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Having more Instagram likes and developing a huge number of Instagram followers organically is the key to success for any business or influencer. You have often watched popular faces and brands' Instagram posts take the world like storms with millions of likes. 

Currently, Instagram has 2 billion monthly active users, which has made this platform one of the largest social networks. Today, in this article, we will discuss how to get more Instagram likes organically and how beneficial it is to invest time in buying Instagram followers.

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What is the Best Organic Growth Strategy to Increase Instagram Likes?

One of the most effective and organic ways to increase your Instagram likes count is to buy real Instagram likes. Top businesses and popular individuals buy Instagram likes to reach a wider range of audience. You may not know, but 69.8% of users use this platform for sharing Instagram posts and videos.

But you must remember that fake likes or likes that come from bot accounts do not generate engagement. Therefore, you must have a genuine follower base which you may get after you buy real Instagram likes. 

A real follower base helps you reach your target audience, boost organic traffic, enhance engagement, and turn potential leads into customers. However, here is a list of ways to apply proven organic growth strategies for success.

  • Use IG analytics

  • Create unique content

  • Post content when your audience is most active

  • Reply to comments for more audience engaged

How To Get More Instagram Likes Organically?

Growing your Instagram likes organically requires a lot of effort, hard work, and effective strategies. Still, the truth is that increasing the number of Instagram followers or likes cannot be achieved by following and applying single growth strategies. 

When you buy Instagram likes from, it ensures the initial growth of your Instagram account. But there are more things that you must do to increase or sustain your likes count. You need to follow certain strategies or methods so that the likes number will increase exponentially.

However, we all know that patience, consistency, and long-term application can guarantee success. But you can easily start with these proven methods of an Instagram growth strategy that could help to get the desired results. 

With the following proven strategies, you can easily achieve the growth you need for your Instagram account.

#1. Optimize the Instagram Account

Your Instagram account is the first touch point for new followers, and Instagram likes. So, you must optimize your account in such a way that can grab the attention of more Instagram users. 

You must know that your account is the first medium to let Instagram followers know who you are and what you do and the perfect opportunity to let people know about your business.

If they love your posts, they will give it a like. However, when it comes to optimizing your Instagram account, you must concentrate on your bio as well because it has the potential to attract your potential audience. 

You must always use 150 characters in your bio; keep it short, simple, catchy, and more informative so that it can speak directly to your target audience and improve your visibility. 

#2. Keep the Dependable Content Calendar

An Instagram content calendar is a great way to plan and schedule Instagram posts in advance. It also ensures that you post regularly and at the optimal time. Additionally, it helps to ensure that your Instagram posts are relevant to your profile and you are not conveying any misinformation through an Instagram post or Instagram stories.

#3. Plan the Advanced Instagram Posts

The feature-rich Instagram platform offers to plan and schedule Instagram posts in advance. With this option, you can easily post a picture, short-form videos, Instagram carousels, or even Instagram reel in the Instagram app up to 75 days in advance. 

This option is available to professional or business accounts. You can perform this by tapping the advanced settings and selecting the regular posting schedule option.

#4. Engagement with Influencers, Customers, and Branding Advocates

Partnering and making engagement with influencers, customers, and branding advocates is a major growth hack to get more Instagram likes organically. You can make your brand credible and target a new pool of potential Instagram followers organically, and you can grow Instagram likes organically. Both of you can mutually benefit from this.

#5. Strictly Avoid the Fake Instagram Followers

When it comes to Instagram followers growth in your account, it can not happen overnight. But, it does not mean to buy fake Instagram followers or bots to grow Instagram organically. You should grow your Instagram likes organically because bot followers are against Instagram's Terms of Use.

Fake followers can not give you the same effect and won’t offer any real engagement. But there are many genuine platforms like that only deliver real followers without violence against Instagram rules. 

The real Instagram followers will help you get the engagement that your videos, reels, or images need at the right time. Apart from that, it can also help your account attract more real users so that your videos or images can make it to the Explore Page easily. 

#6. Posting the Interesting Content According to Followers' Interest

As your prime target is to get more Instagram followers organically, keeping in mind the target audience's interest is necessary. 

Instagram insights help you to understand what kind of content brings engagement; focus on adding catchy captions, adding relevant hashtags, and checking how other influencers for brands post their Instagram stories. This way, you can enhance your followers' interest in your posts.

#7. Making Expressive Discussions with the Target Audience

You must get involved in expressive discussions with the target audience to gain more Instagram followers. Responding to your audience's messages or comments, building a strong emotional connection, posting trendy topics over other social media platforms, and getting involved in a discussion rather than just sticking to business make audiences more valued, and they find interest in your posts.

