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Instagram automation is a great, but controversial tool. Because of it’s usefulness, Instagram automation was extremely popular in the late 2010’s, but what about nowadays?

Is automation software still working to help you get your Instagram accounts growing?

Or is the Instagram automation tool landscape a wasteland where good Instagram accounts go to perish — with shadow bans and tons of Instagram bot interactions that make it difficult to get real Instagram followers?

In our Followliker Review, I’m going to break down exactly who they are, what they can help you do, and if Followliker is even a viable option in today’s world of Instagram growth.

Because we know that low quality fake followers can get your account disabled faster than Kanye West being labeled as a crazy man.

So let’s dive in and get this show on the road!

Don’t have time? Here’s the TLDR version: Followliker is no longer a viable option in regard to helping you get real Instagram followers. Matter of fact, we think the Instagram follower growth from Followliker puts you at heavy risk of getting banned indefinitely… At the very least, Followliker will prompt Instagram to limit your account due to suspicious activities.

Best Followliker Alternatives For 2024

1. Thunderclap – Winner to Buy Instagram Followers 🥇

2. Fameoid – Runner up

3. Ampya – Third place

4. Diozuam

5. Flubber

6. Prickly Social

7. Dognabbit Growth

8. Task Ant

9. Twicsy

10. Rushmax

What Is FollowLiker?

followliker 2023 review

Followliker is one of many automation services that helps with the mundane tasks of growing your Instagram account.

Think of things like following other users (auto follow), unfollowing certain users (auto-unfollow), liking people’s content (auto like), and many other features that makes up all the features Followliker provides.

In addition to their Instagram growth services, Followliker also provides you their automation services for Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumbler.

Let’s be fair though, aside from Instagram and Twitter, the other tools are useless.

In any case, we’re going to be focusing on the Instagram growth portion of Followliker and deem it worthy of using in 2023 to grow your Instagram account or not.

Additionally, Followliker features sending DMs, scheduling tasks, photo searches, and much more…

And to be frank, it’s not even all the features they offer, but surely the most popular.

Because of these features noted, I think we can both agree that the Followliker software would be something that would benefit it’s users — If it worked.

Followliker has been around for years, and initially, it did work pretty decently.

But because of the crackdown of Instagram and their 3rd party automation providers, Followliker (and any other automation services) for that matter just don’t seem to work very well.

If you’re ready to get this followliker review underway, then let’s roll!

Other Popular Instagram Growth Tools

Based on our independent testing, here’s the best Instagram growth tools we’ve found:

1. Best Overall – Thunderclap to Buy Instagram Followers

2. Runner up – Fameoid

Keep in mind that there’s literally thousands of social media management tools that help you with social media marketing, but from our extensive research we found that Thunderclap is by far and away the best Followliker alternatives.

How Does FollowLiker Work?

The Followliker software is exactly that — It’s a piece of software that you have to download and install on your computer.

follow liker instagram features

The software is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. The only way that Followliker will work is by having your computer on and the Followliker software running.

Back in the day, this posed challenges at scale because you didn’t have any way of managing clients (or your) accounts through a login/cloudbased system.

Nowadays, it’s much easier to work on a cloud based automation platform.

Additionally, once you install the Followliker program, you have to set up the parameters and settings, so that you can get maximum growth.

For somebody that’s even remotely decent with computer programs, this is still a daunting task.

And for somebody that doesn’t have any idea about installing and running programs on computers, Followliker will not work for you.

Even if you get Followliker installed, more than likely you’re going to have a hell of a time setting it up.

I’d even wager to bet that you’d probably fail to ever set it up properly. Because of this, even if Followliker worked as it was intended (before Instagram killed automation services), 85% of users wouldn’t be able to use the program — due to lack of user friendly interface and instructions.

But let’s just say that you did get it installed… The next thing you have to do is place the license code you received via email during your purchase.

We’ll deep dive into pricing later, but just remember that Followliker has three pricing packages.

1 account = manage 1 account

3 accounts = manage 3 accounts

Unlimited accounts = well, you get the idea…

Next we’ll learn how to set up Followliker!

How To Set Up FollowLiker?

Alrighty, so the fist step to getting started with Followliker is to choose your package on their website.

As discussed, Followliker has services multiple different social media platforms — These are sold separately.

After you choose the plan you need (it used to be a one time payment, but now it’s subscription based), for sake of this argument we’re talking Instagram, you will need to finalize your purchase.

Once your purchase is finalized, you will receive an email that has inside of it a download link to download the Followliker package, along with your license number.

Now that you have your download ready, you have to open the EXE (on Windows) and install the software.

Then put in your license number and you’re ready to do some damage.

