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The extensive user base for Instagram is between the age group 18 and 34. Over 60% of Instagram users are in this age range category

Hence, to catch your audience's attention, you must have a username that impresses your target viewers. Numerous Instagram accounts, both personal and professional, have discovered the ideal username that stands them out and enhances their visibility. 

If you're using Instagram and looking for a username that can help you gain attention, now is your moment. You can choose the ideal Instagram username for your profile by perusing the top suggestions and ideas in this post.

What Is An Instagram Username?

What you use to identify yourself on Instagram is called your username, which is similar to your online nickname. Your username will be visible in your profile's web address whenever you post or leave comments.

Simple, engaging, and representative of your niche or personal brand are the most appealing elements in Instagram names. Let's understand all the angles of an Instagram username with the below pointers:

#1. What is an Instagram handle, Instagram username, and Instagram link?

Your Instagram username is all that makes up your handle. Instagram handles are also known as your Instagram link, and they are the characters that follow the address of your profile page.

Thus, we can say

Instagram handle = Instagram username = Instagram link

Therefore, the next time someone inquires about your Instagram handle, provide them with your username or Instagram link.

#2. What is the character limit for an Instagram username?

An Instagram username limit is up to 30 characters; you cannot use additional characters.

#3. What is the distinction between an Instagram Username and an Instagram Display name?


Instagram Username 

Instagram Display Name 

Instagram usernames are shown at the very top of your Instagram profile.

Instagram display name shows to the right of your Instagram username. While in mobile mode, it appears beneath your profile icon. 

You cannot use special characters in this place. Only characters, underscores, digits, and periods are permitted.

You can use all characters in the display name. 


#4. Rules for Instagram Username

When choosing your username on Instagram, bear in mind the following fundamental rules:

  1. Case insensitivity does not apply to Instagram usernames.
  2. Avoid repeating underscores and digits until they are an integral part of your branding.
  3. Keep your wording and formatting consistent across all social media platforms by selecting an Instagram username available on them all.
  4. Selecting Instagram usernames should prioritize simplicity and memorability.

Now that your basics are apparent about an Instagram username. Let's take the chance to jump to the list of exclusive username ideas.

150+ Ready-To-Use Instagram Username Ideas Guide for 2024

While creating your Instagram account or changing your present username, did you ever need help coming up with the ideal username?

Don't worry! Here, you can find 150+ ready-to-use Instagram username ideas for 2024 to gain followers and stand out on the network.

#1. Generic Instagram Username Ideas Guide 2024

a. Exceptional Username Ideas

Selecting a distinctive and memorable Instagram username is crucial, as it makes a first impression. However, it can be challenging to think of a genuinely original username given the two billion+ active Instagram users.

However, these exceptional username ideas will pique people's interest and help you establish your brand. 

  • @vibesoflives
  • @magicalmingle
  • @sparkle&dazzle
  • @dashofblaze
  • @glare&flare
  • @moongaze
  • @smoothasvelvet
  • @mysticalspell
  • @bliss&miss
  • @sharethebliss

b. Adorable Instagram username Ideas

It's critical to find a name that complements the adorableness of your Instagram photos. We've, therefore, put up a list of adorable Instagram username ideas.

Select the one that suits you:

  • @sunshine&mine
  • @butterflylover
  • @pinkshadows
  • @hearts&flowers
  • @yourvanilla
  • @freshlikedessert
  •  @fancy&fantasy
  •  @grippingonyou
  •  @kissthemiss
  •  @lifequeensize

c. Captivating Instagram username Ideas

Be inventive while coming up with username ideas for Instagram. Catchy usernames are memorable and represent your passions or unique brand.

Here are some ideas for captivating Instagram usernames to attract users and increase engagement.

  • @waitingforyou
  • @global&local
  • @twinning&winning
  • @signingonyou
  • @pixel&lens
  • @dancingontradingbeats
  • @chancetodance
  • @cutestarryaffair
  • @masterofnight
  • @colors&blurs

d. Funny Instagram Username Ideas

On Instagram, some amusing and comical handles draw a lot of attention. You can use the carefully curated list of funny Instagram username ideas below to grab more interest.

Select yours from the list to add humor and comedy to your profile.

  • @helloviber
  • @cutelittlepony
  • @luckyloverr
  • @roast&host
  • @disasterqueen
  • @makeup&showup
  • @blushforever
  • @pinkypromise
  • @awkwardyetfun
  • @cookieshookie

e. Instagram Usernames for Girls

It is acknowledged that your username functions as a declaration of your identity, values, and passions rather than only a simple label. Let's explore the artistic collection of girly Instagram usernames that grip your followers.

