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How To Earn Money Using Twitter? - Step By Step Guide
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Do you want to monetize your Twitter account? With over 528 million monthly active users today, many top creators are making money from Twitter.

If you want to make money with your Twitter following or account and build an additional source of income, we have covered the best methods to monetize your Twitter content in this guide.

Let's get started!

8 Best Ways To Earn Money Using Twitter In 2024

Understand the most popular ways to earn money using Twitter in 2024 and utilize your Twitter account to its full potential. Here are the latest methods mentioned below to help you start earning through Twitter.

1. Offer Twitter Growth Services

If you have built a strong Twitter presence for yourself, you can offer Twitter growth services for busy business owners.

Many businesses want to build a following on their social media accounts. You can help such businesses grow their Twitter account.

Help businesses gain a Twitter following in exchange for money. Manage their accounts and post tweets on their behalf. Offering Twitter growth services will allow you to earn with your personal experience.

# Build a Twitter Following as a Portfolio

To offer Twitter growth services, you must have a portfolio. Gain a Twitter following and use this following as your portfolio. Then, reach out to clients needing your services and create an offer. You can use the following tips to grow a Twitter following:

  •  Share interesting content with your audience consistently.
  • Use relevant hashtags in your tweets to improve content visibility.
  • Initiate conversations with your audience and build a community.

# How to Sell Twitter Growth and Management Services?

To make money by offering Twitter services, you must draft a plan. Use these strategies to sell and market your Twitter growth and management services:

  • Reach out to business owners and understand their goals on social media.
  • Offer a free consultation call on how you will help them grow on Twitter.
  • Share your expertise and provide tailored solutions to their problems.

2. Earn With Affiliate Marketing

Another popular way to earn with a Twitter following is to promote products and earn as an affiliate. You can use your Twitter following to market products by various brands and make money with affiliate marketing.

All you need to do is include the product link naturally in your Tweet, and when someone buys a product from that link, you can earn a commission from that purchase. 

# How to become an affiliate?

To become an affiliate, you must have an engaged audience and a significant following on your Twitter account. First, gain a Twitter following and then follow these steps:

Step 1: Research affiliate programs

Start by researching affiliate programs by famous companies. Many companies have an affiliate program. Visit the company website you want to partner with and search for their affiliate program.

Step 2: Join a program after reviewing the terms and conditions

Read all the terms and conditions of the program carefully and join the affiliate program once you meet all the minimum requirements and eligibility criteria.

Step 3: Post tweets and threads with affiliate links

Once you have signed up for an affiliate program, you’ll receive a unique affiliate link. Use this link in your tweets and create content around the product features. When your Twitter follower will purchase from this link, you will earn a comission.

# Famous Affiliate Marketing Programs

Here are some famous affiliate marketing programs you can sign up for:

  •  Amazon Associates
  • Rakuten Advertising
  • CJ Affiliate
  • eBay Partner Network
  • PartnerStack

3. Make Sponsored Tweets

An engaged Twitter audience is like digital real estate, and every brand wants to invest in and utilize this. If you have gained an active audience on your Twitter account, you can make sponsored tweets on behalf of companies and charge a price for each tweet you post.

To earn by posting sponsored tweets, you must reach out to brands that align with your Twitter audience's demographics. Then, express your interest in creating sponsored content. Once you sign up with a company, you can create sponsored tweets and threads and charge for the number of tweets you make.

# Sites that pay you to make sponsored tweets

Many websites allow you to make sponsored tweets. Sign up to these websites and post sponsored tweets on their behalf at the prescribed time interval. Here are some websites that pay for sponsored tweeting:

  •  Sponsored Tweets
  • Adly
  • RevTwt
  • Magpie
  • Twittad

# Tips on how to post sponsored tweets

To make money with sponsored tweets, you must understand the brand and product thoroughly to incorporate their product or service into your tweet seamlessly. You can follow these tips to post sponsored tweets.

