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Are you also one of those who love to post pictures on Instagram but want to learn how to take a good photo like professionals do? 

If yes, this blog has all the basic, advanced, and essential photography techniques you want to know about understanding how to take a good photo. And in the end, you will for sure take Instagrammable photos. 

Take the chance to take steps to make your photos better in 2024. Here you go!


How To Take Good Pictures of Yourself for Instagram?

Indulge yourself in learning ways to enhance the quality of your photography. Understand how a perfect camera setting and background can amplify your photo game. Learn the art of taking a good photo with excellent tips and techniques.

1. Use a perfect device to click a photograph

A good smartphone camera is enough but invest in a DSLR to take professional photographs. Also, if you want to take pictures like a pro, go for a tripod. It helps to take pictures without the chance of getting them blurred. You can buy a remote controller to take pictures and avoid the leg work. The best device will give you the best pictures for Instagram.

2. Take pictures of yourself in great lighting

Light plays a significant role in clicking good pictures for your Instagram. Always choose natural light compared to flashlights; it has its essence and makes your pictures look bright and rich. Choose a well-lit room or a room with windows if you cannot shoot outdoors. You can even experiment with street lamps or store windows.

3. Test all angles for perfect Instagram pictures

Discovering how to take a good photo of yourself is what you need, so test all angles for perfect Instagram pictures. Start by shooting with the perfect focus, settings, and exposure. 

Now adjust the angle of the chin, forehead, head, and body in different positions and angles. You can turn the camera up and down, then take many pictures and understand the best angle that suits you. Though it will take time, you will get your best shots.

4. Practice Natural poses

Common poses are refined, but it will make your Insta feed boring. So, practice natural feel-giving poses that make you look your best. Look in the mirror and practice the poses; initially, you feel weird, but then you will learn which pose looks natural and suits your personality.

You can start practicing 3-5 signature poses until you make them look natural. Be confident and let your poses express your status and mood. 

5. Invest In Tripod

If you will take pictures by yourself, you must invest in a Tripod. A tripod will help you hold the camera as far as you want and capture the picture perfectly. 

You can constantly adjust the height, which is easy to carry everywhere. Also, use the wireless remote to handle the tripod, making it easy to click pictures wherever you go.

6. Practice Facial Expressions

A fake smile can not make your pictures appealing, so you must think of something that will make you genuinely happy while clicking a picture. Make sure to smile with your eyes, not only with your mouth. 

If you are clicking self-pics, you can also try out emotions like somber, flirty, sad, pensive, frustrated, or just try being genuine.

7. Follow the rule of thirds

Applying the rule of thirds will give you more provoking shots. Here, you should not center the photographer's subject rather than position the camera so that it is in the left, right, top or bottom 3rd of the frame. 

The rule of thirds will always balance your image and give a pleasing effect of Asymmetry. You can always use grid settings on your phone camera to align your photos according to the rule of thirds.

8. Consider your viewpoint

Ditch the monotonous nature while clicking pictures; try to click interesting and unexpected photos. Considering different viewpoints will give you a fresh perspective. 

You can challenge yourself to see things from different angles and click them with a fresh perspective. Initially, you can click from above or below, crouching the ground, or scaling a wall.

9. Put finishing edits

Editing can always amplify your Instagram pictures game. It can make your dull photo appear brighter, or you can use blemish removal to smoothen the makeup or give yourself fresh makeup with editing tools. 

You can always make your picture shine with just a few clicks, so learn the art of editing. Edit your photos nicely and get a hold of your editing style. 

10. Experiments with camera settings

You must experiment with the camera settings to make your pictures more interesting and creative. Change the various photo modes available on your phone, and you can even try to understand the depth of the field. Set the composition of the photo and then click a picture. 

You can always change the settings and try something good every time. Experiment and bring the best pictures for your Instagram.

11. Strategically plan how to take a photo

Planning is significant for a perfect professional photograph. Thus, start by creating a good visual of how your photo should look. 

You should be all set with the subject matter, colors, and how to organize other elements for a perfect click. Then, seamlessly align your goals and style to build an effective strategy for clicking good pictures for Instagram.

12. Don’t run over likes

More likes will force you to replicate other viral content concepts and not allow you to bring something new to the table. Be consistent and follow the strategies to make your pictures stand out. Do not chase likes on Instagram; though likes are essential, they will restrict you from doing something new or having a positive impact. If you want an initial push, just try buying Instagram likes and do what your heart wants you to do. 

