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3,045 people got verified on Instagram in the past 7 days
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Check Your Instagram Verification Eligibility

Before you can Buy Instagram verification, you have to check to make sure that your account is able to get verified. The Instagram verification process is straightforward, but there are some requirements that need to be met. Find out if your account is able to be verified below.

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Instagram Verification Campaign

Once we know if your account has a chance to be verified, we’ll start your PR campaign starting with PR articles on relevant blogs that promotes your brand and business. We boast a very high success rate for our Instagram verification services.

Submit Your Instagram Verification Request

After we run your PR campaign, we build the Instagram case study, and get everything ready to be submitted to Instagram for verification badge approval. This is the best and quickest route to the coveted Instagram blue tick.

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Ready To Get Verified On Instagram?

Getting your account verified on Instagram isn’t difficult, but it has to be done correctly. Not only that, Instagram favors a registered business to submit verification requests on behalf of users. Buy Instagram verification now.

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Our team works with you to create your unique Instagram request.

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Fast Turnaround Time

Why Wait? 3-8 business days is the general timeframe for all IG verification approvals.

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No games here, if your verification is denied you'll receive a complete refund.

Case Study Included

Full case study included for all accounts and Instagram verification submissions.

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Get Your Instagram verified. We do all the heavy lifting so you don't have to.

Professional PR Articles

We'll help write PR articles about you and your brand so that you won't be denied.

Buy Instagram Verification Works For Everybody

Our Instagram verification services help a range of different account categories.  We are confident that we can get you verified.  Contact us today!

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3,045 people got verified in the past 7 days


Instagram Verification FAQ

Getting verified on Instagram is confusing and time consuming. Let the experts from Thunderclap help you by expediting this process and taking care of it from A-Z.

Instagram verification is easy when you choose a company like Thunderclap to help you. Otherwise, when you buy Instagram verification, you could run the risk of a fake Instagram verification company that will steal your money and never get you verified.

We at Thunderclap pride ourselves on requesting verification for a verified badge that actually converts into a blue tick for your account.

Our Instagram verification approval rate is 90% which means nine out of ten accounts that choose use to buy Instagram verification get approved.

The process of getting verified on Instagram is not difficult, but there’s a lot of things that need to be done.

Things like checking your account for verification badge requirements or creating PR articles that are then delivered to publishers on the internet.

Once you do that you need to create a case study for the Instagram verification team to review.

The process to get verified on Instagram by yourself is one of the main reasons why verification status is denied in a lot of requests.

The reason for being denied the verified badge is that the account sending the request does not meet the profile requirements (follower count).

What’s more is that even if the account does meet the eligibility requirements, they do not have any PR or any kind of promotional material on any publishing sites which is a red flag.

Instagram verification is reserved for creators that are influencers in their space and have proof of being so. (PR campaign)

Getting the Instagram verified symbol isn’t something that Instagram takes lightly.

Verification badges on Instagram, AKA, blue verified badge are difficult to get because Instagram wants these to be a symbol of authority.

The company has stated publicly that not just any account can get an Instagram verified badge.

Getting the Instagram verification badge can take a long time, especially if you do it by yourself.

Remember, your Instagram account needs to satisfy the requirements of getting a verified badge.

If this is satisfied, then you need to either already have PR on the internet that explains who you are.

If you do not have this, either you will have to write your own PR and then find publishers to publish this content, or you can use an Instagram verification service like Thunderclap to do all this for you.

Once your PR is live you need to create a case study for Instagram to look over and decide whether or not they are going to give you the Instagram verification badge.

If you have all this information already published and live the process of Instagram verification and getting your Instagram account a verification badge generally takes 3-8 business days, although the timeframe is never guaranteed. We don’t work for Instagram, so we can’t say how fast Instagram responds to any of their verification requests.

Also remember that there’s no Instagram verification instant. Buying Instagram verification instant is a great way to get scammed because there are companies that people use to buy fake Instagram verification.

When you do this, you pay and receive no blue tick. How do we know? We’ve tried it.

The Instagram verified badge, AKA, verification badge, is a blue tick that you receive once Instagram deems you an “influencer” in your space.

As explained above, there’s verification badge requirements you need to satisfy before you can get an verified on Instagram.

