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Sophia Martinez
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  • Publish Date : 2/14/2024 6:25:01 AM
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How to View Private Instagram Profiles in 2024?
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Do you have to stalk someone else’s profile who has a private account? Doing so is now possible using a few foolproof ways. 

Thankfully, a few tricks will help you get into private profiles without the profile owner knowing about it. Our blog will take you through proven approaches to breaking into private Instagram accounts. 

How To View Private Instagram Profile in 2024: 4 Basic Ways

There can be one or many reasons to view a private profile. Many parents want to keep an eye on what their kids are doing, or there is a need to break into your friend’s profile to find some information; the below-mentioned tops are for your rescue.   

#1. Send A Friend Request

The straightforward way of viewing someone's private profile is by sending them a follow request on Instagram. This old-school method will 100 percent work, and you will also have the account holder’s permission to view their content. 

After they approve your follow request, you can see all the posts they have updated on their profile and future ones. Furthermore, you will abide by the platform's guidelines to see someone's content on their private profile. 

However, one challenge with this method is the willingness of the account holder. Having said that, there is no guarantee that they will accept your request, and that you will have access to their content. 

#2. Through Mutual Connections

Another way to break through into someone’s private Instagram account is a bit sneaky. You must find a friend or a mutual connection who is already following that user. It involves a high level of trust in the mutual person that they will not leak it to the private account owner. 

You will also have to check that it's fine with your friends and that they will allow you to sneak into someone's account through theirs. With this method, you can view a private Instagram account without following them or making them aware. 

You might encounter some challenges during the process and will not have permanent access to their account. 

#3. Check On Google

Another sneaky method of viewing a private account on Instagram is by searching for their handle on Google. Google search is free, and you can anonymously access some of their posts by chance. Type in the user’s handle on Google and browse through the pictures you get. 

You may find some public posts from their account, pictures they were tagged in, or pictures their friends posted. Additionally, searching through Google is less invasive and doesn't violate any rules. 

The tip of Google search is more like a shot in the dark. You may obtain expected results or may end up with nothing. 

#4. Search Other Platforms

If you want to view a private Instagram account, you can search for them on other platforms. They may have some content posted on other social media platforms on their profile. You can peep into their profile on other platforms instead of doing it on Instagram

Nowadays, many people have their Instagram accounts synced with Facebook, and every content published on one platform gets posted on another. The user whose profile you want to see should have a presence on other platforms, too. 

By stalking their profile on other platforms, you can simply stay updated with their content anonymously. 

How to View Private IG Profile Using Third-Party Tools in 2024?

Using third-party spy tools is not difficult, and some have a very easy-to-use interface for beginners to attain goals. Using a spy tool is not rocket science, and we have discussed the usage below. 

#1. Spynger

Without getting deep into the technicalities, if you want to spy on someone’s private profile on Instagram, Spynger will help you achieve your goals. The app has a user-friendly interface for everyone to understand how to operate it quickly. 

Initially, you will only need 5 minutes to complete the setup and start viewing any private Instagram profile. The app sends real-time updates to its users, meaning you can keep viewing a profile any number of times. 


  • Competitive Pricing. 
  • Gives real-time updates. 


  • The free version offers limited features only. 

#2. Glassgram

Glassgram is one of the best third-party tools to view private Instagram profiles anonymously. Through the tool, you can get to know all the necessary information about a private profile on Instagram. 

The setup of the app is very easy and quick. Moreover, you can get started with its free version. The free version offers some. basic features, and the paid version is affordable for anyone to view private accounts easily. 


  • Sends regular updates. 
  • Easy to use and can be set up quickly.  


  • The free version has limits.

#3. EyeZy

EyeZy offers cutting-edge services when it comes to spying on private Instagram accounts. The app helps view private profiles but also helps monitor mobile phones if you want to do so as a parent. The app can be installed on both iOS and Android devices. 

They also offer 24*7 customer support in multiple languages for their users to make the most of the app. The packages are also budget-friendly so that you don't pay hefty amounts. 


  • No jailbreaks are required, and results are anonymous. 
  • It is affordable and easy to set up. 


  • The free trial is minimal. 

#4. mSpy

mSpy is another good way of peeking into private Instagram accounts without letting them know. After downloading the app, you need to follow the instructions provided on the screen, and the app will be ready for use. 

Through mSpy you can easily monitor all activities of the private profile on Instagram. You will have to take up a subscription for mSpy to start using it. 


  • Easy to set up on iOS and Android devices. 
  • Allows breaking through private profiles and also mobile phones. 


  • Doesn't offer a free version. 

#5. IGLookup

Through the IGLoopkup app, you can easily view private Instagram profiles without logging into your Instagram account. The app will find about any profile for you and doesn't require human verification. From their “SpyNow” option, you can spy on any profile and get the necessary information. 

However, the results delivered once by the app are incredible. If you want to use the app multiple times, you will have to delete the cookies. Using it without deleting the cookies will trigger you to opt for the paid version. 


  • Easy to set up and use. 
  • The free version allows you to get all the required information. 


