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Instagram has become one of the most popular platforms to build brands, promote businesses, and run influencer marketing campaigns. No matter what your goal is, your Instagram account should have a lot of followers.

With more followers, you can appear more attractive and influential. But, developing a large follower base takes effort and time. So, how will you expose your brand to other Instagram users within a short period of time? The best option for you is to buy Instagram followers from a reliable platform.

Some small businesses think that it is costly to purchase these followers. However, there are cheap Instagram followers to boost your presence on the social platform. Find a brief guide to buying Instagram followers.

Best Websites To Buy Cheap Instagram Followers


Thunderclap is a reliable website that lets you buy real and genuine Instagram followers. It has affordable packages for Instagram followers.

👉Ratings: 10/10

#2. GPC.FM

It is an intuitive website that instantly delivers followers on Instagram and other social platforms. Multiple packages help you choose the affordable one.

👉Ratings: 9.5/10

#3. helps you buy Instagram followers and Google reviews. It is a safe and trusted platform to purchase these products for social media engagement.

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Most Popular Sites to Buy Instagram Followers

#1. cheap instagram followers

Thunderclap is one of the legitimate platforms where you can buy Instagram followers. It promises to grow organic followers at an affordable rate. You do not need to share your personal details to buy IG followers for your Instagram account. So, if you want to increase the number of real Instagram followers, Thunderclap is the most recommendable destination.

Thunderclap is a versatile platform, as you can purchase followers and likes for other platforms as well. Of course, the pricing is based on the number of followers or likes you have purchased. For instance, you can place an order for Instagram auto-like services from You will start receiving likes from real accounts.

The social media growth platform has an AI-targeting engine to let you draw real human followers or target audiences to your Instagram account. Thunderclap also ensures instant delivery of followers to Instagram accounts. So, once you have placed the order, its dedicated team will start sending them. You will find a boost in your follower count within 2 to 3 days.

Thus, buying Instagram followers from this trustworthy platform is the best solution. You will not get a fast result if you try to grow followers organically.


  • Instagram story views, comments, and likes are available

  • You can buy Real followers

  • No private information needed


  • Customer service needs some improvements.


You have an option for choosing between a monthly subscription package and a one-time deal. Regardless of the package you choose, you will get high-quality followers. The price starts from $6.99 for 500 IG followers to $29.99 for 2500 followers.

#2. GPC.FM

buy cheap instagram followers form is a popular website that allows you to purchase authentic Instagram followers. However, you can also buy likes, comments, subscribers, and views for social media accounts, such as YouTube, Twitter, and Threads.

By purchasing genuine followers and likes from, you can boost the performance of your Instagram account. This platform claims that its professional team always sends real Instagram users to follow your account.

The website interface looks simple and is easy to use to place your order for premium followers. You do not need to submit your confidential information to buy real Instagram followers. However, you have to log in to the dashboard to make a deal with

There is also a team of customer service providers to solve your queries about buying followers for various social media platforms. The price depends on how many followers you have purchased for the social media site. 

The minimum number of followers you should purchase from this platform is 25. You can buy up to 20000 Instagram followers at a time. So, if you have a tight budget, you will be able to buy cheap Instagram followers.


  • Provide high-quality followers

  • Flexible packages

  • Fast delivery


  • No free trial is available for buyers


buy cheap instagram followers form ranks third in the list as a social media growth service provider. However, it has gained the attention of many brands and Instagram influencers by providing high-quality Instagram followers and other social media services.

Most importantly, is a well-known seller of Google reviews. So, you can make a deal with this site to develop your reputation on Google and Instagram. Your Instagram profile will naturally attract organic followers, when other users find your significant follower count.

If you want to create a social media marketing strategy and want to have genuine Instagram followers, you can try out products of BuyReviewz. The best fact about this platform is that you can check your order status after buying followers.

If you have any queries about buying followers, you need to visit the Contact page of the official site. Send your message to the professional team and wait for the response.


  • Buy Instagram followers and Google reviews from one platform.

  • Instant delivery of active followers

  • Buying followers is easy.


  • No free trial for first-time buyers of Instagram followers

Why Should You Buy Cheap Instagram Followers?

Social media platforms like Instagram have a significant power to spread your brand name and develop brand awareness. Thus, to establish your Instagram presence, you should have more followers for your Instagram account. There are many other reasons to buy cheap followers for your social media accounts.

#1. Fast, proven and direct

Buying Instagram followers is the best decision to establish your social media presence. Of course, there are some other tricks and strategies to increase your organic followers. But, they are time-consuming, and you will need to wait for months to find the results. Besides, in some cases, your strategies may not work.

