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Twitter, one of the most popular and widely accepted social media platforms, used a well-recognized bluebird emblem for an extended period. But now, the owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, has replaced the blue bird icon with an 'X.' We all already know his fascination over 'X.' 

On Saturday, he made this shocking announcement by sharing a photo of Twitter's headquarters lit by a massive X symbol. However, this article will shed light on why Twitter is rebranded as X.

Why did Elon Musk announce to Change the Logo of Twitter to X?

The current transformation of Twitter's blue bird logo to 'X' is a massive step that took the internet by storm on Sunday. The billionaire also asked its users to bid goodbye to 'all the birds' of Twitter. He further reported that he had been pondering this idea for a long time for several reasons. 

Musk bought Twitter last year for $44 billion with the aim of expanding his business on social media. However, Elon has repeatedly warned in recent months that Twitter is suffering massive losses in its advertising revenue and is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Constant Pressure and Lost Revenue Made Elon Changed the Twitter Logo

There was some emerging pressure on him since Meta's new app, Threads, surpassed almost 100 million sign-ups in the first week of its launch. The upheaval organizations such as Free Pass, GLAAD, and Anti-Defamation League also said that they are rethinking about doing advertising on Twitter.

They further pointed out that the mass layoffs encouraged their thinking. The group of organizations fears that Elon cuts would make the election integrity policies of Twitter unenforceable after they were technically active. 

These unwanted circumstances led to Twitter's frequent service disruptions and tarnished Elon's reputation.  Therefore, he decided to make everything place in his own style, starting by changing the logo into his favorite 'X.' 

Mask reported that the idea of changing the logo into 'X' is to embrace the imperfections of every individual that make all of us unique. 

Is Changing Twitter's Logo A Part of Elon's Plan to Create an 'Everything App'?

The most popular and billionaire business Musk unraveled the Twitter rebranding news as he sees it moving towards being dubbed the 'everything app.' He has plans to overhaul how all the social media platforms work and wants to add more features on Twitter. 

However, it is still unclear what the Twitter app will look like. But, Musk later confirmed that he took inspiration from a famous Chinese app, WeChat. The app is loaded with exciting features. It allows users to message, video chat, make payments, play games, order food and rides, share photos, etc.

Upcoming Features Users Can Expect from New Twitter

The best part of the 'X' app is that it will be completely AI-powered, connecting all the users in a way they never imagined. So, people who use Twitter must be ready to get a whole new experience on Twitter. 

It will not only remain a thought-sharing platform but also will become a global marketplace for goods, ideas, opportunities, and services. All in all, Twitter or the new 'X' will be the upcoming state of unlimited interactivity. 

The platform will combine everything under one roof, allowing every individual a reason to join the updated Twitter app. 

What Linda Yaccarino Has to Say about the Replacement of the Logo of the Blue Bird of Twitter?

Linda Yaccarino, the CEO of Twitter, shared her vision for the new Twitter logo 'X, with a post saying, 'Lights. Camera. X!'. She stressed the fact of how rare it is to get a second chance in business or life to make another massive impression. 

The CEO further commented that with the rebranding of the logo, the new Twitter will completely transform how we communicate. She added that it will go further and change the global town square. Also, Linda is confident that the 'X' has already started to take shape to help Twitter dream bigger. 

She commented that the new logo of Twitter would add more potential to make this platform a go-to option for individuals and business owners. X will be the only social media platform that will offer almost everything. 

She concluded by saying that Elon Musk and the entire team of Twitter are working hard to introduce the potentiality of 'X' to the world. However, both Elon and Linda revealed that the negative cash flow Twitter faced due to a 50% drop in their ad revenue is still there. But, they hope they will cope with this challenge and heavy debt loads with the new launch of 'X.' 


The shift in the Twitter logo got both constructive criticism and hate comments. But, Musk promised to create a promising and better Twitter world for the users. However, Elon already changed the display picture of the website to 'X.' He said the parent organization will be named X Corporation, and will become 


Why is Twitter rebranding as 'X'?

There are several reasons for changing the logo of Twitter to X. The primary reason is the constant loss of Twitter in ad revenue. Now, both Linda and Elon reported that it will get bigger with the aim of serving almost everything under one platform. Elon also said that the 'X' represents one's uniqueness here. 

When did Twitter Logo change to 'X'?

Well, Elon Musk made the announcement of changing the logo into 'X' on Saturday night through a tweet. He made it very clear that the logo will be incorporated or go live on Monday. However, everything will be changed to 'X' by Friday. 

Where did Elon Musk announce the changed Twitter logo ‘X’? 

The billionaire Elon Musk tweeted on Saturday saying that the logo of Twitter will become ‘X’, bidding goodbye to the blue bird logo. 

On Sunday, Elon posted a short video where there was a flickering X. People also asked whether the logo would change to X, and he replied with a ‘yes’. 

Why did Elon Musk announce the change in the Logo?

We all know that Elon Musk is fond of the letter ‘X’, which represents individuality. With the aim of making Twitter a more inclusive and open platform, Musk came up with the idea of changing the logo of Twitter. 

He also made it very clear that this platform will be open to everything, including every kind of thought.

Why did Musk replace the logo of Blue Bird with 'X'?

The primary reason why Elon Musk replaced the blue bird icon of Twitter with X is that he faced huge losses in ad revenue. He mentioned that he wanted to change everything on Twitter. 

Therefore, he started it by making a huge change in its logo. The ‘X’ also represents one’s uniqueness and that’s why he chose this letter for the replacement.

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