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Other Instagram services claim free followers and likes, but they never deliver. Even worse, they provide low-quality followers. Thunderclap helps you get followers for free for your Instagram profile or business page.

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5,029 people got free followers in the past 7 days


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Gaining followers on Instagram can be scary because you never know what followers you will get. So gaining followers for free is not easy, and you must be careful to avoid hurting your account's growth.

Having more Instagram followers and likes will help your Instagram account grow.

More followers mean more likes, engagement, comments, story views, etc. And that also means more opportunities to make money. So brands love collaborating with Instagrammers who have a significant following.

Get followers instantly using Thunderclap free trial; you are proactively helping yourself get more reach for your current Instagram posts.

More followers on Instagram also mean that your target audience will take you seriously, as you’ll look like an authority in the space.

This directly influences your Instagram content and presence, which helps attract organic followers and gain popularity. And since the Instagram algorithm focuses more on engagement, having a high number of followers can help you achieve it.

Throughout our time in the Instagram growth space, we’ve established ourselves as one of the top-rated companies that provide free Instagram followers with no survey.

Get free IG followers instantly every day that are targeted to your profile.

Getting new Instagram followers consistently is one of the best ways to get long and lasting growth.

The good news is that you don’t have to complete a survey or disclose sensitive information with Thunderclap.

We don’t ask for a password and don’t need you to connect your Instagram account or set up a login with our site. This means there's no worrying about keeping passwords safe.

We offer sufficient followers on Instagram with no strings attached, and no credit card is required.

Using Thunderclap to help you freely grow your Instagram followers is safe and secure.

We don’t ask for anything aside from your Instagram username. That means you don’t need to give us any Instagram password or other information to get free Instagram followers.

We deliver high-quality Instagram followers without putting your account at risk. And as Instagram has been saying about its stance regarding providing your login information to anybody other than yourself.

When you give out your personal Instagram login, you’re giving out the ability for anybody to log in to your Instagram account and permission to do so. Not only does this put your identity at immense risk, but it can also reveal secret information you may not want anyone to know.

And that's why we at Thunderclap pride ourselves on giving you more followers on Instagram for free without providing us with any information. Likewise, any company that tells you they can provide you with high-quality followers on Instagram can do so without needing your login information.

Many other free services trick you into saying they will give you Instagram followers, only to require you to take surveys and provide your passwords, username, and other information. Do not ever trust these companies because there is absolutely nothing they will do for you. In return, all you will get is fake bot followers and potentially getting your Instagram account banned forever.

Thunderclap has delivered over 10 million Instagram followers, and we’ve perfected the process to do so quickly, effectively, and safely. Every Instagram follower we provide is done with the utmost integrity and a smile. We love our customers and want you to get organic growth and many followers on social media platforms, so you can hit the explore page and have a considerable following.

The Instagram accounts provided by Thunderclap are real Instagram followers.

We can do this because we have a massive network of accounts that use the follow4follow method.

That means you’ll get real Instagram followers that are your target audience and will help you grow in the long term. This is one thing that differentiates us from other free services when sending free followers to our customers. We care for you and your account’s health and take measures to grow it.

Most companies in the industry lack the resources and network that Thunderclap has accumulated over time in the industry.

Don’t let these wannabe social media platform specialist(s) fool you into thinking that they can provide you with free followers on Instagram that are natural followers.

These companies even say that the followers they provide for their premium services are real, but we’ve tested that out and determined that to be a lie.

The benefit of having genuine followers is that their social proof can help you get even more daily followers and a bigger target audience, making it easier for you to earn money on Instagram.

As we all know, getting new followers that are not real Instagram followers doesn’t do much for your account.

It hurts you more than you know. So don’t use just any company to help you get free followers on Instagram; choose Thunderclap to get more followers that make a difference.

Because our Instagram followers are real and active, there’s no guarantee they’ll stick with you.

It’s a proven fact that you need to post consistently and frequently.

