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Instagram is undoubtedly cream of the crop when it comes to user engagement and interactions between B2C (business to customers), b2b (business to business), and C2C (consumers to consumers).

Because of this, Instagram boasts over 1 billion monthly active users within a relatively short lifespan.

And as we all know, people are on Instagram because they want to share their content (mostly photos and videos) with other people.

Brands and businesses take advantage of this since they want to be where their markets are, which makes the Instagram app prime pickings for more revenue.

But there’s one problem when it comes to learning about your market or scoping out certain accounts…

And that problem is when an Instagram account is set to private.

On the surface, one would assume that if a person sets their Instagram profile to private, then there’d be no way to get around that.

They’d have to either send that person’s private profile a follow request or wait until (or if) they change their Instagram profile back to public.

Luckily, there are tested ways to get around such limitations, and in this article will will answer this one question:

How to view private Instagram accounts in 2024?

So if you’re ready, let’s buckle up and dive right in.

How to View Private Instagram Accounts In 2024

The best way to view private instagram profiles is to use one of the third party apps we’ll discuss below.

These tools help you gain access to any Instagram users account whether it’s private or public.

The best part about these services is that they are great at finding private instagram accounts and providing you access to private accounts anonymously.

So if you’re trying to spy on your ex or you want to know what somebody’s up to without being in the full on stalkzone, then using one of these third party apps will really help you view content from a private instagram user.

How to View Private Instagram Accounts In 2024: Top 7 Tools


Glassagram instagram viewer

The best app and one of the most popular apps to carry out the job is Glassagram.

Glassagram touts themselves as “the best Instagram viewer app”, and in our opinion they’re right about that.

This amazing software provides the user full access to private instagram accounts along with all of the profile’s information.

Because of this, you can view private profiles, AKA, private accounts, from the inside out.

By using Glassagram, you can access private instagram accounts information such as:

  1. Posts including all the comments and reactions made on them
  2. View hidden stories
  3. Track Instagram account location
  4. View secret Direct messages

The best part about Glassagram is that their program allows anybody to view private instagram profiles anonymously.

Their program leaves no traces and nobody will ever know you’re accessing private Instagram accounts.

Unlike their competitors, though, Glassagram makes it SUPER easy to sign up for free and set up your account in under 5 minutes.

When you sign up, there’s going to be a couple different subscription options provided to you which you can pick from, depending on your budget.

glassagram pricing

As you can see from the above, there’s a free package that gets you pretty much nothing.

If you’re serious about using a viewer to access private accounts, then you should consider doing the premium package a month at a time.

Although if you know that you want to use the private Instagram viewer for the long haul, then you can do their premium plan which saves you $45 every single month.

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But to put everything into perspective, The Glassagram app is the best private Instagram viewer that actually works well.

On top of that, Glassagram offers 24/7 customer service and is very responsive to their clients.

Lastly, Glassagram is decently priced and is cheaper than many of their competitors, while providing many more features and a better support experience.


umobix instagram spy

uMobix is another option when it comes to accessing private Instagram accounts. This is a great service that can help you to monitor over 30 popular social media networks and other apps, making it an ideal tool for parents.

That said, uMobix is also a great tool for anyone who wants access to private Instagram profiles. Their tool works on both Android and iOS devices, which makes it a great choice for both iPhone users and Android users.

You’ll be able to do much more than see private Instagram content, including monitoring outgoing and incoming calls, caller information, duration, messages sent and received, deleted messages, privately shared posts, GPS location, among others.

Unlike other private Instagram viewer apps, there is no free trial to test out uMobix; however, they do have a demo feature that you can use to get a feel for how it works.

uMobix pricing is split between two plans, the Basic plan at $29.99 per month and the Full plan at $59.99 per month.


eyezy homepage

eyeZy is a phone monitoring software that helps you monitor any kind of device.

This makes the tool a top choice for parents that are interested in keeping track of what their children are doing on their devices.

The eyeZy app makes it very easy to view private Instagram profiles or any private Instagram account.

Out of all the tools that help you view private Instagram profiles, eyeZy is surely one of the best.

While not as good as Glassagram, eyeZy definitely holds their own when it comes to getting the job done.