  • @typicallyyourtype
  • @girlinyourdreams
  • @littlehearts
  • @dad'sonlygirl
  • @outofyourleague
  • @fighter&lover
  • @gooseyou
  • @yoursunshine
  • @limelight&you
  • @sugarcoat

f. Instagram Username for Boys

Consider creating innovative usernames that not only contain your name. These creative username ideas are striking and edgy for boys who wish to stand out on Instagram.

Choose the ideal Instagram handle that captures your essence and flair, then watch as your following expands.

  • @surfer&gamer
  • @raceroflife
  • @snoozingtoboozing
  • @heights&fights
  • @partyanimal
  • @swiperight
  • @therealboss
  • @takenforyou
  • @killer&winner
  • @mumma'sboy

g. Instagram Username for Pets

Create a devoted following and interact with other pet lovers on the platform by creating catchy user names that reflect the pet's character or passions.

Pet owners can promote their cuddly pals on Instagram with style by using appropriate names. Here are some of the most incredible Instagram usernames for pets. 

  • @meows&barks
  • @dogshaireverywhere
  • @kitten'sworld
  • @Theloyaltyofhouse
  • @pawsandfurs
  • @tailsgoldenlife
  • @doggosworld
  • @chasethemeows
  • @favoritehuman
  • @theverydayphenomemon

h. Fresh Instagram Username Ideas

Improving the design of your social media accounts is essential in today's world of social media, where everyone aspires to appear trendy.

With one of these fresh Instagram usernames, you may attract more followers to your account by having a visually appealing profile.

  • @cupidoflife
  • @lovesquare
  • @ladies&gentlemen
  • @voice&choice
  • @beginner'slife
  • @gotitfrommyparents
  • @usernamepretty
  • @rainbow&cupcakes
  • @clouds&fire
  • @billybonkers

I. Cute IG Username Ideas

Young people love using clever, cute usernames as an entertaining means to show off their personality and interact with people who share their interests on Instagram.

Try these suggestions if you have trouble creating cute IG username ideas for your Instagram account.

  • @yourbirdy
  • @littlepie
  • @munchkin&magic
  • @cutestsmileonearth
  • @apeckofcuteness
  • @cutieoflife
  • @muchcuterthanphotos
  • @livingpanda
  • @cutiecokkie
  • @spreadingcuteness

After covering basic usernames, let's look at some Instagram username ideas for businesses, brands, and influencers in various exciting niches.

#2. Industry-Based Instagram Username Ideas Guide 2024

a. Instagram username Ideas for brands and businesses

You can stand out on social media by selecting an enduring, appropriate username that aligns with your business.

This initial username allows you to link with more prospective followers, generating a strong brand identity.

Here are some Instagram username ideas for brands and businesses:

  • @shopuntilyoustop
  • @measurementsmaster
  • @thelittlemantra
  • @yourchoicematters
  • @speakfromtheheart
  • @everythingyoudesire
  • @checklisttowishlist
  • @laywerstofriends
  • @creatorsgram
  • @ideasforyourspaceship

b. Instagram username ideas for Influencers

With its ability to allow users to display their skills and enthrall a worldwide audience, Instagram has become the hub for influencers. It would help to have an unforgettable username that fits you and your stuff to gain incredible popularity here.

Below are some Instagram username ideas for influencers that designed especially for them:

  • @thegramsworld
  • @sophiadecided
  • @thinker&believer
  • @queenofheartbreaks
  • @paintersvision
  • @thetinyjoysoflife
  • @Artistoflife
  • @spreadinglaughters
  • @thekidinme
  • @dressup_showup

c. Instagram username ideas for travel pages

It takes creativity and attention to detail to create an appealing travel username. For this reason, all digging was done carefully to create a list of the top travel-related Instagram usernames by referencing popular areas and adventurous experiences.

For Instagram username ideas for travel pages, consider these username ideas:

  • @traveloholic
  • @travelwithme
  • @theadventurebegins
  • @yourpassportiswaiting
  • @ticketsdone
  • @hellotraveler
  • @leavingthefootprints
  • @wandererforlife
  • @lustfortravel
  • @camper&stargazer

d. Instagram username ideas for food pages

Food's incredible flavor and visual appeal are the food pages' primary focus. One can create a username associated with its delicacy to draw food enthusiasts to food manufacturers.

Some customary Instagram username ideas for food pages that are compatible with the page are listed below.

  • @platesofversions
  • @the99flavours
  • @savory&yummy
  • @sayhellototummy
  • @delicious&drools
  • @truefoodie
  • @foodkeepsmewaiting
  • @justme&plates
  • @cuisines&gymsins
  • @dessertfirst

e. Instagram username ideas for fashion pages

To enhance your profile's originality and flair, fashion page usernames on Instagram can also use bold wordplay or trendy allusions.