That means you need content posted on a specific schedule, so your free Instagram followers remember why they started following you in the first place.

If you have a flat Instagram profile, then it’s evident that not only your free followers will question their reason for following you but also your target audience in general.

Things like having a catchy Instagram bio that intrigues all your followers will help you get the support on Instagram that you deserve.

Instagram boasts one of the highest engagement rates of any social media network today.

If you want to reach the explore feed, buying and getting free followers will help you grow your social network quickly and effectively.

You have to give your audience a reason to want to stay connected with you, and you do that through great engaging content, relevant hashtags on your posts, a bio that shares common ground with your followers, and an Instagram that’s fun and cool.

All our services (including our free followers), AKA free service, start instantly. No time-consuming process, no fuss. However, this means that they “start” instantly. Our services are not delivered now because that would affect your Instagram negatively rather than positively.

Remember that when you buy followers and likes or even get free followers, companies like Thunderclap have tested the delivery and optimized for the safest and most effective push.

One of our guiding principles at Thunderclap is truth and honesty.

We help you with Instagram followers free trial because we want to show you how good our service is and how quickly it can help you get more followers and more views.

Providing you with a number of followers for absolutely free allows us to help you and prove that our services are not only good but the most effective to help you get free Instagram followers in the industry.

Another thing is that we generally enjoy helping new people grow their Instagram followers.

When we give away free Instagram followers, it allows us to continue to practice delivering services in the best way possible to more Instagram users.

Social media services today seem to get this wrong (having honesty and integrity) and, as such, have given the Instagram growth industry a bad image and vibe.

Thunderclap looks to change this, which is why we help you understand how many followers it takes to grow your social media platform.

Whether you choose the free or paid plan, Thunderclap will help you get noticed by Instagram’s algorithm, which means more website traffic and bringing in more revenue from Instagram.

Our services are entirely compliant with Instagram, and because we know how important it is to have many people checking out your videos, we created services to help you buy Instagram views. Video content is significant on social media, and we know it delivers a lot of ROI.

Because we’ve done tremendous testing and fine-tuning to get our services right, you can expect up to 3x more engagements than other brands who try different methods. In addition, we can help you get up to 9x as many video views to help your account reach a specific audience in the least time possible.

Thunderclap doesn’t require your Instagram password, we offer fast and efficient order processing times, and our support team is available whenever you need assistance or have questions.

Our company mission is to provide valuable Instagram growth to our clients and help you to reach your Instagram goals safely and securely. You can expect the highest quality video views with Thunderclap, allowing you to boost your brand awareness and popularity.

You’ll get a quick turnaround and affordable pricing packages with many options to meet your account’s specific needs. Sometimes, as early as 24 hours. So if you’re looking to buy Instagram views, you’re in the right place— Thunderclap will take care of you from beginning to end, guaranteed.

It is possible to make money on Instagram, AKA monetizing your Instagram account, but it takes time and effort. If you want to drive revenue from your Instagram account, you have to ensure your account is worthy of operating revenue.

Ask yourself honest questions like, “would I trust this profile if it wasn’t my own?” Or, “would I buy something from my profile if it wasn’t mine?”

If your account lacks quality content, no matter what you do, you probably won’t make money on Instagram because other brands are better than you. But it’s not only Instagram. To make money online or on other social media platforms, you must be seen as a trustworthy authority in your space to make money online or on other social media platforms. Also, having a high number of followers will instill trust in your profile.

Do you have a business website that you can put in your Insta bio, or are you wasting traffic?

Do you offer quality content or something of value, like having a ton of followers that would buy something from an endorsement deal?

Instagram provides a lucrative way to make money online, but you must set yourself up for success rather than failure.

If you think your profile is good enough, you can try running Instagram ads to gain traction.

Remember, you will never provide us with any Instagram password or login details. We abide by our no password required, safe, secured service promise.