The tool is compatible with the most popular devices such as Android and iOS.

Using eyeZy will monitor pretty much any action taken by a user on Instagram, and it will even send you an alert if the private Instagram account being monitored does something unsavory.

That means you will get automatic alerts and you won’t have to sit constantly waiting to see what’s happening on the account, which is why it’s great for parents as well.

Pricing for eyeZy is fairly affordable, with the cheapest plan starting at $9.99 at the time of this article. You’ll also be able to test out their services using a demo, which is also helpful.


mspy private viewer

A trusted option you can use to view private Instagram profiles is mSpy.

This tool is also excellent for parents who need to view private Instagram profiles, but again, it can work for anyone and for any purpose.

mSpy is available for iPhone users as well as Android users, and can be used on many different devices including tablets.

In addition to Instagram, mSpy can help you to monitor phone use, location, as well as other popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Tinder, and more.

The information provided by mSpy is updated every five minutes, giving you a virtually real-time look into the user’s actions.

You can try mSpy on their website using a demo mode.

Pricing for mSpy is broken down by subscription period: 1 month is $26.99, 3 months is $59.99, and 12 months is $99.99, so you’ll save quite a bit when you commit to monitoring the full year.


privateinsta viewer

An online tool that will help you check out Instagram profiles set to private is PrivateInsta, as the name aptly describes.

This is a very simple app with little fuss. All you need to do is put the username in the search bar and then complete a verification in order to view the private Instagram profiles of your choice.

You can use the tool on iOS, Android, as well as on the web, which is very convenient.

You won’t have to sign up for a plan to view private Instagram profiles, but you will have to respond to a survey in order to gain access.

After you complete the survey, you’ll be able to continue and view private Instagram accounts as you wish.

The information you can access with PrivateInsta, however, isn’t as robust as what you’ll get with paid background apps.


instalooker homepage

Can a private Instagram viewer work? Well, InstaLooker sure does.

Another website that offers you the ability to view private Instagram profiles, InstaLooker is a download-free option that requires you to enter the username to view.

You can also export any videos and photos to a local storage device, which is useful if you want to keep something that you came across.

If you want simple access to view private Instagram accounts, this option is very no-frills and simple when compared to other paid background apps on this list.

For something a bit more detailed, consider one of the options listed toward the beginning of our list.


watchinsta private instagram viewer

Last but not least, WatchInsta can help you to check out private Instagram profiles for free online.

You can access their website via desktop or mobile phone, and it will grant access to the related Instagram private profile such as photos, videos, and other text files.

This info can be downloaded in .zip format as well.

There is no login required to take advantage of WatchInsta.

You just have to enter the IG username into the search bar and click the view profile button. You’ll also need to complete a survey verification before gaining access.

Again, you won’t get tons of detailed information or monitoring, but for a quick and easy solution, this may be the option for you.

How to View Private Instagram Account in 2022: Quick Hacks to Try

If you’re not interested in viewing private instagram profiles by using the apps mentioned above, then you do have other options.

There are ways that you can view private Instagram profiles that can be done. We’ll go over them right now.

1. Send A Friend Request

Let’s be real… If you want to see private instagram or a private account, you can simply send a follow request.

Now, obviously, if you’re trying to view private Instagram accounts anonymously, this won’t work for you.

But if you aren’t willing to send a follow request to view private instagram profiles then you have to go another route.

Not only that, you may have already sent the request, but the private account hasn’t accepted you. Even if you send the request, you’re not guaranteed to gain access.

This is where you may need to look for some alternatives as well.

2. Check On Google

You might be in luck if you do a Google image search of the target Instagram username. On Google, anything that is or was public could appear.

You can also search for the person’s name, which oftentimes brings up content from Instagram in addition to other social media platforms.

Because the typical internet user has an average of 8 online accounts, it’s not unlikely that you could find some valuable information through a Google search, even if it’s not all from Instagram.

What’s more, no one can prevent you from doing a Google search, making it a completely ethical way to get information about someone with their profile private.

3. Search Other Platforms

Similarly to what you might find on Google, using other social networks can be just as good.

It’s not uncommon for more information to be available on Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok.

Although Facebook requires users to “add friend” for complete access, if the person didn’t make their content private or restricted, you may be able to see quite a bit of it.