#2. Boost engagement

Another advantage of buying Instagram followers is to increase engagement. The number of followers, comments, and likes you have indicates the engagement rate. You can also purchase a number of comments for Instagram posts. These engagement metrics are highly important for your social media campaign. They are social proof of your popularity.

#3. Increases outreach

More followers on Instagram mean a higher engagement rate and better outreach. As you start gaining authentic followers, you can reach your target audience. So, you can choose a website known for delivering high-quality followers.

#4. Best for beginners

Several successful Instagram influencers have bought followers to strengthen their presence. As a novice in the social media world, you can also buy IG followers. The Instagram algorithm always accepts authentic followers from real accounts. So, there is no risk for your Instagram profile if you buy real Instagram followers from a reliable platform.

The Best Tips for Buying Cheap and Real Instagram Followers

Perhaps, you think that it is easy to purchase cheap Instagram followers from any website. However, you should carefully choose the site to buy real Instagram followers.

#1. The first step is to do thorough research to check the reliability of the platform. You can read customer reviews to know whether the chosen platform supplies, bot followers. Many platforms also show testimonials of their previous customers.

#2. You should also compare packages before purchasing Instagram followers. It lets you buy more affordable Instagram services.

#3. You must check the company policies before purchasing followers on Instagram. Whether you need Instagram growth or just a high follower count to reach the target audience, you should learn about the company's rules. You can also directly communicate with the team to know if there is a risk of losing the purchased followers.

Read these tips before you buy Instagram followers quickly. You can save yourself from purchasing fake Instagram followers.

Steps for Buying Cheap Instagram Followers

There are some simple steps for purchasing IG followers. Although every Instagram growth service provider is different, you will find similar interfaces to buy premium followers. If you have chosen Thunderclap to get new followers, the steps are-

#1. Visit the trustworthy platform

You need to access and open the page where you can find packages for buying active Instagram followers.

#2. Select the right package

Thunderclap has classified its packages in 2 ways- High-quality and Premium followers. If you want to buy Instagram followers at a comparatively low rate, you should choose from High-quality packages. 

On the other hand, premium ones are a costlier choice. But, in both cases, you must buy at least 25 active followers. Select the package and click on the Add to Cart button.

#3. Provide your Instagram account details

You need to submit your Instagram username and a few other details to make a purchase. The basic information is essential to allow you to buy followers.

#4. Place the order and make the payment

It is easy to pay for Thunderclap's team. There are several payment options like Visa, American Express, and MasterCard.

So, buy Instagram followers cheap and use the engagement rate as the social proof of your reliability.

Guide to Choosing the Most Reliable Platform to Buy Instagram Followers

You have come across different websites to buy Instagram followers. But, which one is the best choice for your deal? You should focus on some criteria before deciding on the platform to buy followers.

#1. An all-inclusive platform

The best websites are not just for buying new followers. You can buy Instagram likes and comments from the same platform. Your Instagram page will gain more audience if your posts have several likes. You may also buy views for Instagram stories. 

Moreover, the user-friendly interface should let you purchase new followers and comments for other social media platforms. If the website provides all-inclusive solutions, you do not need to move to a different platform for other purchases.

#2. Fast delivery

A reliable site guarantees fast delivery of followers, views, comments, or other things you have purchased. In most cases, they are delivered within a day. 

However, it does not mean that the social media growth service provider has to send bots or fake followers. Make sure that the platform delivers only real followers while maintaining the delivery time.

#3. Refill guarantee

It is another important factor for buying followers on Instagram. Some websites promise a 30-day refill guarantee. It means if you find the follower count dropped suddenly, new followers will be added without additional cost. You can contact customer service providers to learn about this facility.

#4. Return Policy

You must not overlook the return policies of the website you have chosen to make a deal. Trusted service providers always offer a money-back guarantee. For instance, in the case of, you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

#5. Affordable packages

Compare the pricing structures of different websites before purchasing Instagram followers. Some platforms claim that they have set the lowest rates. But they often send followers from fake accounts. So, you must be careful while determining the best platform to make your purchase. Never compromise with the quality of your followers.

Where Should You Buy Instagram Followers?

Whether you purchase a few or a large number of Instagram followers, choosing the right platform is important. is a reliable website known for delivering followers without breaking Instagram's policies. So, your account will be safe, and your Instagram page will get more visitors and views.

It is important to choose a platform that sends active and real followers. Although you buy Instagram followers, has several other packages for different social platforms. 

If you have started running your campaign on multiple social sites, you can rely on Thunderclap. It has also received positive reviews and high ratings from customers.

Still, you can compare Thunderclap with other websites to make your decision. After buying followers, you will easily find more organic followers for your Instagram account.

Buying Cheap Instagram Followers- Advantages And Disadvantages

There are several advantages and advantages of purchasing followers for Instagram accounts.