At this point, you’d want to add your proxy servers and get your Followliker dashboard ready to input new accounts.

You can change the global settings on follow liker which will allow you to change the intervals in which the automation services takes the action for accounts that are added.

These are settings like how often the service follows new users, if there is ever a scheduled time interval for activity vs paused service, and much more.

Once you do this, you’d want to add your accounts.

This is where your put in the username and the password for each respective account.

Furthermore, you need to add your targeting instructions.

This can be done by uploading a spreadsheet created in Microsoft Excel or Google sheets, OR you can just go one by one for your targeting instructions.

Just to note, you have to make sure if you upload a sheet from the above mentioned sources, that your formatting is correct.

FollowLiker Features

Earlier in the article, we discussed that Followliker had a range of various features that were sought after by the Instagram market. Let’s discuss them here.


Follow/Unfollow is the tried and true method of IG automation services. The follow users and then unfollow users after a specific time works really well. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the best options you can use while using any Instagram bot.

The follow/unfollow method is proven to help you get more followers, AKA new followers, and if your targets are right — REAL followers.

Out of all the automated features, this is by far the most powerful AND popular.

The only drawback is that while your follower count will increase, so will your following count (which is not a desired statistic).

Although, when everything’s said and done, I think people who use Followliker without using the follow/unfollow feature are going to have a hard time to increase their follower count with their target followers.

Obviously, you’ll get better results if you have a solid target audience (defined during setup).

But if for any reason, you notice that you’re not following the right audience, you can simply edit and optimize your targets at anytime.

Auto Comments And Messages

Followliker can send auto comments on posts of your target audience along with sending messages, AKA DMs or direct messaging…

Although, during our tenure with Insta automation services, we never ever recommended using this kind of feature.

Let’s be real, nobody likes reading automated comments or DMs because we all know that they’re automated.

With that said, though, one of the ways this feature is used most is to send welcome messages to new followers via direct messages.

Direct messages are very powerful, but like I said, less is more when it comes to automating it.

Doing manual outreach with your audience is much more effective with a higher engagement rate along with a better response rate.

Although, the feature is there if you want to use it.

One thing to note is that the instance of account banned would be higher by using this feature as its a much more blatant abuse of their service.


The Follow liker service can also like/unlike your target audience’s content. This is a great addition to the follow/unfollow functionality.

As a matter of fact it’s the second most used feature from any ig account running Followliker or a Followliker alternative.

The one thing I’ll note here is that 99.999% of people never use the unlike feature, but the feature is popular mostly due to the automation of liking targeted content.

While very popular, the results received (more followers and more engagement) are much lower than the follow/unfollow function.

Schedule Posts

Out of everything discussed so far, Instagram generally accepts scheduling posts as the least harmful infringing action taken while using followliker or other platforms that offer automated tasks.

We’ve always and will continue to recommend scheduling out your posts to share photos or videos consistently.

If you’re going to use Followliker’s services to manage more than one account, then you really ought to check out the scheduling posts feature.

Unfortunately, a huge drawback with the followliker Instagram edition is that it’s very difficult to understand how to setup the scheduling post features.

There’s many other Instagram scheduler companies and top rated growth tools out there that you can choose from.

But if there’s one thing you need to remember, its:

Scheduling your posts makes things much easier and helps you grow at a much faster rate from real manual interactions on your posts.

Doing so also helps you get more photo likes and less of a fake follower engagement because your audience will expect your content on this consistent basis.

Find Followers

Followliker also allows you to search for users that you can follow. You can achieve this by using keywords, hashtags, and location based filters.

From our own research, we’ve found that the keywords and hashtags works the best across the board.

This is a great feature that other social media marketing platforms don’t offer. And it’s also a great way to get more social media engagement (specifically Instagram of course).

This tool let’s you find followers that you can then look up on other social media sites and social media platforms to find out if they are really a match to your target audience.

Using Instagram as a launching point to find users on other social media platforms is super helpful.

Let’s be honest here, generally if users are on Instagram then they have other social media platform and a larger social media presence as well.

Additionally, they probably have a website as well. And if they have a website then you might be able to offer services to them if needle.

Run Multiple Accounts

Followliker offers the option to run multiple accounts on multiple social media platform or social media site. As discussed, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

Just remember that you license will allot you a specific number of accounts, whether that’s 1, 3, or unlimited.

If you want to run multiple accounts you need to pay the monthly fee that allows you to do so.

FollowLiker Pricing

Obviously, Followliker is not free. With that said, Followliker actually doesn’t offer any kind of free trial or any coupons either.

But Followliker’s pricing is still very straightforward.

Back in the day you’d be able to purchase the subscription for a year up front, but now it’s the one time payment plus a $5.99 monthly fee.

