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TikTok Stats You Must Know

TikTok has swept the world by storm, stealing millions of viewers' interest with its quick video content. This is a platform where creativity has no limits, and enjoyment is only a scroll away. TikTok has grown into a cultural phenomenon, revolutionizing the way we consume content and communicate with one another, thanks to its short-form video format and enormous user base. 

As we enter 2024, TikTok continues to grow incredibly, delivering new features and fads that keep us returning for more. In this blog post, we'll review some of the essential TikTok stats you should keep track of in 2024. We'll also cover everything you need to know about this ever-changing platform, from user demographics to ad revenue and engagement rates.

TikTok Statistics You Must Know In 2024

With its incredible growth and huge user base, TikTok has become an avenue that businesses, product lines, and creators alike cannot overlook. 

Let us explore some of the essential TikTok statistics 2024, as this will help you (business owners and individual TikTokers) make the most of this exciting platform. In addition, we'll cover all you need to know and master about TikTok, including user statistics, engagement rates, popular posts, and demographics.

So let’s get started.

TikTok Usage Statistics 2024

TikTok has taken over the world of social media, capturing the interest of millions of people worldwide with its short-form video style. The app has witnessed exceptional growth since its introduction, making it the most downloaded phone app in 2022.

The platform's success can be due to its proprietary algorithm, which offers information based on users' interests, leading to a more personalized user experience.

Let us examine TikTok's usage data, such as the time users spend on the app, how frequently they use it, and its predicted growth in the years ahead.

  1. Children spend 62% more time watching videos on TikTok than on YouTube.
  2. Approximately 29% of TikTok users access the TikTok app on a daily basis.
  3. The average user spends 95 minutes each day using TikTok.
  4. TikTok users worldwide spend 19.6 hours per month on the app.
  5. TikTok is the sixth most popular social media platform worldwide.
  6. The TikTok app has 30.8 million daily active users through iOS or Apple app store.
  7. The average user opens TikTok 19 times per day.
  8. Kids typically spend 75 minutes per day on TikTok.

TikTok Usage Statistics 2024

Image Source: Statista

TikTok Demographic Statistics 2024 by Thunderclap (Age, Gender, and country usage)

TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide, with a rapidly growing user base. Understanding the demographics of TikTok users is crucial for businesses and marketers to develop effective marketing strategies. 

Let us explore the age, gender, and country usage statistics of TikTok users.

  1. TikTok is most popular with younger generations.
  2.  Females account for 57% of TikTok’s active users globally.
  3.  Most of the TikTok users are based in China.
  4.  The age group of 10-19 is 25%, the age group of 20-29 is 22.4%, the age group of 30-39 is 21.7%, and the age group of 40-49 is 20.3%.
  5.  The top three countries of TikTok users include the U.S., Indonesia, and Brazil.
  6.  TikTok has the highest reach (for Adults) in Saudi Arabia.

TikTok Demographic Statistics 2024 by Age, Gender, and country usage

Image Source: Data Reportal

TikTok Marketing Statistics

TikTok has evolved as an effective marketing medium with high reach and engagement rates. Businesses and organizations are increasingly using the app's ability to draw their target audience's interest. 

TikTok is quickly becoming a destination of choice for advertisers, from working with popular artists to developing innovative ad campaigns. Let us peek into some of the most important TikTok marketing statistics, demonstrating the app's increasing popularity and efficacy as a marketing tool.

  1.  Most TikTok ads that are successful are able to convey their message immediately, with a success rate of 63%.
  2.  TikTok ads reach 17.9% of internet users who are 18 years old or older.
  3.  Collaborating with content creators can significantly increase view-through rates for TikTok ads, with a boost of 193%.
  4.  Up to 25% of Generation Z members are female, while 17.9% are male.
  5.  18% of marketers are using TikTok
  6.  Bytedance generated $38.6 billion in ad revenue.

TikTok Download Statistics 2024

It's time to join in the TikTok craze! The video-sharing app has become a global sensation, with billions of downloads worldwide. TikTok has become a huge star, and it's no wonder it's among the most downloaded social media apps. 

As a result, it has secured its status as one of the most famous apps in the nation. 

