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Instagram is still among the top three social media platforms in 2022, so it’s not surprising you may be looking for ways to increase your Instagram growth strategy online.

You may or may not have heard of Buzzoid before coming across this post, but by the end you will know whether or not Buzzoid is one of the high quality Instagram services that can work for you.

We will also help you understand some of the best Buzzoid alternatives out there so you have a strong list of options and can make the right decision.

You’ll need a high follower count and great numbers to keep up with the Instagram algorithm, which puts a good strategy in high demand.

After all, it takes a long time to connect with and build social media followers on your own manually, so why not take advantage of some of the social media services out there?

There’s tons of competition on Instagram, and if you aren’t gaining followers regularly and boosting your Instagram video views and engagements, you’re not likely to see high levels of organic growth.

Instagram growth companies like Buzzoid help to resolve this dilemma, allowing you to buy Instagram followers instantly and boost your numbers.

How great is Buzzoid and how does it all work?

Let’s jump in and see what they can do for you.

Who is Buzzoid?


Buzzoid is one of numerous Instagram growth services that help you to get more followers likes and views for your Instagram account.

They do this by selling a number of different packages at different quantities and price points.

You can also take advantage of their automatic Instagram likes program that will help you to get more likes every time you post new content on Instagram.

Per their homepage, this servie is new to their clients and can help with their overall Instagram growth strategy online.

While there is no “about” page that describes more about Buzzoid as a company, there is a pretty comprehensive FAQ section that can help to answer questions about billing and other operational matters.

They don’t offer any additional Instagram growth tools on their site other than their follower and engagement packages, but they do provide an Instagram marketing blog that can help you with your overall account growth and social media promotion.

Buzzoid offers services exclusively for Instagram, so if you’re looking to gain fame on multiple social media platforms you may need a Buzzoid alternative.

Known for their high quality services and relatively affordable prices, their money back guarantee makes Buzzoid a popular option for those buying IG followers and engagements.

All of their packages have transparent pricing and you don’t need to provide your password for them to deliver followers.

Let’s find out a bit more about how Buzzoid works and what their features entail.

How Buzzoid Works

Based on the Buzzoid homepage, it’s pretty easy to buy Instagram followers and likes with them.

Buzzoid breaks down the process into three steps:

how does buzzoid work

1. Select package: the first thing you’ll do is select the number of followers and likes you want to receive. This is obviously a required step not only with Buzzoid but other services as well. You can also contact Buzzoid if you are looking to buy Instagram followers likes and views in larger quantities or have a particular need for your Instagram growth.

2. Enter details: Once you’ve chosen the package you’d like, you’ll enter some basic information so that you can complete your purchase. They need your Instagram username, email, and payment method.

3. See the magic: this is the delivery part of Buzzoid Instagram packages, and they do mention they offer an expedited delivery process so that you’ll get your Instagram engagement and followers quickly and effectively.

All in all, this is very common of any service that can help you to get more Instagram followers and engagement. Buzzoid claims that you will start to see followers/likes/views just minutes after purchasing, which is attractive to many.

So, does Buzzoid offer real Instagram followers, and what else do you get when you buy their Instagram packages? Let’s check out the features in detail.

Buzzoid Features

buzzoid features

Knowing the features of any Instagram growth service you choose to work with is very important. This can also help you understand if you are better off with a Buzzoid alternative, or that they’re suitable for your needs.

There are multiple features offered by Buzzoid, and knowing what to expect when you buy Instagram followers is the best way to determine if you’ll really see results in the long term.

While you won’t get a dedicated account manager when you work with Buzzoid, you will be able to boost your Instagram followers and engagements, which can give you a huge advantage over your competitors.

You might also consider Instagram engagement groups if you don’t want to buy multple packages.

Instant Delivery

Instant delivery is a common feature, and almost every social media services provider offers it. Buzzoid is one of them, and they discuss what that means for them on the Instagram follower packages page.

What we need to understand about Buzzoid’s instant delivery is that the order will process within minutes of purchase. The followers will then be delivered over time.

If you buy high quality followers, they offer fast delivery, but more insight on that isn’t provided. If you buy active followers, you’ll get guaranteed delivery as well as refills for 30 days if they drop off your account.

Thus, if you expect to get your followers instantly, you should understand that based on your package size, you will get Buzzoid followers dripped onto your account over time.

This mimics the process of gaining organic followers as you would on your own instead of receiving 25k fake followers all at one time.

The drip delivery feature is a common practice when you buy Instagram followers, as it helps you stay in line with Instagram’s terms of service and gets you more Instagram followers without flagging your account.

Perhaps with low quantity packages you’d be able to see your followers likes and views come in more quickly, but this is something you should understand about Instagram instant delivery when buying Instagram growth.

