100% Legit Companies To Buy Instagram Followers In 2023

Published on: Aug 26, 2023
Last updated: Aug 29, 2023
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Buying authentic Instagram growth services is an easy and reliable way of staying on top of the competition. These services can actually help your Instagram account become one of the most well-known on the platform.

Choosing the best Instagram growth service might be a daunting task at the beginning because there are so many great options for this quality service in the industry. 

So, to make your choice easier, we compiled a list of three 100% legit companies to buy Instagram followers in 2023. All three sites are authentic and offer safe, reliable, and quality services at budget-friendly prices.

The Top 100% Legit Companies To Buy Instagram Followers In 2023

#1. Thunderclap.it

Thunderclap.it is a 100% legitimate company to buy Instagram followers in 2023. Big sites like Outlook India and Hindustan Times mentioned Thunderclap.it as a good site to buy IG followers. From them, you can get authentic Instagram followers at budget-friendly prices. 

On Thunderclap.it, you can buy real Instagram followers starting at $3.29 for 100 followers. Being at the number one position in the industry of social media growth services, the company’s number one priority is customer satisfaction. 

Because of this, they offer free Instagram followers for trial to better understand the work process and its quality. This helps every individual and business to make informed decisions.

In addition, Thunderclap.it offers high-quality followers and even premium-quality followers to help you improve your Instagram account. The services you get are tested and improved often, so all the customers get quality followers with each purchase. 

At Thunderclap.it, you get to customize your order to get the best services for your requirements. The smallest order you can make is 100 high-quality followers for $3.29 and goes up to 15,000 followers for $104.99. 



#2. GPC.fm

GPC.fm is another 100% legit place to buy Instagram followers. The service provider can help you increase your Instagram followers and reach your audience faster. They offer targeted Instagram followers so that you can grow organically. Besides getting more followers on any platform, you can get likes, comments,  and views as well. 

GPC.fm are well known for the quality of the services they offer to their clients. They want each of their customers to have successful Instagram growth. This is why they provide real and active Instagram followers who can help you gain more traction on your profile and get your content to reach more Instagram users. 

When buying real Instagram followers from GPC.fm, your data is safe before, during, and after the purchase. You can use GPC’s services tension-free, knowing you can get quick and long-lasting results. 



#3. BuyReviewz.com

BuyReviewz.com is comparatively new than the other two, but definitely an authentic site to Instagram followers. They offer instant delivery so you can get new followers and more engagement on Instagram minutes after purchase. 

Buying Instagram followers from BuyReviewz.com is easy, and takes only a few minutes to place the order. Their fast order process allows you to increase your follower count and reach your target audience rapidly. Their premium quality Instagram followers can boost your organic growth and attract the Instagram algorithm. 

With the IG algorithm by your side, it will be easier to increase your users' engagement rate. More than that, with enticing features like a money-back guarantee and auto-refill, you can increase the chances of your content getting to the right audience at the expense of zero worries. This means you can emphasize creating valuable and engaging content for your audience.


Why Buy Instagram Followers From Only 100% Legit Companies?

Social media platforms are extremely important in today's digital world for establishing an individual's or company's online profile. Many users and businesses consider purchasing Instagram followers to enhance their reach and influence. 

However, not all companies offering such services are trustworthy. It is essential to buy Instagram followers only from 100% legit companies that offer high-quality, authentic followers. 

#1. High-Quality Followers

One of the key reasons to opt for legitimate companies when buying Instagram followers is the assurance of high-quality followers. Genuine companies understand the importance of quality over quantity. 

The Instagram followers you get when you buy them from reliable providers are genuine, live accounts that belong to actual users. These Instagram fans are more likely to interact with your material, express interest in your content, and ultimately convert into devoted clients or supporters.

High-quality followers are crucial for maintaining a positive reputation on Instagram. Fake Instagram followers or bots can harm your credibility, as they often lack profile pictures, post no content, and display spammy behavior. 

Such followers can lead to a decline in engagement and make potential followers doubt the authenticity of your account.