Let's look deeper at some TikTok download statistics to see how famous this app has become.

  1.  TikTok has been downloaded 3.5 billion times.
  2.  TikTok took the lead as the most downloaded app in 2021 in comparison to other social media platforms.
  3.  It has been downloaded over 210 million times in the United States alone. 

TikTok Business Statistics 2024

TikTok has become a famous platform for businesses looking to reach a younger audience and increase brand awareness. With billions of users, TikTok offers a great opportunity for businesses to showcase their products or services through creative and engaging videos. 

Let's dive into some of the latest TikTok business statistics to understand the platform's impact on digital marketing.

  1.  Customer spending on TikTok has crossed $2.5 billion globally.
  2.  The number of TikTok users in the US who made purchases increased by 72.3%, reaching a total of 23.7 million.
  3.  The US now accounts for 42% of all TikTok revenue.
  4.  Influencers on TikTok, with 2.5 million followers, typically charge around $800 for a single post.
  5. 55% of TikTok users have purchased after seeing a brand on the app.
  6. 50% of TikTok users have purchased it after watching TikTok Live.
  7.  Macro-influencers charge between $151 and $793 per post on TikTok.
  8.  Brands post an average of 3-4 times per week on TikTok.
  9.  One in three TikTok Live users considers TikTok as their primary platform to connect with brands.

Statistics Of Most Popular TikTok Videos and Hashtags in 2024

TikTok, a platform known for its short clips and innovative content, has become a worldwide sensation. 

With a global audience of millions, it's no surprise that some videos and hashtags have gone viral, garnering billions of views and likes. TikTok has it all, from hilarious clips to memorable moments, and some creators have amassed a massive following due to their work. 

So, let's explore the most prominent TikTok videos and hashtag statistics, as well as the platform's top stars and brands.

  1.  Bella Porch’s videos attracted 547.1 million views and close to 45 million likes. 
  2.  On TikTok, the "Entertainment" category” had the highest number of overall hashtag views, reaching an astounding 545 billion views. 
  3.  The most frequently used hashtag on the platform is "fyp."
  4.  The hashtag "for you" ranked second, with approximately 21.1 trillion lifetime views on TikTok short-video posts using the hashtag. 
  5.  Posts using the hashtag "duet," which refers to TikTok videos that creators can share, mirror, and comment on, collected around three trillion views as of January 2024.
  6.  TikTok’s Leading Star is Khaby Lame; he has the most followers.
  7.  Dior is the most talked-about luxury brand in Douyin for 2022.
  8.  #Dog on Tiktok Amassed 244.8 Billion Views.
  9.  Charli D’Amelio and Khaby Lame are top earners on TikTok.

TikTok General Statistics For 2024

TikTok has caught the world by storm with its bright and innovative short-form films. The app, available in over 150 countries, has acquired a tremendous user base and a $50 billion valuation by investors, rendering it one of the most useful social media platforms in the world. 

With most users uploading their own videos, it's evident that TikTok's appeal stems from its capacity to empower creators and provide a forum for self-expression.

Furthermore, the app is the top-grossing non-game app, demonstrating its enormous commercial potential. So let us look at some general TikTok statistics that have made it a social media star.

  1.  TikTok is available in over 150 countries and has over 1 billion users.
  2.  Investors valued TikTok at $50 billion in 2020.
  3.  TikTok ranks #4 on the list of top free apps in the Apple Store.
  4.  The USA. has the maximum number of TikTok users among all countries.
  5.  Around 40% of TikTok users do not have a profile on Facebook.
  6.  83% of TikTok users have posted a video.
  7.  TikTok is the highest grossing non-game app.

TikTok Engagement Statistics in 2024

TikTok has become a buzz in the internet community, from viral dance competitions to innovative filters.

So, what happens behind the scenes of this addictive app? In this section, we'll look at TikTok user engagement statistics and how people interact with content and with one another on the platform. Whether you're a regular TikTok user or a marketer wanting to reach this enormous audience, these statistics will provide vital insights into the TikTok journey.

