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Top Content Types for Generative

With the Instagram platform's versatility, businesses can achieve scalable growth in no time. But have you ever thought about capturing more real video views on your startup Instagram account? Well, you will be happy to know that you can do it within a short period. 

As we all know that today, most businesses focus on buying Instagram views, and others are looking for tactics on how to get real video views on Startup's Instagram. However, this needs proper planning and effective strategies. This article is a guide to having real Instagram video views to grow your startup business.

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Here are three simple steps to follow to have more Instagram views. 

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How To Get Real Video Views on Startup's Instagram? 

Instagram is one of the most widely recognized social media platforms, with almost 1.628 billion users worldwide. It helps many brands and businesses increase their page reach and connect with more people. If your videos on Instagram do not get enough views, they are of no use. Here, one question often arises in a business owner’s head: "How do I get more views on Instagram?"

Thankfully, this section can give you the answer on how to get real video views on a startup's instagram. 

#1. Create high-quality and engaging content

The quality of Instagram's new reels and videos matters a lot for getting more views. As per the statistics, almost 2.35 billion users interact with Instagram reels each month. It impacts your brand's credibility too. 

If you are finding that your content is not up to the mark, make sure you use professional tools to generate high-quality, engaging, and valuable content. 

Many users like short videos; for that purpose, you can create and share Instagram reels with your users. When you publish engaging videos, you will see how they respond to them. 

#2. Make use of relevant hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most effective and proven methods to attract more target audiences. If you want more Instagram views, hashtag relevancy is preferable to the Instagram algorithm. 

Users apply hashtags as an effective filter and see what's new on their feeds. Remember, when you add relevant hashtags, it could bring more viewers to your Instagram post and Instagram reels. 

#3. Post at an optimal time

Indeed, Instagram is not a chronological platform, but the upload time still matters. When you post videos at a particular time, especially when your targeted audiences are online, the chances are higher that you can get the most views for your Instagram post. 

People will watch your Instagram posts rather than scroll through their feeds at such times. Also, posting daily at the same time allows you to get more engagement and stay connected with consumers. 

#4. Follow trends and create a remarkable thumbnail

Are you going with the trend? If not, you lose the huge potential for your Instagram story views. If you want to get real video views on startups' Instagram, these trends can help you stay connected with more potential consumers and start a conversation. 

But, when posting Instagram reels and videos according to the trend, ensure it suits your business niche. On the other hand, opt for creating Instagram thumbnails, as they are great for adding value to your Instagram content. 

#5. Create and add subtitles to videos

Most Instagram users know the benefits of adding captions and subtitles to videos. But are you aware of that too? Creating and adding brilliant and relevant subtitles to the videos increases the accessibility and inclusivity of your post. 

The captions on your Instagram reels can catch attention quicker, drawing more visitors to your post. Additionally, these subtitles boost better engagement, watch time, and other important performance metrics resulting in more views. 

#6. Add a unique caption and description

Instagram video captions and descriptions are powerful enough to engage more viewers. Do you know why? When you post videos that are not captivating enough, and users don't find the topic brilliant, they scroll past it within seconds. It means the captions have to be strong to get more views. 

When you add captions to the videos, you can target a broader and right audience who will watch the video from start to end. You can even take the help of the in-built caption-creating tool for generating great captions. 

Reasons Why Your Instagram Video Views Are Always Less?

Nothing is worse than watching your videos on Instagram are not getting proper views. You are posting trending topics, but people are not watching them. To get real video views on a startup's Instagram, you have to find out what mistakes you are making. 

You may not know, but Instagram reels or videos drive an engagement rate of 1.95%. So, being a startup business, it could be discouraging not getting enough views on Instagram stories and videos. 

But, lose hope because you can fix it. You just need to find the roots that are causing the problems. Below we are mentioning them. 

#1. Focusing on quantity over quality

You want to see your video views skyrocket. No doubt, it is one of the best feelings. But, when the talk is about the truth, quality is much more valuable than quantity. 

What matters to you the most? 100,000 Instagram followers who don't care about your business or product? Or, 1,000 followers interested in your products or services and showing active engagement to your social media posts? Think about it.  

#2. Using only landscape images and videos

If you expect more Instagram reels views & IGTV, capturing videos in portrait mode rather than landscape is the best option. Landscaped videos are good for timeline, but when you want the videos to be viewed in Instagram users' feeds and your targeted audiences, you must opt for portrait mode. The feature of recording videos on Instagram is great to use. 

#3. Sharing only your own content

Are you familiar with content curation? Content curation is nothing but a way of sharing content created by others. People cannot relate to your mindset until you don't share the contents of others. It could have a bad impact on your audience. You also lack great ideas and trends currently running in the market. So, focus on it.  

