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Sophia Martinez
Written By Sophia Martinez

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  • Publish Date : 10/25/2023 7:40:18 AM
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Is it safe to buy Instagram Followers? Can I get banned?
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Buying Instagram followers is 100% safe with genuine sites. The best site to buy followers safely is Thunderclap.it.

Will I get banned if I buy Instagram followers? What if I buy Instagram followers, and then Instagram bans me? Am I legally right when buying Instagram followers? Breathe and take a pause. Drink some water!

There must be too much confusion in your mind when it is your first time buying IG followers. But worry not! This guide will explicitly guide you on this topic.

How Safe Is It To Buy Instagram Followers?

Millions of accounts on Instagram, out of a billion people using the platform, are buying followers every month. All such Instagram accounts are safe and successful! Thus, buying IG followers is 100% safe when you trust the site that provides you with authentic followers.

First, let’s look at three popular sites that will help you buy followers safely!

3 Sites to buy Instagram followers safely

#1. Thunderclap.it: Winner


The first site is Thunderclap.it. We are known by many leading media houses for our service quality and extensive range of clientele.

We provide you with real IG followers verified by the Instagram algorithm. The real people we provide also engage with your posts since they become part of your Instagram family.

Thunderclap.it has been featured in many popular magazines and articles. Thus, conclusively we as a social media growth site are the safest to buy followers on Instagram.

You also get a 100% refund guaranteed when you purchase our services from the official website. 


  • Real and active followers 

  • In-time delivery

  • Guaranteed refund


We do not accept payment in cryptos and Bitcoin

#2. GPC.FM

gpc.fm buy instagram followers

Next on the list is GPC.FM. This is a great site to research genuine sites that provide safe Instagram followers.

Here, you get 100% safe followers who are active users. They would also contribute to your Instagram success and engage with posts and stories.

GPC.FM has proven expertise in local targeting and intelligently enables the safe and secure delivery of Instagram followers.

They have helped clients outgrow performance and enhance visibility levels, resulting in better conversion and sales.


  • Real profiles and active users

  • Instant delivery

  • Refund guaranteed


They do not accept Bitcoin and token payments.

#3. Buyreviewz.com

instagram followers from buy reviewz

Third on the list is Buyreviewz.com. Although the quality could be better than Thunderclap.it, this site also provides Instagram followers safely and does not sell fake followers.

The site's expertise is in uplifting brand image with its empowering growth services. Buyreview's service quality has been phenomenal, and that is what brings customers back for more.

They have a full-fledged list of growth services across digital platforms for customers to pick and choose as per their needs. 

You can check out other services too!


  • Real followers and quality assured

  • Instant delivery

  • Affordable prices


  • No refund policy

  • Does not accept payment in Bitcoin

Things To Remember While  Buying Instagram Followers Safely

instagram followers

Instagram followers

As a responsible buyer, what factors will help you understand the authenticity of any service? In more straightforward language, how will you know that the site is safe enough and you are not being scammed? This is part of the guide that will help you see the stress points and where you must crosscheck keenly.

#1. The site must be known and updated.

How the site looks can contribute towards interpreting the services it provides. However, there are other things you must look for.

When trying to find a safe site to buy Instagram followers, you must run through the website clearly and in detail. In the process, you can figure out a lot of pointers that would conclude the site to be authentic or fake.

Some signs of fakeness include unreal promises, money-making schemes, an extra charge for registration, job openings and more.

You must remember that there are no added charges on an authentic site and no other mention besides the service. For instance, a site providing IG followers should not have a job registration fee. 

The site must not have any hidden charges and all the costs should be precise and updated.

#2. They hould not ask for any passwords.

This is the biggest no! Your IG passwords and all other details must not be shared locally. You must refrain from taking a chance with your IG account details.

As per genuine IG service providers, you never need passwords or any other information to provide real Instagram followers. Such details must be kept to the actual user using the account.

Any site asking for your Instagram password is a fraud.

Later, it would either turn into a case of money laundering or your IG account getting hacked or manipulated in a worse manner. Do not trust any vendor with such sacred details. If you read this, it is your sign to clutch out from such narrations.

#3. The payment gateways should be encrypted.

To extract payment gateway details, you must read a few blogs on their website that precisely discuss this topic. To find transactional security information, you must also read the entire home or service pages.

Your research shows that your financial details, like credit and debit card numbers, should be encrypted and coded. What does this mean?

It means that nobody else should be able to look into your CVV or card number apart from you. This is a feature of financial security you must be aware of! When you have this knowledge, implement it and safeguard it from getting looted.

#4. They must not have any registration charges.

Many vendors charge registration charges with their services. Do not get into the trap!

Such registration charges are as acute as pennies, but it could be an attempt at theft! Not just in monetary terms, but your details would also get risked.

Many sites have a form, and anyone filling such forms would have to put personal and non-disclosable details. While the loss in registration fee would be much less, your account can get hacked, or bank fraud can happen from the details you provide to them.