You can choose just the Instagram edition as you can see from the pricing below.

followliker pricing

OR, you can choose a combined social media network license package. This means that you can have one for Instagram, and one license for Twitter, and so on so forth.

followliker package pricing

If this is something you need, it surely is cheaper than buying licenses separately for each social media platform.

Is FollowLiker Legit?

At the end of the day, this is the most important question to answer. Because if Followliker isn’t legit, then what’s the point to use it?

Our verdict is very simple: Followliker is NOT LEGIT in 2023 because Instagram has made it very difficult for automation services to run uninterrupted.

And because of this, you’re going to spend money that you could better spend somewhere else because the Followliker service will no longer be reliable.

Another issue with Followliker is that we failed to get in contact with anybody from their team. This is a big red flag, especially since it was to help us cancel our $5.99 monthly recurring subscription. There’s no contact, chat, email, or phone number.

But lastly, and arguably the most important reason why Followliker is not legit, is the fact that we’ve heard multiple reports that Instagram users were being banned in large numbers for using Followliker.

We understand that it takes a lot of TLC (tender love and care) along with passion to grow any Instagram account worth a damn…

That’s why whenever we start to notice bans happening whether that be account bans or simply shadow bans — we pay attention.

In theory, Followliker used to be a great tool, but those days are long numbered.

Before we go, let’s check out the followliker reviews from their trust pilot page.

followliker trustpilot

bad followliker reviews

Although we CAN recommend using Thunderclap to get more followers and more likes.

Is FollowLiker Safe?

As we just mentioned above, Followliker is no longer safe to help you grow your Instagram. As reported, we’ve noticed large numbers of bans through the Instagram platform and complaints of people around the web.

We aren’t saying that followliker doesn’t have a secure site and that they’ll take your money, but if you care about your Instagram accounts then we have to recommend staying away.

Additionally, if you request a refund due to being unsatisfied, odds are you will not receive one.

FollowLiker PROS and CONS

PROS: Works well IF it works (which is never)

CONS: No support, Can’t get refunded or cancel your monthly subscriptions, Expensive, High risk of ban, No trial

FollowLiker Review: Final Word

Do we think Followliker stacks up against the competition? Heck, no! Followliker isn’t working any more. You can’t follow users, like content, or anything. The followliker website is still up, which is surprising to me because the Instagram service hasn’t worked for what seems to be like years.

We believe the better option to grow your Instagram is to use an Instant follower delivery service AKA buying Instagram followers from a site like Thunderclap or Fameoid.

There are many other tools that can help you with genuine Instagram growth, and follow liker isn’t one of them anymore, sadly.

Top 10 Instagram Bots

Thunderclap – Best Followliker Alternative

thunderclap buy instagram followers

Thunderclap is by far the best Instagram growth service out there if you want quick and reliable growth. Aside from the actual growth, Thunderclap has an award winning support team that cares about your experience.

Thunderclap can help you grow your Instagram with followers, likes, views, and they can even help you get your Instagram verified.


fameoid homepage

Fameoid, like Thunderclap is another award winning Instagram growth service. They can help you get followers, likes, and views that are all high (real-look-a-like) quality.

Furthermore, Fameoid offers some of the most affordable pricing in the Instagram follower and growth industry along with a 30 day automated refill (should your service drop)

We can also confirm that the Fameoid customer service team is extremely responsive and wants to make sure every customer is satisfied 100%.


Ampya is our number three pick when it comes to the top 10 Instagram bots. Service fulfillment can be delivered in batches along with a guarantee that nobody can match.

As with Thunderclap and Fameoid, the Ampya customer support rivals any in the industry.


Very good support and high quality services. Can’t match the above top three.


Good if you don’t mind low quality services. Spotty delivery and communications with support team. While we recommend, we still recommend going with one of the above 3.

Prickly Social

It looks like as of this writing, Prickly social is no longer helping customers. Although, we have to say we had a good experience.

Dognabbit Growth

As with Prickly, Dognabbit website is no longer accepting customers.

Task Ant

Taskant is a great service to use when it comes to getting more followers from using targeted hashtags. They offer cheap packages of followers and services.


Twicsy is a great option to grow your Instagram. They are very highly regarded in the industry and have become a major player.

Additionally, they offer very high quality service.


As with Twicsy, Rushmax offers high quality Insta growth for very affordable pricing. They also employ a strategy that isn’t well known to many in the industry.

Written By Alexander Noah

Alexander has worked as an Instagram content strategist for popular media houses and now researches and publishes the latest Instagram content with He is keen to analyze the IG algorithm and find what works better for reach and visibility. You will find many of his IG hacks, tricks, and instructions for better reach on!