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If you’re in the Instagram growth game and you’re actively looking to find your target audience and get more Instagram followers, then I’m sure you’ve heard of Inflact (formerly known as Ingramer).

Over the course of a few years, Inflact has helped over 15,000 individuals, businesses, and influencers grow their Instagram followers and much more.

In fact, Inflact (no pun intended) has an excellent rating of 4.5 and excellent reviews on trust pilot, some of which I’ll show you later in the article.

But with that said, you’re probably wondering if Inflact is safe for you to use because you’ve probably heard that services like this could lead to an account ban.

And that’s preciciously what we’ll be going over in this article.

Furthermore, we’ll dive deep into the Inflact service — what they offer and how you can best use them as a growth service for your Instagram account.

And if that wasn’t enough, we’ll also be giving you the top Inflact alternatives when it comes to the best growth services and the best place to get organic followers.

We hope that this review will be helpful for you to understand if the tools from Ingramer will help you without having you waste time on finding the things that really help you get more followers.

Don’t have time? Here’s the TLDR version: Inflact is a great tool to help you offset some of the mundane IG growth tasks, but they are NOT the best option when it comes to getting more Instagram followers or engagement.

Best Inflact (Ingramer) Alternatives For 2023

1. Thunderclap – Winner 🥇

2. Fameoid – Runner up

3. Ampya – Third place

4. Diozuam

5. Flubber

Inflact Service Comparison

Does Inflact provide organic growth? – NO

Does Inflact provide a personal manager – YES

Does Inflact provide proxy support – NO

Does Inflact provide real followers – YES, but slowly

Does Inflact provide real likes – YES, but slowly

If you want to buy Instagram followers or buy Instagram likes, then we undoubtedly recommend Thunderclap as the best option. With auto-refills, quick delivery, and A+ customer support team — Thunderclap is an all-around better option for great service and fast Instagram growth.

Inflact Review – What is Inflact?

what is inflact

Inflact (Ingramer), is an industry leading Instagram bot that helps you by offering a various array of services to grow your Instagram.

ingramer (aka inflact)

These different modules range from a hashtag generator service, profile analyzer, Instagram trends identifier, all the way to promoting your Instagram account and scheduling posts.

Inflact is truly an all-in-one service. But with such a service, can all of their functions really take the cake?

Because the inflact company has so many features to offer their customers and the customer’s accounts — can they really put forth the resources to be able to make all of them work the way they should be?

As far as our independent testing is concerned, we noticed that the Inflact clients (DM and chatbot stuff), along with the Inflact content (post scheduling) were the winners here — whereas the audience portion (automation) fell massively short of the mark.

We have to remember here that any kind of full automation service has no support from Instagram and this doesn’t make it super easy to run.

Ingramer was the same issue. Our client accounts were disconnecting and being hit with daily limits which led to shadow banning and an overall weaker account health.

So in our humble opinion, Inflact is great when it comes to their hashtag generator, finding out hashtag trends, their direct messenger, AKA DM service, and their Inflact Instagram viewer services.

Inflact’s Main Features

As touched upon above, Inflact has so many features and other services for their Instagram bots, that it’s truly hard to pay attention to them all.

But we’d have to say that their bread and butter is that they claim to provide auto likes, auto follow/unfollow, comments, direct messages, schedule posting, and other tools such as a fully managed hashtag generator.

Below we’ll go into detail to discuss them, so that way you can easily track what they are and understand which Ould be the best for you as one of their users.

In a nutshell, though, what you have to do is sign up and add your Instagram account to connect your profile to the Ingramer service.

This will allow you to setup your new campaign and get started scheduling posts, using the hashtag generator, and helping you grow your Instagram with more followers.

Hashtag Generator


Have you ever wished for a tool that you can use that helps you find targeted hashtags that will benefit your content?

With Inflact, you have access to their cutting edge hashtag generator which will help you do just that.

Tons of Instagram users find it difficult to find the right hashtags for their specific content. The benefit of using a hashtag generator like the one from Inflact is that you get detailed stats which make choosing the hashtags helpful.

We’ve found that finding hashtags isn’t the difficult thing to do, but moreover choosing the ones that will make it an effective use for your campaign is where people fall short.

When you use a tool like Inflact to find the right hashtags, you’re doing the right thing.

All you have to do is plug in a few starter keywords and you can have your own fun going down the hashtag rabbit hole.

Once you start searching, one thing really leads to another. And once you have a solid brick of hashtags you can start using them on your content.

Auto Like

As with all Instagram bots, the auto like feature is one of the most popular and important to use.