#8. Take Steps to Delight Your Instagram Followers

Taking steps to delight your organic Instagram followers is one of the best tactics. Hosting content and offering giveaways is one of them. You can also gain followers by easily reaching your target audience and potential new followers, besides making a stronger community. 

Additionally, sharing others' Instagram stories and replying to others' Instagram posts and comments can greatly help you.

Expert Advice- Buy Instagram Likes

When you buy Instagram likes and grow your Instagram profile, it is a great way of saving money on ads. If you want to reach more profiles on Instagram and wish that your business product will reach the maximum number of people, buying Instagram likes is the best option.

It boosts your brand's credibility and makes it more trustworthy to relevant users. Apart from that, when people notice that your account has a significant number of Instagram likes on your posts, they immediately think that you run a reliable and genuine business. It will instil trust in your potential customers and motivate them to engage with your posts more often.

Eventually, it elevates the number of your followers and helps you reach a broader range of audience on Instagram. As a result, the sales will increase, and your business will witness a huge profit margin. Buying Instagram likes will not only help you increase your sales but also ensures you can save a lot of time and money.

Buying Instagram likes from genuine websites like is the best decision as it delivers real users promptly. So, you can rest assured that you will get Instagram likes when you need them the most. offers options of buying 50 to 10000 likes at a time, and the price range varies from $ 3.39 to $ 198.99. So, you can easily pay for the best package according to your needs.

Apart from that, the buying process is also easy and less time-consuming. Another significant reason to buy Instagram likes from the site is that it offers the most discreet services, which means that no one will ever know you bought likes. 

Benefits of Growing Instagram Likes Organically

We all know that you want to get more Instagram likes organically and grow your Instagram followers. We also mentioned plenty of 'quick methods' and a few ways to grow Instagram followers organically and generate more likes on Instagram other than opting for third-party apps to buy new followers.

When you get more likes and followers on Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms, it will give a quick boost to your organic Instagram followers number. India and USA have the highest number of Instagram users, which is approximately 229.5 million.

If you want to grow Instagram followers organically, you have to apply genuine methods. So, playing safe by creating engaging content and buying Instagram likes to attract organic followers will be much wiser.

#1. High-Quality Followers

You can easily witness many followers change when you grow Instagram likes organically in your Instagram account. Organic growing Instagram likes have the potential to drive high-quality followers. It will help your business account to establish a loyal follower base which further helps your company get more profitable customers.

No matter if you are running professional or business accounts, when you increase likes organically, it helps you to get high-quality and genuinely interested followers to your account. High-quality followers encourage other users to visit your site and learn more about who you are or your business. 

As a result, more people will get to recognize your brand and start following your account on Instagram.

#2. Steady and Consistent Growth

If you have fake Instagram followers in your account, it will be against the algorithms, and Instagram analytics will throw your account off. 

But when you want to get more likes on Instagram organically and grow your Instagram account with more followers, you can utilize the powerful data to improve your Instagram content performance and drive real results to your Instagram account. There will be steady and consistent growth that will give long-term success.

#3. Good Engagement Rate

Organic likes on Instagram give you excellent engagement. The more organic likes you get in your posts, the more engagement rate you can expect. Organic growth is more sustainable and increases real followers when you post consistently.

Organic likes also assist in your profile exposure. Thus, more people will connect to your posts, getting more engagement. You can also get the chance to reach your target audience and inspire real, highly-valued other users to follow your Instagram stories and Instagram reels.

#4. Focuses On the Target Audience

You aim to make your Instagram profile more visible and to get more followers. When you get more Instagram likes organically, it helps you to focus on your target audience. Your profile gets more exposure and attracts more people to your brand.

The Instagram algorithm makes your account more visible to targeted audiences based on their preferences and behavior. Then, you can nurture potential consumers and boost the chances of converting organic and real followers into paying customers.

#5. Safe and Secure Method

Organic growth usually takes longer than the other growth strategies and Instagram marketing methods, but they are considered the safest. When you get more Instagram likes organically, you can focus on developing your account or brand and manage the expansion.

When you get new followers organically and grow your Instagram profile or page, they will also discover your brand's authenticity by seeing legitimate users interacting and engaging with it. It also decreases the chances of fake users harming your reputation and credibility.

Instagram algorithms change often. If you want to organically get more Instagram likes and grow your Instagram account, applying solid, powerful strategies effectively can help you achieve the desired results.

It needs time and effort to yield a fruitful result in your major accounts' organic growth. If you want to win the game of Instagram by staying at a top position, and you want to be visible more on others' Instagram feeds, start following the methods and wait for success!