  1.  The app has witnessed over 1 billion video views daily in the past year.
  2.  Face filters or lenses have been tried by around 64% of TikTok users.
  3.  Participating in a hashtag challenge on the app has been done by 35% of its users.
  4.  The average engagement rate on TikTok amounts to 5.95%.
  5.  TikTok is accessed multiple times by 90% of its users.
  6.  Taking part in duets on the app is something that has been done by 43% of its users.
  7.  According to 90% of TikTok users, sound is an integral part of their experience on the app.
  8.  Of the engaged TikTok users, 63% have liked a video in the past month.
  9.  Commenting on someone else's video is something that has been done by 54% of engaged TikTok users.
  10.  Based on Upfluence's report, micro, and mega influencers have an engagement rate of 17.96% and 4.96%, respectively, on TikTok.
  11.  On average, a TikTok user spends 52 minutes daily on the platform, and 90% of its users access it daily.

TikTok Ads Insights 2024

TikTok has evolved as a key player in social media advertising, with billions of users worldwide. The platform's advertising revenue increased by 200% year over year in 2022, hitting $11.04 billion. But how do the ad insights look? 

From branded hashtag competitions to in-feed advertisements, this section will look at the various TikTok advertising tiers and their pricing, ROI, and reach. Whether you are a big enterprise or a small firm, these statistics can assist you in realizing the full potential of TikTok advertising.

  1.   In 2022, TikTok’s revenue from advertising saw a significant increase of 200% year over year, reaching a total of $11.04 billion.
  2.  TikTok has an ad reach of roughly 885 million people.
  3.  TikTok offers five advertising tiers aimed at big brands. One of which, a branded hashtag challenge, reportedly costs $150,000 per day.
  4.  TikTok ads reach 17.9% of all internet users aged 18+.
  5.  A significant 63% of effective TikTok advertisements are able to convey their message to the audience promptly.
  6.  Partnering with creators boosts view-through rates by 193%.
  7. TikTok Ads reach 25% of Female Gen Z users and 17.9% of male Gen Z users.
  8. TikTok’s ad revenue is greater than Snapchat and Twitter combined.
  9.  A brand takeover ad can cost anywhere from $50K to $100K daily, with 5 million impressions guaranteed on TikTok.
  10.  90% of branded hashtag challenges generate 2.5X ROI on ad spend.
  11.  Challenges with hashtags cost brands $100,000+ on TikTok.
  12.  TikTok ads start at $10 per 1000 views with a $500 minimum per campaign.
  13.  61% of TikTokers mentioned that they tend to buy from brands they see advertised, and 63% consider themselves brand conscious.
  14.  Brands are currently buying TikTok’s in-feed ads for $10 per impression with a $6,000 minimum campaign spend.
  15.  Brands create 3.7% of the content on TikTok.
  16.  33% of customers respond better when ads refer to them directly on TikTok.
  17.  50% of ads have emotional messages on TikTok.

Editor’s Picks For Some Of The Best TikTok Statistics In 2024

Step right up and take a close look at our Editor's Picks for TikTok Statistics! Here you'll find the juiciest, fascinating details about the trendiest short-form video app on the market. We have everything, from jaw-dropping engagement rates to mind-boggling ad insights. 

Whether you're a professional TikTok veteran or a newcomer eager to get your feet wet, our Editor's Picks will teach you everything you need to know about this captivating platform. Now grab some popcorn and get ready to be astounded by the fascinating world of TikTok statistics!

#1. TikTok Downloads Statistics In 2024

According to TikTok download statistics, the platform reached the amazing milestone of one billion downloads in February 2019 and added another half a billion downloads within eight months. These results are especially astounding, given that TikTok was only introduced in 2016.

Download Best TikTok Statistics 2024

Image Source: Statista

TikTok's popularity remains high in 2022, with over 672 million downloads, putting it among the elite few social media platforms with over a billion installs, such as Facebook.

However, TikTok topped in total app downloads in January 2021 by the messaging platform Telegram, which registered 63 million downloads during that period, with TikTok trailing closely after with 62 million downloads.

#2. Demographics of TikTok Users

Most TikTok users are female. In fact, 54% of TikTok users are female, while 46% are male. These figures have been stable for a long time, with barely a few dips. Yet, if what we observed recently is becoming the new standard, the pattern may alter.

