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How to Manage Instagram Comments: Comments are now a very important part of internet and can be seen on any social media platforms. Similarly, they are also used on Instagram to help you connect with your users and increase your presence in Instagram.

But sometimes, you will need to have more control over them because if they aren’t managed properly, it can also be bad for your Instagram growth.

So, we will show you everything you need to know about how to manage the comments in Instagram.

And as a bonus, we’ll also show you how you can get more comments efficiently to help you grow your reach on Instagram.

What is an Instagram comment?

When you post an image, video, or reel on Instagram, the users can provide a response to it with the help of a comment. Usually, a comment may include a compliment, opinion, appreciation, greetings, or any type of similar information on personal account posts.

Whereas, on the posts based on your business, your customers may leave a comment to ask for more details about the product or the service that you provide.

The comments left on Instagram can be seen by any user who can see the post. So you have to be mindful of what you comment on Instagram posts.

Why are Instagram comments so important?

Instagram comments are just as important as the like, share, or save buttons on the posts. They are essential for the growth of your account reach technically and assisting the Instagram community.

Comments build community

Instagram users, especially you and your followers can communicate with each other in public only through comments. As a result, you can also increase a lot of engagement on your posts by actively encouraging your followers to comment on your Instagram posts.

Comments are more convenient than sending a direct message on Instagram depending on the context. A comment provided by a user can be further replied to or expanded with a thread by other users.

Hence, if you post appropriate content and encourage your followers to add more comments on it, you can enable them to build a community within your post comments itself.

Comments are a ranking signal for Instagram’s algorithm

Comments are also useful to help you rank your content higher on the Instagram feed post. The Instagram algorithm also analyzes the engagement that you get on a post when ranking them on the feed.

Since comments increase engagement on your posts, it’s a good signal to the Instagram algorithm that your content is relevant to the majority of the users.

Hence, the algorithm will try to rank your posts higher on the feeds of users.

Comments are a great customer service tool

If you have a business and sell your products or businesses online, they are a great tool for customer service.

Any queries that your customers have regarding your business can be added by them in the post comments. Then, you can easily reply to them in the comments itself.

Your reply can even be a helpful solution if any other customer might have a similar question.

comments customer service tool

Comments show potential followers that you’re legit

Buying followers is very common nowadays. You can gain a lot of followers if you want to spend a little budget for it.

Most of these followers are bot accounts that cannot comment as real human users do. But if you grow your Instagram account with organic followers without buying them, you can get the trust of your potential followers.

You see, when you buy thousands of bot followers, the followers-to-comments ratio on your posts won’t make much sense.

For example, if you have 6,000 followers but have only 2-3 comments on your posts, that does not look authentic. The same applies to your content and profile.

However, if you create genuinely engaging content and increase your followers with relevancy, there will be a high number of comments on your posts. This can show that your account is really follow-worthy since a lot of actual real people have followed you and communicate with you on a frequent basis.

Now that you have a brief idea of why comments are important for Instagram, let’s go ahead and see how can you manage them.

How to delete a comment on Instagram

Deleting a comment can be very beneficial for you if you don’t want any negative comments or spam comments on your posts. You can either delete comments on your post or delete your own comment that you have added to the post of another account.

Obviously, you can only delete your own comments on the posts on other accounts. But for your own posts, you can delete any comments that you want.

Let’s see how to delete comments on Instagram now.

First, go to the comment section of the post and find the comment that you want to delete.

Then, the next step varies depending on whether you use are an IOS user or an Android user.

If you use an IOS device, swipe left to that comment. You will be provided with a number of options that includes the icons for the pin, delete, and additional options.

If it’s your own comment, you only have the delete option.

Since we are deleting a comment, tap the Delete icon. Your comment will be deleted.

Similarly, if you use an Android device, tap and hold the comment for a few seconds and you will be provided with the comment options on the top of your screen.

They also include the pin, delete, and additional options just like in the IOS devices. So, tap on the Delete icon to delete the comment.

how to delete a comment on instagram

Additionally, if you wish to delete the comments by using Instagram through a web browser on a PC, you can do so as well.

Just click on the three horizontal dots which appear when you hover over the comment you want to delete.

comment options pc

Then, select the Delete option to delete the comment.

delete comment pc

You can also mass delete comments on Instagram if you have to delete multiple comments at once. But this can be only done for the comments that you’ve posted.

Go to your profile tab and click on the profile options (three horizontal lines) in the top right corner of your Instagram app.