  •  Craft sponsored tweets with your usual content style
  • Use eye-catching visuals to make your tweets stand out
  • Time your Tweets strategically at different intervals

4. Monetize Your Twitter Video Content

You can profit from Twitter's Amplify monetization program by publishing original video content on your Twitter profile. The Amplify program allows creators to monetize their videos by partnering with advertisers.

You can integrate brand-sponsored video content into your Twitter posts and earn based on the ad revenue. The Twitter's Amplify program supports the following ad formats:

  • Amplify Pre Roll - a short ad is displayed at the beginning of the video.
  • Amplify Sponsorships - a collaboration between the sponsor and the creator

# Eligibility Criteria to Join the Amplify Program

If you want to join the Amplify Program, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • To have an X (Twitter) account in good standing
  • Have a verified X account
  • Publish content that adheres to Safe for Ads content guidelines
  • To be an active video publisher on X

# How to Earn Money by Displaying Amplify Pre-Roll and Amplify Sponsorships?

To display ads using Amplify's monetization program, follow these steps:

Step 1: Apply to join the Twitter Amplify program

To earn money by displaying ads in your videos, first meet the eligibility criteria and then apply to join the program. Only creators working directly with X Partner Managers are eligible to join the program.

Step 2: Start collaborating with Advertisers

Once accepted into the program, collaborate with advertisers or brands interested in promoting their products or services through video content.

Step 3: Create and promote sponsored content

Now, start creating sponsored video content and actively share and promote tweets containing sponsored content. Make engaging videos to capture the audience's attention.

5. Earn With Ticketed Spaces

Another popular way to earn using Twitter is Ticketed Spaces. Ticketed Spaces on Twitter are audio chat rooms where you can host live conversations with your audience.

You can make the Space a ticketed event and charge your followers an entry ticket to these audio spaces. With this Twitter feature, you can decide your ticket price, ranging from $1 to $999. Moreover, you can also decide the number of attendees for your event and invite as few as five or as many as 100 people.

# How to start a Space?

To start a Ticketed space on Twitter with an iOS or Android, follow these steps:

Step 1: Press the Post Composer

First, go to the Twitter App and press the post composer by tapping the “+” sign. Four options will appear.

Step 2: Select the Space Icon

Select the Spaces option. Name your Space and start a space. You can include up to 13 people in your Space.

Step 3: Schedule Space

You can also Schedule your Space by tapping on the clock sign. After scheduling your Space, share the link to your Space in your Tweets.

# Earning with ticketed spaces

If you want to earn by hosting Ticketed spaces, be sure to follow these tips:

  • Actively promote your live audio events in your Tweet
  • Provide exclusive and valuable content during your ticketed events.
  • Encourage active participation from your audience by responding to their questions and fostering a sense of community.
  • Use the "Request to Speak" feature on Twitter to encourage participants to join the conversation.

6. Earn from your fans with X Tips (Twitter's New Feature)

You can earn directly from your fans with X Tips. This new Twitter feature allows you to link websites of third-party payment platforms in your Twitter profile and receive direct support from your fans.

Your Twitter fans who enjoy your content can send you support through platforms like Patreon, and you can generate an additional source of income by accepting tips on your Twitter profile. Presently, this feature is available only on Android and iOS.

# Who can receive Tips on X?

Twitter has put an age restriction on individuals who can receive Tips. Only individuals above 18 are eligible to earn and receive tips on X.

# How to set up X Tips on your Profile?

Follow these steps to set up X Tips on your Twitter profile:

Step 1: Go to your Twitter profile

Visit your Twitter profile and navigate to find the Edit Profile option

Step 2: Tap on Tips to turn on the Tips feature

Next, tap on the Tips option. Agree to the General Tipping Policy and switch to the Allow Tips option.

Step 3: Choose your Third Party Platform

Select the third-party service for receiving cash gifts from your fans. Add your username to display the Tip icon on your X profile. 