These Instagram usernames may be what you need to stick out from the competition and flaunt your audacious and self-assured nature if you want to make a statement with your username.

Here are some of the interesting Instagram username ideas for fashion pages are as follow:

  • @stylewithK
  • @yourbeautyexpert
  • @yourpersonalstylist
  • @glamqueen
  • @fashionforthegram
  • @beatthestylewithme
  • @dapper&showstopper
  • @dropthecrowd
  • @wearmystyles
  • @thecolorsofthreads

f. Instagram username ideas for fitness pages

Discipline is the key to fitness. To build rapport with the audience, one must express professional aspirations in their username. It will compel visitors to your page to view your content.

The following list contains Instagram username ideas for fitness pages:

  • @fitfightjourney
  • @shapeyourlife
  • @health&benefits
  • @fitthattransforms
  • @balanceyorubreath
  • @burnthefat
  • @smartfit&gym
  • @fittheS
  • @strongerbones
  • @fitlifewithA

g. Instagram username ideas for Music pages

Music has the power to increase heartbeats. So why not pick usernames for your page that impact everyone's heartbeats? 

Find the suitable username for your account from the below-curated list of Instagram username ideas for music pages that compel your audience to click the following button.

  • @tuneinwithS
  • @tunes&tones
  • @musicthatdances
  • @rhythmofyourlife
  • @masterofmelody
  • @beatoflife
  • @groovingonmusichub
  • @moveswithmusic
  • @djofthenight
  • @musicthatsoothes

h. Instagram username ideas for lifestyle pages

Choosing an Instagram username that captures your distinct style and appeals to your followers might be difficult. Whether you're a lifestyle expert or not, having a memorable and catchy Instagram handle may help you build your following and business.

Explore some of the most creative and inspiring Instagram username ideas for lifestyle pages below to help distinguish yourself from the competition.

  • @lifethatyoudesired
  • @thespaceinlife
  • @yourownsofa
  • @theunscripteddecor
  • @theblissfuldirections
  • @creatingharmony
  • @moderdayadventure
  • @focusedwithK'slifestyle
  • @fulfillingdreams
  • @thelifetyslehub

I. Instagram username ideas for beauty pages

It should be simple to spell, memorable, and distinctive for a username. It should also reflect the style and individuality of your brand. It should also convey to your fans the main goals of your page.

When creating an Instagram account dedicated to makeup and beauty, selecting a username that accurately represents your niche and personal style is crucial. Here is a list of Instagram username ideas for beauty pages.

  • @yourbeautyqueen
  • @everydaytipsforskin
  • @foundationbeforeanything
  • @stylechanger
  • @goddamnbeautyoflife
  • @glowing&aging
  • @grace&elegance
  • @canvasingyourbeauty
  • @flawlesswithM
  • @Justbeauty

j. Instagram Username Ideas for Photographers

The greatest Instagram names are distinctive, catchy, and accurately represent your brand and style. Photographers may stand out on Instagram and get followers by creating imaginative names for their accounts, which can be played on their name or references to their favorite camera.

Below are some awesome Instagram Username Ideas for Photographers that they can use to build the audience's trust and leave a lasting impression.

  • @clickandfix
  • @studiolife
  • @creatingsmiles
  • @lovetomeetyou
  • @lensofmyeyes
  • @happypixels
  • @candidshots&arts
  • @capturingeverything
  • @thelensofhappyshots
  • @makingmemories

After floating through the idea of Instagram usernames, find out some of the best ways to pick the usernames for your Instagram that are fruitful for your account.

7 Tips To Choose An Exceptional Username For Instagram

Picking an exceptional username for Instagram is crucial for influencers, brands, and companies as it is the first thing your user will notice. Thus, it should be interactive, engaging, and a persona. 

Below, we have shredded some more light tips that you should adhere to while choosing your username: 

#Tip 1: Creates brand identity 

Your username should reflect the core of your brand. Your products, services, and values should be expressed in it.

#Tip 2: Talks about your niche 

Make your username easily recognizable by choosing one that refers to your business or niche.

#Tip 3: Say no to extra characters 

To avoid making your username more complicated, refrain from using extra symbols or letters.

#Tip 4: Better optimization for Instagram SEO 

Add appropriate keywords to enhance search engine optimization and facilitate discovering brands for users.

#Tip 5: Minimalism words 

Use a shorter username. Easy-to-remember usernames improve remembering a brand.

#Tip 6: Connect with other social networks 

If you want flawless identification with your brand, connect it with your other social media identities.