13. Less editing is more

Editing can take your pictures to another level, but sometimes, over-editing can spoil the essence of a picture. Simply focus on taking better pictures with perfect angles.

Also, you can initially focus on editing by choosing a filter to make the image look consistent. Over-editing can make your pictures look inauthentic and fake. 

14. Incorporate a background

The background can make or break the look of your photograph, so choose a background that complements the subject matter with patterns or a color scheme. 

If your subject is plain, choose a colorful and textured background to make the image pop up.  With the choice of background, you can make an image look fun, professional, friendly, lively, or peaceful.

15. Stick to a single point of interest

If there are many objects in the picture, then there should be some focus of attention. The idea here is to have a single point of interest. 

It is essential for an image to have some focus point; otherwise, it will seem cluttered. The focused object can be larger or more colorful. It should directly attract the person who sees it.

16. Avoid HDR mode

You should not use HDR mode on your camera if you are not a professional photographer. HDR mode is difficult to crack; otherwise, you will spoil a fantastic click. 

If you want HDR, learn and practice before using it to click pictures for your Instagram library.

17. Look for contrast

To make an image stand out, you must look for strong contrasts. If you have a bright-colored subject, a plain background will work wonders, and vice versa. 

An image should have various contrasting elements to make it appear visually great. Also, defined shapes and lines with a plain, muted background can work wonders.

18. Embrace the white space

You can never underestimate the power of white space. It gives your subject room for breathing and elevates the overall look. Also, sometimes you do not need a close-up of someone and something.

 The white space sends a message of confidence, boldness, and simplicity. So add the white space while clicking for Instagram and let these pictures drive traffic to your Instagram.

19. Take pictures after dark

Stay calm; modern-day cameras can also take the best pictures in the dark. You will be astonished to see an amplified view that was impossible with the human eye. 

Work on finding ways to incorporate night-time photography for your Instagram and let people admire those pictures.   

20. Add Action to your image

Find ways to make your image look active on Instagram. You will need a fast shutter speed to avoid the blurry tails of color. Put your creativity, shoot on your smartphone, and alter the boring picture into an active one.

Adding active images to your Instagram profile will elevate its look and bring out the best within you.

Want to know how to click beautiful pictures for Instagram using a Mac, Webcam, Android, or iPad? 

Learn How to take a Very Nice photo on a Mac for Instagram

Here are the following steps to take exceptional clicks for your instagram on a Mac with a built-in camera.

  • Step 1: Open the built-in Facetime FaceTime HD or Photo Booth camera at the top edge of the display.
  • Step 2: Now use Markup or Head Pointer that can use the camera
  • Step 3:  A green light will glow, indicating the camera is on. 
  • Step 4: Clean the camera and adjust the lighting
  • Step 5: Lastly, adjust the camera quality and finally click.

Learn How To take a photo using a Webcam for Instagram

Here are the following steps to take exceptional clicks for your instagram using a webcam on Windows.

  • Step 1:  Click on the Windows logo at the bottom 
  • Step 2: Type the camera, which will take you to the camera available on the windows.
  • Step 3: Adjust the brightness setting so your face is well-lit but not overexposed.
  • Step 4: Now adjust the contrast setting to enhance the definition of features.
  • Step 5: Choose a contrasting background and get yourself clicked.

Learn how to take a photo with an iPad to post on Instagram

Here are the following steps to take exceptional clicks for your instagram using an iPad: 

  • Step 1: Choose a camera mode such as Photo, Pano, or Square and use the Burst and Live Photos features.
  • Step 2: Avoid HDR and turn off the flash.
  • Step 3: Set the timer and stabilize your iPad. 
  • Step 4: Frame your shot with a contrasting background and natural light
  • Step 5: Click a mesmerizing shot.

Learn How to Take an Instagram-Ready Photo with an Android

Here are the following steps to take exceptional clicks for your Instagram using an Android:

  • Step 1: Start with taking a quality shot
  • Step 2: Use crop and straighten to enhance your composition
  • Step 3: Adjust brightness and contrast
  • Step 4: Check color vibrancy and saturation
  • Step 5: Color correct your photos, adjust sharpness, and you will get the best pictures to post on Instagram.

You can always experiment while clicking on Instagram. Learn the different ideas to make your photography stand out.

10 Instagram Pictures Ideas

Indulge yourself in learning the best picture ideas for posting on Instagram in 2024. Explore, click, and wonder how beautiful your Instagram profile looks.

