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Top Content Types for Generative

YouTube shorts are short video content that allows creators to make 15 to 60-second videos. Daily, YouTube shorts gain 50 billion views, meaning they can give more exposure to your channel and help you make money.

So, do you want to create YouTube shorts to entertain your audience and drive more engagement? Read this 101 guide to creating YouTube shorts.

Further, it will discuss the benefits of doing so and the best practices for making YouTube shorts. So, let's begin!

101 Guide to Creating YouTube Shorts

The capability of YouTube shorts to convert viewers into subscribers is real and effective, making it a must-do thing for creators and brands.

But if you do not know how to make interesting and attention-grabbing YouTube shorts, here is a simple guide for you.

# Step 1: Open YouTube Channel

You need to go to your YouTube channel to make your YouTube shorts. You will see a plus (+) option at the bottom. Then, choose 'Create a short' and grant camera access permissions to create the shorts.

# Step 2: Plan and Prepare Your YouTube Short

Now, as you have set up everything to upload your shorts, you must get your shorts ready. You can directly make your shorts on YouTube, or you can import previously recorded videos.

# Step 3: Edit Your YouTube Shorts

Once you make or select your YouTube shorts, it is time to edit it. You can edit your shorts using different editing tools, adding music from YouTube's library, voiceovers, texts, writing captions, etc.

# Step 4: Upload It to Your YouTube Channel

Now, preview your shorts after final editing. If you like it, you can upload your YouTube shorts. Then, hit the 'upload short' button after setting your visibility to the public and selecting an audience.

# Step 5: Track Your Performance

After uploading your YouTube shorts, consider tracking your performance. It will help you understand whether your audience likes your content and how you should edit it to make it more appealing and interesting.

That's it! It is this easy, and everyone can do it. But, you must ensure your content is high quality and engaging enough to get views.

However, now that you know how to make YouTube shorts, explore some best practices in the next section to make your YouTube shorts stand out.

Best Practices for Creating YouTube Shorts

Perfect for reaching your audience in a shorter span, YouTube shorts can increase your subscribers and bring the genuine side of your channel. The best part is that the shorts do not disappear from your channel.

Almost 80% of internet users aged below 35 and 70% of users aged above 35 watches YouTube shorts. But how can you take your shorts to these users? Here is what you can do:

#1. Keep It Snappy

As YouTube shorts are not full-blown videos, they always work best when your content does not follow continuous sequences. So, editing properly and keeping your viewers engaged till the end is better.

#2. Get Straight to It

Keep the first few seconds of your shorts interesting to catch the audience's attention. It is best to avoid lengthy introductions and any unnecessary information. Getting straight into the main content is necessary.

#3. Add Value

Never take YouTube shorts lightly and make random videos for it. Give importance to content even when you upload shorts. Your uploaded shorts must be well-organized and valuable to the audience.

#4. Get the Vibe Right

Another thing to consider when creating YouTube shorts is to customize your content to match the style and tone of your targeted audience. No matter what you upload, it should maintain a consistent vibe.

#5. Concentrate on Hook

Whenever you create a YouTube short, think about what can make your viewers return to your channel. You may pick and discuss a trendy topic to make the audience watch your shorts repeatedly.

#6. Always Record Vertically

Not many people know, but YouTube shorts are meant for mobile viewing. Therefore, always record your content vertically. It will help your audience enjoy your videos and ensure a seamless viewing experience.

#7. Take Advantage of Latest Trends

You must follow current trends to rank on top of the search results or take your shorts to many people's feeds. Make shorts on the trends and use hashtags to improve relevance and discoverability.

#8. Pay Attention to the Video Loop

YouTube shorts always play on a loop, meaning your video will replay automatically until the audience goes to the next short. Therefore, focus on visual appeal to ensure that your video stays engaging even after multiple playing.

These are the best practices you can follow to make your YouTube shorts creative. But you must be thinking, do you really need to create YouTube shorts? Let us clear your doubts in the following section.

Why Should You Create YouTube Shorts?

YouTube content creators and marketers both can take advantage of the YouTube shorts. Many established YouTube creators ask, as we have a substantial subscriber base, do we still need to make shorts?

The quick answer is yes. Do you want to know why? Read further-

#1. Helps Reach Bigger Audience

The most significant advantage of making YouTube shorts is that it can strengthen your reach on the platform. Active creators on YouTube saw more than 50% of new subscribers regularly.

It is because shorts are easy to interact with. Also, the best part is that once a viewer watches your shorts, the YouTube algorithm recommends the person your other shorts to check out.

#2. Appeals to Changing Audience Demand

The YouTube shorts are gaining popularity, specifically among the young users. So, when you make exciting shorts, they adapt to the ever-changing preferences of viewers who enjoy quick videos.

However, if you do not want to create an individual short, you can just cut your video into small bits and pieces and upload them like shorts.

#3. Increases Engagement

Uploading YouTube shorts can drive people to check your main channel. It means that if the audience finds your shorts interesting or informative, they will visit your channel to see more of your content.