High Quality Followers

Follower quality is also of utmost importance, and Buzzoid offers you two different options when you buy.

You can choose between high quality (HQ) followers and active followers, also frequently called premium followers.

While they may seem like the same services, Buzzoid offers an explanation of the differences, which you won’t find from every social media services provider.

Here, Buzzoid states that HQ followers have profile pictures but not other Instagram posts. It does mention auto refill as well, but it wasn’t specified when describing the packages.

high quality vs premium Instagram followers

Active followers are for “those who are serious about their Instagram growth,” which we can imagine means they are real followers that have more Instagram posts and activity on the social media platform.

You could also opt for organic growth through their managed growth partner, but this isn’t offered through Buzzoid directly. Managed growth works via interactions with real users on Instagram to get more followers likes and views naturally.

While it is a Buzzoid alternative, it can take longer to see Instagram growth this way as opposed to buying Instagram followers and engagements.

24/7 Customer Support

You can contact Buzzoid only through the Contact Us page on their website.

buzzoid customer support

There is no live chat option, but based on their 24/7 customer support promise, you should get a response to your submission around the clock.

Would we say Buzzoid has amazing customer support? A live chat option or phone number would be great, but the fact that they have consistent support is a good sign for an Instagram growth service.


When you buy growth for social media platforms, it’s important that you see how your purchase will be protected. Buzzoid has this covered and is transparent about it on their website.

If you’re not gaining real followers or aren’t satisfied with what Buzzoid provides your Instagram account, you can contact their support team and request a refund.

This needs to happen within the first thirty days of purchase, no matter when you actually receive the followers or engagements to your Instagram account.

The refund can take up to 2-3 business days to process according to the Buzzoid FAQ.

Buzzoid Services

Buzzoid doesn’t offer a free trial and you won’t be able to get free Instagram followers from them. They only offer paid Instagram growth services through packaged deals.

That said, most sites that claim to offer free followers are just out to get your information and provide fake followers anyway, so it’s clearly not a reliable method for Instagram growth.

Luckily, Buzzoid does everything by the book, so they can have a valuable impact on your Instagram account depending on what your goals are.

Let’s take a closer look at what their Instagram growth services can do for you.

Buy Instagram Followers Instantly

buy Instagram followers buzzoid

Of course the primary function of Buzzoid services is to help you buy Instagram followers. You can get two different types, high quality Instagram followers and active Instagram followers.

The difference here has to do with the type of profile the user has. You won’t be able to target followers based on a particular niche or location, but you shouldn’t have to worry about terrible bot or fake followers that will hurt your reputation.

Buying Instagram followers in packages ranging from 100-5000 make it easy to boost your numbers on Instagram and hopefully generate more organic growth in the long term.

Buy Instagram Likes

buy Instagram likes buzzoid

Instagram likes are a huge part of your success on the platform, as having a high number of likes on your posts will help you to get more organic reach and can even get you to the explore page.

In order to supplement your followers, you can buy Instagram likes with instant delivery, or you can even opt for an auto likes package that will get you new likes as soon as you upload new content.

Buzzoid Auto Likes Instagram

Regular Instagram likes packages range from 50 to 10k likes and can be split across multiple posts if you so choose.

You’ll also need to determine if you want high quality likes or premium Instagram likes, which Buzzoid does define similarly to what they mention for real followers vs HQ followers.

high quality or premium instagram likes Buzzoid

Buy Instagram views

buy Instagram views buzzoid

You can also get more Instagram views with Buzzoid to give your Instagram profile a well-rounded appearance and help get more followers and views in the long run.

Views packages start at 500 views and go up to 50k, but Buzzoid doesn’t mention if you’re able to split them among multiple videos. All views provided are high quality.

Buzzoid Pricing

If you’re looking to get more Instagram followers on a budget, a service like Buzzoid is going to be a good option for you.

There are many Instagram services out there that work on a subscription basis, meaning you have to pay every month in order for them to grow your account.

Buzzoid is an on-demand service, meaning you buy Instagram followers from them when you need them and keep working on your own when you don’t.

If you need an occasional boost of followers and likes, they’ve got packages that can work for you, no doubt.

Let’s see just how their pricing shakes out.


Followers are pretty affordable ranging from about $3 to $85 depending on if you want high quality followers or active followers.

buy high quality followers buzzoid

For example, if you want 500 high quality followers that will cost you $6.99, whereas 500 active, real followers will cost you $11.99.

buy active followers buzzoid


Packages start at roughly $1.50 for 50 high quality likes, and go up to $199.99 for 10k premium likes. There are pricing differences between HQ likes and premium likes, the latter being more pricey.

