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Growing your Instagram shouldn’t be so hard. But with over 2 billion monthly active users, you need a strategy.

Not just any strategy, mind you — You need a strategy that employs the tools at your disposal along with connections to help you push the limits.

Because we’ll be honest, odds are that your competitors are using these tools and they’re doing things that you might not be.

That’s why using a tool like Poprey, the Instagram growth service that helps you get more Instagram followers and Instagram likes, could be the potential answer.

Although, what if there’s better tools out there. Shall we say, Poprey alternatives — And how about we also include that these alternatives to Poprey can provide you real users that fast-track your Instagram growth.

Real followers for your Instagram profile instead of fake Instagram followers.

In today’s Poprey review, we’re going to discuss what is Poprey, how Poprey works, the pros and cons, along with why targeted Instagram followers are the best if you want to grow your Instagram account and save time, money, and get legitimate growth and benefits that nobody else can offer you.

Looking around, we’ve found that there are some Poprey reviews that pretty much sum up this platform as a scam.

This Poprey review will be as unbiased as possible!

But we’ve tried Poprey ourselves and we’re going to give you the various reasons why it might not be one of the services that will help you get more engagement and a better reputation on Instagram.

Furthermore, we’ll look into the services that Poprey offers along with if they allow a free trial and what kind of pricing they provide their clients.

TLDR: We conclude that Poprey is NOT a place that we would recommend when it comes to growing your Instagram. Their support team is hard to get in touch with and the fake Instagram followers they provided to our Instagram account makes it best if you avoid Poprey.

Best Poprey Alternatives For 2023

1. Thunderclap – Winner to Buy Instagram Followers 🥇

2. Fameoid – Runner up

3. Ampya – Third place

4. Diozuam

5. Flubber

What is Poprey?

what is poprey review

Poprey is one of the Instagram growth services that claim to help their clients Instagram growth by selling them real accounts as followers.

Through Poprey, you can buy various amounts of organic followers (we found that to be false, the followers are fake) for Instagram and other social media platforms.

Along with followers, you can buy Instagram likes so that you can reach a wider audience along with choosing gradual delivery.

But what if the Poprey service and website along with their reputation falls short of what the company claims?

Let’s be honest, buying fake accounts and followers that don’t do anything won’t help you much. Even if you buy likes, you still won’t get much traction unless they’re from real people.

That’s one reason (along with many other reasons) why we don’t recommend Poprey.

Poprey offers followers that they claim are real, but we found that once their services were delivered — our Instagram grew with only fake users.

In addition to Instagram services, Poprey offers the follower other services:

  • Twitter Followers
  • Facebook Page Likes
  • YouTube Subsribers, Likes, and Views
  • TikTok Views and Followers
  • Spotify Playlist Followers

One weird thing that we noticed was that Poprey has a tool that’s called “Find Optimal Instagram Hashtags”, although when we tried to use it, there was an unknown error that halted our searches.

So maybe they are looking to add something like that in the future or something, who knows!

How Does Poprey Work?

how does poprey work

Poprey’s service works similar to all the other services on the market.

You choose your service, choose the amount of that specific service you want to buy, then you checkout and wait for your order to be delivered.

The Poprey platform states that all orders receive the following:

  • Instant start (false)
  • Instant delivery (false)
  • Permanent (no drop – false)
  • Real looking (false)

They also have a “gradual” option, but during our independent testing we found that to not work.

How to Use Poprey?

One thing that Poprey does well is make it very easy to use their platform.

While their services are too good to be true, at least it’s easy to use.

All you have to do to use Poprey is:

  1. Choose the specific service you want to buy along with the amount of that service
  2. Enter your Instagram username and password
  3. Make your payment
  4. Wait for the service to be delivered

Poprey advertises that their services are delivered immediately, but as said above, we found that not to be the case.

This made us feel like the negative reputation of the Poprey company and the comments and reviews are the business were in fact true.

Features of Poprey

Below you’ll find the main and other features that the Poprey website service offers their customers.

These are all of the services that we tried for this Poprey review.


buy instagram followers from poprey

Poprey offers followers ranging from 10 followers all the way up to 10,000 followers. Now obviously if you buy 10,000 followers, the pricing will be much higher than lower packages.

We’ll discuss pricing later in the article.

As mentioned, the Instagram growth service claims that they will grow your Instagram account with real followers, but we found all our followers from Poprey to be fake followers.

Unfortunately, when using Instagram growth services, a lot of them make this claim.

It’d be crucial to find an Instagram growth service like Thunderclap, because they provide the best quality service for the money full stop.

Additionally, I noticed that about 50% of the followers I got from Poprey dropped within 72 hours.

No Target Audience

One drawback with Poprey services is the fact that you can’t choose a target audience.

If you want to hit the explore page with your Instagram account then it’s critical you can find people who like your content.

To me, that’s a big red flag. When a company claims to provide you real people as followers for your Instagram, yet doesn’t know who to target or drive to your profile — We think that it’s a scam and should be avoid.

This was a comment theme in all the Poprey review that we saw online.


buy instagram likes from poprey

In addition to followers, the Poprey service also provides their customers with Instagram likes too.

These likes range from 25 all the way up to 20,000.

The nice thing about the Instagram likes option is that you can distribute your likes on up to 10 different posts.

This is nothing new, with sending likes to all posts (post) is standard in the industry.

