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How To Create A Stunning Instagram Feed Planner
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One in every two people use Instagram to search about brands, and almost 44% of them shop through the app every week; huge business potential, right? But a customer will only purchase if your Instagram feed is more appealing to his eyes than the one he just scrolled. 

Therefore, planning your feed is something you should never skip. If you have never crafted your Instagram feed, this guide is here to help. We have also shared some trending themes and ideas that you can use to beautify your Instagram feed. 

Let’s get started!

What Is Instagram Feed Planner?

Instagram feed planners are those tools that help you design an Instagram feed with their custom templates. You can start by designing your feed in their templates and then later use those as the central theme for your Instagram. Creating a visually appealing feed with these planners is very simple. 

How To Create A Stunning Instagram Feed?

Let's find out how to design your Instagram feed with a feed planner. To create your stunning Instagram feed, follow these steps:

# Step 1: Select a Color Palette and Set of Visual Elements

First, select a set of colors that represents your brand theme. After selecting your brand colors, create a color palette for the overall style of your Instagram feed. Next, decide the visual elements you want to use in your Instagram content. These elements can include your brand logo, filters, fonts, or some graphic styles that you will include in all your posts. 

Tip: Create a custom color palette with tools like Canva and Adobe Color Wheel. Also, stick to a few principal colors and visual elements to create a clean and consistent look on your Instagram feed. 

# Step 2: Create a Grid Layout

A grid layout means how your posts appear when someone visits your Instagram profile. Famous layouts on Instagram include checkerboard layouts, puzzle grids, and a bordered layout. Select a grid layout for your posts after deciding on the color palette and visual elements for your Instagram content. Plan how you want your posts to appear on your audience's feed. You can choose any layout to create a unique look on your feed. Select one layout option and then start planning your Instagram content.

# Step 3: Use Instagram Feed Planners to Preview Your Layout

Now, visit an Instagram feed planner like Canva to preview the layout of your Instagram posts. First, arrange all the visual elements in your posts and then preview your posts' layout and design. At this step, you can easily predict your feed's appearance before you publish anything on your Instagram. Therefore, carefully edit your posts and rearrange the order of the elements to achieve the look you desire for your Instagram feed.

Tip: Use multiple tools like Planable and Later to preview the grid layout for your Instagram posts. Try previewing your layout in multiple feed planners to create the ideal look for your feed.  

# Step 4: Start Sharing Aesthetic Content on Instagram

Once you have finalized a layout for your Instagram feed, create aesthetic designs and start sharing stunning visuals on your Instagram feed. Share content as per your brand's color palette and maintain consistency in your visual elements to build a strong brand image. Also, experiment with different content types to gain the audience's attention. Using Instagram feed planners will not only improve your visuals but also make your brand stand out from other brands in the market.

7 Reasons To Use Instagram Feed Planner In 2024

Here are the top reasons why you should consider using an Instagram feed planner for designing and scheduling your posts:

#1 Build a strong brand identity with a consistent theme

An Instagram feed planner will help you design your feed with a consistent theme. People can start recognizing your brand with the designs and visuals when you follow a consistent theme on your account. Therefore, you must use Instagram feed planners to design each Instagram post in advance and ensure everything in your feed follows your brand theme. 

#2 Preview your content before publishing

If you want to preview your Instagram content before sharing it on your brand account, use an Instagram feed planner. With a planner you can preview how your feed will appear with a particular theme without publishing anything on your feed. This visual preview lets you adjust your theme without the hassle of deleting any published content.

#3 Gain maximum audience engagement by enhancing branding and storytelling

Instagram feed planners help you tell a visual story with your stunning designs and an aesthetic feed. With these planners, you can arrange your posts beforehand and tell a brand story to your target audience. To gain maximum engagement on your Instagram content, plan a series of posts and later preview them in an Instagram feed planner.  

