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Top Content Types for Generative

Since its launch, Instagram has been one of the most popular social media tools for users to share their content.

Whether it’s for a business profile, influencer marketing, or personal users, the Instagram app is always a favored option and it’s the same for 2023 and 2024 as well.

This means that almost everyone is using the app and you have to stay ahead of the competition by familiarizing yourself with the latest Instagram trends.

Following the popular Instagram trends can really help you attract more users to your profile. As a result, this can also bring more followers if you want to grow your profile for a business or personal use.

So let’s go through what are the current most popular trends on Instagram for 2023.

Important Instagram Trends That You Should Know in 2024

You can upload a wide variety of your content to your Instagram account depending on the trend you want to follow. But here are the most popular trends on Instagram for 2023.

Instagram Reels

Instagram reels have been one of the major aspects that have encouraged users to use the app more. It is one of the new features that was added to Instagram on 2020 where users can post a micro-video of up to 90 seconds currently.

The reels were intentionally launched on Instagram as one of the direct competitors for the popular video-sharing platform TikTok. But the basic idea of reels is to showcase your creativity or promote your business very easily through an Instagram video.

There are a lot of effects and audio that can be added to reels and a single reel can also be created in a very short amount of time. On top of that, if you add a little bit of interesting script or video transition for the reel, you’ll have an informative micro video for your profile in no time.

In fact, the reels are so trending on Instagram nowadays that even Instagram themselves are in favor of showing you more reels on your suggested posts. This is because the reels are pretty effective for the creators as well as the Instagram users.

So, they can be found almost anywhere on Instagram including your explore tab as well as the Instagram feed.

official instagram account stories and highlights

The Instagram reels can generate more engagement with your users, which can help you greatly improve your Instagram marketing strategy.

Let’s assume that you want to add informative content on your reels like how-to Instagram guides and basic tips and tricks. Then, your viewers can also gain a lot of knowledge through your content from which they can learn new things.

In return, you also get more exposure for your content and profile if you can provide some really good quality content. Furthermore, if you want to promote your business through Instagram, you can show how your products or services can be used properly with the reels too.

Similarly, you can even ask Instagram influencers to promote your business by creating reels with them.

But more importantly, you can also use hashtags with the reels on Instagram. So do make sure that you also use the most relevant and appropriate hashtags for your reels to increase their reach for your reels.

using relevant hashtags in comments

The reels can be extremely helpful to highlight your hobbies as well if you have a personal account. Dance challenges are a perfect example as they are very popular on Instagram and you can easily create a reel for it if dancing is one of your hobbies.

Instagram TV

While Instagram reels are short videos with a maximum length of 90-seconds, Instagram TV or IGTV videos are long-form video content that can be up to 60 minutes. But an IGTV video is also commonly referred to as just an Instagram video nowadays.

You can showcase a lot of features and benefits of your business by uploading these super long videos on Instagram with IGTV. They can be very useful for content such as interviews, Q&As, product launches, behind the scene footage, and many more.

You can upload any additional engaging content that you were not able to add to the reels due to its Instagram video time limit. Generally, people are also more likely to watch an IGTV video than read a long blog post.

ig tv (instagram television)

Moreover, it is widely used to monetize your content for your business too as Instagram does allow you to put ads on them. That is why Instagram TV is also very trending among Instagram users.

But one of the things to consider while uploading Instagram TV videos is the thumbnail. The thumbnail that you add for the IGTV must be visually appealing as it is one of the first things that your visitors will see.

And if you don’t have an attractive thumbnail, you may not get enough views that you need to monetize your content.

While adding the thumbnail, you should also keep in mind that the IGTV are all vertical videos. So make sure you create the thumbnails accordingly.

Instagram Live

Instagram Live is also one of the most trending features of Instagram that is widely used by many users. You cannot allow any videos or posts on them. However, they are used to directly interact with your followers and audience in real-time.

Going live on Instagram is very useful if you are an influencer. But it has its own advantages even if you use a business or a personal account.

If you want to promote your business, you can use the Instagram live rooms for various purposes. One of the most popular uses of Instagram live can be announcing giveaway winners if you have conducted any of them recently.

