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We all know how amazing YouTube is for new and upcoming creators to build their community and earn loyal subscribers. You can quickly gain popularity and earn money if you know your way with the ins and outs of YouTube!

Are you starting your new YouTube journey this new year?

Or are you hoping to make your videos go viral on YouTube?

In this article, we will provide the best 25 proven tips for growing a brand-new YouTube channel in 2024 and gaining new subscribers. Stay with us until the end; you can learn how to create the next virtual video!

25 Proven Tips For Growing A Brand New YouTube Channel 2024!

Once you have opened your YouTube channel for a brand, working around the various options and features to gain visibility is essential. So, explore tips that can make your YouTube growth journey easier!

#1. Be Active And Consistent!

Consistency is the first and most essential tip to gain popularity on any social media platform!

A great way to be consistent is by creating a fixed weekly or monthly schedule to post new videos. This way, your subscribers can know when your new videos drop and can watch them immediately!

#2. Engagement Is A Must!

Replying to comments and interacting with other creators may look tedious, but they play a significant role in improving your online presence.

Engaging with your followers or companies you want to work with makes your channel seem approachable and legit. So make sure to thank your subscribers when they comment and show gratitude!

#3. Create Unique But Trendy Content

With millions of other creators posting content daily, you must create something unique and fresh to catch their users' attention.

So, always do plenty of research and try to make videos about exciting and trendy niche topics that YouTubers can enjoy!

#4. Understand And Utilise The Analytics To Get More Views!

YouTube provides detailed analytics and stats that can be studied to know how well your viewers receive and engage with your content. By examining these analytics, you can see what content is most liked by your subscribers.

So, benefit from the analytics and make the right content for your audience!

#5. Create A Catchy Username! 

Another easy but often overlooked tip is choosing an easy-to-remember or catchy username for your brand's YouTube channel.

Find names that describe your brand and niche of YouTube channel perfectly and are hard to forget!

#6. Use The Right Keywords In Your Video Descriptions 

Next up, the video description of your YouTube video can help you reach the right audience. 

By using SEO-optimised keywords, it becomes easier to promote your videos in the vast world of YouTube.

#7. Collaborate With Other Popular Creators To Create New Content!

Collaborating with other creators is a beautiful way to get more recognition and gain new subscribers interested in fresh content.

To ensure that you get your target audience's attention, always choose the right partner for your collaborations.

#8. Brainstorm Interesting Titles For Your Videos

YouTube is a widely competitive platform with millions of videos uploaded daily. So, having exciting titles for your YouTube videos is a must!

Make sure you use SEO tools to get the right keywords for your title!

#9. Ensure That Your YouTube Thumbnails Captivate Your Viewers!

The first thing any new user sees from your channel is the thumbnails on your videos, so it creates a long-lasting effect on them.

Whether your videos are worth watching or not, the thumbnails decide it all. So, make sure to use attractive thumbnails for all your videos!

#10. The Length Of Your Video Matters! 

Another important tip is to know how long it takes to make your videos so that your viewers stay connected to your content.

Long and tedious make viewers lose interest, so make sure to capture their attention and create curiosity within the first few minutes of your videos and maintain relevancy till the end!

#11. Promote Your YouTube channel On Your Other Social Media Accounts!

Once your YouTube journey has started, cross-promote your videos on different social media networks, as you need to start building hype for your brand using your existing followers.

You can link your YouTube channel on your Instagram story or put it on your TikTok bio!

#12. Hold Fun Contests And Giveaways To Attract New Followers!

Another great way to gain new followers and grow your brand is by doing giveaways and contests on your YouTube channel!

You can organize these events for your subscribers and give gifts to the people who constantly interact with your account to increase genuine engagement.

#13. Participate In Popular Challenges

New challenges and trends are popping up daily, and you can hop on to these trends, take advantage of their popularity, and showcase your content to a new audience.

So make sure to participate in the new challenges or try to use trending audio in your YouTube videos and shorts.

#14. Understand And Take Advantage Of The Algorithm!

The algorithms in YouTube are one the most significant tools to help any new YouTube creator succeed! If you master the ways the YouTube algorithm works, you can easily create content that will be well-liked by the viewers.

So, make sure to check how the YouTube algorithms work by understanding analytics and using them in your favor.

#15. Use YouTube SEO Strategy To Create Content

SEO strategies are one the most helpful ways to boost your YouTube account in the current times.

Using the correct tools and strategies, you can gain millions of views and subscribers quickly, helping you grow your brand!

#16. Choose The Correct Hashtags And Keywords To Promote Your Videos

Keywords and hashtags can help you reach your content to your targeted audience. Using the right keywords in your YouTube videos makes a whole lot of difference in your view count and subscribers.

So, always use trending hashtags related to your brand to make it easier for new users to find your videos on their feeds!

#17. Make Use Of YouTube Built-in Features

YouTube has impressive features, like the end-screen button, annotations, insights, and playlists, that help new creators immensely.

So, utilize the built-in features offered by YouTube to make sure that your videos go viral!

#18. Do Livestreams And Interact With Your Subscribers

With YouTube, you can do live streams and interact with your subscribers any time that you want. By doing this can not only connect with the audience but also talk about your brand to increase awareness.

