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How to Fix Instagram Couldn't Refresh Feed Error
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Are you tired of seeing the message ‘Couldn't Refresh Feed Error’ on your Instagram? Or are you waiting to see the latest updates from the people you admire, but an Instagram error stops you? Here, we bring you a blog that will explore nine easy ways to resolve your issue of refreshing the feed error in no time for a seamless Instagram browsing experience.

What are you waiting for? Just read and help yourself!

8 Ways To Fix Instagram Couldn't Refresh Feed Error

Are you feeling the lack of being in touch with the latest updates due to a lack of refreshing Instagram feed? Here, we bring you nine effective methods to help you fix Instagram couldn’t refresh the feed error. Follow the methods mentioned below and learn how to resolve the issue related to your Instagram feed:

#1. Check Your Internet Connection

The first and foremost thing to do if you encounter a problem refreshing the Instagram feed is to check your internet connection to see if it is working or not. If not, try reconnecting for better internet access. Do a speed test of your network to see the connection speed. Try opening a site if it takes too long; then you will have an issue with your internet connection. 

#2. Check If Instagram Server Is Down

One of the primary reasons you cannot refresh the Instagram feed is that Instagram’s server might be overloaded, and that must be throwing errors to users.  Check Instagram if you notice heavy outrage spikes reported by others. Just wait for Instagram to fix this issue. You can take the help of any other platform to know the latest updates about Instagram.

#3. Restart Your Phone

Restart your phone once if you are facing issues with Instagram. Sometimes, complex issues come with simple solutions; restarting your phone may solve the feed-related issue on Instagram. So, whatever phone you have, restart your phone and then open Instagram and see if the feed can be refreshed. 

#4. Clear Instagram’s App Cache

Instagram collects cache in the background, this can sometimes lead to overloading and corruption of cache. Due to this, you need help loading the fresh Instagram feed. Clear Instagram cache using the following steps to resolve the issue:

  • Step 1: Long tab on the Instagram icon and go to the info menu
  • Step 2: You will find storage and cache
  • Step 3: Select clear storage 
  • Step 4: Then tap on clear cache 
  • Step 5: Open Instagram and refresh the feed 

#5. Log out and log in to your Instagram Account

Sometimes, you may encounter the problem of refreshing the feed due to an account authentication error; for this, you must sign out and log in. Follow the steps to do so:

  • Step 1: Open Instagram and go to your account.
  • Step 2: Tap on the top-right menu. Go to Settings and Privacy.
  • Step 3: As you scroll down, you will see logout; tap on logout.
  • Step 4: Once you log out, you will reach the home screen of Instagram.
  • Step 5: Enter your ID and password for Instagram, login back.

#6. Set Date and Time

When you have an incorrect time and date on your phone, then your phone is bound to encounter various issues. Here is what you need to do to set the Date and Time on your mobile phones:

  • Step 1: If you have an iPhone, then open Settings.
  • Step 2: Click on General, then select Date and Time. 
  • Step 3: Choose Set Automatically, and it's done.
  • Step 4: In Android, Open Settings
  • Step 5: Click on System and change the Date and time.

#7. Update The App

Another way to resolve the error while refreshing Instagram’s feed is to update the app. One must update their daily using apps like Instagram and WhatsApp for better functioning of the apps.

  • Step 1: Go to the App Store or Play Store
  • Step 2: Search for Instagram 
  • Step 3: Check if the app needs updation
  • Step 4: Then click on Update
  • Step 5: Open the updated Instagram app

#8. Report The Technical Problem

If you have tried the above methods and cannot fix the issue, you can report this error on Instagram. Follow the below steps:

  • #Step 1: Go to the profile and tab on the menu button
  • #Step 2: Go to Settings and find Help, and then click on Report a problem
  • #Step 3: Follow the instructions, and you can report your problem on Instagram

Now that you know the different ways to fix the Instagram couldn’t refresh error, let us find out the accurate reasons behind Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error.

Reasons Behind Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed Error

It can sometimes be frustrating when you want to check out new photos and videos but are not able to update your Instagram feed. The possible reasons why you are not able to refresh your Instagram feed are:

#1. Issue With Internet Connection

One of the most common reasons Instagram cannot refresh the feed is a poor internet connection. Too many devices may be connected to the same connection and working simultaneously. It reduces the speed and leads to poor signals. Thus, Instagram must have problems downloading the latest pictures and videos.

