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Social media monitoring refers to the act of listening to what is being said about your brand on different social media platforms. It is also the first line of defense against the potential crisis that may occur. 

By effectively monitoring your social media accounts, you will better understand your audience’s expectations of improving your products or services, and it also helps to keep a tab on what your competitors are doing. 

Now, there is a lot of buzz all over for so many brands all over social media, and it becomes difficult to keep track without help. This is where social media monitoring tools come into the picture. 

Let's dive into social media monitoring and the 30 best tools to serve your objective. 

Definition Of Social Media Monitoring

Put simply, social media monitoring is the process of analyzing your social media profiles present on different channels. An easy and quick way to achieve it is by using a tool to know how well your profile is doing across the internet. 

Remember that social media monitoring is different from social media listening. Where monitoring is a reactive process, listening refers to transformations done to your business based on what is being talked about online. 

As said, to effectively monitor your social media profiles you will need a tool. Find the top picks below when it comes to selecting a tool for social media monitoring. 

Top 30 Social Media Monitoring Tools for 2024

With overwhelming choices available on the internet, it becomes difficult to drill down the features and pick the best one for you. Several tools were tried to shortlist the top 30 options for businesses. 

1. HubSpot

HubSpot is a cloud-based CRM that helps businesses nurture leads and track social media performances. It also enables them to analyze key business metrics to achieve objectives. 

The software boasts numerous features that help businesses automate marketing strategy to a full-fledged content management system.

HubSpot's marketing hub enables users to manage their social media posts, track brand mentions, and engage with their audience on social media. 


  • Real-time notifications 
  • Basic and essential features are free 


  • Offers only one email per contact
  • The price is on the higher end for small businesses 

2. Mention

This tool has streamlined features and is easy to use, providing reliable analytics about all your social media profiles. The tool is best aligned for small to medium-scale businesses to track their performances. 

It enables its users to run a check for all brand mentions and real-time competitor searches to develop robust growth strategies. 

Mention is the tool for you since it can do many things to ensure you are on track with social media. Also, get notifications about your brand mentions in the last 24 hours for instant engagement. 


  • Get notifications about brand mentions and other updates 
  • Enables social media monitoring and listening


  • The free version offers only limited features 

3. Sprout Social

From the Sprout Social tool, you get everything needed to track crucial interactions and what is needed to act on them. It serves as a great time-saver tool as you get to condense all your interactions right here. 

From the start, keep track of your comments, mentions, shares, and more for all major social media platforms. 

Its analytics section lets you track your business's progress on social media. Additionally, you can track the engagement rate of your accounts along with the average response time to know that you are growing. 


  • A user-friendly interface for beginners to easily get used to it. 
  • Without contracts, you get full access to the tool. 


  • Doesn't offer a free plan. 

4. Brand24

Brand24 is a great tool that helps monitor your social media accounts without much hassle. It's easy to understand that the user interface makes you perform every task efficiently. This tool's features include consumer sentiment analysis, social media analytics, and the influence score. 

The tool can be used by businesses of all sizes to keep track of their social media accounts, and also engage better with their audience. 


  • Numerous paid plans for all business sizes to afford. 
  • All in one platform to make sure you grow on social media. 


  • No free plans are available. 

5. Tagboard

Tagboard is also a great pick for monitoring social media accounts. Another great feature of the tool is to find highly relevant and beneficial hashtags for your business. It also lets you track your brand mentions to know what others are saying about you. 

The tool enables track-and-start interaction for businesses to take advantage of every opportunity. Also, access useful hashtags' stats to make wise choices. 


  • Automated notifications to always stay updated. 
  • Critical statistics on all social media campaigns to decide better. 


  • It can be expensive for some since similar features are also available for less. 

6. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a complete social media management tool that enables the tracking of keywords and ensures significant growth. You can respond to comments and posts from the dashboard and track critical analytics to develop growth strategies. 

Supercharge your social media efforts with this tool, as it offers everything needed to communicate and track. 


  • Offers unlimited posts quota with all its plans. 
  • Analytics for better optimization. 


  • The free trial requires adding a credit card. 