#4. Not uploading videos to social media platforms

You might face trouble if you are not uploading the video to other social media platforms. You do not realize it yet, but there is a vast audience waiting to see your content on different social media channels. 

By not uploading your videos, you are missing out on potential followers and fans who could have helped you grow your online presence. These users on other platforms might also have an account.  You can redirect them to your Instagram page with content shared on other platforms.

#5. Not targeting a specific audience for your content

If you are creating video content for your Instagram account but are not targeting a specific audience, what will be the purpose and use of the content? You want the right group to watch and be interested in your video. The age, gender, income, location, and interests of people matter a lot for the success of your business.  

Try the Best Video Ideas for Your Startup's Instagram Account 

Instagram reels and videos are one of the most popular rising trends. And it's no big surprise that videos can do wonders for your business and help it to grow dramatically. 

If you want to get real video views on startups Instagram, you have to consider the videos as potent tools. They can engage more audiences, attract new followers, and boost conversions and sales. 

However, applying some excellent video ideas could be the best if you want your Instagram reels to stand out. But wait, you don't need to hire professionals for that, as you can apply them on your own. 

#1. Stop Motion Videos

Stop motion videos are trending content and also very creative video content on Instagram. As per a report from Starbucks, slow-motion videos performed almost 16% better than the other kind of videos. 

So many brands apply this as an excellent marketing strategy. It is proven that this particular type of video performs much better than the other video types. Stop-motion videos are very captivating and very easy to create. 

These videos are short and don't need any models or narration to tell the story of your product or service.

#2. Slow and Fast Motion Videos

Slow-motion videos are one of the most popular video forms on Instagram. They are highly preferred by businesses because of their excellent visual appeal and for highlighting specific parts that could catch the audience's attention the most. 

These are perfect for better creating more engagement. On the other hand, Instagram fast-motion videos are also perfect for those consumers who want to see something quickly. Fast-motion videos are also great for excellent engagement. 

#3. DIYs and Tutorials

Do you know that tutorials, DiY's, and relevant guides on a particular product or service allow you to show the step-by-step methods of using a product? If you want to get real video views on a startup's Instagram, these are a highly effective and proven way of converting visitors into customers. 

When you post reels of these kinds, it helps your brand to develop more credibility. You can even add CTA's in your DIY and tutorials. Thus, your followers can easily understand how to experience the best usage of your product. 

#4. Sneak Peeks

Are you launching a new product or service? Then, sneak peek videos are highly powerful for achieving your business goals. Rather than posting sales content directly, you can opt for this one. 

Being a startup business, you probably do not have a vast clientele and strong relationships with your potential buyers, and it is also obvious that you don't know what will be the selling point. 

Here the sneak peek Instagram stories develop curiosity among audiences, and eventually, you can drive more video views and sales by highlighting the product. 

#5. Product Reviews

Product reviews are one of the most trustworthy sources consumers count on for buying a new product. Reviews are a great way to show how effective your product is. With product reviews, you can easily explain the good features of your products and why people should try them. 

Though you have consumers who know your product's quality, usage, and efficacy, creating videos and pictures and showing them the new reviews helps you make a broader clientele and maintain a stronger relationship with existing consumers. 

#6. Listicle Videos

If you want to get real video views on a startup's Instagram, Listicle videos are considered one of the best types. They are easily shareable and highly approachable to the viewers. 

Add images and turn the video into a listicle reel. People looking for relevant suggestions and genuine ideas on your products can easily connect to your listicle and find it more understandable. 

Develop engaging listicle videos for your business. There are tools too that could help you to use the customized and ready-to-use templates for this. 

 #7. Animated Videos

If you want to capture consumers' attention and highlight a new product or feature of your existing business, creating short and animated videos is fun. Animated videos are extremely popular and considered a great and powerful Instagram marketing tool. 

When you use these animated videos, you can engage more followers and explain the product in an Instagram story form. Luckily, you can use animated video-making tools for great designs.  

How to Grow Your Instagram Business Account for a Startup Organically?

Getting real video views on a startup's Instagram and growing your Instagram business account organically, especially for startup businesses, takes work. If you are tired of posting Instagram reels or videos but still not getting the desired results, it's time to apply some tested and proven strategies. 

You will be able to see a significant surge in your video's views by following these strategies to grow your Instagram business account. Let’s have a look: 

#1. Align your posting times with user activity

When you are active on Instagram, focus on your target audience's most active times too. Creating a posting schedule according to your audience's active timings is better. 

#2. Commit to a consistent publishing schedule

Consistency and frequency both matter in Instagram posts if you want to publish content for your business account. When you post consistently, you can keep your followers engaged with your brand besides building trustworthiness. It is better to go with an automated publishing option with pre-settled times. 