7. Turn followers into paying subscribers with X Subscriptions

You can also turn your Twitter followers into paying subscribers with X Subscriptions. With this X feature, you can set up a subscription fee for your Twitter followers in exchange for unique content and experiences.

To make money with X Subscription, create unique tweets, updates, or interactions that are only accessible to those who subscribe and pay a monthly fee to be your subscribers.

As a creator, you can retain up to 97% of revenue from subscriptions. However, once you exceed $50000 in revenue, this percentage will be reduced to 80%

# Eligibility Criteria for X subscriptions

You must meet the following criteria to enable X Subscriptions:

  •  To be at least 18 years old
  • To have at least 500 X followers
  • Be an X premium subscriber
  • Be an active X user

# Activating X subscriptions

Follow these steps to activate X subscriptions on your Profile:

Step 1: Go to your Twitter profile

Visit your Twitter Profile and find the main menu.

Step 2: Navigate to the monetization option

Next, locate the monetization option in the main menu.

Step 3: Select Subscription

In Monetization, choose the option of Subscription, and continue the application.

 8. Earn With Twitter's Ad Revenue Sharing Programme

On July 14, 2023, Twitter (now X) launched the Creators' Ad Revenue Programme to reward creators by sharing the ad revenue generated on their profiles. Creators can now earn based on organic impressions of ads displayed in replies to their content.

# Eligibility Criteria for the program

You must meet the following eligibility criteria to join the program:

  • Must be subscribed to X premium (Twitter Blue) or a verified organization.
  • To have at least 500 active followers.
  • Gain at least 5 million organic impressions on posts within the last three months.

After meeting the eligibility criteria, set up a Stripe account to receive your payouts.

# How to Join X's Ad revenue sharing program?

Once you meet the eligibility criteria, follow these steps to join X's Ad revenue-sharing program:

Step 1: Access your Twitter profile and navigate to the Monetization Tab

Step 2: Select the option of Join and Setup Payouts

Step 3: Provide your Stripe account details

 Once your earnings exceed $10, you'll receive regular payouts through your Stripe account.

Other Ways to Make Money Using Twitter

Along with the above methods, you can also use these ways to generate revenue on Twitter:

# Become a Twitter Ghostwriter

A Ghostwriter is someone who writes content on behalf of someone else. As a Twitter ghostwriter, you can offer your writing services to create engaging client tweets. Earn by writing Tweets, managing replies, and maintaining an active Twitter presence for your client.

# Sell your products

If you offer products or services, Twitter can be a powerful platform to promote such products. You can promote your products in your Tweets and link an online store to sell them.

# Earn as a Twitter Influencer

As a Twitter influencer, you can earn money through sponsored content, affiliate marketing, and even by launching your product. Gain a substantial following on your Twitter profile and earn as an influencer.

# Find clients using Twitter

If you offer freelancing services, you can leverage Twitter to find clients. Use Twitter to showcase your expertise and share your work. Popular creators are using this strategy to offer their services.

Once you have decided which method you want to choose to earn money using Twitter, read further and learn a few tips that will help increase your chances of making money.

Tips To Increase Chances Of Earning Money Using Twitter

Here are some tips that can help you increase monetization opportunities and earn money using Twitter:

#1 Create a professional Twitter profile

To monetize your Twitter presence, you must optimize your Twitter profile. Choose a precise and professional profile picture for your Twitter account. Next, include a banner image that complements your profile picture or features relevant information about your brand.

You must select a Twitter handle that is easy to remember. In addition to these profile details, write a compelling bio about your brand and include a link to your website in your Twitter profile. A professional Twitter profile will enhance your credibility as a creator and attract potential sponsors, advertisers, and collaborators to your Profile.

#2 Use relevant and trendy keywords in your tweet

Including relevant keywords and hashtags in your tweets is crucial to improve your Profile discoverability. Relevant keywords in your tweets help your content appear in search results. This means that users interested in specific topics related to your Twitter content are likelier to discover and engage with your tweets.