#2. No Use Of Bots Or Fake Accounts

Legitimate companies offering Instagram followers refrain from using bots or fake accounts to inflate follower numbers. Bots may provide a sudden surge in follower count, but they cannot engage genuinely with your content.

Furthermore, Instagram's algorithm can detect fake accounts, leading to potential penalties, such as shadowbanning or account suspension. Choosing reputable companies ensures that your Instagram followers' growth appears organic and genuine. 

Real users follow you based on their interest in your content or brand, making fostering authentic connections and interactions easier.

#3. Safety And Security

Security is critical when considering any online transaction, including purchasing Instagram followers. Legitimate companies prioritize the safety of their client's accounts. 

Reputable providers like Thunderclap.it use secure payment gateways to protect sensitive information and do not require access to your Instagram password or login credentials.

In contrast, illegitimate sources may ask for login credentials, compromising your account's security. They might engage in unethical practices, such as selling or misusing your personal information, putting you at risk of identity theft or privacy breaches.

#4. Fair Pricing

100% legit companies offer transparent and fair pricing for their Instagram follower services. They do not engage in deceptive practices, such as offering many followers at incredibly low prices, as this often indicates the use of fake accounts or bots.

While the cost of followers may vary depending on the package and provider, legitimate companies offer reasonable prices for genuine followers who are likely to contribute positively to your account's growth.

#5. Customized Services

Legit companies understand that every Instagram account has unique goals and target audiences. Therefore, they offer customized services to all their clients that cater to specific needs and preferences. 

Whether you're looking to boost personal branding or a business aiming to increase brand visibility, legitimate companies can tailor their follower packages to align with your objectives. 

Customized services also ensure that the followers you gain are relevant to your niche or industry, enhancing the chances of meaningful engagement and interaction with your content.

How To Choose 100% Legit Companies To Buy Instagram Followers 2023?

In the pursuit of boosting their online presence, many individuals and businesses turn to purchasing Instagram followers. Choosing the right company to buy Instagram followers is essential for maintaining a positive online reputation and avoiding potential risks. 

To ensure that you are choosing a 100% legit company to buy Instagram followers, consider the following essential factors:

#1. Real Active Followers

The most crucial aspect of selecting a legitimate company is ensuring that they offers real and active Instagram followers. Genuine followers are actual users who engage with content and are genuinely interested in your profile or brand. 

On the other hand, fake Instagram followers or bots can harm your credibility and risk violating Instagram's terms of service. Legitimate companies will provide detailed information about the origin of their followers and how they are acquired.

Look for providers who use ethical methods to attract real followers, such as organic promotion and influencer marketing.

#2. Intelligent Delivery

Unlike fake companies, a 100% legit company will have a strategy for delivering followers intelligently to your Instagram account. Choose a company that ensures steady and realistic follower growth, providing a natural progression that doesn't raise any red flags with Instagram's algorithms.

Sudden spikes in follower count can raise suspicion and may result in negative consequences for your account. Intelligent delivery involves gradual growth in follower numbers over time, mimicking organic growth patterns. 

#3. No Password Required

Under no circumstances should you provide your Instagram account password to a company offering follower services. Legitimate providers do not need access to your login credentials to deliver followers. 

Requiring your password is a significant red flag that could lead to security breaches, unauthorized access, or even loss of control over your account. A trustworthy company will only ask for your Instagram username or URL to deliver the followers you purchased.

#4. Auto-Refill

Instagram is known for periodically purging fake or inactive accounts. While legitimate companies provide real followers, some may inevitably unfollow over time for various reasons. A reliable company offers an auto-refill feature that replenishes any lost followers automatically.

The auto-refill feature ensures you maintain a consistent follower count and get the value you paid for, even if some followers drop off.

#5. 24/7 Customer Support

Any dependable service must have excellent customer service. A reliable company will offer 24/7 customer care to address any issues or inquiries you might have before, during, or following the purchasing process.

A business with responsive customer service is dedicated to providing its clients with a wonderful experience and can quickly assist with any concerns or problems.

#6. Money Back Guarantee

The policy of a money-back guarantee demonstrates the provider's confidence in the quality of their services and their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Suppose you are unsatisfied with the results or encounter any problems with the purchased followers. In that case, a money-back guarantee allows you to request a refund, providing additional peace of mind.

