likes, comments, and subscribers to enhance your metrics and see instant growth. We provide you with all the above-listed services from genuine users so that you can grow to the best of your ability. 

Try our service packages today and see the rise in the YouTube metrics you have been waiting for!

YouTube - The Ultimate social media channel to grow with

YouTube is a platform to send the brand message to your consumers directly. We, the teams, bring you a successful YouTube master plan implementing which, reach and engagement would seem rewarding. While you look after the message to be spread, we'll take care of the reach and build a positive brand image with our impeccable services.

YouTube is a master platform, and once you create a decent fanbase here, other social media channels will bloom on their own. It's time you utilise the platform's efficacy and create a master plan for marketing your products. At, we provide services in YouTube Likes, Followers, views, and comments to enhance the brand image and reach out to different audience lists. There's a significant audience on the YouTube waiting to find a product they can trust. Reach out to them with! 

Grow your YouTube account to sell as a brand and to find opportunities as an influencer. While you care for the content, we ensure to make it clickbait and enhance the traffic. Thunderclap's YouTube services are uniquely designed to assist organic growth within a short period. Try your hands on our lowest package and then make the right decision!


Why choose for YouTube services?

With innumerable benefits and abundant support, we are your partner in growing the community on YouTube. Let's look at a few pointers that precisely defines why we should be your ultimate choice to buy high-quality YouTube services:

Genuine and Organic Support

We bring organic growth to your YouTube channel. Whether it is the growing subscribers, likes count, or increasing views, everything is 100% real and from active users, without a speck of doubt.

Safety and security guaranteed

Throw your safety concerns when working with; we take hold of that. Whether it is safety in payment gateways or preserving the account's authenticity, we have our control everywhere.

Intelligent delivery system

Order YouTube services from us intelligently. Get your YouTube packages delivered instantly, customize your orders on a weekly and monthly basis, or plan for a drip-feed delivery. We are smarter than you think.

Not bots and spams

Keep your YouTube account far away from bot subscribers and spam. While helping you bring organic traffic, we also ensure that fake accounts have impermissible access. 

Automated refill

Don't worry about the dropping count! Our automated refill system quickly fills the gap in moments. Real people bought by might unsubscribe as per their will, but worry not, we get another one in the blink of an eye.

24*7 customer support

A team of professionals will help you resolve all queries at any hour. Our customer support team is available round the clock in your service. Don't hesitate; ask!

Affordable rates

Cheap YouTube services? No! Reasonable prices only! Thunderclap's prices are extremely affordable and would easily fit your budget. Become a regular client and avail yourself of extra perks!

100% Refund

You are applicable for a 100% refund in all cases of proven dissatisfaction and faults in the service provided by us. Go ahead and order without hesitation because you will get your money back if it doesn't work. 

Now that you are aware of all the possible benefits you can get by making us your growth provider, why waste time? Buy our services today and give the jumpstart to your YouTube channel’s growth. Still, thinking? Let's do it!



Yes. Think of the audience you want to reach and get us the details. We do have target-audience promotions which you can customize as per your wish. We understand the needs of every brand and influencer to find a range of audiences who can relate to the content and context. Thus, finding your audience is possible with us!

Yes. We work on a manual process to get real subscribers for your YouTube channel. All the YouTube accounts that would subscribe to your channel under our service are real users and have active YouTube accounts. With, buying real YouTube subscribers is real.

The process of buying YouTube views from our site is simplified in three easy steps: 
Step 1: First, visit the Buy YouTube views page on the site.
Step 2: Select a package that best suits your need and budget and place the order. 
Step 3:Fill in your YouTube account username and move toward the checkout. 
Step 4: Lastly, complete the payment process through any given mode of payment (debit cards, credit cards, PayPal).
Once the last step is complete, the YouTube views will start pouring to your YouTube channel.

Instant, if you want. We have various delivery options. You can choose instant, weekly, monthly, and drip-feed delivery. In drip-feed delivery, Your YouTube likes will get delivered over an interval of hours to make the process look more organic. Drip feed is one of our most popular delivery options, as it easily blends with YouTube’s algorithm.

Yes, you can! We understand the need for a regional fanbase, depending on the product's availability and geographical logic. Like a beauty brand selling only in India, cannot have 60% subscribers from Germany.  Thus, you can set the target location, and we will deliver the order accordingly.

Yes, it will! With more YouTube likes, your YouTube shorts would reach more people as per YouTube's algorithm. Thus, most of these people would sail for real videos, boosting the engagement rate much higher.

We can buy YouTube subscribers, likes, views, and comments at once. Place your order for multiple packages, and the orders will be delivered. However, we would not suggest you repeat one order twice simultaneously. Wait for the first order to be delivered, then place another order.  Like, do not buy 100 subscribers twice at the same time. Let 100 get delivered, and place an order for another 100.  You can also choose a bigger package at once.

Yes. When you trust an unsafe and unreliable site, your YouTube account might get spammed with fake and bot accounts. Thus, finding a site like ours for real and safe services becomes crucial. We at Thunderclap, do not ask for passwords or personal information from our clients. The reason is we don't need them! At the same time, our payment gateways are encrypted and secured, forbidding anyone besides you to know your financial details.

We have multiple payment methods through which our clients can pay. These include debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, UPI, and more. To have a better understanding of it, run through the checkout process. All our payment gateways are encrypted and 100% secure. 

If applicable, yes! We have a 100% refund policy, under which customers can ask for a full refund upon proven cases of dissatisfaction and faults in the service. However, we have never received a complaint from our client. All our clients are happy and satisfied with our services.

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