#1. Save effort and money

Growing your business on social networking sites is a challenging task. You need to put effort into it to achieve the goal. The shortcut way to reach your target is to purchase followers from a trusted platform. Some companies think that it is cost to buy them. 

However, followers, comments, and likes are available at a budget-friendly rate. If you have a larger follower base, you can show your popularity to your potential customers on social platforms.

#2. Boost your organic growth

The key to making your Instagram marketing campaign successful is organic growth. Your Instagram account will have a boost if it gets instant followers. As your Instagram profile shows several followers, other users will naturally get encouraged to follow you. This is how you will have faster organic growth.

#3. Make your brand visible on the Explore Page

Instagram users are interested in checking the Explore Page, as they want to learn more about different brands. Thus, if you like to make your brand visible to others, you need to have a lot of active Instagram followers. The easiest way to achieve this goal is to buy followers.

#4. Help you develop a community-

Perhaps, you have a goal to build a highly engaged community on Instagram or other social networking sites. Your target audiences will like to join the community only if they find several other members in it.

#5. More followers mean a higher following rate

Many social media users take action by checking the trends. They compare different brands and follow one that has the maximum followers. Thus, if your business profile on Instagram has only a few followers, there will be a low following rate.

Buying IG followers has some negative sides.

#1. Risk of fake followers, No earnings

If fake accounts have followed you, they will not buy your services or products. Besides, brands do not want to work with influencers who have purchased bots for the follower base.

#2. Risk of bot comments

You may find generic or irrelevant comments for bots and fake followers.

Final Thoughts

Buying IG followers is a good strategy to boost engagement. If you have a large follower base, it will naturally persuade other users to follow your account. Today, many businesses and marketers buy these followers to achieve their social media marketing goals. So, to compete with your rivals, you should have a lot of followers.

As a startup or small business, you can invest in only the minimum number of followers. Once you have found results from this purchase, you can buy more. 

But, choosing a trusted service provider is the most significant step. From analyzing various reviews, we have found is a reputed service provider. You can use this platform to buy followers, views, and other packages.


#1. Is it safe to purchase Instagram Followers?

Yes. You can safely buy your Instagram followers. You may also choose platforms that send auto likes or auto followers. But, the process is not fully automated. The followers are sent to your profile strategically. Instagram’s team will feel as if you are gaining followers naturally. Moreover, there is no illegality in purchasing followers, so, you will not get penalized.

However, you should avoid choosing providers that ask you to give access to your social media account. The goal of a reliable provider is only to boost your follower base. It must not ask you to enter the password.

#2. Is the legitimate site to buy my Instagram followers?

Thunderclap is a safe and legitimate platform where you can buy Instagram followers. It provides money-back assurance if your account has not received the purchased followers. Thunderclap has clearly stated its policies for buyers. Moreover, it has a team of customer representatives to solve the issues of buyers.

#3. How will I identify whether Instagram followers are bots?

There are some ways to determine your bot social media followers. These bots are mainly empty accounts that have followed several other pages. Thus, if you have found a follower with no content on his Instagram pages, it is a sign of a bot.

In some cases, the bots have odd-looking usernames that comprise random numbers and letters. Furthermore, fake or bot accounts have no profile photos. They only choose photos of animals, celebrities, or other generic pictures. 

Another important thing you should check is the ratio of following and followers. Fake profiles have few followers but several followings.

#4. How will I get organic followers for my Instagram account?

There are some organic ways to draw followers to your profile. For instance, you should optimize your account by writing a proper Instagram bio and adding a professional profile photo. 

Your username should be search-friendly to let your target audience recognize you easily. Besides, you can create a content calendar to post regularly and consistently.

Add relevant hashtags to every post. You may also engage with influencers, potential customers, and brand advocates. Moreover, it is essential to communicate with the target audiences and learn about their issues.

Although you can apply these techniques to increase the size of your follower base, buying followers is a good decision. Many brands, influencers, and celebrities have gained followers with this trick.

#5. Is there a chance of getting banned if I purchase Instagram followers?

There is no risk of getting your Instagram account banned if you have purchased a number of followers. Instagram only wants to ensure that you have real and genuine fans or followers.

If your service provider has sent authentic IG followers, Instagram can never determine that you have purchased them. However, the presence of several bots in your follower base will put your account at risk. Instagram may suspend or ban your account in this case.

#6. How many Instagram followers should I buy?

The number of followers you should buy depends on your goal and budget. If you have a low budget, you can buy the smallest package (such as 25 followers).

Some Instagram influencers try to get followers to earn money from the social platform. You can find many influencers with 30 to 80K followers. Of course, not every follower has been gained organically. 

Most marketers and brands have purchased likes and followers. So, you can buy Instagram followers based on your target. It is also better to purchase small follower packages multiple times.

Written By Sophia Martinez

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