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How to Examine YouTube Channel Statistics
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If you use YouTube, you must monitor the statistics of your YouTube videos. Understanding the metrics of YT videos is the only way to progress.

Wondering how and which YouTube reports to look at for examining the statistics of YouTube channel performance?

“YouTube Analytics” can easily analyze statistics of YouTube videos. It is an amazing tool accessible to all users and examines the metrics of all the videos on the channel.

In this post, we will provide a step-by-step guide to examine YouTube statistics and analyze the key metrics and YouTube channel performance.

So, let us get started

What is YouTube Channel Statistics?

YouTube Channel Statistics provide crucial metrics and information about the performance, engagement, and growth of the YouTube channel, which helps in understanding the channel's performance. These metrics further provide insights about the reach, impact, visibility, and viewer interaction of the channel.

Statistics of each YouTube video on the channel can be analyzed using "YouTube Analytics." YT Analytics is a great tool that can help you track, monitor, and analyze statistics of the videos. 

YouTube Analytics precisely shows statistics for individual videos, the overall performance of the channel, and the audience base. 

A wide range of data/information is available in the various sections of YouTube Analytics, including top-performing videos, income earned, views, viewer demographics, user engagement, and subscriber growth.

Some of the key YouTube Channel Statistics include:


  • Subscribers

  • Watch time

  • Revenue Earned

  • Top Performing Videos

  • Traffic source

  • Likes/ dislikes

  • Retention rate

  • Impressions

  • Click through rates

  • Demographics and much more

5 Steps to View YouTube Channel Statistics in YouTube Studio 

Staying updated about the channel’s performance and metrics is the key to growth and progress on the platform. Understanding the need, YouTube introduced YouTube Studio. 

YouTube Studio is an amazing platform that empowers creators with valuable information about their channel and analyzes their performance, revenue, and engagement.

Here is a quick guide to help you navigate YouTube Studio and view your channel statistics:

#1. Download the YouTube Studio app 

Begin by downloading the app from the Play Store on Android phones and Apple Store for iPhone users.(You can even log in through the desktop and click on a profile picture to access YouTube Studio)


#2. Open the app and sign into your YouTube account. 

Once you have downloaded the app, log into your YouTube account with credentials. This will help you access your channel’s information.

#3. See The Dashboard. 

After successfully logging in, you will see a dashboard with all the metrics concerning your channel and its performance, such as views, watchtime, subscribers, etc.

#4. Gain insight into crucial details like views, subscribers, etc

As you explore the dashboard, you will gain in-depth- insights about your channel’s growth, performance, impact, and reach through indicators - retention rate, views, subscriber count growth, unique viewers, etc.

#5. Click on View More for more in-depth data.

You can even dive deeper into the details by clicking on view more in the sections of the app. You can understand the metrics about each video, audience base, traffic source keyword, and much more.  

Thus, by examining the YouTube channel statistics, you can keep a check on the health of your channel and plan your growth strategy accordingly.

How To Examine YouTube Statistics through Analytics? 15 Metrics That Matter

YouTube Analytics is a powerful tool. It helps in tracking and monitoring various metrics of the videos and channel. These metrics/ reports can offer detailed insights about the videos, overall performance, audience preferences, etc. 

However, understanding these metrics can be overwhelming for the creators. 

Here is the detailed information on each metric that can help you amplify YouTube's success and growth.

#1. Watch Time

This is a key metric for YouTube's success. It implies the total number of minutes viewers spend on the videos. 

It is an important metric as high watch time signals to the YouTube algorithm that your videos are engaging and worth promoting, so as a result, the algorithm pushes them into the search results and recommendations.


In the watch time report, creators can see the total watch time accumulated for the videos and the rank of each video on the basis of watch time. They can also group the YT videos on the basis of style, theme, and length of the video.

Watch time directly influences the visibility and growth of the channel.

#2. Average Percentage Viewed

While watch time is important, the average percentage viewed provides a more refined insight. It represents the percentage of each video that can average viewer watched. 

It evaluates the ability of the video to hold the audience’s retention till the end. This metric can be utilized by creators to identify the gaps and refine their content strategy.

If the YouTube algorithm finds that your video keeps the audience engaged and interested, then it rewards it with higher rankings. This crucial metric is available in the watch time report.  

#3. Average View Duration

This metric is calculated by dividing the total watch time of the videos by the total number of video plays and replays. 


This metric is available in the watch time repost and analyzes the ability of the video to hook the viewers. 

If the video fails to properly engage the viewers, they will leave your videos in a short span of time, leaving your channel with poor watch duration.

#4. Audience Retention

This metric shows the percentage of people who watch and drop off at each and every segment of the video. 

YouTube algorithm favors videos with high retention rates and pushes them higher in the rankings and search results as they can captivate the audience.