Similarly, if you want to launch a new product or a service for your business, you can do it through Instagram live to highlight more essential information about the launch.

going live on instagram

You can also collab with other accounts by going live with them if you want to carry out any event for cross-promotion. This is very common with influencers on Instagram as they may gain more potential followers from each others’ accounts. But you can use this live feature to cross-promote businesses as well.

Regarding a personal account, you can also use Instagram live to let your followers know what you’re currently up to. It can be anything from attending an event or a concert to involving your followers with your hobbies.

Going live is extremely simple on Instagram as well. All you have to do is click on the “+” icon on your Instagram which opens the camera. Then, slide to the Live tab and start recording.

how to use instagram live

Now, you can start your Instagram live on your own.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are also one of the most used features of the app that users use very much. You can add a post, photo, or video to the Instagram stories which will be available for 24 hours for your account visitors and followers.

Apart from these, they are also very trending on Instagram as you can also add quizzes, polls, emoji reactions, and much other creative content to engage with your followers.

Instagram stories are one of the first things that can be seen on your chronological feed as soon as the app is opened. That is why they are likely to be viewed more since you can see multiple story content immediately without even scrolling anything on the feed when you open the app.

You can also easily promote your business using them by highlighting your discounts and new products or re-sharing your most popular products and posts. Your story viewers can even react to your story content by liking them, replying to them through direct messages, or sharing them with other users.

instagram stories trend

All in all, you can even upload stories directly from your camera roll or even capture them from the camera instantly. Instagram also provides you with a lot of customization options with the stories. You can add links, audio, effects, filters, stickers, and much more to create content and increase engagement with your audience.

Instagram Link Stickers

We’ve already mentioned that Instagram stories are incredibly popular with the app nowadays. But adding the Instagram link stickers to the stories is also getting a lot of attention currently.

They are similar to the link in bio posts, but the link stickers can be added directly to the Instagram stories which makes them even more useful. You can add these link stickers to redirect your story visitors directly to your website or webpage.

As a result, if you use Instagram for your business, your visitors can be turned into your potential customers with ease by sending them directly to your website. This can also be a great convenience for them as your customers won’t have to go through direct messages to get more information about your business.

They are very easy to add on your story as well. All you have to do is use the swipe up feature of the story and add the link sticker to your story. This simple step are being used by more and more brands everyday to promote their branded content on Instagram.

instagram link stickers for stories

Similarly, if you are an influencer and want to get more exposure to your other platforms, you can just add a social media link sticker on your stories. Then, your users and followers can visit these links to see your content on other platforms too.

Alternatively, you can even add an affiliate link on them from other brands to generate affiliate income for yourself from Instagram.

Shoppable Posts

Instagram shopping is another one of the Instagram trends that are gaining a lot of popularity. Instead of adding Instagram posts that consist of images or feed videos, you can directly upload the shoppable posts on your account as well.

A shoppable post contains every detail about the product including the price and your Instagram followers and potential customers can buy them directly from Instagram. So, your profile can also act as an Instagram store if you have a small business.

They can be used for larger businesses too but small businesses can really take advantage of these posts. If you can create a store within Instagram for your small businesses, you don’t have to go through the hassle of creating a complete eCommerce website for it and save time.

These shopable items aren’t shown on the default home feed on your Instagram. So, you have to click on the shop tab in order to access them.

shoppable posts on instagram

Moreover, you can also add relevant tags on these posts so that Instagram can figure out what kind of products they are. Then, the Instagram algorithm will recommend these posts and products to the relevant users.

Checkout on Instagram

Checkout on Instagram and shoppable posts go hand in hand.

As soon as your users decide to buy a product and click on it, they will be provided with an option to checkout on Instagram. This is what enables them to use your Instagram account as an online store and buy products directly through it.

For further convenience of your customers, Instagram allows you to save payments during the checkout as well. So if you own a small business with basic day-to-day products, this feature can be very useful for you the business owner as well as your customers.

using checkout on instagram

Memes for Business

Memes have been very popular on many social media platforms for a few years and you can see them everywhere even on Instagram now. In fact, they are so popular that meme marketing is one of the best Instagram marketing trends used by businesses.