7. Buffer Analyze

Buffer Analyze is one of the best tools known today that helps monitor social media accounts for businesses of all types and sizes. Buffer offers different products to make it a full-fledged social media tool. 

It helps users schedule their social media tools, engage with their audience, and track analytics. You will get a user-friendly interface and easy reporting abilities for easy monitoring of your social media accounts.


  • A strong contender in the analytics and monitoring space. 
  • Enables robust strategy-making by providing deeper insights. 


  • The packages may not be suitable for all businesses. 

8. Digimind Social

Digimind Social is another great pick that enables social media marketers to better their campaigns after collecting insights. The tool helps you understand the sentiments of your audience, know market trends, and more. 

Drill down the reports as per choice with the help of diverse filter options available. You get valuable insights on how your brand is performing on social media with its AI-powered social media listening. 


  • Provides a clear picture of the status of your social media profiles. 
  • Enables tracking of brand mentions and managing conversations. 


  • There is no free version. 

9. Meltwater

Meltwater is a popular choice when it comes to handling social media profiles. It offers a complete suite of easy social media management and monitoring tools. With its easy-to-use interface, the tool offers everything that you will need to track your mentions, respond to your audience, or gather insights on your performance. 

You get to make detailed reports with its sophisticated and intuitive dashboard that can be customized to track your desired aspects.  


  • Offers easy tracking of profiles on all social media platforms. 
  • An ideal option for SMEs to enterprise-level businesses. 


  • It can be an expensive choice for startups or small businesses. 

10. Synthesio

Synthesio is an excellent choice for larger businesses or enterprises that will need a robust reporting tool. It is one tool but offers different highly interactive dashboards to monitor audience data and extract key insights.

You can monitor your social media performance and growth using different filters. It allows drilling down the available data based on different aspects like date range, region, language, etc. Cover a full gamut of social media using this tool. 


  • Enables users to monitor and track all social media essentials at one place. 
  • Intuitive dashboard that allows customizations as per needs. 


  • Attracts high costs that can be out of budget for many. 

11. Keyhole

A great social media tool that enables brands and businesses to find influencers in their industry. If you are looking to increase your brand's visibility through influencer marketing, Keyhole will help you ace this aspect. With the help of automated keywords and hashtags, you can search for influencers who use them. 

It will also provide a list of influencers who have posted on similar topics. You can also get detailed analysis on hashtags, which will uncover posts, accounts, and conversations around any topic.  


  • It helps measure customer sentiments and evaluate opportunities. 
  • Helps track campaign impacts and manages partnerships with influencers. 


  • The features in the free version are very limited. 

12. YouScan

YouScan is a specialized tool for visual content analysis. With the help of AI, the tool can scan logos, brand mentions, and some relevant scenes. You will also get a visual representation of consumer sentiments, and make informed decisions based on how a particular content is perceived. 

Get simplified brand audits and keep a watch on all your major social media accounts by accessing YouScan. Get your brand image and audience sentiment analysis done, and also listen to your brand voice through its AI-powered ability. 


  • The social network coverage is great. 
  • It has great customer support to help you with everything. 


  • At times, it is difficult to work on the tool with reports. 

13. Sprinklr

Sprinklr is another popularly used social media monitoring tool. It is available with a broader customer intelligence package and is mainly used by enterprises. The tool offers a section from where you can customize the reports for better understanding. 

Also, for customizations, you can use different templates as per your choice. It will also help you analyze consumer sentiments and intent with the help of AI for better reach and targeting. 


  • It is very easy to use and has numerous abilities to allow seamless social media management. 
  • Robust customer service to cover all queries and doubts. 


  • At times, the assigned actions are not performed as expected. 

14. Sendible

Sendible is a great option when it comes to social media tracking and management tools. It enables users to track analytics of their accounts, generate all required reports, and schedule posts for social media platforms. Through the tool, you can also track your brand mentions and keywords of your industry. 

The tool is an ideal choice for all sixes agencies. That said, if you want to manage and track the social media accounts of multiple people, you can easily do it. With an intuitive dashboard, it makes exporting data and running insights seamless. 


  • Exportable reports that include mentions and other critical analytical data. 
  • Covers all leading social media platforms. 