#7. Discreet Services

Privacy and discretion are crucial when dealing with social media services. A trustworthy company will provide discreet services, ensuring that your decision to buy Instagram followers remains confidential.

Reputable providers use secure payment gateways and implement measures to protect your personal information and transaction details from unauthorized access or third-party involvement.

Benefits of Buying Instagram Followers from 100% Legit Companies

It is essential to remember that purchasing followers should be part of a comprehensive social media strategy and not a standalone solution. However, it is crucial to choose 100% legit companies that offer real, active followers to reap the following benefits.

#1. Increased Visibility and Reach

One of the primary benefits of buying Instagram followers from legit companies is the immediate increase in visibility and reach. Your follower count increases, and a broader audience sees your content when you buy followers.

As a result, your work is more likely to be found on the Explore page, which may result in more organic engagement and the addition of new followers. A greater degree of visibility also draws the curiosity of potential followers who might be drawn to your specialization, enabling you to reach a larger and more specialized audience.

#2. Instant Social Proof

Social proof is a key factor in influencing perceptions and conduct in the world of social media. A sizable following on Instagram serves as immediate social evidence, informing others that your account is reliable, well-liked, and deserving of following.

If the content being supplied is worthwhile and interesting, people are likelier to follow an account with a significant following. 

Buying followers from legit companies helps establish this social proof, making your account appear more influential to new and existing followers.

#3. Enhanced Engagement

You are probably going to notice an improvement in engagement metrics along with a rise in follower count. A larger audience boosts your chances of receiving more likes, comments, and shares on your Instagram posts, even though purchasing followers does not ensure actual participation.

Additionally, a more active audience is more likely to engage with your material, which will increase its visibility through Instagram's algorithms. 

A positive feedback loop may result from this, whereby increased involvement spurs further organic development and visibility

#4. Kickstarting Organic Growth

Buying Instagram followers from legit companies can act as a catalyst for organic growth. As your follower count increases, your account gains more credibility in the eyes of both users and Instagram's algorithms.

This increased credibility can attract real users who discover your account through the Explore page or hashtags. Organic growth occurs when users find your content interesting and engaging, leading them to follow your account without any external influence. 

Buying followers can kickstart this process by increasing your visibility and attracting real users who are genuinely interested in your content.

#5. Branding and Business Opportunities

For businesses and influencers, a substantial Instagram following can open up various branding and business opportunities. Brands are more likely to collaborate with accounts that have a large and engaged audience as it allows them to reach a broader market. 

Moreover, having a significant following can position you as an authority or influencer in your niche, attracting more partnership opportunities, sponsorships, and other lucrative ventures.

What Is The Cost of Buying Instagram Followers from Legit Companies?

The cost of buying Instagram followers on Instagram depends on various factors and the package you choose to buy. Here is the standard price that you need to pay to buy real followers from Thunderclap.it.

Cost of Buying High-Quality Instagram Followers

Cost of Buying Premium-Quality Instagram Followers

What If Your Service Provider Is Not 100% Legit?

Social media sites like Instagram have become crucial for establishing an online presence. To enhance their visibility and reach, many users use service providers that offer services like buying Instagram followers or engagement. 

However, not all service providers are completely authentic, and cooperating with fraudulent sources can harm your account's reputation and reliability. It can be unsettling to learn that your service provider is not entirely trustworthy, but acting quickly is essential for maintaining the authenticity and reputation of your Instagram account. 

Following are some actions you can do to resolve the matter and protect your online presence if you find yourself working with an unreliable service provider:

#1. Abandon The Subscription

If you get to know that your service provider is not entirely legitimate, the first and most crucial thing you should do is stop utilizing their services. Your Instagram account could be suspended or penalised if you continue to connect with an unauthorized supplier, among other undesirable consequences.

To prevent further harm to the growth and reputation of your account, stop all payments and unsubscribe from their services.

#2. Try With Thunderclap.It

Instead of relying on potentially harmful services, consider using legitimate alternatives to promote your content and grow your Instagram account. 