If you can find a funny way to showcase the services and products of your business with the help of memes, there is a high chance that they will be shared among your users. As a result, this can bring high engagement from the users toward your business.

But in order to get it right, you have to make sure that you use a relevant meme and know exactly what it means. If the meme that you come across doesn’t make much sense for your business, it’s better to not force it.

We recommend you look at the different ways and similar posts on how the meme can be utilized before using it for your business. For example, you can use the following meme if you own a business related to SEO.

memes for business ig

Then, you can use the meme for your stories, posts, and even reels if you find the meme content relevant enough. Using memes on your posts and stories can really boost your Instagram presence if you can create content based on your business.

It’s really easy to find memes on Instagram. There are high probability that at least one profile that you follow shares them on your Instagram feed.

Similarly, you may encounter them at least once on your explore tab too since they are very trending throughout the internet.

Instagram Fundraisers

Instagram fundraisers were added as a new feature on 2020 for the purpose of raising funds through Instagram. It can also be used as a business strategy as fundraisers can also impact a lot on building the brand image of your business.

Fundraisers are generally made for certain causes as an aid to the ones who need help. And if people can see that you care for others, and are willing to take the extra step for others, they will increase a sense of trust and loyalty towards your business.

fundraisers on IG

One of the best ways to conduct a fundraiser on Instagram is by involving at least one or few relatable influencers and a non-profit organization. This shows that the fundraiser is hosted for a genuine cause and the influencer can help increase the reach of the fundraising event.

In a similar way, these collaboration can also lead to cause marketing where the non profit organizations team up with for-profit businesses for a common cause.

However, your fundraiser should also showcase that it’s been conducted for the right cause instead of just a marketing strategy. If it looks more like a marketing strategy, then you lose the brand image of your business as well.

Grow Your Business in 2023 With These Instagram Trends

Now that you have had a rough idea about some of the most popular Instagram marketing trends, we assure you that you can use most of them to grow your business on Instagram. Instagram continues to be one of the best tools for social media marketing and currently is moving towards much more than just a social media platform.

Instagram as a whole can also be viewed as an informative app for your business with its support for short as well as long-form video uploading. The Instagram stories and the stories link sticker features can also be used for the same purpose.

You can also establish Instagram shops for your small businesses with shoppable products and posts that can be now uploaded to your Instagram account.

Then, your customers can directly check out the products from Instagram for their convenience. There is still a high possibility of growing Instagram shopping considering its current popularity.

growing your business by catching instagram trends

Similarly, memes and fundraisers can also be really helpful for your business if you want to try a new social media strategy on Instagram. The memes can be beneficial to create fun content for your audience whereas the fundraisers can be implemented for cause marketing.

Therefore, it seems that Instagram marketing is still pretty effective to grow your business through social media if you follow the popular trends.


What Are the Most Trending Things on Instagram?

For now, Instagram reels seem to be one of the most rising and trending things on Instagram. Whether it’s for business, influencer marketing, or even personal use, they seem to be quite popular with everyone.

In fact, uploading short videos are quite popular on social media overall. So it’s quite obvious that they are trending on Instagram too.

what's trending the most on instagram?

Similarly, the stories and story links, IGTV, and going live are also quite popular on Instagram. They also help you to create content for your users to increase their engagement with them.

Along with them, memes are also something that can be found everywhere on social media. So they are also pretty trending on Instagram.

Is Instagram Still Popular in 2024?

Instagram is still one of the most popular apps available on the internet now. So the popular trends on Instagram will still help you gather a huge amount of audience.

As of July 2023, there are 1.44 billion monthly active users on Instagram around the world.

Among them, the age of the average Instagram user ranges from 18-24. This means that they are still very popular with the youth audience and the way things are going for Instagram, it doesn’t seem to go away anytime soon.

is instagram still popular?

Instagram has successfully sustained itself for such a long period of time since its launch on 2010. And considering its current high popularity in 2022, it’s most likely that it will still remain one of the best business tools in 2023 as well.

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