While not as important as the auto follow feature (which we’ll discuss below), the auto like promo module will really help you get more reach for your Instagram account.

You see, when you use the auto like feature, the Inflact tool will begin searching out your target audience (that you created during sign up) and like their content.

This, in turn, will notify your target audience and they’ll reciprocate on the action.

Obviously, you can’t guarantee that this will work, but we’ve found that if you like 2 or 3 of a specific user’s content within a short period of time, they’ll generally return the favor.

Auto Follow

This feature is by far the best function if you’re looking to get organic followers for your Instagram account.

From our testing, we’ve found the auto follow feature to be much more effective than the auto likes.

We’re guessing when we say this, but we believe that the reason people will be more apt to follow you back if you follow them is because you’re helping their profile too.

And if you have dope content that they find cool, helpful, or enjoy, then there’s really no reason why they wouldn’t follow you back.

Trending Hashtags

trending hashtags

Inflact provides you with their “trending hashtags’ feature at no cost.

In other words, they’ve used their Instagram bot to find the hottest hashtags and put them into a datable for you.

generate hashtags

Then, you can select and copy them so that you can post them on your content.

The issue here with that is that the hashtags on their trending hashtags section are pretty basic and will probably never yield you any traffic or reach on your Instagram whatsoever.

The thing with finding the right hashtags is that you need to find longer tail or “niched” down hashtags that might not have so much volume.

Think of hashtags that are more tailored to your brand or business.

In any case, it’s still a cool feature from Inflact to help you think of ideas to grow your Instagram.

Smart Unfollow

Smart unfollow is a fancy name for automatic unfollowing of people who the system follows.

So put it this way, you set up your account with Inflact promo module, and once you do that you select the auto follow feature.

If you want to unfollow the people followed by the inflact system only, you have that option, AKA “Smart unfollow”.

You can provide up to a specific amount of time to unfollow somebody after the automation platform follows them on your behalf.

The benefit of doing this is that you give the person you’re following time to see your follow notification, but after, let’s say 5 days — you remove them from your following to keep your following number down.

Influencers can all agree that having a high following number isn’t best practice and should be avoided.

The smart unfollow, or just the “unfollow” feature can help you with this..

Regular Stats

Growth tools like Inflact and other leading industry leading bot(s) provide you with detailed statistics on a range of different indicators.

This means that you’ll have the ability to pull regular reports based on the actions and activity taken by your account through the Ingramer platform.

Whether you have one account or multiple, you can pull these stats for all of the Instagram accounts inside your Inflact account.

Whether you know it or not, your accounts need regular stats so that you can understand what’s going on with your posts, the users (followers) on your account, and generally if you’re going in the right direction or not.

People who let their accounts just move forward without ever analyzing the stats behind them will never be part of the 1%.

Profile Analyzer

Inflact allows you to analyze any public profile on Instagram. This, like the trending hashtag tool is also free.

The great thing about using the profile analyzer is that you can analyze business and personal users accounts.

Aside from that, there’s a lot of features as well that can help you understand not only your own profile, but that of your competitors.

In fact, we encourage that you use the Ingramer profile analyzer so that you can learn what your competition is doing.

Not only what they’re doing, but also what’s really working for them.

Odds are that it will work for you too.

What Can You See On The Profile Analyzer?

There’s ton of different metrics that are pulled when you search for a profile through the Inflact profile analyzer…

Obviously, you’ll see the engagement metrics and normal stats (uploads, engagement %, followers, average user activity) along with posts per day, per week, and per month.

This will give you an idea regarding how many times you should post per day and also at what times works best.

In addition to that, you’ll see the amount of posts engagement, the most popular post time based on the last 100 posts and so much more.

We believe that this is probably the most valuable research tool in regards to really understanding why Instagram profiles are working or why they aren’t working.

Profile Search

Profile search is similar in a way to the profile analyzer, but there’s some key differences to note.

profile search instagram

As you can see from the image above, you can look for profiles based on any keyword, phone, or username.

You can also filter by follower amount, post amount, location, gender, and profile categories.

We find that this is also a reliable tool when it comes to helping a brand or business understand their customers and followers at a deeper level.

This will also be helpful to the Influencer (you) to search for followers who could be a good fit to work with you or your brand.

Inflact Story Viewer

instagram story viewer (inflact)

Inflact also has an anonymous story viewer that you can use to save IG stories from any public profile.

And once again, this is a free tool that you can use with any device without any installation required.

This is a great way to watch stories quickly without ever being seen from any public profile.

Furthermore, you don’t even need an Instagram account to search a profile’s stories.

Ingramer helps you with their Instagram story viewer.