We did notice that Poprey provides their users with a free trial which was nice, but it was pretty horrible quality so it actually makes them look bad, based on the accounts that were sent to us.

From 2,000 up to 20,000 you’d receive a discount, although the link doesn’t say how much of a discount you get, which we think is confusing.


buy auto instagram likes from poprey

Auto-likes for Instagram is a hot new service that allows likes to be sent to every new post within seconds of it’s upload.

This is very handy for an account that wants to maintain a “larger” image than what the brand might potentially have in real life.

Because we’ve all seen some other users (won’t name them), that buy Instagram likes for some of their posts but not all of them.

This results in a bad reputation because it’s obvious that the engagement is provided by fake followers and accounts.

The Poprey auto-like option does not offer any sort of free trial, but they do offer per post and subscription options.

The problem with Poprey is that they is little to no text on their website which makes things hard to understand what you’re getting.


buy views from poprey

Instagram views are a great option for video content whether that be regular videos or reels.

Typically cheaper than Instagram followers and likes, these Instagram views start at 200 views for only $0.80.

Furthermore, it looks like the Instagram growth service can provide any account views on their Instagram reels as well.


buy instagram comments from poprey

People don’t generally buy comments for their Instagram because they typically look bogus and fraudulent.

People are quick to always spot fake comments on the Instagram website, but hey, the market is there so they’ll be offered.

25 comments start at $3.20, but what we cannot confirm is if these comments are standard or customized.

We’d hope that they’d be custom because if not they’d leave a bad reputation for the user.

Once again, like the auto likes, there is no free trial option for comments.

Poprey Pricing

Let’s break down the pricing below:

Followers Pricing

  • 10 Followers – Free
  • 100 Followers – $1.30
  • 250 Followers – $2.70
  • 500 Followers – $4.90
  • 1,000 Followers – $9.00
  • 2,000 Followers – $16.90
  • 5,000 Followers – $37.90
  • 10,000 Followers – $66.90

I noticed that you can tick the plus symbol on the 10,000 follower option to increase it to the maximum offering of 50,000 followers for $239.

Likes Pricing

25 Likes – Free

200 Likes – $2.60

500 Likes – $5.20

1,000 Likes – $9.50

2,000 Likes – $14.90

5,000 Likes – $29.90

10,000 Likes – $51.90

20,000 Likes – $86.90

As mentioned earlier, there is a discount for packages above 2,000 likes.

Auto-Likes Pricing

Per post pricing:

1,000 Auto Likes per Post – $10.90

2,000 Auto Likes per Post – $19.90

5,000 Auto Likes per Post – $39.90

10,000 Auto Likes per Post – $66.90

20,000 Auto Likes per Post – $109

50,000 Auto Likes per Post – $199

100,000 Auto Likes per Post – $379

200,000 Auto Likes per Post – $679

Subscription pricing:

50 Auto Likes – 29.90

100 Auto Likes – $44.90

250 Auto Likes – $61.90

500 Auto Likes – $93.90

750 Auto Likes – $159

1,000 Auto Likes – $189

2,000 Auto Likes – $319

3,000 Auto Likes – $459

Views Pricing

200 Views – $0.80

500 Views – $1.30

1,000 Views – $2.10

2,000 Views – $3.70

5,000 Views – $7.60

10,000 Views – $12.90

20,000 Views – $23.90

50,000 Views – $48.90

Comments Pricing

25 Comments – $3.20

50 Comments – $5.90

100 Comments – $9.90

200 Comments – $18.90

Is Poprey Legit?

is poprey legit

With the amount of customers the services claims to have, to only have 1 review smells fishy to me.

So we’re going to say that NO Poprey is not legit.

Is Poprey Safe?

We would say based on our opinion that Poprey is not safe for helping you grow your Instagram.

We can’t confirm if bans are likely, but from the lack of positive reviews around the website and social media — I think it’d be best to steer clear of these guys.

Poprey PROS and CONS


Lots of options


Lack of support

No information on their website

Lack of reviews around social media

Low quality Instagram followers

No way to know what account is delivered from the platform

No refund policy (or lack of a refund policy)

Poprey Reviews: Final Verdict

We tried to be as unbiased as possible for this Poprey review. We noticed a lot of bad Poprey review around the web, but until we tried them for ourselves we didn’t know why.

Our Poprey review showcases what we experienced, low quality Instagram followers and fake account for other platforms that could of been better.

Social media growth needs to be real for it to have an effect on your account, and our Poprey review showcases that you really should just avoid them.

Best Poprey Alternatives For Real Looking Followers

1. Thunderclap

thunderclap buy instagram followers

Now if you want a company that has great review (or should I say reviews), Thunderclap is the go to.

With the best quality services in the industry, support that cares about you, and tons of reviews that are positive — It’s a no brainer.

In addition to that, Thunderclap has a super easy to use site that is unmatched.

Get real Instagram followers, likes, and views now with Thunderclap.

2. Fameoid

fameoid homepage

Fameoid is our runner up choice next to Thunderclap. With the same level of high quality accounts and services and great pricing, Fameoid is a green light from us.

One thing we really liked about Fameoid is the ability to track your order while you wait for delivery.

3. Ampya

thunderclap buy instagram followers

Ampya is our third choice if you want to grow your Instagram.

Customer support is extremely responsive along with great quality of services and quick delivery.

You can’t go wrong choosing Ampya to get real Instagram growth.

Written By Oliver Harris