#Tip 7: Recognition & recall value 

Create a memorable username that will increase people's likelihood of recognizing and recalling your business.

Now you have additional tips in your pocket why not explore popular AI technology to create an Instagram username for free?

Generate Free Usernames for Instagram Using AI

AI also has an advanced linguistic model that can produce text, write imaginative content, and provide insightful answers to your queries.

To generate free usernames for Instagram using AI, follow these steps:

 #Step 1- Go to ChatGPT

#Step 2- Fill in the prompts & details of the page and ask to generate a username

#Step 3- Scroll through the list and choose the username

At this point, AI (ChatGPT) will provide you with an assortment of potential Instagram usernames that fit your request. Please select a username you want, then visit Instagram to see whether it's available.

If you are in a situation where the username is unavailable, check out the following segment to resolve your query.

What should you do if the Instagram username is already taken?

There is still an opportunity for ingenuity when utilizing an Instagram username already taken. You can add a personal touch to your username by making minor adjustments.

Take "AdventuresTravel" and replace it with "Adventures_Travel" or "Adventures. Travel," for example, by adding underscores or dots between the words. Instead, you may use essential numerals for your company, such as "AdventuresTravel2024."

Once you've mastered the ability to create the optimal username, recognize the things that must be done to create an Instagram username without any mistakes.

Mistakes to avoid while creating an Instagram username

It was previously discussed how to choose the ideal Instagram username. Now, quickly go over not to make mistakes to avoid while creating an Instagram username: 

#1. Never Misspell

Pay close attention to misspellings. It will undoubtedly tarnish your followers' initial perception of your brand.

#2. Never bombard numbers 

Using numerals is not advised unless they are an integral component of your branding.

#3. Avoid Too Many Underscores 

Underscores appear well in Instagram usernames, mainly when used instead of a space. However, using only a few underscores is recommended.

Conclusion - Choose Instagram usernames that will leave an Impact

How can you determine whether your Instagram username is ideal or your objectives are being met? To learn more about the effectiveness of your posts and your account as a whole, you should examine your Instagram analytics.

Although you can measure a minimal number of variables with Instagram's built-in analytics tool, it does offer built-in analytics. To optimize your Instagram strategy and post-performance analysis, you may follow all the essential indicators using additional reliable analytics tools and reports.

Through these tools, you can also generate and export customized reports to demonstrate the value of an excellent Instagram username to your team.


#1. What if the Instagram username is unavailable?

If a username has already been claimed, it might not be available even if the account or profile it belongs to has yet to be made public.

#2. What are the top Instagram username generators?

The top Instagram username generators are listed below:

  • Namechk
  • Jimpix
  • LingoJam
  • Names4Brands

#3. How to change your username on Instagram?

The precise instructions for changing your Instagram username are as follows:

  • Step 1: Launch the Instagram app. Navigate to the profile page.
  • Step 2: Select "Edit Profile" by tapping it.
  • Step 3: To modify your original Instagram username, enter the username in the "Username" field.
  • Step 4: Click Submit or tap "Done".

#4. What happens when you change your username on Instagram?

After you modify your Instagram username, the previous one will direct users to a blank page. You may lose some followers if previous caption references to your old Instagram username no longer point to your account. You risk losing potential clients because these individuals believe your company's Instagram presence is no longer active.

#5. Can I reuse the previous username on an Instagram account?

Possibly, specific Instagram usernames that have been used before are never again accessible. In other words, if you can't bear to lose the name, maintain it instead of changing it.

#6. Can you get an inactive username back on Instagram?

An Instagram account that has been inactive cannot be recovered. While you might not be able to receive the same Instagram username, you can make a new account using the same email address.

#7. How many times can one change their username on Instagram?

You are free to alter your Instagram username as often as you'd like. On the other hand, if you alter your Instagram username excessively, Instagram may consider you using a bot account and block your account.

#8. How can you get taken username on Instagram?

You can reclaim a username already taken on Instagram by requesting that the account's owner alter it or by reporting the account as inactive to Instagram.

#9. How is the username different from the Instagram handle?

Instagram username = Instagram handle there is no difference. It’s a unique name for your Insta handle that no one has but you. And in the world social media users will know you by that name. 

#10. What does a unique username mean on Instagram?

A unique username means there can be no other account with the same username because it is specific to you. 

#11. Can you search any Instagram account using a username?

Yes, you can search any Instagram account using a username. Usernames are made on social networks so that users can search using those names. 

#12. Can I use analytics to see the impact of my Instagram username?

Instagram analytics shows you many insights but the impact of username through numbers seems an invalid option. 

Written By Sophia Martinez

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