#4 Optimize content strategy and posting frequency

If you have developed a content strategy but need help to define a posting frequency, use an Instagram feed planner. These feed planners will help you strategically plan and schedule all your posts in advance.  With Instagram feed planners, you can optimize your content strategy and posting frequency.

#5 Track the performance of your posts with Instagram feed planners 

Understanding how well your posts are performing is very important. Many Instagram feed planner help you achieve the same with their analytics feature. With this feature, you can measure key metrics on your Instagram content, like likes, comments, and impressions. 

#6 Plan the sequence of your future posts in advance

Planning the sequence of your Instagram posts helps you maintain a content flow where you can continue sharing your brand story without last-minute edits. With Instagram feed planners, you can plan the sequence of your future posts and create a brand theme or narrative for your target audience.

#7 Differentiate yourself from competitors 

If you want your brand to stand out in a crowd of millions of brands, you should use Instagram feed planners and create unique visuals. You can create and design a distinct Instagram feed from your competitor brand. To create a unique feed, try using different layouts, unique color schemes, and different content arrangements for your content. Using the right Instagram feed planner can save you time and designing efforts too. So, read further and learn how to select a good Instagram feed planner.

What To Look For In An Instagram Feed Planner?

If you want to find an Instagram feed planner for your business or personal brand, then consider evaluating these planners on the following basis:

#1 Interface

An Instagram feed planner should have a clean and simple interface. It must have a user-friendly interface so that you can create stunning visuals with a few simple clicks. Therefore, always choose a planner with an easy-to-navigate interface to focus more on the designing part than getting confused about finding the edit options. 

#2 Preview Options

The next thing you must consider is the preview feature of the planner. Find out whether the tool lets you preview your Instagram feed layout correctly. A clear preview will let you decide what content fits the best in your Instagram feed. Therefore, evaluate the preview options the planner provides.

#3 Scheduling Feature

Most Instagram feed planners come with a scheduling and automation feature. With these features, you can plan and automate the posting of your Instagram content in the designed theme. Always ensure that the planner has a scheduling and automation feature to ease your post-scheduling and help you meet your content strategy goals.

#4 Analytics and Insights 

Now, you can also find Instagram feed planners with a dashboard to track your Instagram posts' performance. Therefore, use a planner that can provide you with information and insights about the performance of your posts. Later, you can use these insights to alter your content strategy.

#5 Multi-Account Support 

Lastly, if you manage multiple Instagram accounts, you should consider the multi-account support in an Instagram feed planner. Having a tool that can help you design an Instagram feed for multiple accounts will save your business some cost and help you manage different brands without needing different tools.

7 Best Instagram Feed Planners (Both Free and Paid)

Here are some of the best options for Instagram Feed Planners. We have included both free and paid tools that you can use to plan your Instagram feed view:

#1 Canva

Canva is an online design platform with easy-to-use tools for creating stunning visuals. You can also use this tool as an Instagram feed planner to design your Instagram feed. Although this a free tool, you can access its exclusive templates by subscribing to a premium package. 

#2 Planoly 

Planoly is another social media management tool that lets you visually plan and schedule your Instagram content in advance. To use this tool, simply visit the Planoly website and select Instagram Visual Planner. You can then select the templates of your choice to design your Instagram feed.

#3 TailWind 

TailWInd is another Instagram scheduler that comes with a smart assistant feature. You can sign up to Tailwind for free and access it's exciting design feature.  Also, with TailWind's free creator tool, you can design unlimited Instagram posts within minutes.

#4 Preview

The next tool on this list is Preview, an Instagram feed planner that lets you plan your Instagram feed with a drag-and-drop feature. This tool also offers more exciting features like hashtag management, caption drafting, analytics, and insights.

#5 HopperHQ 

HopperHQ is another tool that you can use for planning and designing your Instagram feed. You can choose to bulk-create Instagram posts, reels, and stories within a few minutes. Also, with HopperHQ, you can plan and schedule your Instagram posts with an Instagram scheduler.