Inflact Instagram Viewer

Inflact Instagram Downloader

Top-rated Growth Tools for Instagram

1. Thunderclap – Best to buy Instagram followers and likes

2. Fameoid – Best for fast delivery and great support

3. Ampya – Best for quality of service on followers and likes

Inflact Pricing

inflact pricing options

The pricing followed is all based on a total of one account. If you need more accounts, than you can visit the Inflact homepage understand their pricing based on what you’re looking for.

Basic Pack

The Basic Pack pricing option that Inflact offers is truly that — basic.

Pricing for the Basic pack is $54 per account per month. The problem here is that you only get access to their promo, which is their “automation” platform.

In addition to that, you get their hashtag generator as well, but that’s not all that valuable.

As discussed earlier, we think that for true Instagram growth, Inflact is not the best option available.

Whether that’s for brands or businesses, we think that the best option for Instagram growth is Thunderclap.

Advanced Pack

The Advanced Pack is a bit more valuable, because aside from the promo, hashtag generator, and the VPN — you also get Inflact’s “direct”.

This package costs $64 per month for one account. It doesn’t matter how many accounts you want, anything over one is more of a cost.

The Direct package allows you to do bulk direct messaging, AKA bulk messages, to all your followers automatically.

Think of it as auto DM if you want to get technical. But it’s still direct messaging.

The thing is, is that auto DM isn’t really all that powerful either.

We discussed how we never use the auto DM feature because it’s not really that effective.

Because everybody knows when they’ve been sent an automated message, and people just don’t like it.

Also, using auto DM or the Inflact “direct” is not looked upon as a nice thing to do from the Instagram team.

This means that you could run the risk of getting your account banned if you use this feature.

Pro Pack

The Pro Pack is not much different than the previous two, except you get the scheduling of your posts along with a few other tools.

But to be honest with you, we think that these are all inflated for the value that you receive.

Yeah, of course you get value when you schedule your Instagram posts, but we think paying $84 a month to do that along with the other benefits you receive is really not worth it.

And remember, this is only one account that we’re dealing with, so things can get expensive quickly.

Is Inflact Safe? Is It a Scam?

For the most part, we’d have to say that Inflact is safe — although, you have to remember that whenever you connect your Instagram account to an Instagram bot, you’re always going to be at risk.

Regardless or not if Inflact has positive reviews, just remember that you will always be taking a risk.

We understand that customers will be happy to take that risk, and that’s fine. If the features are worth your money and it’s helpful to you, then by all means.

Just remember that oftentimes clients that get banned from using the service are really stuck and it’s difficult for them to recover.

Does Inflact Have Good Customer Support Team?

Inflact has a decent support team. We reached out to them a few times and they were always courteous and helpful for any of our support queries.

Inflact Reviewer – Conclusion

We think Inflact is a great tool to use for most people. Although when it comes to growing your Instagram, we think that this company might not be the best option. We recommend Thunderclap for any kind of buying of Instagram followers and Instagram likes.

Although, Inflact does offer some great growth tools that can help you grow and we do think that their growth services are one of the top ones around.

Top Inflact Alternatives

1. Thunderclap

thunderclap buy instagram followers

Thunderclap is the best option when it comes to real and legit Instagram growth. Their services start delivering immediately, and they are very inexpensive. Get real followers instantly from Thunderclap.

If you want quick replies from support then thunderclap is by far the best option. Aside from that, their service delivery is extremely fast and the quality of the services are the best from any of the website we’ve tried.

We know that you will find this helpful.

2. Fameoid

fameoid homepage

Fameoid is right up there with Thunderclap. Great service delivery, customer support, and the review they have are very good.

We used Fameoid to help us and the price is always right. As a matter of fact, the price for followers or likes on Fameoid beat out all the competitors.

3. Ampya

thunderclap buy instagram followers

Ampya is a great company to help find it’s client genuine and authentic Instagram engagement.

They don’t care about helping customers in any other way. Ampya knows that there is enough scams on the market and they want to be a benefit in the industry.

4. Twicsy

twicsy homepage

Twicsy is a new kid on the block, but gaining quick steam. Believed to be affiliated with Buzzoid, Twicsy offers some great services instantly.

That said, pricing is not as good as Thunderclap, but they’re still up there.

5. Buzzoid

buzzoid homepage

Buzzoid is the industry standard when it comes to getting more Instagram followers and growth.

Although, over the years, they’ve been tested but never fallen as the number one spot in the industry.

We can confirm that Thunderclap is giving them a run for their money, as the service delivery is better and so is the support team.

Inflact Coupon

If you have a coupon for Inflact let us know in the comments.

Written By Alexander Noah

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