Take a look at other social media platforms and see what you can find there. You might be surprised even though you can’t view private Instagram content.

4. View Through A Friend

This can be one of the best alternatives to see private Instagram content if you have a mutual friend.

Parents could use another account that has full access to their child’s profile, either by browsing the account together or asking them for their login information.

If you have a mutual friend that is a follower of the Instagram private profile you want to view, you could send them a request to follow and then see if you can get access that way.

Not everyone is willing to give out their personal information for login, but chances are if you’re a close friend of this person and have a good reason, they’ll help you out.

Or, make a day of it and ask to view private Instagram content when you’re already hanging out with them.

5. Use IGmods

IGmods is another tool that can help you to view private Instagram profiles. It’s very simple and helps you to unlock private Instagram accounts.

On their main page, there are a bunch of different tools you can choose from, including Get Your Blue Tick, Install Video Star++, among others.


Click the View Private Account button and it will take you to the page where you can enter the preferable private accounts username into the search bar.

Once you do that, it will load up the information, process a verification, and gain access to the profile on the Instagram servers.

You will then be able to see all of the different photos and videos posted to the account as well as browse anonymously.

6. Create a New Instagram Account

While this is not the ideal option, it might be a last-ditch effort if you really need to get access to a private Instagram.

You could always create a fake Instagram account and then send a request to follow the targeted private Instagram account.

There are some issues with this, though:

  • Private profiles aren’t likely to accept follow requests from just any user, so you might get denied anyway
  • Unless you went to extensive effort to


If you have any lingering questions or concerns about using an Instagram private account viewer, we will be answering them in this section! Read on.

Why Would You Want to View a Private Instagram Account?

There are a few different reasons why people would want to check out a private Instagram account without someone knowing.

It’s certainly not uncommon for people to have private Instagram accounts these days, which can alarm parents, romantic partners, bosses, and more.

Employers are likely to want to review their employees’ Instagram accounts, especially if they feel they may be publishing content that goes against the company.

Businesses and brands may want to do market research on a target account to understand their audience better.

Parents might want to view their child’s private Instagram stories or direct messages to make sure they aren’t putting themselves in danger.

Ultimately, there are plenty of good reasons to want to view accounts private and anonymously.

Can You View Private Instagram Accounts without Using a Third Party?

The only true way that you can view an Instagram account in private mode without a third party is by sending them a follow request.

However, that doesn’t have to be the only option– after all, even if you send the request, they may not even accept it.

Third parties are reliable ways to help you access private Instagram profiles without having to waste time sending requests and hoping for approval.

You could also create a fake account and send the follow request, but again, you’re not guaranteed access.

Is It Illegal to View a Private Instagram Account?

No, it’s not illegal to view private instagram profiles. You’re not breaking any laws by doing so, since this content was willingly published to a public social media platform.

The main premise behind Instagram profiles set to private is that the user can control who sees their content. This, however, comes from Instagram’s policy, not from any government.

Let’s say you have a private Instagram profile. Only your followers will be able to see content published to that account, but if someone else gets access to it somehow, you won’t be able to do anything other than report it to Instagram.

Does Instagram make it tough to view private account content? Yes. Is it impossible? No.

Will you go to jail if you find a way? Of course not.

It may violate Instagram’s terms of service, though, so be careful which tools you use to view private profiles and how frequently you do it.

At the end of the day, the tools on this list can help you and won’t cause you any trouble.

What Is The Difference Between a Private Instagram Account Vs. Public Accounts?

A private Instagram account means that only users who follow that Instagram profile will be able to access content.

Anyone who searches for that Instagram username but doesn’t follow will only be able to see select information, such as the user’s bio and profile picture. You can’t see Instagram stories on a private account unless you follow.

After you follow a private IG account, you can see all of the content as well as engage with it (unless the user has restricted commenting features).

A public Instagram account, however, doesn’t have any limits. Anyone who searches for the Instagram username will be able to see the profile, its content, as well as engage without sending a follow request.

How Do You Make An Instagram Account Private?

Note: If you have a professional account, you cannot make it private. No Instagram profile that is set up as a professional account is private.

