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Meta's Threads is already a hit among youngsters. After the debut of this groundbreaking social media platform, millions signed up within a few hours. The app is launched for text-based messaging and shares many similarities with Twitter. With a vision to expand the capabilities of Instagram, Zuckerberg introduced Threads.

Threads boasts a more immersive and interactive space for public discussions and sharing text-based posts. Besides text, the platform allows sharing of images and GIFs. 

Being a new app, it lacks certain features, and Meta explains that they will keep updating the application down the line. After signing up on the platform, you will notice that there is no "delete" option. 

Thus, in this blog, we are focusing on "How you can delete your Threads account?". 

What is Threads?

Threads is a standalone app developed by Meta. The team has been hustling for days to launch the app to the market, and it came as a surprise. It aims to offer a distinctive experience to share real-time text-based updates and public conversations. 

Instagram is perceived well by people of all ages worldwide, and Threads seek to bring the same level of interaction through texts. Threads feed includes posts from your following, along with the content from different creators based on the posts interacted with. 

If you have already signed up for the platform and are now finding it difficult to delete your account, we have your back. 

How to Delete Threads Account? 

Signing up on the platform is free, and many have signed up to see what is in store and how it is different. However, after joining the forum, you may soon realise that the platform does cost something. 

It demands your time and privacy. The platform does store some basic information about its users. If you have had enough of the forum and want to get out of it, deleting your account is the solution. 

The platform lacks the feature of deleting your profile. An alternative to deleting is to deactivate your Threads account at any time. However, if you still try to delete your account, be informed that deleting your Threads account will wipe your Instagram account too. 

Some exclaimed that Meta has developed a trap, and from the wave of signups on the platform, Meta keeps users' information forever on its servers. Meta clarified to the users that deactivating their accounts is the solution at the moment, and it will hide their content along with the information. 

Since people sign up on Threads through Instagram for now, so it is one account. However, the team will work on enabling users to delete their Threads account separately. Deactivating is a better alternative, though, and it works the same as deleting your account. 

A Better Alternative- Deactivate Your Threads Profile

Deactivating your Threads account is similar to deleting your account for other users. Once you deactivate, your Threads (posts), replies, likes, and even your profile will be hidden from other users. 

The only difference is that the account is still there in Meta's database, and you can reactivate it anytime with your username and password. 

If you are looking to hide your presence from the app, find simple steps to do that below:

#Step 1: Open your profile on the Threads app. On the bottom bar at the right-hand corner, you will see the icon of your profile picture. Click on your profile picture, and you will be directed to the profile section.

#Step 2: At the top-right corner, there is a menu option (two dashes). By clicking on it, you can access the settings menu.

#Step 3: Find the option "Account". 

#Step 4: Under the Account option, you will find "Deactivate Profile". Click on it, and your request to deactivate your profile will begin. 


#Step 5: The platform asks for a confirmation before you finally deactivate your profile, and by clicking on "Deactivate your profile", it will be hidden. 

After successful deactivation, you will be logged off the account and taken to the Login screen. 

Instagram And Threads - Are Both Linked

Yes, Threads is an Instagram-linked Twitter alternative introduced by the parent company of Instagram, Meta. At the outset, Threads accounts are linked to Instagram. This allows users to keep the same username on Threads and retain their Instagram followers. However, the type of posts differs on the two.

Instagram is a photo-sharing platform, whereas Threads encourages more text sharing and public conversations. The platform shares a resemblance with Twitter. One thing that Threads doesn't support as of now is the ability to send personal messages to other users. 

Though there is a separate app for Threads on the App Store and Play Store, at the moment, you have to sign up from Instagram. It links your Instagram account to Threads. This is the sole reason why deleting your Threads account will wipe off your Instagram as well. 

The Meta team is meticulously working to develop the platform for the better and will soon release updates with more features and abilities. 

Hacks To Delete Threads Account Without Losing Instagram

We saw that deactivating your Threads account is the only option if you want to remove your existence from the platform. Meta doesn't let you get away from Threads quickly, but we will share a few hacks with which you can hide your profile from the internet. If you love Instagram but are done with Threads, we tell you how to do that. 

#1. Delete Content Manually

You don't have a "delete account" option, but you can delete all your content from the platform. Deactivation doesn't guarantee that all your content is hidden from the forum. If some of it is indexed, they may float over the internet. 

What you can do instead is to manually go over every post and delete it from your account if you don't want to keep your Threade account. It will ensure that none of your content is linked anywhere and not found on the internet anywhere. From your Threads account, remove all your followers too. 

#2. Maintain A Private Account

Suppose you have a public profile on Threads before deactivating it; make it private. This way, you can prevent your posts from being seen by the public. If you remove your Threads followers, no one will be able to see any of your posts.

You can keep a list of your close friends as followers so they can only view your profile's posts. As you make your Instagram account private from the "Menu", you will find an option under the "Privacy" option.

#3. Say Goodbye And Deactivate

If you don't want to be on the Threads platform at the moment but have plans to be back, we recommend deactivating it. Deactivating will not delete all the data from your profile, and it will still lurk on Meta's server. 

However, if you follow the steps listed above, the situation of your content getting indexed can be easily avoided. 

One fine day if you want to activate your account back, you can easily do it by logging in with your username and password. After a few days, when Meta adds a "Delete" option to the platform, you will be able to permanently remove your profile from the platform and not get it back. 

The Bottom Line

Essentially, at the moment, it is not possible to delete your Threads account, and you can only deactivate it. Irrespective of the limitations, the platform is bustling, and it is only a week since it was released. 

You can leverage it for your business too, and attain greater returns. Do not get overwhelmed; instead, focus on creating a community of prospects for your brand.

With the help of growth services from reliable companies like you can swiftly and safely grow the visibility of your profile. Get started with scaling up your business on Threads by buying Threads followers or likes, and grab the opportunity of standing out from your competitors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Can I deactivate my Threads account permanently? 

Threads app is not yet developed completely, and the team is still working to roll out more features that users have been searching for. Until the next update is out, you cannot delete your Threads account but can deactivate it at any point in time. 

The account stays deactivated on the platform and hidden from other users until you log back in with the credentials. 

#2. What happens when I uninstall the Threads app from my phone? 

Just as uninstallation of any other mobile application works, uninstalling the Threads app is the same. The app will be removed from your mobile device, but if you have your account activated on the platform, other users will be able to see it. 

Uninstallation of the app from your phone doesn't mean that the data from your profile gets removed from the platform. To terminate your account, you need to deactivate it. 

#3. Will deleting the Threads account delete Instagram too? 

You need to sign up on Threads through Instagram, and both the apps are linked. Currently, there is no "Delete Account" option on the platform, and if you want to take down your profile, the most you can do is deactivate your account. 

Since Instagram and Threads are linked, deleting your Threads account will also take away your Instagram. That said, if you don't want to delete your Instagram account, we recommend you to only deactivate Threads for now. 

#4. Can I use Threads without Instagram? 

No, you need to sign up for Threads through your Instagram profile only. Though Threads is a standalone app, you will need to sign up on the platform through Instagram only. 

Currently, there is no other separate option to sign up on the forum. Additionally, deletion of the Threads account alone is not possible too. To delete your Threads account, you must say goodbye to your Instagram account too. 


Written By Alexander Noah

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