You must know that genuine people ask for much less information, just what is required!

11 ways to get more IG followers

how to gain morefollowers

Ways to gain Instagram followers

Waking up every morning to the exact follower count on Instagram can make mornings awful! Especially when you are so dedicated to the platform for your professional growth. But what do you do?

While buying Instagram followers could be a boon, you must also focus equally on the perpetual success of organic methods. Instagram is like a product; you must put money and effort into growing and succeeding.

Go through this list, where you will learn eleven different ways to grow the follower count on Instagram:

#1. Engage your audience

What would make your customers keep coming back to your Instagram profile? Engrossing content on the account! Now, you know that keeping the audience engaged is possible by creating exciting content! What can you do to make your Instagram account engaging? 

Some simple steps:

  • Create fun factors, games, and unique posts: For example, a fitness page could have unknown facts about fitness, games and puzzles, reels, and tips and tricks.

  • Use Instagram stories effectively: The limit for exploring stories is endless! You cannot put everything on the feed, but stories do not have a limit. Create polls, ask questions, explore offers, talk to users one-on-one, and many more ideas.

  • Keep your feed clean and attractive: Your feed should look good enough to make customers gauge and keep coming back to witness the elegance. Your Instagram feed should make way for others to  copy it! That is how good it should be.

#2. Follow other users

Are you aware of this trick? Wait, we'll tell you!

Follow real accounts that follow you. This shows them that your account is legitimate and honest, not a bot. However, following too many people at once can show you desperation, eventually turning your reputation down.

Another trick is to follow the fan pages of celebrity accounts, and you will see a good spike in your follower count. You can later unfollow these accounts. But, do not do anything in access. Keep a limit; otherwise, it can backfire! 

#3. Use your bio effectively

If you have not effectively utilized your Instagram bio, you are missing out on many conversions of actual leads and cold leads. 

Your Instagram bio is the first thing any visitor looks at after visiting your profile. The better you utilize it, the more fame you get for your profile.

Your Instagram bio must clearly depict what the account stands for and how it will bring a change to people who choose to follow it. 

You must be able to hold onto people’s attention through this section of your Instagram page. Another great opportunity is to connect with your people and your audience. Also, put that one exclamation that asks people to share their opinion on your account.

Eventually, this is key to bringing profound engagement to your Instagram page.

Bonus Tip:

Post high quality photos, they work amazingly!

#4. Don’t overdo hashtags but use it effectively

The latest Instagram algorithm does not promote hashtags. What does that mean? Does it mean that Instagram hashtags do not have any significance? Then why do people still use hashtags? Let's throw some light on this topic!

Yes, the latest Instagram algorithm does not promote hashtags as much; however, it does not mean you would not use them at all! The right approach to this new concept is using minimal and effective hashtags only! 

You need not slow your search for hashtags but try to find the most effective ones! Use powerful hashtags and create unique ones, but do not put all your focus there.

Many more new metrics require your attention, and you must invest your gracious time there too!

#5. Interact with other accounts

Social media platform management is not limited to curating and posting content. It also requires you to intervene in what's going on and participate.

Especially for businesses, it is just that they gain more viewers. Commenting on a famous account's post and liking it can open doors for an inflow of viewers. Those accounts might also visit your profile and comment as a return of the favour. This opens a bundle of opportunities for you to gain a lot of fans on your Instagram account.

#6. Buy real Instagram followers (don’t buy fake followers)

Buying Instagram followers online could bring incredible benefits to your blooming business. It is a key Instagram marketing strategy for thousands of people because it boosts Instagram presence and gets more views, besides the increasing follower count.

Buying Instagram followers continues to benefit you till you invest in organic followers with premium quality assured. When you jump to fake accounts, it can become more of a problem and less of a benefit.

Nobody really speaks it loud, but you need to stay away from fake followers. It is just a clear waste of money. When investing, stand to make it worthwhile.

The common signs of fake Instagram followers include

  • Having random names

  • Weird locations

  • Zero engagement with your Instagram account

Such packages come at very cheap prices, and the companies selling them create bots to sell IG likes, and the followers come to you. But Instagram is way too smart. 

As soon as you have such followers on your account, it will recognize and remove them just a few weeks later.

All your money just went to waste! Also, there might be repercussions that you would have to face when you buy fake followers. Why get in trouble when you can always avoid it by buying real Instagram followers?

#7. Collaborate with brands similar to yours

When you have been managing social media for quite some time now, you know about this marketing strategy! Brand collaborations greatly achieve new followers and better views on the Instagram profile. Let's understand this better!

Suppose, You are a beauty influencer. You will send out a collaboration request to many hair care brands. With a particular hair care brand, you might sign a giveaway deal. You would do a giveaway with the brand and post in collaboration. The brand's audience will probably view your account and follow you.

The brand, on the other side, would benefit from your fanbase too! Thus, collaborations always work for both parties! It could be a swap or a paid deal too.