  • The free version can only be used once. 

Reason People Want To See Private IG Accounts

There is nothing illegal about viewing a private Instagram account. Infact, many have different genuine reasons behind it. Let us see what situations may occur when you feel the need to break into a private Instagram account. 

#1. A brand may want to break through its competitor's account and see the type of content they are posting. 

#2. A user may have a crush on the person with a private account, and they may want to just see through the profile out of curiosity. 

#3.  Parents want to stay updated with what their kids do on Instagram. 

#4. Reporters or writers may want to get some information about a person and know more about them. 

Why do People Keep IG Accounts Private?

The reason behind keeping an Instagram account varies from person to person. The platform understands the need for the privacy of its users and therefore, offers the privacy feature to every account created. 

The platform also has a set of guidelines for viewing private accounts that should be followed by its users. You should not violate the rules while peeping into a private Instagram account. 

Thus, the ways discussed in the article to break into a private Instagram account are not complex and abide by the guidelines. Instagram respects the privacy of its users, so it doesn't want them to feel unsafe. 

Steps To Make Your Instagram Account Private in 2024

You, too, can make your profile private on Instagram. This way, only the ones you allow can view your posts and profile, the rest cannot. Find out the steps in which you can hide your profile from people whom you don’t want to see your posts. 

#Step 1: On your Instagram account, at the bottom bar, you will see your profile picture in the right corner. Click on the icon to open your profile section. 

#Step 2: On the top right, you will see three lines, i.e., the options menu, click that. From the list of items that appear, select “Settings and Privacy.” 

#Step 3: There, you will find an option that says, “Who can see your content?”. Choose account privacy from there. 

#Step 4: An option will appear saying, ‘Private Account,’ and you need to toggle that on.  

#Step 5: Lastly, you will have to confirm that you need to switch your Instagram account to a private one. 

By now, we have learned about Instagram's private accounts and how to make your account private. Let us now see the pros and cons of having a private account on the platform. 

Perks And Downsides Of A Private Instagram Account! 

Like every other aspect, having a private Instagram account has upsides and downsides. If you, too, are confused, and want to find out the pros and cons of viewing private accounts, let’s find out, to help you make better decisions. 

Pros Of a Private Instagram Account

  • The private account helps create exclusivity. 
  • Only your following will have access to your content, so there will be fewer chances of your posts getting reposts. 
  • You have control over who will see your content. 
  • It will help you stay protected from experiencing any kind of online harassment. 

Cons of Private Account

  • It may reduce the speed of your profile’s growth on the platform. 
  • Private accounts cannot stop users from sending you abusive direct messages. 
  • You will not have any analytics data available for your account, like a public account. 
  • The content posted will not be available to all. That said, it won't appear on the hashtags used, etc. 

Final Thoughts

We conclude that viewing a private Instagram account is a grey area. It is not completely illegal, as there are no laws forbidding the same. The urge to view or break through a private account is human; thankfully, there are several ways to do that. 

In our blog, we have discussed some of the best ways using which you can easily view a private account without notice. The ways are simple, and you will also not violate any rules of Instagram. 

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Can I see a private profile on Instagram? 

Yes, if you want to see the posts of a private account, there are several ways to achieve the objective. You can sneak into the profile through a friend‘s account, send them a follow request, or use a third-party app. 

#2. Are third-party apps safe to see private IG accounts? 

The market is flooded with app options when it comes to breaking through a private Instagram account. They are safe, as Instagram has not laid any rules to restrict the use of such apps. Moreover, many are already using them to view content from private accounts. 

#3. Is following a private account necessary to view the profile?

It is not necessary, but it is the safest and the most straightforward way of viewing their content. The best part is that you will have their permission to view the content that they have uploaded or will, in the future. 

#4. Is there a limit on the number of profiles that you can view privately? 

No, there is no limit on the number of private profiles you can view from one device or profile. However, you may face some restrictions when using the free version of a third-party app. 

#5. Can I find a private account through another account? 

Yes, you can peep into a private account from another account if you are a follower. That said, if the owner of another account is following the private account, you can view their content. 

#6. Why should I have a private Instagram account? 

There are several reasons behind having a private account on Instagram. The most common reason is that you need someone and everyone to have access to your content. 

 By making your account private, you can control who gets to see your posts. Moreover, you will enjoy safety and privacy with a private account. 

#7. Can I make my account private on Instagram? 

Yes, it is very easy to make an account private on Instagram. Whether you own a business account or a personal account, making it private is possible. 

#8. How many accounts are private on Instagram?

You will find several accounts on Instagram that are kept private. Usually, businesses have their accounts public, and individuals have their accounts private. There is no fixed number of private accounts. Some also keep switching between public and private accounts at intervals. 

#9. Can you find a private IG account through search engines?

Yes, there are some possibilities of finding content posted by private accounts. If you have had your account public once, and Google has indexed that, others can find posts from that time on the search engine. 

Moreover, if someone is tagging you on their posts, and you gave your account private, users may find them on the search engine.

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