#1. How to grow an Instagram account organically?

If you are unsatisfied with your posts' likes and follower count and want to get more likes on Instagram, applying a few potent ways can help you to grow Instagram organically. Follow these tested ways.

  • Develop quality, engaging content.

  • Use catchy captions.

  • Post when most of your followers are active.

  • Go for more user-generated content.

  • Buy Instagram likes with authentic websites like

#2. What is the importance of growing Instagram in an organic way?

When you grow your Instagram account organically, you can see a drastic change in Instagram likes. You can easily reach out to your target audience, connect with real people, and establish valuable, stronger, and lasting relationships with more followers.

#3. What defines Instagram's organic growth?

Organic Instagram growth defines authentic growth marketing techniques where you don't add spam bot followers or fake followers to your account. Organic growth is more reliable, safe, and sustainable to grow your Instagram likes and you can easily develop your online presence by reaching a broad user's Instagram feed.

#4. How to define the role of content in the organic growth of Instagram likes?

Instagram reels, Instagram stories, and posts all come under the section of Instagram content. You should create engaging content and user-generated content, which plays a vital role on the Instagram platform. 

The more relevant, authentic, and proper content you use with relevant hashtags, the more people can connect to your profile or page.

#5. Mention the importance of Instagram feed algorithms in the organic growth of an account?

The algorithm plays an essential role in giving you ranking. When you create more engaging, relevant, and trending hashtags, this algorithm favors you and ensures that you get more organic growth. 

Instagram's algorithm makes your content more visible to relevant users likely to be genuinely interested in it. It means your personal accounts or business accounts can reach more target audiences.

#6. Which formats must be prioritized for organic Instagram likes?

Many engaging and trending content formats for Instagram help you to get more Instagram likes organically. Algorithms also prioritize such content more. These are -

  • Carousel posts

  • Images

  • Instagram stories

  • Instagram reels

  • Instagram video

  • Listicles

#7. What is the process to grow initial 1k likes on Instagram?

There are many effective strategies to grow your Instagram likes 1k at a time by posting high-quality, genuine, user-generated content and even a branded hashtag in your niche. Create content, host giveaways and contests, collaborate with influencers or partners, and promote posts on other social media accounts.

#8. Mention the role of engagement groups in organic Instagram growth?

Engagement groups are crucial in allowing your post to get featured in the top posts section by offering good organic growth. Instagram engagement allows more Instagram followers to get connected to your Instagram posts. They feel more attachment to your posts and add value to your Instagram account's loyalty.

#9. Is it necessary to look for a competitor strategy for increasing the number of Instagram accounts?

Regular or frequent observation of your competitors' Instagram strategy helps you to determine what works for them to get more Instagram likes organically. You can then implement those methods to increase the number and grow your Instagram followers.

#10. Is it necessary to run contests and promotions to grow Instagram likes?

No, But when you gain something good in return, it will be wise to do it. Instagram giveaways and contests not only improve like and engagements to your Instagram reels, but you can also witness significant growth in your follower count.

#11. What is the key to gaining maximum likes on Instagram?

There is not a single key to success in gaining maximum likes on Instagram. When your prime target is to get more Instagram likes organically, you can start with the basics like posting catchy Instagram stories, photos with relevant hashtags, well-composed user-generated content, and high-quality and engaging images so that people will love watching them.

#12. How to track the ratio of organic likes on Instagram?

It is simple to monitor the proportion of organic likes for your Instagram stories. Divide the number of existing followers by the total number of likes and comments, and then multiply it by 100 to get the percentage.

#13. Define the role of UGC (user-generated content) in collecting organic likes

UGC- user-generated content acts like excellent and authentic social proof that your account is worthy of following or your business product is worthy of buying. When you share the thoughts and reviews of your Instagram audience through your Instagram stories, more people become influenced to follow you or decide to buy your product.

#14. What elements must be included to gain maximum Instagram reach?

To get more Instagram likes organically, you must consider applying a few elements to gain maximum Instagram reach. Some of them are -

  • Post content at the right time

  • Add catchy captions to the Instagram stories

  • Be smart with the hashtags

  • Encourage more audiences with contests and giveaways

  • Focus on user-generated content.

#15. How does an Instagram algorithm relate to providing Instagram likes organically?

The algorithm is a set of advanced processes where Instagram checks users' behavior and understands what they like to see. The platform uses this machine learning method to show people more information on a product or service that they find engaging and interesting. 

If your business or personal account matches this, the algorithm makes it visible to more Instagram followers and allows you to gain new likes organically.


Written By Sophia Martinez

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