#8. Post consistently

Posting consistently on your Instagram account is one way to win your audience's hearts. Instagram users love accounts that post frequently, and the content is interesting.

They state, "It makes my feed look better." If your content is good and you are consistent with your posting schedule, your followers will stick to you and follow you.

The following rate of an inconsistent profile is always less than that of a consistent shape. After all, that is what social media management is all about! 

Have a schedule and a posting time. Research to find when traffic is maximum and post every day at that time. 

When you practise this, you will see a definite change!

#9. Plan Giveaways

Giveaways are evident to bring immense traffic to your Instagram profile. For everyone unfamiliar with what giveaways are, here's a guide!

A giveaway is a social media contest where you put out a specific winning prize through a game.

This contest could be a series of questions, solving puzzles, or sharing experiences in comments. The prominent giveaway rules include following the accounts collaborating for the giveaway, liking the post, and tagging friends in the comment section. 

All the points above directly bring more followers and better engagement on the account. You can do a giveaway yourself and collaborate with an influencer or brand.

The crowd witnessed during giveaways is beyond ordinary. If you try this, you will see that suddenly your post likes went from 5 to 50 or even 100. Your followers increase exponentially within the giveaway period.

#10. Influencer Marketing

This point is especially for brand accounts on Instagram. Influencer marketing has lately grabbed the market, and many brands have become bigger by taking the Influencer marketing route.

Influencer marketing is where brands use influencers' popularity and fanbase to sell their products. Brands partner with influencers for posts and stories where influencers make content on the partnered brand's products.

Many Instagram users follow influencers. They like to do everything that is recommended by their favourite Instagram celebrity. If not product sales, they do bring traffic and engagement to the Instagram page.

The influencer marketing trend has become so popular that special influencer marketing agencies exist. New brands must have this on their calendar to succeed in the short term without fail. Many brands have already done it!

#11. Content is the ultimate key!

No matter what you do, you will only succeed if your content is in place and appealing enough! Whether it is collaborations or engagement, content is the key to all.

What if you bring followers organically or buy them, but your content fails to make them stay? Here is when we say content is the real king. After all, that is the reason we all are on Instagram!

Ideate content, brainstorm ideas and come up with innovative concepts. Make more reels because it is evident in bringing more traffic. Allow users to engage through your content.

Make user-generated content that is for and by the users. UGC is a newer concept, but it works really well because a user can trust a user the best!

Remember, if you can rule content, you can rule all!


The first thing we would like to say as a concluding factor to the blog is, " Buying Instagram followers is 100% safe and trouble-free." A valuable addition to this blog is "Buying Instagram followers from a good site can result in innumerable benefits."

If there is one thing you must take from this blog, it would be to have research in place and buy Instagram followers safely from the safest site: Thunderclap.it. When investing your precious time and hard-earned money, why not put it somewhere worthy enough? 

Whether buying Instagram followers is a profitable decision or a waste is up to you; make the most out of it!


#1. What is the safest way to buy IG followers?

The safest way to buy Instagram followers is to trust genuine sites like Thunderclap.it and GPC.FM. Unlike fraud services, these sites respectfully help you increase the follower count as per Instagram's terms and conditions. 

They keep bot Instagram accounts far from your IG account and, thus, promote a safe boost of the follower count.

#2. Is it safe to buy Instagram followers can you get banned?

Never. There are millions of Instagram users who buy followers every day to boost their Instagram presence. No one ever gets banned for doing it. However, you must keep a few things in mind and obey them. 

You should not post inappropriate content or content that is against Instagram's policy or send bot messages to other users via DMs. These are the possible reasons that can get your account banned.

#3. Will Instagram block my account if I buy followers?

Buy Instagram followers safely and envision growth.

That does not happen! Instagram will not block your account if you buy followers. However, you must find safe sites that provide genuine followers.

#4. Can you get banned for buying fake followers on Instagram?

There is no possibility of getting banned for buying followers on Instagram. Thousands of accounts are doing it to increase reach and enhance visibility. You must also do it to regain your social and online reputation. 

But always trust a genuine site, or it can land you huge losses. When putting money in, why not choose a site that will land huge profits?

#5. Can you get in trouble for buying Instagram followers?

Never! There is no trouble in buying Instagram followers besides your money getting wasted when trusting a fake service provider.

Sites like Thunderclap.it, have a reputation for selling followers on Instagram. It helps gain social proof, online visibility, Instagram's support, and abundant growth opportunities. You must take advantage of them!

#6. Which is the safest site to buy Instagram followers?

Winner: Thunderclap.it!

As per all leading media houses, Thunderclap.it has been awarded the best site for buying Instagram followers.

From catering to real growth on online media, a genuine fan base, extensive customer support, and an intelligent delivery system to an inbound circle of never-ending opportunities, this site has proven its efficiency everywhere. Thus, everyone declares Thunderclap.it, the winning site!


Sophia Martinez
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Sophia Martinez

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