1. Vibrant colors

Vibrant colors will make a significant impact on Instagram. Though muted tones or neutrals are in trend, going for pop-up colors is always a win-win. These colors automatically uplift your mood and energize the person seeing it. 

2. Symmetry

Symmetry is always eye-catching and pleasing. Try to click symmetrical pictures to enhance a subject that looks exciting.

3. Patterns

Embrace your Instagram account with pictures full of different patterns. Patterns are very appealing. You can capture architectural designs by clicking mesmerizing pictures of patterns and shapes.

4. Fun and Humor

Instagram is full of happy and lively people. Post a picture that has some fun and humor in it, as it will enhance the freshness of your overall Instagram profile. 

5. Candid clicks

A candid click is always exciting and arresting. It makes things look authentic, accurate, and genuine. Capturing candids can be challenging, so start by mastering how to take a candid photo.

6. Detailed shots

A detailed shot is bound to attract many people, symbolizing calmness and solitude. Detailed shots will find their fantastic space in the middle of Instagram's busy and dynamic posts.

7. Attractive Backgrounds

Ditch the plain and unreal backgrounds and replace them with attractive and natural backgrounds. Choose a creative background that perfectly complements the subject you want to photograph. 

8. Animals

Animal pictures are a big hit on Instagram. If you don’t own a pet, you can photograph street animals. Pictures of cute street dogs and cats are pretty attractive and steal deals. 

9. Food

There can be nothing better than clicking pictures of tempting food. Learn to do perfect food photography to do enough justice to the food.

10. People

Pictures of people on Instagram are mostly loved. You can click yourself with the best camera and choose a perfect background and light. Explore different angles, and you will ace the Instagram game.


Want to know the latest trends and photography techniques for your Instagram profile? Our next blog section covers the same. 

 Range Of New Techniques And Photography Styles For Instagram-Worthy Pictures

Make your Instagram profile stand out by incorporating trendy techniques to keep your pictures authentic and raw.

  1. Sometimes, authentic and unedited photos are the ones that rule Instagram. So embrace the authenticity and rawness in your Instagram pictures.
  2. Instagram brings the all-new desaturated, moody palettes and lowered contrast. Go for the low-light shots, and you will slay the game.
  3. Incorporate text overlays on your pictures to make them more distinctive and defined.
  4. To add a touch of drama to your images, adding extreme lighting is one of the latest trends on Instagram.
  5. Give the ‘70s  nostalgia effect to your pictures and let your images be unpolished and raw.
  6. Add the photos from an event, holiday, or any day and call it a Photo dump.
  7. Follow a consistent color scheme throughout your Instagram, and you will see how magical it looks.


It is time to practice taking great pictures for your Instagram. Though it may take a while to become a pro at photography, it becomes easy once you understand your best angle and style.  

Always experiment with the camera settings and background to bring uniqueness to your photography. You can continually develop your aesthetics and class to get hold of Instagram photography. 

Break the monotony and try these fantastic tips for mastering specialized photography. Be consistent in working towards clicking the best pictures and posting them on Instagram. 


1. How do influencers take their pictures in HD quality?

Influencers take their pictures in HD quality by considering the following things - Using the best quality camera, filming in natural and good light, taking care of the background, following the rule of thirds, and editing effectively.

2. How to take gorgeous Instagram pictures with an iPhone?

To click gorgeous Instagram pictures with an iPhone, one needs to take care of the following things: 

Always shoot in natural light, follow the rule of thirds, consider your viewpoint, frame your subject, add depth, and look for symmetry and patterns.

3. What are the tips I should take when taking a picture for Instagram?

Here are a few tips for taking a picture for Instagram: choose to contrast vibrant colors, a perfect background, camera settings, avoid HDR, practice facial expressions, and be natural.

4. How to take a good photo for Instagram?

To take a good photo for Instagram, consider the following - use a perfect device to click pictures, invest in a tripod, use natural light contrasting background, do editing, strategically plan the shoot, add action to the image, and do not over-edit.

5. What are the advantages of clicking pictures on Instagram?

Clicking the best pictures for Instagram will give you the benefit of social interaction, like gaining approval and recognition. These pictures can be a turning point in your Instagram growth. With an increase in likes and views, your Instagram pictures will reach a wider audience.

Written By Alexander Noah

Alexander has worked as an Instagram content strategist for popular media houses and now researches and publishes the latest Instagram content with He is keen to analyze the IG algorithm and find what works better for reach and visibility. You will find many of his IG hacks, tricks, and instructions for better reach on!