Submitting request for an Instagram verification badge without satisfying these requirements hurts your profile because the Instagram verification badge request will be noted in the Instagram database.

Be sure that Instagram account satisfies these verification badge requirements before submitting any request.

Need More? Learn how to get verified on Instagram.

You have to be careful when trying to get verified on instagram. If you submit a blue tick request and you’re denied, you can reapply to get verified on Instagram and receive your Instagram verification badge in 30 days.

With that said, if you submit duplicate applications, the IG team will cancel your request to get verified on Instagram.

Like I said above, the verified badge is not necessarily hard to get, but you have to follow the process.

It doesn’t look favorable on your Instagram profile if you submit duplicate requests for the blue verified badge.

Keep in mind that when you buy followers, or even get free followers, companies like Thunderclap have tested the delivery and optimized for not only the safest push, but also the most effective.

When your free trial is delivered over the course of, say, 48 hours, you’re signaling to the Instagram algorithm that your account is indeed popular and deserves to be higher in the newsfeed and explore page.

On the contrary, should your services be delivered all at once, it’d trigger instagram’s flagging system which puts your Instagram in the spotlight to be shadow banned.

Thunderclap has made sure that our Instagram users never experience any of the negative side effects of get free Instagram followers or more followers on Instagram in general.

There’s a few things that you need to do if you want to get the Instagram verification badge. Just attempting to buy Instagram verification won’t work, if your Instagram profile isn’t ready for it.

The criteria for Instagram verification is as follows:

Firstly, Instagram requires you to follow their Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. In addition to that, the Instagram team says that your account must be authentic, unique, complete, and notable.

Let’s walk through them together:

  • Authentic: Your account needs to represent a real person, business, or brand. In other words, it can’t be a fake account or have a lot of fake followers.

  • Unique: Your account needs to represent the real presence of a person or business. Instagram also only provides a blue tick for only one account per person or business (with special exceptions)

  • Complete: Your account needs to be public, have a bio, profile picture, and be active (posting) when you apply for the Instagram verification badge.

  • Notable: Your account must represent somebody that’s well known in the public. Instagram says that your account must be for a person that’s highly searched for and featured in multiple news outlets.

False or misleading information can result in your Instagram blue tick to be revoked. Instagram can even take further steps such as disabling your account if they deem your verification badge request was submitted with false or misleading information or fake followers, likes, or comments.

When it comes to finding an affordable service provider for the blue verified badge, you need to look for a few things.

Remember, cheap Instagram verification or finding the cheapest service providers might impact your verification success.

These cheap providers are something not a legit service and can take your money and run.

On the other hand, some of the most affordable service provider(s) provide you crappy online PR articles and break instagram terms when trying to help you purchase safe verification.

In the long run, the quest for the blue badge will cost you a lot more by using these cheaper blue badge providers.

Furthermore, we tested these providers while testing the market solutions for the blue badge, and unfortunately most of these companies provided no verification without a refund (even though they claimed a full refund).

No, unfortunately if you try and request a blue badge for a general interest accounts (@funnymemes), your request will be denied.

If for some reason it’s approved, you’re violating instagram TOS and your blue verified badge will be removed.

That being said, you an also head over to our support page and send us a query.

Our team works around the clock to make sure that our customers are happy with the followers that we provide on our free plan.

Yes, our buy Instagram verification service is very inexpensive compared to other brands out there that charge way too much and never deliver.

In the long run, choosing a brand like Thunderclap to help you get the Instagram verification will be cheaper because you have a higher chance of approval rating with us.

There’s many different reasons you’ve been denied for the Instagram verification badge.

Some of these reasons could be:

  • Not an authentic account

  • Not unique

  • Not complete (not having at least one post, organic engagement, or having fake followers)

  • Not notable

If you feel that your Instagram account’s verification request was denied unjustly, you can resubmit within 30 days of the decision.

No, using a service to buy IG verification like Thunderclap does not violate any TOS.

All we’re doing is making sure that your account hits the requirements to become verified, and running a PR campaign to generate buzz online for your brand and business.

Once this is done, your Instagram case study and verification request is submitted for Instagram review.

This process is done manually by our team.

We create the interview articles for you and post them on high quality blogs with decent sized social media follower numbers.