Instagram likes pricing buzzoid


Views are the cheapest packages starting at $1.99 for 500 views and going up to $74.99 for 50k views.

buzzoid Instagram views pricing

Buzzoid FAQ

Still have a few questions before we check out a few Buzzoid alternatives? We’ve got answers here.

What are the requirements to buy Instagram followers with Buzzoid?

The good thing is that there are no requirements to work with Buzzoid to get more Instagram followers.

You just need to choose how many followers likes and views you want and then complete your purchase, providing simple information plus your Instagram username.

It’s a simple process that’s easy to get started and doesn’t require your password or any other sensitive data.

How long does it take for Buzzoid to send followers?

Buzzoid claims to process orders within minutes, stating that you should start to see Instagram followers (or likes/views depending on the package) in just a few minutes.

There is no clear answer on how long it will take for your complete order to be fulfilled, but all followers will be delivered over time.

Why buy followers with Buzzoid?

While it’s not organic growth, you can save a lot of time with Buzzoid. You will get more Instagram followers likes and views that can build your social media reputation.

Buzzoid offers a money-back guarantee as well as a support team, and their auto likes packages can be quite useful for engagement.

They’ve got some positive reviews and even though they don’t provide a free trial their services are safe, secure, and easy to use.

What kind of followers does Buzzoid provide?

Buzzoid offers both high quality followers as well as active followers.

Is Buzzoid the best Instagram growth service?

It depends on what makes the best Instagram growth service to you.

Are you looking for free Instagram followers? If so, Buzzoid isn’t the one.

Do you want Instagram followers and likes that will generate some interest in your account and add social proof?

Buzzoid could be a good option here.

The best thing you can do is decide what your needs are, as well as your budget. You can then decide if Buzzoid is the best Instagram growth service for you, or if you need to find an alternative.

Can Buzzoid work with a targeted audience?

Buzzoid doesn’t do managed account growth and won’t be able to target your audience.

Do you get real engagement with Buzzoid?

The engagement provided by Buzzoid claims to be from real social media accounts and that you’ll get real Instagram likes and real followers depending on the package you purchase.

This engagement isn’t necessarily organic, but it should be valuable enough to help you gain some traction for your Instagram profile.

Does Buzzoid Really Work?

Yes, Buzzoid does fulfill their orders as mentioned on their website. They are a simple, straightforward service that will help give your Instagram account a boost.

Other social media platforms aren’t serviced by Buzzoid, but if you’re looking for an Instagram growth service with reliable packages and an easy process, Buzzoid will work for you.

Is Buzzoid a Scam?

No, Buzzoid is not a scam. Is Buzzoid legit? Yes. They provide a service that can help you get more followers and likes, and they deliver on that service.

You won’t get a free trial, but you can buy a small package to start just in case you are a bit skeptical.

They do offer a guarantee as well as customer support, which does give peace of mind. Their FAQ can help you better understand their services as well so that you can make an informed decision when buying.

Buzzoid Alternatives

If you’re curious about some other Instagram growth services out there that can help you get Instagram followers and likes, we’ve got some of the most popular Buzzoid alternatives in this section.

Note: we don’t recommend any sites that offer free Instagram followers due to the fact that these are usually low quality ghost followers that can harm your account.

The following three options are top-tier choices that can provide you with great services for Instagram growth.


Thunderclap has worked for quite some time to develop a well-rounded and effective network for buying followers.

You can get real likes, followers, and views through Thunderclap packages, giving your Instagram a strong boost against the Instagram algorithm.

Thunderclap offers not just instant delivery, but intelligent delivery, something that is unique to their services alone. That’s one of the reasons why they have many customers coming back week after week for their Instagram growth.

With other features like 24×7 support, real active accounts, safe and secure services with no password, and subscription packs, it’s no surprise that Thunderclap is one of the most popular Buzzoid alternatives on the market.


If you’re looking for Instagram growth that will help you get Instagram followers and likes through interaction, Ampya is a top contender.

You will be able to get not only Instagram followers but also Instagram likes from real accounts and real users, which is invaluable if you really want to increase your IG marketing efforts or social proof.

With affordable services, an expert team, and a satisfaction guarantee, Ampya makes for a perfect Buzzoid alternative.


Last but certainly not least, Fameoid offers a bright, fun website that is just as clear as it is easy to use.

You can see exactly what you’ll get when you buy Instagram followers from Fameoid: what features come with high quality followers, and what features come with active followers?

It’s never been easier to buy followers likes and views than when you work with Fameoid, as there’s little confusion about how things work even for those who are a little less tech savvy.

Standout features such as 30 day refills, real followers, priority support, and a satisfaction guarantee helps Fameoid stand out as a top choice Buzzoid alternative.

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