As a result, it improves your channel's engagement rate. If the viewers liked your content, they may also leave their comments.

#4. Helps Generate Money

The YouTube shorts play a significant role in generating money. Even if your shorts do not get millions of views, they can still increase your channel's potential to be eligible for monetization.

Furthermore, more brands will approach you for collaborations if you become famous and get a higher engagement rate.

#5. Maintains Publishing Frequency

As every content creator knows, maintaining publishing frequency is crucial to sustaining your engagement rate. It indicates the algorithm that your channel is active.

So, if you stay busy working on other things and cannot make a full-length video, shorts can help. It ensures that your audience never goes away because of the inconsistency.

Now that you know why it is crucial to make shorts, it is time to understand how to boost your views count on short YouTube videos.

How to Increase Your Views on Short YouTube Videos?

Making YouTube shorts is not enough; it will only be beneficial if you get enough views on them. So, here are some effective tips to grow your views count.

#1. Add Interesting Thumbnail

Thumbnails are not only important for long videos but also crucial for shorts. So, make interesting and attention-grabbing thumbnails that speak what your shorts are about. It will catch the eyeballs quickly.

#2. Write Eye-Catching Captions

The captions can also be used in YouTube shorts to drive increased engagement. A catchy caption with emojis can encourage people to watch your content.

#3. Make Your Short Interesting

Do not make shorts just for the sake of creating. Instead, make it valuable and interesting. You can either create something educational, entertaining, or generally informative.

#4. Edit the Shorts Properly

You need to know how to edit your YouTube shorts and what to keep in it to maintain a proper flow. Take advantage of transitions, effects, and cuts to present your shorts professionally.

#5. Leverage Trends on YouTube

Do not forget to follow the current YouTube trends to make your content pop up on more users' feeds. It is true that making videos on popular trends can provide your channel the exposure it deserves.

Final Thoughts

Besides regular YouTube videos, creating shorts is essential to keep your audience engaged with your channel. It offers your channel a high rank, makes it eligible for getting money, and increases your subscriber count.

This guide has discussed some potential advantages of making shorts, including how to create one. It has also revealed how you can increase your views on shorts.

It is helpful if you want to know the best practices for making engaging shorts. However, if nothing works, you can buy YouTube views from

The site offers high-quality views at affordable prices. So, explore the packages and purchase views to reveal the true potential of your shorts.


#1. How can you make YouTube shorts?

Making YouTube shorts is easy and quick. Here is how you can do it-

  • Step 1: Go to your YouTube channel and click the plus (+) button at the bottom.
  • Step 2: Now, make your short video on YouTube. However, you can also upload a pre-recorded short video, which will be considered as your shorts.
  • Step 3: Once you choose or shoot your shorts, it is time to edit them properly. You can use music, add texts, voiceovers, etc., for further editing.
  • Step 4: Now, write a caption with relevant hashtags and upload your YouTube shorts.

#2. Can YouTube shorts attract more views?

Yes, since YouTube shorts are easy to consume, they can drive up your visibility and engagement on YouTube. However, the number of views you may receive depends on your content quality.

If your content is eye-catching, you can not only get more views but also convert your short viewers into your subscribers.

#3. How do you monetize the YouTube shorts?

Not every account gets the chance to monetize YouTube shorts. To become eligible for the YouTube shorts monetization, your YouTube channel must have at least 1000 subscribers.

Besides this, either your long videos must have 4000 hours watch time in 1 year or 10 million public shorts views in the last 90 days. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can earn money.

#4. Are YouTube shorts helpful for businesses?

Yes, YouTube short videos are highly beneficial for every business. It gives them exposure and helps them reach potential audiences quickly.

Also, it offers them a quick and engaging way to promote their business services or products. For shorts, you may upload news regarding your new services, share all the behind-the-scenes content, etc.

#5. How much can people earn through YouTube shorts?

The earnings through the YouTube shorts are not spectacular. You may earn only $50 to $70 if your shorts get a million views.

However, it is not only views that can help you earn with YouTube shorts. You may generate money with shorts through brand promotion, affiliate programs, etc.

#6. How can YouTube shorts help your YouTube channel grow?

Growing your YouTube channel through YouTube shorts is possible since it can quickly catch the attention of YouTube users. So, in short, you can establish a new audience base with YouTube shorts.

When you have more subscribers, your shorts will get more views. As a result, the YouTube algorithm will feature your content and help your shorts reach more people, increasing your chances of becoming famous.

#7. What are the benefits of creating YouTube shorts?

There are many advantages to making YouTube shorts. One of the primary benefits is that it improves your visibility and engagement on this social media platform.

Also, making consistent YouTube shorts can give you long-term growth and ensure high interactions. With increased reach, your views on shorts will get higher, increasing your earning potential.

#8. What to do when your YouTube shorts do not get enough views?

If your YouTube shorts are not getting enough views, you need to change your strategies and how you produce content.

First, you need to know that you must produce high-quality short content using relevant captions and hashtags. Also, you can add trendy music to improve your visibility.

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