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Twitter Users in Colombia (Statistics & Usage)
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In the heart of South America, a digital revolution is taking place, and Twitter is at the forefront. Colombia's social media landscape is buzzing with millions of users, making Twitter a driving force in shaping conversations, trends, and social activism. 

From real-time news coverage to its impact on consumer behavior, Twitter's influence in Colombia is undeniable. 

Join us on a captivating journey as we unravel the statistics, trends, and insights that define Twitter's role in Colombian society, revealing the power of 280 characters to bring about meaningful change and connection.

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Popularity & Usage of Different Social Media Platforms in Colombia

twitter user in colambia stats

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Colombia is embracing the digital age with remarkable enthusiasm! As of early 2023, the country boasts an impressive 39.34 million internet users, accounting for a significant 75.7 percent of the entire population. The accessibility and connectivity are undoubtedly making a difference in people's lives.

But that's not all! Social media has taken Colombia by storm, with a staggering 38.45 million social media users in January 2023, equating to an impressive 74.0 percent of the total population. The prevalence of social media platforms is reshaping communication and engagement patterns across the nation.

Notably, Colombia has witnessed a remarkable 73.68 million cellular mobile connections, which is an extraordinary 141.8 percent of the total population. The ubiquity of mobile devices is revolutionizing how Colombians stay connected and informed on-the-go.

While the social media user figures may differ from previous years due to data revisions, there is no denying the widespread adoption of social media. In fact, the overwhelming majority of Colombia's internet user base, a staggering 97.7 percent, actively uses at least one social media platform. 

This attests to the pervasive influence of social media on modern-day communication and information sharing. Furthermore, among adults aged 18 and above, an impressive 93.9 percent are active social media users, emphasizing the integral role these platforms play in various age groups.

The landscape of social media in Colombia reflects a fairly balanced gender distribution, with 51.7 percent of users being female and 48.3 percent male. Social media continues to be a thriving space for diverse communities, conversations, and connections.

As digital adoption and social media usage continue to evolve in Colombia, businesses, content creators, and marketers have a tremendous opportunity to leverage these platforms for enhancing brand visibility, engaging with their audience, and fostering meaningful interactions. 

The dynamic digital world offers endless possibilities for those seeking to make an impact in the Colombian market.

Twitter's Influence on Colombian Society

Twitter's impact on Colombian society has been profound, revolutionizing the way information is disseminated, shaping consumer behavior, and fostering awareness for social causes and initiatives. 

Through its unique features and real-time nature, Twitter has become an influential platform in Colombia, empowering individuals, businesses, and organizations to make a difference.

#1. Real-time news and event coverage

In the fast-paced world of breaking news and live events, Twitter has emerged as the go-to platform for real-time updates and coverage in Colombia. Its unparalleled immediacy allows users to stay informed about crucial events as they unfold, making it a crucial medium for disseminating timely updates, photos, and videos. 

From political developments to social movements and natural disasters, Twitter plays a vital role in promoting a more informed and connected citizenry.

The real-time nature of Twitter has implications that extend beyond its digital boundaries. During emergencies, such as earthquakes or floods, Twitter serves as a lifeline, enabling rapid information sharing and facilitating timely responses from authorities and humanitarian organizations. 

Journalists, activists, and concerned citizens leverage Twitter to share on-the-ground insights, bringing attention to critical issues and fostering a sense of unity during challenging times.

#2. Consumer behavior and worldwide trends

Beyond its role as a news source, Twitter's influence on consumer behavior and global trends is significant in Colombia. The platform functions as a virtual focus group, reflecting the interests, preferences, and sentiments of its diverse user base, including Colombian consumers. 

Businesses and brands closely monitor Twitter to gauge public opinion, track their brand perception, and adapt their marketing strategies accordingly.

By analyzing trending topics and hashtags, businesses gain valuable insights into popular conversations and emerging interests. This real-time data helps businesses identify market opportunities and respond effectively to consumer demands. 

Additionally, Twitter trends often spark broader societal discussions, making it a catalyst for shaping collective interests and opinions.

#3. Awareness for social causes and initiatives

Twitter's impact extends well beyond the realm of commercial interests. In Colombia, the platform plays a significant role in raising awareness for social causes and promoting positive initiatives. 

Activists, NGOs, and change-makers leverage Twitter's vast reach to mobilize support, rally people behind various issues, and advocate for change.

Through the power of hashtags and shared content, Twitter's viral nature amplifies the reach of social causes, fostering solidarity among Colombians striving for positive change. Grassroots movements gain national and even global attention, enabling individuals to contribute actively to the causes they believe in.