Audience retention can also help you plan your future content, as the most engaged segments of the video can be your upcoming video topics. 

Simultaneously, segments showing sharp declines can help you understand what bores your audience, and you can eliminate such topics in your upcoming videos.

With sufficient data, you can create a YouTube audience retention report. It will encompass two graphs- 

  • Absolute retention curve (how well your videos keep viewers engaged) and 

  • Relative retention curve (how well one of your videos hooks the viewers in contrast to other videos of similar duration). 


#5. Rewatch

It implies the amount of times viewers re-watch certain segments of the video.

If a good percentage of viewers rewatch a particular section, it means the segment has compelled the viewer to rewatch as it is of their interest. 

This metric can be found in the audience retention graph, and soaring curves in the graph can represent re-watches.

#6. Engagement

Likes, dislikes, comments, and shares contribute to engagement and play an essential role in YouTube's success. This metric can be found in the YouTube interaction report.

  • Comments depict the emotional impact of the video on the audience

  • Whereas shares show the value and trust of your brand/ content in the eyes of the audience.

  • Likes and dislikes help in understanding the topics that cater to your audience’s interest.

Videos with high engagement rates lead to broadened reach, easy discoverability, and enhanced visibility.

#7. Impressions- Click Through Rate

Impressions measure the visibility of your thumbnails, whereas CTR measures the effectiveness of the videos that encourage viewers to click and view them.


A higher CTR implies an attractive Title, description and thumbnail and a topic relevant to your audience’s interest. 

A high CTR and low engagement can be misleading. So, it is always preferable to analyze this metric with view duration and average percentage viewed. 

However, a low CTR rate with high engagement can imply a small group audience that is immensely engaged with the video.

#8. Unique Viewers

This metric represents the number of viewers who view your video over a specific period of time. Thereby providing information about your actual audience size. This metric is useful for analyzing subscriber engagement. 


If unique viewers lag behind the subscriber count, it implies low engagement by subscribers. 

Creators can boost subscriber engagement by encouraging them to set up notifications for new videos. 

This metric can be found in the Reach View and Audience tab in YouTube Studio.

#9. Views per unique viewers

This implies the number of times an average viewer watches your video. This indicator gauges viewer engagement and whether it entices your audience and motivates them to rewatch it.


Videos with high views per unique viewer are your hot topics, and making videos on them can help you enhance your view count, watch times, and subscriber count.

#10. Playlist Engagement

Playlists help in organizing and easy consumption of the videos, increasing watchtime and viewer engagement. YouTube Playlist reports offering valuable metrics- views per playlist start as well as the average time in the playlist.

  • Views per playlist start - Average number of video view playlist accumulates

  • Average time in playlist- Average duration viewers viewed videos in the playlist.

If these metrics are poor, try creating playlists with high-retention videos.

#11. Card Clicks

Cards are interactive panels that encourage viewer actions like - subscribing, watching another video, or moving to another site. 

CTR of cards showcases what action your viewers prefer while watching the video and can help you decide the position of the card, leading to enhanced watch time, traffic, etc. 

Analyzing the card clicks can help decide the duration, timing, and placement of future videos.


#12. Viewership Types (Age, gender, etc)

In the YouTube demographic report, creators can see the type of viewers that see their videos, including their age, gender, etc. 

This report can help gain detailed information about the engaged audience and target audience.

If you are not reaching the intended demographic, you can use this metric to reach the intended audience by creating content that catches their interest.

#13. Traffic Sources

This is a metric that can help optimize the YT campaign and strategy for elevated visibility and engagement. 


Traffic sources report displays how viewers found the video and which sources have the highest watch time and views. 

Traffic sources include- social media sites, recommendation sections, embedded sites, search, homepages, etc.

#14. Subscriber Growth

Subscribers are your fans; they are a key metric as they receive notifications of your new videos and help in attracting more viewership. As more subscribers mean more viewership and more watchtime.


YouTube subscriber report showcases the videos, time and place where you lose or gain new subscribers. 

This insight can help you create more videos on topics that resonate with your subscribers. Thereby boosting watch time and ranking.

#15. Keywords

Within the YouTube reach report (under the Traffic source report), one can see numerous queries that guide the viewers to the video. 

If these questions vary from your topic, you can update the videos to address the gaps and include the keywords in the meta description, etc. 

Benefits of Examining YouTube Analytics

YouTube analytics is an important aspect to help you maximize the usage of platform and content strategy. Apart from numbers, analytics help you refine your strategy, understand demographics, and attract growth.

Here are the key benefits of examining YouTube Analytics:

#1. Understand audience behavior

YouTube analytics acts as a gateway to understanding the behavior of the viewers. This, as a result, helps in creating content that best resonates with their interest.