However, you can always contact us about your Instagram services (free Instagram followers) by emailing [email protected]

That being said, you can also head over to our support page and send us a query.

The best part is our team works around the clock to ensure that our customers are happy with the followers we provide on our free plan.

When your free trial is delivered over 48 hours, you’re signaling to the Instagram algorithm that your account is indeed popular and deserves to be higher in the newsfeed and explore page.

On the contrary, should your services be delivered all at once, it’d trigger Instagram’s flagging system, which puts your Instagram in the spotlight to be shadow-banned.

Thunderclap has ensured that our Instagram users never experience any adverse side effects of getting free Instagram followers or more followers on Instagram.

7 Reasons You Should Focus On Gaining Free Instagram Followers

If you’re looking to boost your following on Instagram, why spend tons of money and time when you can get free followers hassle-free? Here are 7 top reasons you should turn your attention to getting free followers for your Instagram!

The best part about Thunderclap is that it’s the easiest way to make your Instagram your most successful social media platform. You can get free Instagram followers with Thunderclap free trial, no strings attached– no surveys, no gimmicks, just real growth for your Instagram profile. If this is not the best way to get followers, then we don't know what is.

Everyone knows that having a high follower count on IG is a surefire way to build legitimacy — after all, who will you trust, the page with about 200 followers or the page with 20,000?

There is added credibility when you have many people following you. However, if you haven’t reached the desired levels, you can get followers with Thunderclap to help out. And you can bet that it will open many opportunities for you in the upcoming future.

It’s not easy to start building a following on Instagram, especially in today’s digital world, where everyone has already been working on building their profile for many years now.

To remain competitive and stand out, you must have high-quality followers and lots of engagement.

You can do that when you get free Instagram followers from Thunderclap. So instead of waiting months or many years to see growth, you can get things moving quickly using their free service.

Your Instagram content is only as good as how many people see it, so to ensure you’re getting maximum results, you should start building your audience.

If you get free Instagram followers, you’ll be able to have a wider reach, getting more eyes on your Instagram posts, videos, and other content every single day.

There is no doubt that running a business is a lot of work, and time is of the essence. That's why Thunderclap exists - if you don't have enough time to sit around on Instagram growing your audience, that's it! Unfortunately, business owners and entrepreneurs often waste valuable time doing things that aren't important, so we make it our mission to help them do things that matter.

Try it out and get free followers while working on other business expansion and management elements. No more wasting your precious hours running after increasing your little following.

Instagram isn’t the only significant social media platform; there are plenty more, including Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others!

Suppose you’re looking to keep your Instagram on autopilot and focus your energy on expanding other social media platforms. In that case, you can get followers with Thunderclap to help keep things moving on the IG front.

Get free followers who can help promote and review your business and brand. Positive reviews and feedback will go a long way toward building your business's and brand's reputation. This is because people check product or service reviews before buying anything online.

When you work with Thunderclap to expand your current followers, you’ll be able to have a more substantial reputation on social media and find people who care about your content and want to recommend your product or services to others!

One of the best ways to make more money? Reach more people. No secret in that.

You can get more followers and increase your revenue simultaneously when you work with Thunderclap. Social media platforms are lucrative, and Instagram is no different, but only when used correctly. Just think, there are 2 billion Instagram users worldwide, yet only 1% make money. The secret is leveraging Instagram correctly.

With the ability to use shoppable product tags, and shoppable stories, advertise your products with Instagram video formats and more, why not get free Instagram followers and start making more money?

That said, you can also head over to our support page and send us your questions about free followers.

Our team works around the clock to ensure that our customers are happy with the followers we provide on our free plan.

Still, wondering if buying or getting free services is right for you?

Perhaps you’re still wondering if using free services to get followers is the best option.

Well, there are two things we can tell you about that:

  1. It’s free, so you have nothing to lose

  2. It can only help you, not hurt you!

There’s no risk involved when you get followers with Thunderclap, so try it out today. You’ll be glad you did– you’ll never look back!