Twitter has become an influential platform for promoting social justice, environmental conservation, human rights advocacy, and other essential initiatives that impact Colombian society positively.

Twitter's profound influence on Colombian society lies in its ability to amplify voices, spark meaningful discussions, and connect people across diverse backgrounds. 

As a platform that thrives on concise yet impactful messages, Twitter empowers Colombians to stay informed, engage with pressing issues, and contribute to the ongoing transformation of their society. 

Its presence in the digital age has left an indelible mark, shaping the way information is shared, social causes are championed, and societal issues are addressed for a more connected and engaged Colombia.

Demographic Insights: Understanding Colombian Twitter Users

Understanding the demographics of Twitter users in Colombia is essential for businesses, marketers, and content creators aiming to tailor their strategies effectively. 

This section explores key demographic insights, shedding light on the characteristics of the Twitter user base in Colombia.

#1. Gender Distribution of Twitter Users

The gender distribution of Twitter users in Colombia reveals that men dominate the user base, comprising 58% of the total users. On the other hand, women represent 42% of the Twitter users in the country. While Twitter's popularity is on the rise, this data highlights the need to encourage greater engagement from female users on the platform.

#2. Platform Preferences

Among Colombian Twitter users, Android emerges as the most favored platform, with 54.95% using Android devices. Windows and IOS devices follow with 19.59% and 25.46%, respectively. The popularity of Android indicates its significance as the primary platform for Twitter engagement among Colombians.

#3. Hashtags and Political Communication

Hashtags serve as critical indicators of political communication and public discourse on Twitter in Colombia. Researchers have examined the keywords and phrases used by politicians, journalists, and citizens to gain valuable insights into the prevailing sentiments and discussions. 

Prominent hashtags such as "Colombia," "electoral campaigns," "social media," and "peace process" have emerged as popular among political commentators on Twitter in the country.

#4. Twitter's Reach and Popularity

Twitter's impact in Colombia extends beyond its significant user base. According to Twitter's self-service advertising tools, businesses of all sizes can potentially reach around 21 million users with ads on Twitter in Argentina, Colombia, and Chile. This substantial reach presents a unique opportunity for businesses to enhance engagement and boost brand awareness among the Twitter audience in Colombia.

#5. Shifting Demographics

The demographics of Twitter users in Colombia have shown some changes over time. In January 2021, approximately 15.6% of social media users in Colombia were men aged between 25 and 34 years, while 15.3% were women in the same age group. 

By the start of 2022, the gender distribution shifted slightly, with 51.3% of Facebook's ad audience being female and 48.7% male. Understanding these gender dynamics is vital for advertisers to tailor their targeting strategies on social media platforms.

Twitter as a Business Tool in Colombia

Want to know how Twitter as a business tool in Colombia works? Well, look all the advantages you will get Twitter as a business tool in Colombia:

#1. Customer Engagement

Twitter serves as a powerful platform for businesses in Colombia to engage with their customers directly. Through replies, mentions, and direct messages, brands can provide personalized support, address inquiries, and resolve issues promptly. 

The real-time nature of Twitter allows businesses to maintain an active dialogue with their customers, fostering loyalty and strengthening customer relationships.

#2. Brand Awareness

For businesses looking to enhance their brand presence in Colombia, Twitter is a valuable asset. By sharing compelling content, including visuals and videos, brands can capture their audience's attention and showcase their unique offerings. 

Leveraging hashtags and trending topics, businesses can gain visibility and reach broader audiences, thereby increasing brand recognition and recall.

#3. Promotions and Campaigns

Twitter enables businesses to launch targeted promotions and marketing campaigns. Whether it's a limited-time discount or a product launch, businesses can create buzz and excitement by strategically crafting tweets and using eye-catching visuals. 

Integrating call-to-action links in tweets further drives traffic to specific landing pages, maximizing campaign success.

#4. Real-time Updates

In the world of Colombian business, Twitter empowers brands to share real-time updates on events, product releases, and industry news. By providing timely and relevant information, businesses can position themselves as industry leaders, keeping their audience informed and engaged.

#5. Industry Insights

Twitter's vast user base makes it a treasure trove of industry insights. Businesses in Colombia can monitor conversations, track trending topics, and analyze competitors' activities. 

This valuable data helps businesses stay informed about the latest market trends, understand customer preferences, and fine-tune their marketing strategies accordingly.