Metrics such as audience retention, watch time, interactions, and playback locations can help understand the preference of the audience- what is engaging them, where they are watching from, etc. 

#2. Identify Successful Videos

YouTube channel statistics help in recognizing the videos that are performing well. 

It also helps in analyzing its metrics, such as views, likes, and shares, and identifying the patterns that captivate the viewers. Understanding this can help refine the strategy and create content similar to successful videos.

#3. Get YouTube channel demographics

YouTube Analytics helps in understanding the audience and subscriber base. 

It provides information about the audience’s demographics, including their age, location, gender, etc. This can help creators craft content that blends well with the attributes of the audience. 

#4. Helps you monitor the channel progress

Progress and growth require regular monitoring, and YouTube Channel statistics can give you an insight into the channel’s overall performance on a regular basis.

Moreover, it can help you understand the gaps, make more informed decisions, and adapt the right strategies.

#5. Aids In Monetization Of The Content

YouTube Analytics provides crucial information about revenue-generating videos, ad performance, and audience retention. 

It can help creators optimize their strategy and maximize their earnings. Also, if you are part of a YouTube partner program, analytics can give you detailed information about the revenue earned.

5 Best YouTube Analytics Tools for 2024

YouTube stardom requires regular performance monitoring. YouTube Analytics plays a vital role in showcasing the metrics and providing detailed insights.

Here are the 5 best YouTube Analytics tools to streamline the process and embrace YouTube glory in 2024:

#1. YouTube Analytics

It is a free tool offered by YouTube. It has a user-friendly interface and provides essential insights, performance reports, and real-time metrics.


#2. TubeBuddy

It is a YouTube-compliant tool with an impressive visual representation of data. 

Besides this, it helps in curating videos that match the brand goals/target audience, crafting engaging titles, descriptions and bulk processing/ integrations to save time.


#3. Unmetric

It is a robust AI-drive tool that helps track marketing strategies, examine growth, analyze competitors, make video evaluations, and calculate engagement rates. Thereby leading to more informed decisions and strategies.

#4. Quintly

It is a user-friendly tool that helps in managing numerous channels and gives you access to numerous reports and varied metrics to help you enhance your YouTube strategy.


#5. Vidooly (Now Part Of Good Creator)

It is a robust tool that helps track YT campaigns and calculate the ROI generated from them. 

In addition, it offers powerful features like- competitor insights, video tags, subscriber behavior analysis, comment management, etc. Thereby helping you outrank competitors.


Tips For Enhanced YT Strategy

Now that you understand the importance of YouTube analytics, it's time to know how YouTube channel statistics can be utilized to elevate the YT strategy. Here are some quick and actionable tips to help you amp up your YouTube strategy. 

From monitoring the reports to enhancing engagement, these tips will empower your channel and videos.

#1. Monitor your reports regularly

Regular monitoring of the reports/ statistics is essential. Periodic examination of statistics provides crucial information like watch time, audience retention, and click-through rates. Creators can utilize this information to enhance the strategy and identify the preferred content/ topic and viewers' behavior.

#2. Utilize/Include keywords

Using the correct set of keywords is the key to success. Always research relevant keywords and include them in your Titles, thumbnails, and descriptions to enhance the search visibility and discoverability of your videos.

#3. Use the right thumbnails

Thumbnails are the first impression of your video. Ensure creating a catchy and attractive thumbnail that captivates the attention of the audience and perfectly resonates with the content. A good thumbnail can help soar the click-through rates of your video.

#4. Focus on audience engagement

Engaging with the audience is fundamental to growth. Replying to the comments, answering the queries, creating polls for ideas/opinions, and encouraging viewers to leave a comment/ idea can help establish meaningful connections and community around the channel. 

#5. Collaborate with influencers 

Partnering with influencers can help you expand your reach and attract opportunities. Collaborating with niche-relevant influencers/ brands can attract viewership and establish credibility.

Understand YouTube Stats and Grow Your YouTube Channel in 2024!

Leveraging YouTube Statistics is the mainstay for growth on YouTube in 2024. YouTube statistics analyzed through YouTube Analytics serve as the guide to understanding overall performance, audience behavior, and demographics, optimizing strategy and campaigns, and amplifying reach, engagement, and visibility. 

Consequently, these insights help in refining the YT strategy and customizing the content for maximum success. Irrefutably, the benefits of YouTube statistics are aplenty. 

To help creators easily navigate the metrics, the blog comprehensively explains YouTube statistics, its steps for examination of metrics, benefits, best tools, and tips to enhance strategy. 

Thus, YouTube analytics is not just a requirement but a powerful tool that helps in making data-driven decisions, promoting sustained growth, outshining competitors, and achieving the true potential of your channel.

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