Then, select the Your Activity option to review your activities.

your activity option in instagram profile

Here, tap on Interactions.

interactions option

After that, open the Comments section.

comments interation options

Now, click on Select in the top right corner and select the comments that you want to delete in bulk.

mass delete comments

After you select the comments, just click on Delete. All the selected comments will be deleted.

How to pin a comment on Instagram

Pinning comments is one of the new features on Instagram can also be very useful to promote your content or business on Instagram. The pinned comments are the first comments that users can see when they go through your posts and comments.

This relatively new feature on Instagram is basically the best way to highlight comments on your posts. It moves the comments to the top of the comment section so that everyone can see them.

You can easily pin comments on Instagram and it allows you to pin up to three comments on your posts. There are many uses for these pinned comments and they can be used for both business as well as personal purposes.

Let’s say a question is frequently asked in your comment section regarding your business by many customers. Then, you can simply pin a comment and reply to it with a comment thread.

In this way, you can provide valuable information to your customers that are most asked by them regarding your business through the pinned comment.

Similarly, pinning comments to the top can be used for personal account posts as well. If you find a very pleasing opinion or an interesting piece of information in your posts, you can simply pin them.

This can also open room for more discussion within your audience through the particular comment. So let’s go ahead and look at how to pin a comment on Instagram.

Similar to deleting a comment, the procedures are different for IOS and Android users after you find a comment that you want to pin.

If you use an IOS device, you have to swipe left to the comment you want to pin and click on the Pin icon to pin the comment.

But if you use an Android device, you have to tap and hold the comment for a few seconds and click on the Pin icon to pin the comment.

pin comment on instagram

Excellent! This is how you pin Instagram comments to the top of your posts.

Once you try see it, you can clearly see how pinned comments work on Instagram.

How to edit a comment on Instagram

Instagram doesn’t allow you to edit a comment directly. But if you really need to edit your comment, you can always delete the comment and add the edited comment as a new comment.

But if your comment has already got a lot of presence with likes and replies and you still need to edit it, we don’t recommend deleting it.

Instead, you can reply to it with a thread to add any additional information to the comment or to correct the unintentional mistakes on it.

edit comment with reply

How to turn off comments on Instagram

Turning off the comments entirely on Instagram can save you a lot of headaches as well. People on the internet can be really insensitive and leave a few comments with something really inappropriate.

This may even lead to cyber bullying if you haven’t been wise with controlling the comments for your users.

So if you ever go through it, you can just turn off the comments on Instagram for your users instantly.

Just open the post where you want to turn off the comments section. Then, tap on the three vertical dots on the upper right corner of the post.

Finally, select the Turn off commenting option. That’s it, the comments will be disabled on your post.

turn off commenting

How to limit comments on Instagram

If you want to add some comments to your post and not disable the comments entirely, you can limit them as well.

You can entirely control who can comment on your posts for a specific amount of time. To do so, go to your profile tab and tap on the hamburger menu(three horizontal lines) in the top right corner of your screen.

Then, select the Settings option and under here, open the Privacy settings.

privacy options for instagram comments

You will be able to see the Limits option here. Click on it.

limit option for instagram comments

Now, you can add a limit to who can comment on your posts and for how long should the limit be added. You can select if you want to disable the comments for the accounts that aren’t following you or the accounts that have recently followed you.

Then, set a time limit for the time period on which the comment limit should be implemented for your posts.

After you have made your decisions, just tap on Turn On. Once the time limit for the comments ends, Instagram will notify you if you want to turn off the comment limiter for your post.

turn on limits

How to block comments on Instagram

Once you limit the comments, you may still get some unwanted comments on your posts after the comment limits are turned off.

In these cases, you might want to block them entirely so that they can’t comment on your posts at all. And this can be done through the Privacy settings as well just like the last step.

If you take a close look under the Privacy settings of your profile, you’ll also be able to see an option for Comments.

comments privacy options

When you open the Comments options, you can further allow or block comments from specific users or specific types of accounts.

You can allow comments from either everyone, people you follow, your followers, or people you follow and your followers.

allow comments from

Whereas, if you want to block the comments, you can enter specific accounts here to save your comment’s privacy settings. So, you can even restrict accounts from commenting on your posts.

block comments from

How to hide Instagram comments that contain specific words

If you find any spam comment containing repetitive words, you can also hide the comments that contain these words on Instagram.

This can also be done from the Privacy settings.

Just open the Hidden Words option here and you will be provided with a number of options for it.

hiding specific words from comments on instagram

Firstly, make sure that the toggle for “Hide comments” is enabled.

