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Jarvee has stopped providing services and is no longer operational.

Working on social media platforms like Instagram can take a lot of time and attention, so why not take advantage of a service that can help you streamline growth and build social proof?

Jarvee is one of the leading social media automation tools that can help you complete many tasks, including posting, Instagram follower growth, hashtag research, and more.

After all, social media marketing is projected to reach over $15 million by the end of the year, so why not do what you can to get your Instagram account thriving at optimal levels?

Almost all brands and businesses these days use their Instagram accounts to connect with their target audience and increase potential customers and leads.

It’s certainly no small feat, as Instagram management is time consuming and requires a large investment of effort.

For that reason, contracting the best Instagram growth service to help you grow your account will allow you to focus on content creation and putting your best foot forward for your followers.

Jarvee is known for Instagram automation and making things much easier for Instagram users who want to monetize their platform, but what about Jarvee alternatives? How effective are they in comparison?

In this post we’ll discuss all things Jarvee as well as possible alternatives for your Instagram account growth. Let’s get moving.

TLDR: Jarvee is no longer operational.  Thunderclap is the best place to buy Instagram followers.

Who is Jarvee?

Jarvee review does it work

Jarvee is a social media management tool that helps you to automate your Instagram growth and also take care of daily tasks such as posting, hashtag research, and more.

By using a Windows-based software, you can connect multiple accounts including your Instagram in order to streamline your social media workload.

Some of the other social media platforms that Jarvee works with includes Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and LinkedIn.

Jarvee claims that through Instagram automation you can attract new followers and build a loyal community.

While there is no direct support from an account manager, Jarvee does have a support team to answer any questions and help you get started.

These days, it is difficult to know whether or not an Instagram growth service that uses automation tools will be effective for your growth, so for that reason we’re going to take a look at exactly what Jarvee can do for you.

We will see how they interact with your Instagram profile as well as some Jarvee alternatives that may be a bit more straightforward if all the features become a bit overwhelming.

How Does Jarvee Work?

Jarvee ultimately has a wide range of features and does have a bit of a learning curve when understanding how it works to bring you more followers and more engagement, but getting started is pretty straightforward.

We’ll start with that and then move into its functionality.

Getting Started with Jarvee Automation Tools

Jarvee customers don’t need to provide any super sensitive information upon signing up. It’s a basic sign up process– everything will get entered when you download the Jarvee software.

Choose Your Plan

Jarvee sign up

Choosing your plan and creating your Jarvee account go together in the first step.

Before you register for anything, you’ll want to take a look at the different plans offered by Jarvee so that you can select the best one for your Instagram account.

Once you’ve selected that, you’ll be able to create an account and get started with the Jarvee Instagram automation free trial.

Typically the free trial lasts for 5 days; after that period, you’ll be charged for the month on a recurring basis.

At this point, you’ll be able to enter your email and create your account, getting your Instagram growth on the road!

Sign up for the Free Trial

After you sign up for the free trial with Jarvee, you’ll be welcomed to the Jarvee social media community and you’ll have a variety of different link options.

You should receive an email from Jarvee in order to download the software, or you can even click the link on the left side to download.

welcome to jarvee alternatives

You’ll have 5 days to test out the tools that Jarvee provides, including sending direct messages, scheduling posts, growth services, and other services for additional social media accounts.

Now’s the time to dig a little deeper and do a quick Jarvee review in terms of automation features.

Jarvee Instagram Automation Features

If you want more real followers on Instagram, you’ll need to attract users with your high-quality content and latest posts, including reels, stories, photos, and overall brand image.

The purpose of Jarvee is to use their virtual machine to bring real users to your profile, putting you in contact with more accounts on Instagram that are likely to be interested in your posts.

how jarvee works

That can then lead to a higher engagement rate on Instagram and keep your performance high in terms of the Instagram algorithm, helping your content to get reach in the long term.

Whether you have a business or are looking to become an influencer, the Jarvee software has many tools and features to help get you there.

Let’s see exactly what you can expect with all the features provided.

Schedule Posts

One of the main features that Jarvee offers is to schedule your posts in advance so that you get your content live on Instagram at the best posting times for your audience.

You can schedule an image or a video, as well as write the caption. Once you’re ready to go, you can schedule the posts to go live at the time you feel your post can reach more users on Instagram.

The goal of this feature is to help you produce consistent content, increasing your reach and building up your followers so that they will be looking for more content from your Instagram account on a regular basis.