  • It can be expensive for smaller agencies. 

15. Mention

Mention is another popular choice that enables social media management through its easy-to-use features. The tool has streamlined functionalities across all widely used social media platforms. It will help you stay updated with brand mentions and conduct competitor research in real time. 

There is a lot of conversation on social media, but Mention will help you cut through the noise quite easily.  Listen to what others are talking about your brand, and generate valuable data for better performance. 


  • It helps monitor billions of sources easily for small to medium brands. 
  • It easily tracks recent mention spikes. 
  • Get daily alerts to stay up to date with your brand mentions. 


  • It may not cover all platforms that you want to monitor for your brand. 

16. Zoho Social

Zoho Social is a popular social media tracking and management tool that helps monitor the performance of your brand across social media channels. It has exceptional collaboration features and enables users to set custom roles for easy social media management. Based on the needs, it offers different packages for agencies and businesses. 

The tool is a sophisticated choice and enables social media monitoring spread across multiple channels. The features are sufficient to cater to the needs of small to medium-scale businesses and agencies. 


  • Provides a great level of cross-team experience. 
  • The streams on the dashboard can be easily customized by users for easy and seamless monitoring. 
  • Provides a comprehensive understanding of your brand’s social media performance. 


  • The packages may be expensive and may include extra features that are not required. 

17. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a robust choice and boasts four major overarching features for all brands and businesses to make the best of their social media reputation. The four pillars of Buzzsumo are research, discovery, monitoring, and influencers. 

With their core feature, you can analyze and monitor the efforts' results. It tells you about the best-performing content in your industry, helps monitor real-time mentions of your brand, and research more about your current audience and prospects. 


  • Lets users compare the results of new campaigns versus the old ones. 
  • Core functions offer complete support for maximum transparency. 
  • Enables tracking of recent trends and market opportunities. 


  • The data is not available for all social networks.

18. is a social media management tool that enables easy tracking. It has a social media management dashboard and a separate one for tracking social media accounts. The tool boasts generic and useful functions like publishing tools, scheduling, and inbox functions. 

The tool is ideal for agencies who want to manage multiple social media accounts correctly. It has an analytical dashboard that easily breaks down different figures of your social media accounts. 


  • Its interface is well-organized and easy to use. 
  • The metrics section comprehensively displays available data all in one place. 
  • Organizes content well with the help of its publishing feature. 


  • You cannot publish posts that don't meet pixel requirements for different social media platforms. 
  • It does not display conversations that take place between the chatbot and a customer.  

19. Emplifi

Emplifi is another excellent addition to our list of social media publishing and monitoring tools. It boasts several features to make the tasks of social media managers easy. The dashboard for analyzing social media metrics is customizable where you can add the KPIs you want to study. 

Emplifi also allows users to analyze and compare metrics between different industries, competitors, campaign performance, and more.  


  • The dashboard is easy to use with an intuitive interface. 
  • It boasts several features to make the life of social media managers easy. 


  • The customer service is not up to the mark. 

20. Awario

It enables tracking your social media performance and also manages your reputation. The tool has an additional noteworthy feature that helps track and monitor the leads. Moreover, the functionalities add up to the listening and monitoring abilities. 

It offers different packages with different offerings to match varied needs. Awario enables tracking of brand mentions, analyzes competitors' performance, and the consumer sentiments towards your brand. 


  • Enables responding to mentions and comments quickly to retain the heat of the moment. 
  • Offers a robust search function to identify the conversation data of a specific niche. 
  • Easily scalable packages as your business grows. 


  • There is a monthly limit on tracking certain aspects. 

21. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is an X-specific social media management and tracking tool. It helps track all comments and mentions easily from one place and respond without putting much effort into it. TweetDeck enables you to manage multiple X accounts at the same time. 

It offers comprehensive features to make tracking mentions, replying to inbox messages, and real-time social media searches easy. Delve deeper into brand insights and strategize better for enhancing your brand image. 


  • It offers a lot of good functions to make X management seamless. 
  • Effortless monitoring and collaboration on X. 


  • The interface cannot be customized much. 