In addition to a better reach of your tweets, including relevant keywords also increases the reach of your sponsored content. Use relevant hashtags along with keywords in your tweets to improve searchability.

#3 Post Engaging Tweets

If you want to increase your earnings on Twitter, post engaging tweets for your audience. Tweets containing exciting and unique information receive more interaction from the audience.

Higher interaction from the audience will improve your content visibility, and your tweets will start reaching a broader audience. Therefore, post engaging tweets with compelling visuals to reach a wider audience.

Focus on building an engaged Twitter following, as advertisers are often drawn to creators with an active following.

#4 Build an email list through your Twitter following

You can build an email list through your Twitter following and increase monetization opportunities. An email list of your Twitter followers can be a valuable asset. With an email list of your followers, you can directly promote products and services by creating sponsored content for your audience.

 An email list opens up various monetization opportunities, such as affiliate marketing, sponsored promotions, and product launches.

#5 Send the Twitter traffic to your website and other social media

You can also maximize your earnings by directing traffic from your Twitter profile to your website. With an engaged Twitter following, you can attract an audience for your already published content on your blog and other social media handles. Therefore, direct your Twitter traffic to your website and blog to improve the reach of your content.

Final Thoughts

We have covered all the latest methods to make money using Twitter. Whether you want to sell your products or become an influencer, Twitter offers diverse ways to make money. Explore all these options to start earning with your Twitter presence!

FAQs on How to Earn Money using Twitter

#1 Can I earn money from Twitter?

Yes, it is possible to earn money using Twitter. You can monetize your Twitter following and earn money with sponsored tweeting, affiliate marketing, Ticketed spaces, X Tips, and X subscriptions.

You can also promote your products or services on your Twitter profile to make money through your Twitter audience.

#2 How can someone become a Twitter influencer and monetize their content?

To become a Twitter influencer, you must focus on building a loyal Twitter following. Consistently share relevant content for your target audience and participate in trending conversations.

Once you gain a substantial Twitter following, collaborate with brands to create sponsored content and monetize your Twitter content.

#3. How many followers do I need to earn on Twitter?

According to the content monetization standards of Twitter (now X), you must maintain 500 or more active followers on your Profile to become eligible for Twitter monetization.

In addition to the follower threshold, you must have met additional criteria to join Twitter's monetization program.

#4. Does Twitter pay for views?

No, Twitter does not pay its users for the number of views generated on the content. However, you can earn money on Twitter with famous methods like creating sponsored content and affiliate marketing.

#5. What is Twitter Ads, and how can it help me make money?

Twitter Ads lets you pay to promote your tweets and reach a larger audience. Your content visibility will improve if you create engaging ads and target specific groups.

This increased visibility will help you gain more followers, website visits, and conversions, helping you make money by expanding your online presence.

#6. What is the highest payout on Twitter?

According to Financial Express, the highest payout on Twitter in 2023 has recently exceeded $10000, with the minimum payout being $50. Top creators on the platform have received these higher payouts.

#7. Can I make money with videos on Twitter?

Yes, you can monetize your Twitter videos. With Twitter's Amplify monetization program you can earn by displaying sponsored ads in your video content. Once you meet the eligibility criteria for the program, you can earn a share of the revenue generated by ads shown in your videos.

#8. Who is eligible for Twitter Monetization?

To become eligible for Twitter monetization, you must meet specific eligibility criteria. First, you must have a verified X account or be subscribed to Twitter Blue. Then, you must gain 500 active followers and at least 5 million Tweet impressions in the last three months.

#9. How Can I Set Up Monetization in My Twitter Account to Join X's Program?

Go to your Twitter profile and find the Monetization Tab to set up Monetization. Now, select the Join and Setup Payouts option in the monetization tab. Provide your Stripe account details, and now you can join the program.

#10. How much does Twitter pay for 10000 followers?

Twitter itself does not pay users based on their follower count. However, if you have a significant Twitter following, you can earn money through sponsored content, brand partnerships, and affiliate marketing.

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