It also helps Jarvee automation tools work better because you’ll have regular content that can attract more new followers when they check out your profile.

jarvee features

Auto Repost

Jarvee’s auto repost feature helps you to look across different accounts in your niche and find content that would be valuable to share.

You can then not only make connections with your target audience through great content, but you can also become an authority in your niche by sharing relevant Instagram posts on a regular basis.

This also helps to create connections with top performing accounts in your niche, building connections and hopefully leading to more growth on Instagram organically in the future.

While it is a valuable feature, you should still be producing and posting your own content regularly if you want to attract real Instagram followers.

Auto Follow

One of the staples of Instagram growth, Jarvee will auto follow Instagram accounts on your behalf in the hopes that they’ll return the favor, thus gaining you new followers.

Jarvee quickly identifies Instagram users that may be interested in your account and follows them in order to bring them back on as a follower. You can provide target instructions so that Jarvee reaches only the most relevant Instagram users for your page.

The thing to note here, and this goes for any Instagram automation and similar features, is that there are strict activity limits on Instagram in order to protect the user experience.

If you have too much interaction on Instagram, your profile may get blocked or banned. Be sure that Jarvee is not over engaging and putting your profile at risk.

When you use a follow adder like Jarvee, you should monitor it closely to ensure it’s not running amok.

Follow Back

The idea with follow back is as you get more followers, Jarvee will follow those users back. This helps to create connections and build a community as mentioned earlier.

Social platforms are all about forming bonds, so when an account sees that you followed back, they may be more likely to trust you and interact with you.

This isn’t a common Instagram automation feature found with Jarvee alternatives, so it’s something that’s unique to their services.


If you have too many followers on your Instagram account, it may look as if your profile is spammy or inauthentic. For business purposes, it’s a best practice to have more users following you than you follow.

For that reason, the unfollow feature from Jarvee is a good one. It will help clear out accounts that didn’t become followers, keeping your followed list nice and clean.

Not keen on the idea of follow/unfollow strategy? Using one-time packaged growth services to buy Instagram followers is a great alternative that can help you to avoid the messy aftermath.

Auto Like

Auto like is also very common for an Instagram automation tool, and the Jarvee software is no exception.

Jarvee will like high-quality images connected to your niche and like them, hoping that the users get the notification and check out who liked their content.

This is a less aggressive way to get more Instagram followers, but it does work over time.

If you need speedy Instagram growth, this should only be a supplement to your overall strategy.

Auto Comment

Using Instagram automation with Jarvee to leave auto comments can actually be pretty risky. It’s very easy for users to spot bots in the comment section, which means that using auto comments can actually hurt your reputation.

These days, Instagram users are more savvy than ever. The comments you leave on an Instagram post should be specific and relevant to each piece of content, not generic and widespread.

For that reason, Jarvee’s auto comment tool isn’t perhaps the best way to bring in more Instagram followers.

That said, as long as the comment is high quality and relevant to the account Jarvee posts it on, you may find it a viable strategy.

Business accounts that leave meaningful and interesting comments can certainly attract users to their IG and gain followers that way.

jarvee features

Delete Posts

Not everything you post on IG is forever, and if you want to get rid of some that no longer resonate with your Instagram business or personal image, the Jarvee software can help.

You can delete unappealing posts or ones that aren’t performing well, which can help your account to have better metrics and look more attractive to potential followers.

Contact Prospects

You can use this feature to send auto DMs to people who have interacted with your content in one way or another.

That means if someone liked your post, you can auto DM them and make more contact with them, perhaps turning them into customers if you’re on Instagram for business.

Manage DMs

You’ll have one go-to inbox where you can manage your DMs. You won’t have any account manager to do that for you, but it does streamline the process if you have multiple social media profiles.

Hashtag Research

Hashtags are really important on Instagram to get more reach for your content, so understanding which ones are performing well in your niche will help you to get more reach for your photos and videos.

If you’re looking for a Jarvee alternative for hashtag research you can also see Task Ant.

Comment Management

You can keep track of all the comments you get in one unified inbox, also being able to respond directly from within the Jarvee software.

This isn’t too difficult to do with the Instagram app itself unless you’re managing tons of different accounts.

Find Targeted Followers

Looking to reach particular followers in your target market? You can use Jarvee to save time and identify Instagram users that are likely to be interested in your account.

jarvee features

Jarvee Pricing

Jarvee offers a range of different price points for their services, putting them into three different plans: Starter, Regular, and Professional.