22. Agorapulse

As the name suggests, the tool offers everything needed to keep a pulse on their social media mentions. Even if you are a bust brand, Agorapulse will help you keep track of everything. Sift through all leading social media platforms and monitor the performance to tweak your strategies. 

You can also stay updated with competitor activities. Furthermore, Agorapulse helps organize and respond to all customer conversations from the platform itself. 


  • User-friendly and team-oriented software. 
  • Highly versatile in terms of making customizations to the dashboard. 
  • Easy management of profiles on all social media platforms. 


  • It has some limitations when it comes to the Instagram platform. 

23. Brand 24

Brand24 is a powerful tool that enables analysis and reports creation of your brand’s status on social media platforms. It is widely used for middleweight analysis and enables tracking of brand mentions. 

You also get to understand the sentiments of your audience so that you can make all required changes to the marketing strategies. The functionalities of Brand24 are powerful enough to get in-depth insights into the ROI and necessary social media metrics. 


  • Best suited for all medium-sized brands. 
  • Keeps track of all leading social media platforms. 
  • User-friendly tool without a steep learning curve. 


  • Doesn't offer customer relationship management features.  

24. Talkwalker

Talkwalker is an ideal solution for agencies that are required to manage multiple social media accounts of numerous clients. It helps with efficient reputation management and also helps with the generation of automated reports. 

The advanced features are unavailable with the free version, however, you can test them during the free trial period. They also have a unique social listening product that helps with analytics. 


  • Enables visualizations for easy analysis and understanding of figures. 
  • Ease of dashboard creation and sharing it with the team. 


  • The interface may not be user-friendly for all. 

25. Cyfe

Cyfe is more of an analytics platform that helps better understand the figures and KPIs of your social media accounts. It enables tracking and monitoring your mentions, comments, likes, and more on leading social media platforms. 

Moreover, you can observe the patterns and trends of different aspects over time. The dashboard has a very user-friendly interface that makes reporting a cakewalk. You get to analyze data easily and also know your brand’s performance.


  • A cost-effective software solution. 
  • Offers a wide range of plugins and functions for effortless tracking. 


  • Cannot display numerous metrics in one widget. 

26. RivalIQ

Your search for a robust tool that helps with competitor analysis ends with RivalIQ. It also boasts features for benchmarking and monitoring the performances of different brands. 

You can track the performance of your brand and that of your competitor for better understanding. The platform has several features to give your brand a healthy boost. Get real-time alerts to analyze your positioning. 


  • Gives suggestions to seek better engagement on social media. 
  • Enables the generation of industry behaviour reports across social networks. 


  • Doesn't offer insights on metrics other than engagement ones. 

27. Brandwatch

Brandwatch is an advanced tool popularly known for tracking social media trends and analyzing consumer sentiments. You can track all major social media platforms on the tool and gather data from numerous sources. 

Its AI alerting function will help you take swift actions to respond to brand mentions. Easily monitor all upcoming threats and respond to them with confidence. 


  • Offers premium integration services and also social media consultation, if required. 
  • Robust customer support to help you clear all your doubts. 


  • There is no free version offered. 

28. SocialPilot

SocialPilot is one of the highly recommended tools when it comes to analyzing and tracking social media growth. You also get a free version, with limited features to get started with using the tool. It supports all major platforms to help businesses track their comments, shares, and inboxes from the same place. 

The tool enables you to engage with your community and analyze consumer sentiments. Additionally, you can also make use of its dashboard to study the KPIs. 


  • Robust reporting and analytics features. 
  • Offers multiple user accounts with different privileges for the entire team. 


  • The paid version may be a bit expensive for some. 

29. Boardreader

A great tool to stay updated with the latest social media trends and know the most talked about topics in your industry. You can search for specific terms on the tool and get insights on its performance on different forums. Know when your audience is talking about which subject, and make strategies accordingly. 

Customize the dashboard based on what you want to track. Also, stay updated with brand mentions to take the required actions.  


  • Easy creation of dashboards and generating all desired reports. 
  • Comprehensive social media search engine. 


  • The dashboard doesn't have a filtering ability. 