Since we will be adding specific words to be hidden, select the Manage custom words and phrases option.

manage custom words and phrases

Now, you can start adding specific words or phrases. Any comment that contains these words will be hidden in your posts.

hide specifc words

How to hide offensive comments on Instagram

Hiding offensive comments on Instagram is a very convenient feature for your account. And the best thing is that Instagram has its own list of offensive words that you can easily hide with just a few simple steps.

This can be again done under the Privacy settings itself.

Once again, open the Hidden Words option and enable the toggle for Advanced comment filtering.

advanced comment filtering

That’s it! Instagram will automatically hide comments that contain offensive words. If any of the offensive words from your language is not listed here, you can always add that specific word using the previous step.

How to respond to Instagram comments

As mentioned earlier, an Instagram comment can be very helpful to grow the reach of your audience. And the feature to respond to comments has been very useful for this.

All you have to do is open your comments thread and select the Reply option for the comment that you want to respond.

edit comment with reply

Then, write the text for your comment and add it to the comments section.

How to find your comment on Instagram

An Instagram post can have many comments on them. Similarly, if you have a habit of leaving comments on multiple different posts, it may be difficult to find your comment sometimes.

You sure do get a notification if anyone likes or replies to your comment on an Instagram post. But if you want to find a comment other than that, there are a few simple steps that you have to follow.

To find your comment on Instagram, open your profile options from your profile tab and select the Your Activity option.

Here, you can see the details of all your activities on Instagram. The comments fall under Interactions. So open it.

Now, click on Comments and you will see every comment that you have ever left on your account.

find a comment

If you need more help finding the particular comment, you can even sort by newest to oldest or vice versa. You can even add the filers for an author, start date, and end date if you need any further help with it.

sort and filter

How to get more comments on Instagram

Comments let the Instagram algorithm know that your posts are getting engagements with the users. This can further help your post reach a more relevant audience because more engagements lead to more reach on Instagram.

So it’s always better to get more comments on Instagram if you want to grow the reach of your profile. And here are some easy ways to do so

Ask a question

Posts with a question in the caption are more likely to get more comments. It has been one of the most simple and efficient ways to gain more comments since the introduction of comments on social media.

ask a question

You can even use it to your business advantage by asking your audience about what they think of your product or services.

Hold a contest or giveaway

If you want to hold a contest or a giveaway on Instagram, you can really utilize the comment section. Giveaways are very common on Instagram nowadays and mostly include a requirement to tag more users in the comments.

This can also increase the follower count of your profile as more users will be introduced to your posts.

Other than that, you can also add questions, quizzes, and so on to announce a contest to promote your business.

host a contest or giveaway

Additionally, you can further promote your contest or the giveaways by asking your users to share them on their Instagram story as another requirement.

Get your followers to tag a friend

Tagging friends in comments is already common with giveaways and contests. But if you want to gain even more followers, post some more interactive content for your business or personal use.

Then, you can use these posts as your followers to tag their friends in the comments.

One of the best examples for this is by adding memes and asking them to tag someone who reminds them the most of it.

tag a friend

Memes marketing is already a big thing on Instagram as well as other platforms. So you must get the best use out of them too.

Post helpful advice

Helpful advice is always appreciated by everyone. You can always post some helpful advice related to your business.

post helpful advice

As a result, this can help you get appreciation from your audience in the comments section.

Share good news

Good news is also something that is well appreciated by everyone. Sharing them on social media will cause a flood of comments.

It can be anything from a personal achievement like a new job, job promotion, or moving to a new place to the expansion and growth of your business.

share good news

Your well-wishers will surely want to congratulate you on it with a comment.

Final Thoughts

All in all, comments provide you with great use to increase the reach of your content on Instagram to more users. They are excellent sources to engage with your followers and can even be used to encourage your followers to share your posts with their friends.

There are many ways you can manage your comments to have maximum control over them.

But if you want to get the best use out of them, you can easily pin a comment to provide useful information about your business. Anything included in the pinned comments can be seen by everyone who opens your posts.

Additionally, we’ve also shown you how to get more comments on your posts with effective ways. We really hope that these tips will increase the comment intereactions on your posts.

Written By Alexander Noah

Alexander has worked as an Instagram content strategist for popular media houses and now researches and publishes the latest Instagram content with He is keen to analyze the IG algorithm and find what works better for reach and visibility. You will find many of his IG hacks, tricks, and instructions for better reach on!