One thing to note is that the prices are charged in Euro, so you’ll need to convert them to your local currency to have the exact price.

jarvee pricing

The Starter pack will get you all scheduling and automation features for up to 10 social accounts, which includes different platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and others. The cost is €29.95 per month.

The Regular plan offers the same, except you can access services for up to 30 social accounts at €49.95 per month.

Lastly, the Professional plan is the most expansive software and allows users to link up to 70 social media accounts, meaning it’s likely best for managers or agents with tons of accounts to deal with. This will cost €69.95 per month.

All plans claim to include great customer service with their premium support team.

Jarvee FAQ

Still have some questions about Jarvee? Let’s answer them before we check out the best alternatives.

Is Jarvee an Instagram bot?

Ultimately, yes. The Jarvee software does basically implement an Instagram bot to help you with follower growth. The same goes for Twitter and Facebook.

While you can reach quite a few users, you may want to seek an alternative as the IG platform is constantly getting rid of accounts that use bots.

What is Jarvee used for?

Jarvee is used as a follow adder to help you gain more Instagram followers and engagement. It also works to grow other social media networks.

Does Jarvee still work?

Many customers are looking for an alternative to Jarvee due to its decreased performance over the years. This is mainly due to the restrictions Instagram placed on automation.

How do I run Jarvee?

Jarvee is a software that needs to be downloaded to your Windows computer. If you don’t have Windows, you can contact their support to find out about getting the tool on a Mac computer.

jarvee support

There is also a Jarvee knowledge base that you can access if you don’t feel like writing to support.

Is Jarvee a free service?

Jarvee offers a free trial for 5 days after which you will be billed monthly. It’s a good thing that you’ll be able to test out their services, especially if you plan to use it for combined social networks like Twitter and Facebook management.

How fast can I get Instagram followers with Jarvee?

Depending on your target market, you should be able to see a daily increase in followers based on our Jarvee review of services. That said, results aren’t guaranteed and ultimately you may see very little growth depending on how many people the software reaches.

Does Jarvee Work?

jarvee alternatives Instagram growth

Jarvee works for what it is, but almost all Instagram automation services are not functioning at top levels. Many have even closed down due to the inability to operate in line with Instagram’s terms of service.

The same is true for Twitter and Facebook, as bots have become a huge problem on many social networks these days.

It’s best to seek out the best Jarvee alternatives if you want a growth service that is going to be with you in the long run. That way, you don’t have to worry about any issues down the line.

Is Jarvee Legit?

Jarvee is a legitimate software that was designed to help you with your Instagram growth as well as growth on other social platforms.

download jarvee

Is Jarvee Safe?

Jarvee doesn’t use your sensitive account information or put your Instagram at risk per se, but based on how strict Instagram is becoming with services like Jarvee, you may want to look for a growth service that doesn’t implement Instagram automation.

Using an alternative that protects your account integrity is important if you don’t want to get blocked or banned from taking actions on Instagram.

Best Jarvee Alternatives

Looking for a Jarvee alternative that might be a simpler tool, or help you get Instagram followers more quickly and safely?

Even though Jarvee had many customers in the past, things have slowed down due to the restrictions on Instagram automation and the negative effect it can have on your business.

If you want your account to grow and remain safe, check out the following as an alternative to Jarvee.


Thunderclap is simple to use but offers some powerful Instagram growth. You can get packages for Instagram followers, likes, and views, helping to create a well-rounded Instagram presence that gets people talking.

You don’t have to provide your password to use Thunderclap, and there are packages that suit every budget. They’ve also got exclusive delivery technology that has been developed by experts to keep your profile safe and secure.

For these reasons, Thunderclap is widely considered the best Jarvee alternative, especially if you want to grow quickly.


Fameoid is fun to navigate and offers a very clear snapshot of exactly what you’ll get with each Instagram growth package.

With the option to boost your follower count with active followers, Fameoid will take your profile to the next level while you focus on creating the best content to captivate your audience.


Our final Jarvee alternative is Ampya, a service that can help you to build your follower count safely and securely.

The growth tools from Ampya have quickly risen to popularity, but they don’t overwhelm customers with too many tools all at once like Jarvee does.

If you need a simple solution for Instagram growth, check out Ampya.

Written By Alexander Noah

Alexander has worked as an Instagram content strategist for popular media houses and now researches and publishes the latest Instagram content with He is keen to analyze the IG algorithm and find what works better for reach and visibility. You will find many of his IG hacks, tricks, and instructions for better reach on!