#6. Influencer Collaborations

Partnering with influencers has become a popular marketing tactic in Colombia, and Twitter serves as a key platform for influencer collaborations. Businesses can leverage influencers' large followings to expand their brand reach, tap into niche markets, and gain credibility through authentic endorsements.

#7. Market Research

Twitter provides a unique opportunity for businesses to conduct market research. Through polls, surveys, and social listening, brands can gather feedback from their audience, gain insights into consumer preferences, and identify areas for improvement. 

This data-driven approach helps businesses make informed decisions and cater to their customers more effectively.


In conclusion, Twitter has established itself as a powerful force in Colombia's social media landscape, connecting millions and influencing societal trends. Its real-time news coverage, impact on consumer behavior, and support for social causes showcase its significance in shaping the country's digital discourse. 

Businesses and brands leverage Twitter's potential for customer engagement and market insights, while influential users play a vital role in driving conversations. As Twitter continues to grow in popularity, it becomes a pivotal platform for Colombians to connect, express, and collaborate. 

With its far-reaching influence, Twitter in Colombia is set to shape the nation's digital identity for years to come, creating a space for meaningful interactions and impactful change.


#1. What is the total number of Twitter users in Colombia?

As of early 2022, Twitter had approximately 4.3 million users in Colombia. This growing user base highlights the platform's increasing popularity in the country, making it a promising space for businesses to engage with potential customers.

#2. How does Twitter's user base in Colombia compare to other social media platforms?

Twitter stands as one of the most popular social media networks in Colombia with the highest number of users. Its reach of 8% further solidifies its significance among other platforms in the country, offering businesses and brands a valuable space for marketing.

#3. What age group dominates Twitter usage in Colombia?

While specific age group data might vary, users aged between 25 and 34 years have been observed to be prominent among Colombian Twitter users. This age group's active engagement on the platform makes it a crucial demographic for businesses to target.

#4. What safety measures are in place on Twitter to protect users in Colombia?

Twitter has a set of community guidelines and safety policies in place to protect users from abusive behavior and harmful content. These measures are designed to create a safer online environment and encourage users to report any violations.

#5. How do businesses and brands in Colombia utilize Twitter for marketing purposes?

Businesses in Colombia harness Twitter's advertising tools to reach approximately 21 million users across Colombia, Argentina, and Chile. They use targeted ads to boost brand awareness, promote products or services, and engage with potential customers effectively.

#6. Who are some of the influential Twitter users and content creators in Colombia?

Some of the most influential Twitter users and content creators in Colombia have garnered substantial follower counts, establishing their impact on the platform. Notably, Shakira boasts over 52 million followers, making her one of the leading figures on Colombian Twitter. 

Similarly, James Rodríguez commands an impressive following of 18.7 million, solidifying his position as a prominent Twitter influencer in the country. Additionally, Gabriel Montiel Gutiérrez, renowned for his Werevertumorro YouTube channel, holds significant influence on Twitter. 

Room4 Media, a Creative Marketing Agency, and Focus on the Good, specializing in social media management, have also amassed considerable followings, contributing to the diverse landscape of influential voices shaping discussions and trends in Colombia's Twitter sphere.

#7. How does Twitter usage vary between urban and rural areas in Colombia?

Twitter usage patterns may differ between urban and rural areas. While urban regions tend to have higher internet penetration and access, leading to more active Twitter engagement, rural areas may exhibit varied usage based on connectivity and digital infrastructure.

#8. What are the top industries or sectors that actively engage with Twitter in Colombia?

Various industries and sectors in Colombia actively engage with Twitter to promote their products, services, and initiatives. Commonly active sectors include media, entertainment, technology, e-commerce, fashion, and food, among others. Twitter offers these businesses a platform to connect with their target audience and create impactful marketing campaigns.

#9. Is Twitter used as a platform for customer support and feedback by businesses in Colombia?

Yes, many businesses in Colombia utilize Twitter as a platform for customer support and feedback. It provides a real-time avenue for addressing customer queries, resolving issues, and gaining valuable feedback for continuous improvement. Twitter's accessibility allows businesses to strengthen their customer relationships and enhance brand loyalty.

#10. What role does Twitter play in promoting local businesses and startups in Colombia?

Twitter plays a significant role in promoting local businesses and startups in Colombia. By leveraging targeted advertising, engaging content, and influencer collaborations, Twitter empowers these businesses to reach their target audience and gain visibility in the competitive market. 

The platform's wide user base provides a valuable opportunity for local businesses to showcase their offerings and expand their customer base.


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