There are 17% of female users between the ages of 25 and 34 and 15% of male users who fall within this age range.

Demographics of TikTok Users

Image Source: Data Reportal

#3. TikTok Is The Most Addictive Platform

TikTok has a reputation for being very addictive. Individuals spend more time on the app than on any other social networking platform.

Daily, the younger generation devotes an average of 1.5 hours to TikTok. The app's algorithm contributes to this addiction by recognizing the user's favored material and tailoring future content to their preferences, keeping them occupied for longer periods of time.

Other elements that contribute to TikTok's addictive character, besides the algorithm, include its ease of use - users can simply launch the app and let the algorithm take over without having to search for videos manually. 

Additionally, the platform's short video duration makes it simple for users to absorb enormous amounts of content quickly. Moreover, TikTok's emphasis on being current with trends and challenges, like the bottle cap and kiki challenges, can add to its addictive character as it encourages users to try to remain current and engage in the latest trends.

Tiktok shares of users

Image Source: Statista

#4. Popular Content Categories At TikTok

Current statistics show that the most prominent categories on TikTok, a video-sharing social app, are entertainment, dance, pranks, and fitness/sports.

Popular TikTok Content Categories

Image Source: Omnicoreagency

The entertainment genre has the most hashtag views, with a total of 535 billion views as of 2022, closely followed by dance, with 181 billion hashtag views. Creators in the entertainment area generally specialize in funny content, special effects, and other forms of distinctive entertainment. Meanwhile, the most popular TikTok creators are usually from the dance genre.

#5. Earnings of TikTok Influencers

If you're curious how influencers make money on TikTok, 'gifting' using the app's virtual currency is the simplest option. TikTokers with roughly 500k followers and a high engagement rate may expect to receive presents worth up to $450, which can be redeemed for real money.

Of course, you may monetize your TikTok impact in other ways, such as through brand collaborations, cross-promotions, merchandise sales, or even getting paid to join brand events. If you're wondering how much influencers can earn per sponsored post on TikTok, the figures for 2024 could surprise you.

#6. TikTok Presence In Global Countries

TikTok has a global presence in 154 nations and territories and is available in 75 different languages., the app's predecessor, is responsible for the app's enormous success in the West, whilst Douyin, its Chinese counterpart, is the go-to app for Eastern users.

Before the app was prohibited in these countries, India and Pakistan had a stunning 200 million and 43 million monthly active users of TikTok users, respectively. Bangladesh, Indonesia, and China have also prohibited the app, citing obscenity and cyberbullying as justifications.

Notwithstanding these hurdles, TikTok's popularity has been steadily increasing around the world. The app has gained popularity in Europe, with downloads increasing in recent months in countries such as Poland and Norway.

#7. TikTok Demographics - Age

TikTok's audience was originally geared towards users aged 18 and under, with a substantial percentage of users internationally being women aged 18-24. Yet, the app's audience is shifting as the older age becomes more aware of it.

In the United States in 2022, the largest age group of TikTok users was 18-19-year-olds, followed by 20-29-year-olds. TikTok is a popular app among the younger generation because it allows people to express themselves creatively through dancing, singing, and lip-syncing to their favorite songs.

#8. TikTok User Statistics in 2024

TikTok is anticipated to have 834 million members by the end of 2024, making it the sixth largest platform, ahead of more established networks such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. 

TikTok User Statistics in 2024

Image Source:  Omnicoreagency

It's worth noting that the 1.8 billion user figure excludes users in China, where a different title knows the app. Douyin, the Chinese equivalent of TikTok, had up to 700 million active users daily in 2022, bringing the total daily active users of both apps to more than 2.5 billion monthly active users globally.

#9. Usage Statistics in 2024

While 21% of individuals abandon apps following their first use, TikTok is an exception, with 90% of its five million users still using the app multiple times on a daily basis. This suggests that the app is responsible for a sizable share of the remaining percentage. In essence, nine out of ten TikTok users open the app numerous times every day and devote an average of 1.5 hours on it.