#6 Content Studio 

Content Studio is a social media management tool that you can use to manage and plan your Instagram feed to enhance your IG content creation strategy. Its Instagram feed planner is a popular choice among many Instagram creators for personal as well as business use.

#7 Later

The final tool on this list is Later, a popular social media management tool offering a free trial. Later has an Instagram visual planner that lets you create your ideal Instagram feed with a few simple clicks. Using these tools enhances your IG Feed and helps your account gain more visibility. Along with using these IG feed planner tools you must use some tactics to create a stunning feed.

Tips For Creating A Stunning Instagram Feed In 2024

Once you have selected your Instagram feed planner, follow these tips to create an aesthetic Instagram feed:

#1 Create a consistent visual style for your brand

Ensure to use a consistent visual style in all your Instagram posts that help users find your brand with ease. Always use similar colors and themes in your photos so that when someone sees your Instagram posts, they can easily identify your brand.

#2 Mix up alternate content types

You can also share multiple content types to create a unique Instagram feed. For this, share a mix of static images continued with reels. You can also share carousels along with videos and posts. This will help you give a variety of content to your audience and also help you find which content type resonates the most with your audience.

#3 Schedule and organize posts with a content calender

When you want to create a stunning Instagram feed, you should always plan ahead. Therefore, use a content calendar to decide what to share and when to post. Scheduling posts for your Instagram feed will help you save time and meet your social media goals.

#4 Preview and edit content before sharing on Instagram

Lastly, before you hit the share button, first preview your post. Use Instagram feed planners to preview and edit content before you share it on your Instagram feed. This way, you can maintain your brand image and share only quality content on Instagram. 

Pro tip: You should always use trending themes and stay updated with ongoing trends and best tools.

Instagram Feed Ideas: Trending Themes For 2024

Look better on Instagram with better themes. So, try out the following trending themes and ideas to experiment with your feed:

#1 Minimalist Aesthetic Feed

Minimalist themes have become very popular in recent years. These themes are all about less is more, where aesthetic designs are created with a limited color palette. Many self-improvement coaches like Dan Koe use this theme for their Instagram feed. To create a minimalist theme, choose a neutral color scheme on your Instagram feed planner. Now, create posts with minimum visual elements to create a minimal design.

#2 Puzzle Grid Feed 

You can use the puzzle grid theme to create a mosaic effect on your Instagram feed. In this theme, a larger image is broken down as puzzle pieces. And when someone visits your feed, these puzzle pieces come together to form a whole picture. You can use a puzzle grid theme for announcing new product launches. However, you should always plan your posts beforehand when creating a puzzle grid theme to avoid any disorganized posts. 

#3 Checkerboard Theme

Checkerboards is the next theme you can use for your Instagram feed in 2024. In this theme, two distinctive types of posts are created. The first post has a specific color and layout, and the second has a complementary color scheme. When these posts are shared alternatively on Instagram, the pattern repeats, creating a checkerboard-like sequence. To create this theme in a feed planner, design two alternate content types with a complementary color scheme.

#4 Vintage or Film Aesthetic 

You can also create vintage themes for your Instagram feed. This theme has a warm tone with a combination of faded colors and a grainy texture, creating a nostalgic feel or a classy vibe. If you own a fashion brand, you can use the vintage theme to create a classic vibe for your products and convey timeless appeal. To use this theme, apply the vintage filter to all your posts and use faded colors to design your posts.   

#5 Illustration Theme Feed

You can also create illustrations for your Instagram feed, using design art to create a unique feed for your brand. To create an illustration theme, create your brand illustrations and select a color palette. This theme can help you create a distinctive feed than those of your competitors and you can stand out with your digital illustrations. 

Final Thoughts

Instagram feeds create first impressions, and you can design your feed to create a stronger impression on your customers using this guide. Use Instagram feed planners to create a stunning Instagram feed and drive maximum audience engagement with visually appealing designs. Also, try out these trending themes to create a unique theme for your brand.

Written By Oliver Harris