30. Crimson Hexagon

Crimson Hexagon is the go-to choice for a better and more robust understanding of consumer sentiments. Its major focus is to help brands with content creation that will help them seek the highest engagement. You get to work with a pool of social media data to obtain the most of the platforms. 

The insights offered by Crimson Hexagon are collected using machine learning and, therefore, are particularly appropriate. Leverage the innovative tools and advanced functionalities to respond. 


  • Users can access a vast range of social media data for their benefit. 
  • Customized offerings to suit varied needs. 


  • The data sources are limited and can be expanded. 

If you still need to pay attention to social media monitoring, it's time to pick an ideal tool for your brand and get started. Looking for the advantages of investing in such a tool? Find some compelling reasons to get started at the earliest. 

Benefits of Monitoring Social Media Accounts

The benefits of monitoring and analyzing your social media profiles extend beyond engaging with the audience. See how social media monitoring will help you build better campaigns and deliver unexpected ROI. 

1. Get Insights About The Latest Industry Trends And Competitors

Social media monitoring refers to staying updated with what is going on in your industry. It will help you create content that can go viral and also gain a competitive edge. 

Competition analysis will also help you make necessary adjustments to your strategies to do better in your niche. 

2. Opportunities To Alter And Better Social Media Campaigns

The process will help you gather valuable industry information so that you can develop better campaigns for your brand. 

You will have insights on running more targeted ads and crafting engaging content your audience will love. 

3. Reputation Management

It is critical to stay on your toes when it comes to your brand image on social media. Through social media monitoring, you will know how your audience perceives your brand and what people are talking about it. 

It will help you address all issues your audience or customers have and improve your brand image. 

4. Keep Track Of Your Brand Mentions

By monitoring your social media accounts, you can gauge what people want to say to your brand. It will help uncover valuables about your brand, like the strengths and weaknesses of your brand, competitiveness, and more. 

Also, you can work on the feedback received to enhance the overall offerings and value. 

Final Thoughts

Its now time to level up your social media monitoring and create better campaigns. However, the exercise is only worthwhile if you do it with the help of the right tool. It is impossible to track everything around your brand or in your industry manually. 

We have listed valuable tools that will help you stay updated with the latest industry trends and keep a tab on your brand image. 


1. What is a social media monitoring tool?

Social media monitoring tool helps you listen to the conversations about your brand on social media. It helps do more than that, you can measure your reach and connect with your customers through the tool. 

2. Are social media monitoring tools free to use?

There are a lot of tools on the internet, and not all ask you to pay to use the features. Some tools offer a lifetime free package to help brands leverage the essential functions and get started with the process. 

3. How to track social media accounts?

Using a social media tracking and monitoring tool is the best option to track all your social media accounts from one place. Some great options enable tracking all leading platforms and taking all required actions. 

4. Can I monitor my social media accounts?

Yes, with the help of a social media account monitoring tool, you can easily track all your accounts. Furthermore, through the tool, you can also track multiple accounts if you want to. Monitoring individual social media accounts is also possible through the platform itself. 

5. Which tool is the best to monitor social media accounts?

There are a lot of tools available, and all of them are unique, with some pros and cons. Based on what you are looking for and what your social media goals are, you can pick an ideal choice for your brand or agency. 

6. Why do I need to monitor social media accounts?

It is crucial to monitor your social media accounts as it helps measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. Additionally, it helps craft improvement strategies. Also, monitoring tools help you track the reach of your brand and analyze how your brand is perceived. 

7. Can I monitor my Instagram account using a monitoring tool?

Yes, you can easily monitor your Instagram account with the help of a social media monitoring tool. Not only Instagram some tools enable track and monitor accounts from all social media platforms. 

8. What is the use of social media tools?

Social media tools help monitor conversations, schedule social media posts, track brand mentions, and analyze your account's data. Brands and agencies use such tools to stay ahead of the competition and efficiently manage their reputation online.

Written By Sara Menendez

Sara is our bright young girl excelling in social media marketing (SMM) and social media optimization (SMO). She is a creator herself and helps us track social media trends to feature in our write-ups. She also looks after creative email marketing. Her expertise is platform-specific, and she helps us out with Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. She is young and talented and we love how she keeps everything fresh and bright in the social media team.