In order to change your Instagram account to private, follow these steps:

1. Open the Instagram app

2. Visit your profile page by tapping your profile picture icon in the bottom right corner

3. Tap the hamburger icon in the top right corner (3 horizontal lines)

4. Tap Settings > Privacy

Privacy Settings Instagram

5. Turn the toggle switch from the “off” position to the “on” position

6. After you do that, the toggle switch will move to the right and appear blue, and a dialogue box will come up asking you to confirm your selection. Tap Switch to Private to continue

Switch Instagram Account to Private

And that’s it — your account is now private and limited to only your own followers.

You can review your followers to make any changes regarding who can view your now private account.

Review Instagram Followers Private Account

If you ever want to revert back to a public account, simply follow the same steps above but turn the toggle switch off.

A Few Reason For Viewing Private Instagram Accounts Anonymously

Still wondering if you really need to view private Instagram profiles?

Well, there are plenty of reasons why you might consider it.

It’s ultimately frustrating when someone has a private Instagram profile and you really need to take a look. There are a wide range of reasons that you may need to do so.

Below are five of the most common reasons to view private Instagram profiles and how finding a way might benefit you.

Parental Control And Children’s Safety

While we can’t control our kids 24/7, in order to protect them, we may just need to check out their Instagram private accounts.

There are so many predators out there and people who groom children using a fake Instagram account, and without having access or seeing their content, it might be happening right under your nose.

If your child has made their account private, it might be in your best interest to consider using one of these tools to check out their private Instagram.

Check On Your Partner

We also shouldn’t aim to control our partners, but the reality is that sometimes you may feel that your partner is being dishonest with you or hiding something.

Perhaps they have a private Instagram profile and refuse to add you. Or, they may have added you, but you want to view their private messages because you feel like something is up.

This may not be considered ethical by everyone, but if you feel desperate to know what is going on with your significant other or spouse, a private Instagram viewer can work for you.

Marketing And Business

This may seem counterintuitive– why would you need to look at a private Instagram if you’re doing business?

Well, it’s tough to get to know your target audience, and if many of the people engaging with your Instagram profile have their account private, you won’t be able to do market research and better understand your community.

Instagram accounts that are relevant to your niche but are private can provide you valuable information, and gaining access


This word alone has a negative connotation, but it’s not all bad. Maybe you want to check out some private Instagram photos from a family event, or you’d like to see Instagram accounts from old friends you went to high school with.

Everyone is curious now and then, and it’s not hurting anyone to check out these private Instagram accounts without others knowing.

That can help you to avoid sending tons of follow requests to all the people in your “suggested” list.

You may not have decided if you even want to follow them for good!

Company Matters

Employers are taking to social media platforms more than ever to check out potential candidates and see what they’re all about.

You may need to view Instagram private accounts from these candidates, and the only way to do so would be to use a third party tool. You couldn’t send a request to them without even knowing them, after all.

In addition, you may need to review Instagram profiles of current employees to ensure that they aren’t posting anything proprietary or that goes against company standards.

While some debate the ethics of viewing private accounts without the owner knowing, most of the time, the motivation behind it is harmless. The tools on our list can help you to view a private Instagram with little issue.

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Hopefully after being introduced to our tools and tips, you now know how to view private Instagram accounts in 2022.

There are a range of options that will help you to view private Instagram profiles, so you’ll just need to decide which one makes the most sense for you.

You may also want to keep in mind the ethical boundaries that come along with looking at private Instagram profiles behind the back of the owner.

There certainly are some valid reasons to view private Instagram accounts, but do so with the right intentions.

Of course, parents who are checking up on their childrens’ safety are justified in their quest to see private Instagram content and messages that belong to their kids.

You may also need to check your partner’s private Instagram accounts without them knowing.

The tools on the above list can help you to check out Instagram profiles that are private and that you do not follow, as well as monitor other aspects of the user’s behavior.

You may also use them for business purposes to collect market research and data from related private Instagram account users that make up your target audience.

Written By Alexander Noah

Alexander has worked as an Instagram content strategist for popular media houses and now researches and publishes the latest Instagram content with He is keen to analyze the IG algorithm and find what works better for reach and visibility. You will find many of his IG hacks, tricks, and instructions for better reach on!