Thunderclap.it is a platform that allows you to create a social media campaign and gather support from real people who share your content simultaneously. This can help increase your content's visibility without resorting to unethical practices.

#3. Make Great Content

The foundation of a successful Instagram account is compelling and engaging content. Focus on creating high-quality posts that resonate with your target audience. 

Invest time and effort in producing captivating visuals, crafting compelling captions, and incorporating relevant hashtags to attract genuine engagement. When your content is valuable and authentic, it will naturally attract real followers who appreciate your creativity and expertise.

#4. Promote Your Instagram Account

To grow your Instagram account organically, promote it through other channels and platforms. Encourage your current audience to follow you on Instagram by utilizing your website, other social media profiles, and email newsletters.

You may reach more people and draw followers who are truly interested in your material by engaging in cross-promotion.

#5. Focus On Relationships

Building authentic relationships with your audience is vital to sustaining long-term growth on Instagram. Engage with your followers by responding to comments, messages, and mentions. 

Show genuine interest in your followers' content, and participate in conversations within your niche or industry. By nurturing relationships with your audience, you foster a sense of community and loyalty, leading to increased engagement and brand advocacy.

#6. Stay On-Trend

Utilizing popular hashtags and themes can help you spread the word about your work and attract more viewers. Participate in well-liked challenges or discussions, but make sure your content represents your views and brand. 

Riding the wave of trends can boost your visibility, but maintaining authenticity is key to retaining your audience. Staying on-trend can also help increase your visibility and attract a broader audience without compromising your integrity.


By choosing 100% legit sites to buy Instagram followers, users can enjoy various benefits that positively impact their Instagram journey. Legitimate companies offer real, active followers who are genuinely interested in the content and brand, cultivating meaningful interactions and organic growth. 

They also ensure the security of personal information, safeguarding users from potential privacy breaches. One such legitimate service provider is Thunderclap.it. It has a proven track record, positive customer reviews, and transparent practices. 

Buying Instagram followers from Thunderclap.it will complement an overall social media strategy, where quality content creation, engagement with the audience, and promoting authentic relationships play pivotal roles. 


#1. Why should I buy Instagram followers from 100% Legit Companies? 

Buying Instagram followers from 100% legit companies ensures you receive real, active followers who can genuinely engage with your content. Legitimate providers prioritise quality over quantity, maintaining your account's reputation and adhering to Instagram's terms of service.

#2. Is it ok to buy followers on Instagram? 

Buying Instagram followers can be beneficial when done through legitimate sources. It can help boost your account's credibility and visibility. However, choosing reputable companies that offer real followers and adhere to ethical practices is essential.

#3. Do people focus on Instagram followers?

Instagram followers are a measure of an account's popularity and influence. So, yes, people do focus on Instagram followers. Increase in followers count can lead to increased engagement, brand recognition, and potential business opportunities.

#4. How to buy real Instagram followers from legit companies? 

To buy real Instagram followers from legit companies, research and select providers with a proven track record of delivering authentic followers. Look for companies that offer real active users, intelligent delivery, and a money-back guarantee to ensure a positive experience.

#5. Do all companies offer real Instagram followers?

No, not all companies offering Instagram follower services provide real followers. Some may use bots or fake accounts, which can harm your account's reputation and violate Instagram's terms of service. Choose only reputable companies that offer real, authentic followers.

#6. What are the best 100% legit sites to buy Instagram followers 2023?

The best 100% legit companies to buy Instagram followers are those with a strong reputation for delivering real followers and excellent customer service. Look for companies with positive reviews, transparent practices, and a commitment to maintaining client satisfaction.

#7. How do you get organic Instagram followers? 

Concentrate on producing compelling, high-quality material that connects with your target audience to gain organic Instagram followers. Engage in conversation with your followers and other users in your niche. Use pertinent hashtags, team up with influencers, and advertise your Instagram account on other websites to draw in real followers.

#8. Can I grow my Instagram account with real followers? 

Real followers are more likely to engage with your content and help build a loyal community around your brand or profile. You can definitely grow your Instagram account with real and active followers.


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