#2. App Needs Updation

Sometimes, an old version of Instagram can create a problem refreshing the feed. An updated app works flawlessly by overcoming the issues. Thus, your Instagram needs updation.

#3. Instagram’s Cache Is Full

When cache files on your device are full, it may lead to performance issues that may cause interruptions in refreshing the Instagram feed. Cache files are temporary files stored by the app to facilitate a smoother experience while using a particular app.

#4. Wrong Time And Date

Another common reason for refreshing feed error is the lack of sync in the actual date and time with the time mentioned on your phone. Therefore, the app encounters conflicting values when refreshing the feed.

#5. Platform Glitch Or Server Issue

Sometimes, the problems are not from your end but from Instagram itself. It happens that Instagram’s server is down. You can check the down detectors website for updates about any outrages.

#6. Instagram Account Blocked

If Instagram feels that you are engaged in unauthentic behavior, then Instagram restricts your account usage. It usually happens when you like and comment on too many posts quickly. 

Effective Ways To Prevent ‘Couldn’t Refresh Feed’ On Instagram

Stop wasting your time resolving the error of refreshing your feed on Instagram by following simple and accessible ways. Follow and abide by them to protect your Instagram account from getting restricted.

#1. Stop Using Third-Party Apps

If you are engaged in using third-party apps then stop it now. Third-party apps that are not partnered with Instagram and take your account down. Instagram may block or restrict you from refreshing the feed and performing some activities on Instagram.

#2. Don’t Mess With Date And Time

One should always keep updated date and time on their phones as this could highly interrupt the working of Instagram. You must ensure that the date and time are automatic so that it will keep you updated and prevent you from causing any errors on Instagram.

#3. Don’t Engage In Restricted Activities

Suppose you are posting harmful content or messing up with the regulations and policies Instagram sets. In that case, Instagram can restrict your account further, leading to an error in refreshing the feed. Always refrain from engaging in unauthentic ways of increasing followers. Be mindful of what you do on Instagram. 

5 Tips To Improve Your Instagram Feeds

Looking for some pro tips to be in the limelight of Instagram? Here, we bring some tricks to improve and elevate your Instagram feed. Have a look and do the following:

#1. Prioritize quality

Content quality is above all. So work on giving the best of your content every time. Make sure to post high-quality pictures, invest in good lighting, and a good quality camera that brings high-deginitions photos and videos. Plan your content according to your audience, and you are good to go!

#2. Stick to a particular theme

If you have a brand page on Instagram, sticking to a particular theme that suits your brand and helps in easy recognition is essential. When you choose a particular theme throughout the feed, it makes your feed look pleasant and consistent. Also, it will save much of your time selecting a particular theme and filter.

#3. Analyze and adapt

You can always set whom to admire and see what people in your line are up to. Research well and plan your content accordingly using analytics data. Make strategies so your content reaches many, use hashtags, and add some appealing factors to your content to make it stand out. Then do not forget to analyze; if things go well, continue, and if you don’t have a plan B.

#4. Create posting schedule

You must always be consistent with posting. Decide the days you will be posting and the timing of posting content. It will help your audience develop an interest in your content; everyone loves dedication and consistency. So, plan and schedule to avoid any last-minute hassle.

#5. Experiment with insta features

Follow the hashtags and latest trends to grab most of the attention. Experiment with different filters and features to add fun to your monotonous content. Match the vibe of Instagram always to be in the limelight. And also experimenting will help you to grow and learn more.


Various errors occur on Instagram occasionally, like the Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error. Try the above methods involved in fixing the issue of refreshing feed errors on Instagram. If it still does not work, you can easily report the problem to Instagram.  Always be careful while using Instagram; make sure your activities do not block or restrict your Instagram account. Always perform according to the terms and conditions of Instagram, and you can easily avoid getting restricted. 

Fix the issue of refreshing the feed, and you can seamlessly view and interact with the posts like before. Have a great time Instagramming!

Written By Maria Williams

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