So remember to host lives on your channel to interact with your subscribers and grow a connection with them.

#19. Make Sure To Listen To Your Subscribers!

Another tip to keep in mind is always to take advice from your subscribers. Listen to what they want to see on your channel.

You can create the right content that the viewers want by engaging with them through the comment section and live streams.

#20. Create Playlists and Organize Your YouTube Videos!

If you want to increase your watch time, you need your viewers to stay on your channel for a longer time by creating playlists of your videos that will auto-play the next one.

Creating a video series that is updated every week is a great way to start attracting frequent viewers!

#21. Promote Your YouTube Videos Through YouTube Shorts!

YouTube shorts are a new and refreshing way to showcase your channel to new viewers and turn them into subscribers!

You can easily create short but informative videos through YouTube shorts that will help your content reach a wider audience.

#22. Use YouTube’s End Screen and Annotation Features

YouTube’s annotation and end-screen features are some of the most helpful tools for creators.

Using these features, you can increase your views and, hence, your watch time significantly.

#23. Add Captions And Translations To Widen Your Range Of  Audience!

Another way to increase the range of your audience is by ensuring that all demographics can view your content.

Adding captions in several languages with the help of translators can help you gain worldwide popularity!

#24. Take Advantage Of The YouTube ads!

You must be aware of how many ads there are on YouTube, so make sure to take advantage of those ads.

Try to promote your videos through these ads that can be targeted based on demographics, locations, or even interests!

#25. Lastly, Improve Your Content Along With Your YouTube Channel!

The last and most important tip for any new YouTube creator is to ensure that the quality of your content grows with your account.

You need to keep improving your content so that your subscribers can remain engaged by your videos!

Now that we have gone over all the tips and tricks, we can focus on the benefits of using YouTube as a creator!

Benefits of Growing A YouTube Channel

YouTube remains a fan favorite among all the available social media platforms. Here are some reasons why it is beneficial to grow a YouTube channel: 

#1. Easy to use and no extra charges to upload videos

YouTube does not charge any fees for opening a creator account; you can also upload as many videos as you want at no charge.

For creators, this can help you save your money and build an online community.

#2. Massive user base and worldwide popularity

YouTube’s massive user base can help you get the exposure you want, and you can showcase your content to your target audience easily.

With billions of users worldwide, YouTube is one of the most used social media platforms.

#3. Monetisation of accounts

It is easy for creators to earn money on YouTube if you know how to work your way through it. You can utilize your video to run ads or promote others' content to make an income out of it.

The monetization of your YouTube account can help you just by uploading engaging videos online.

#4. Offers excellent features and analytics

YouTube has many features and tools that help creators make their videos go viral.

Also, YouTube provides precious insights and analytics to help creators form the right strategies for their accounts.

#5. Has a long-term value

YouTube videos remain in your account as long as you do not delete them, so your viewers can watch years-old videos without any issues.

So creators can earn even from old videos that can go viral anytime using the YouTube algorithm!


YouTube has remained the top social media platform since its release, and many have found success on YouTube.

So try our tips and tricks to become a popular YouTube creator and get millions of subscribers on your channel today!

FAQs About Tips For Growing A Brand New YouTube Channel

#1. Does having more subscribers help me get more views on my videos?

Yes, it does! When you have more subscribers, your videos go on the feeds of all your subscribers, which can increase your views significantly.

Make sure to keep your video titles and thumbnails interesting so that your videos get more views! 

#2. What are good ways to attract new subscribers to a new YouTube account?

Some great ways to make sure that you get new subscribers on your YouTube channel is by doing collaborations with famous creators or hosting contests on your YouTube channel!

#3. How much can I start earning through my YouTube account?

Your earning depends on your video content, engagement rate, and several other factors that decide how much you get paid for content on YouTube. 

Also, you need to have more than a thousand subscribers to start earning. YouTube also has a minimum requirement for views for you to start earning from your videos.

#4. How can I gain more views on my YouTube videos quickly?

If you want to gain more views quickly, you can use your other social media accounts to promote them and give them the needed exposure!

YouTube ads are another great way to gain views quickly and easily! You can use YouTube ads to promote your old videos to gain more views.

#5. What counts as a view on YouTube?

For YouTube to count a view on any YouTube, the viewer needs to watch your video for at least 30 seconds. 

But make sure not to use bots to increase your views, as it can harm your online presence!

#6. How can I utilize the YouTube algorithm to gain more subscribers?

YouTube algorithm can make any video go viral quickly! Make sure that your videos align with what the viewers want to watch.

User feedback plays a vital role in the YouTube algorithm, so choose well-received content for your videos!

#7. Can I promote my YouTube account on Instagram and TikTok?

Yes, you can! Linking your social media accounts to your YouTube channel is very simple! By doing that, you can post content cross-platform and get more exposure.

There are plenty of ways to promote your YouTube channel on other social media that help you get more exposure.

#8. What are the benefits of publishing my content on YouTube?

Some of the most significant benefits of using YouTube for creators are:

  • Wide user base
  • Free of cost 
  • Built-in features
  • Simple to use

#9. What are the in-built features of YouTube that are helpful for creators?

Features like the auto-play options, end-screen, and annotations make YouTube great for creators.

You also get various insights and analytics that help you know your audience better on YouTube.


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