Posting frequency on Tiktok

Image Source: Social Insider

TikTok is one of the few networks where users log in regularly, with 18.68% of mobile internet users in the United States using the app daily. Furthermore, users create an average of 20 videos every month, potentially making TikTok the most profitable social media app. Even though TikTok is mostly used for fun, millions of videos are still uploaded, implying that the platform offers its community creative freedom.

#10. Engagement Rates on TikTok

TikTok micro-influencers have a greater engagement rate of 17.96%, compared to 3.86% on Instagram and 1.63% on YouTube. TikTok's engagement rate is derived by dividing the number of views by the number of likes, comments, and shares. 

This implies that TikTok's audience is more connected than on other platforms, such as Instagram, where engagement rates are determined by the size of the profile's viewership. TikTok creators with more than 500,000 followers had greater engagement rates than those with fewer than 20,000 followers but lower than those with fewer than 5,000 followers.  Advertisers should also pay attention to these engagement rates because a TikTok account with 100,000+ followers has a better engagement rate than Instagram and Twitter.

#11. Most Popular Video

TikTok's most popular video has received over 34.9 billion views: Bella Poarch's lip-syncing video to Millie B's "M to the B" is the most popular TikTok video. As of February 2024, the video had over 34.9 billion views, ranking it the most-viewed TikTok video of all time. This demonstrates TikTok videos' viral ability and how quickly they may travel worldwide.

TikTok currently has a million monthly active users and over 1 million advertisers. In January 2022, TikTok stated that it had over 1 million active marketers on its site. This represents significant growth from the platform's 200,000 advertisers in March 2021 and demonstrates TikTok's growing popularity as an advertising tool.

Tiktok users channel creators

Image Source: Backlinko

#12. Algorithm and TikTok Success

The algorithm behind TikTok's success is built on a "For You" page that recommends material to users based on their viewing history and participation. This algorithm has been a crucial driver of TikTok's popularity since it enables users to discover new content and producers that they would not have otherwise.

Tiktok ad revenue 2019-2024

Image Source: Oberlo

#13. Ad Revenue

According to the most recent data published, TikTok's ad revenues are expected to reach $18.04 billion in 2024, representing a 55% growth over the previous year. TikTok is currently the most popular social network among consumers and the fastest-growing social media platform.

Wrapping Up

TikTok is a platform dedicated to innovation, creative thought, and entertainment, and its success shows no signs of losing steam. With additional features, trends, and challenges popping up daily, staying up to date on the most recent TikTok numbers is more crucial than ever. 

Learning the ins and outs of TikTok is critical to success, whether you're a creative seeking to grow your following or a brand trying to interact with a new audience. 

As we approach 2024, TikTok's potential as an engaging social media platform is limitless, and it's exciting to see what this creative platform has in store for us. So continue scrolling, posting, and enjoying all the exciting content that TikTok has to offer.


#1. Why are TikTok statistics so important?

TikTok statistics are essential for businesses, marketers, and content creators who wish to monitor and optimize their platform performance. Users may study their audience, discover trends, and develop content that resonates with their audience by tracking their TikTok stats.

#2. What are the most significant TikTok statistics to monitor?

Follower growth, engagement metrics, video views, likes, shares, and comments are the most significant TikTok analytics to monitor. These analytics assist users in understanding how well their content is doing, what kind of content connects with their audience, and how to improve its efficacy.

#3. What are some TikTok statistics trends in 2024?

TikTok holds sway in 2024, with an expanding user base and content providers on the network. Short-form video content, educational content and interactive challenges continue to be popular, with entertaining and original content boosting user engagement.

Furthermore, TikTok is becoming more popular as a marketing platform, with brands and influencers using the network to connect and interact with younger audiences.

#4. How can businesses use TikTok statistics to shape their marketing strategies?

Businesses can use TikTok statistics to understand the interests of their target audience better and design more effective marketing efforts. Analyzing engagement metrics such as likes and shares, for instance, can assist businesses in determining which kinds of content work best on the platform.

#5. How can TikTok's analytics be utilized to spot new trends?

TikTok statistics can be used to spot developing platform trends, such as new content types or trendy hashtags. These statistics might be useful for organizations and content providers that want to remain ahead of the curve and generate content that connects with their target audience.

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