#3. Leverage trends

If you want your business profile to be more discoverable to Instagram users, go for trending sounds, challenges, relevant hashtags, and cool effects. It helps make social media posts more engaging and visible.

#4. Use Instagram reels, carousels, and stories

Different Instagram content formats like Instagram stories, carousel posts, and making reels are great for reaching users with different choices and Instagram post preferences. All these options are excellent for making better connections with your users.

#5. Encourage and engage user interactions

Higher engagement in comments and direct messages with your social media target audience increases reach. When you respond to your users' comments, you give them a reason to find interest in your post. It increases the chances of watching your Instagram reels. Instagram's algorithm takes it positively and puts your video in a favourable position.

#6. Leverage user-generated content

If you want to get real video views on a startup's Instagram, opting for user-generated content can solidify your brand's reputation and gain more industry authority. UGCs are the ideal example of original content like customer reviews, product testimonials, and featured content of your brand and businesses. 

#7. Develop your Instagram content style

On this social media platform, you want to make your Instagram business video more recognizable and develop unique, aesthetic, and appealing Instagram content for the users. 

Go for high-quality content like photos and videos that are catchy enough. In this way, your users will take more interest in exploring your Instagram profile feed.  

#8. Use Instagram insights to refine your content strategy

Use Instagram analytics to develop excellent Instagram content strategies over time. Focus on important metrics like the engagement rate, targeted hashtags, more impressions in your Instagram posts, top followers growth, etc. 

#9. Embed your Instagram feed on your website

Go for embedded Instagram feeds that will help your trending content to be shared with a username and a link to your Instagram profile. This applies to both your Instagram profile and video content. 

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If you want to get real video views on a startup's Instagram, also within 30 seconds, you can easily opt to buy 1000+ views. Sometimes high-quality content is enough to give you the desired results. 

In such cases, a reliable platform like helps your video quickly reach the target audience and earn more followers. 

Wondering Why?

Buying 1000+ views for your Instagram video is a great option to kickstart your startup business’ profile growth. When you purchase more followers, it impacts your overall business profile. As a result, it leads to more organic growth. Additionally, your Instagram business account becomes more credible to potential followers.

The Cost to Buy Real Video Views

The cost of buying Instagram views varies on different platforms based on the service and authenticity. However, the average charge ranges from $6.99 to $199.99 for 1000 to 10000 views.   


Promoting Instagram reels very quickly and effectively on Instagram is vital, especially for startups. The process at is quicker, giving you a chance to get real video views on the startup's Instagram. 

Using these proven tips and techniques could help you to enhance your Instagram business profile's performance, and you can have more views assuredly. 


#1. Why is my Instagram reach so low on my startup page?

If the Instagram reach is so low on your startup page, it means your Instagram business page needs to be discoverable enough. A drop in engagement and reach is proof of that. 

Your account should be discoverable by users and must appear on their Instagram feed when they search for a keyword related to and relevant to your account. For this, proper Instagram business profile optimization is a must. 

#2. How to get lots of views on Instagram?

If you want to get a lot of views on your original content, like Instagram videos, apply some proven tips. 

  • Check the posting time according to your user's activity. 

  • Focus on consistency and a publishing schedule. 

  • Use trendy reels and Instagram stories. 

  • Encourage and get more engaged in user interactions.

  • Focus on improving the content style on Instagram. 

#3. Should I buy Instagram views?

Yes, you should buy Instagram views, which are also approved by Instagram's standards. Buying Instagram views will help you to get real video views on a startup's Instagram and increase the visibility of your content. 

More people will see it because the reach of your content will increase. As a result, your business profile page's reach, engagement, and organic growth will be positively impacted. 

#4. How can I create captivating content that will attract real views on my startup's Instagram videos?

Your prime target should be to develop captivating content to get real video's views on the startup's Instagram. So, follow these tips. 

  • Go for ready-to-use and catchy templates. 

  • Use high-quality images from the list of stock images.

  • Mix and match different formats. 

  • Collaborate with influencers to create content. It could build a genuine impact on your brand.

#5. Are there any psychological or emotional triggers that I can employ in my startup's Instagram videos to compel viewers to share them with others?

The answer is yes. You have to solve the pain points of your target audiences. Always use the power of viral reels and visual images. Describe the queries of people in a simple form. Offer exclusive things to make your audience more excited. 

#6. What are some lesser-known tactics or growth hacks that can help my startup's Instagram videos gain traction and generate real views?

If you want to get real video views on a startup's Instagram, apply these growth hacks that are tried and tested. 

  • Create a perfect business profile on Instagram.

  • Go for unique caption strategies. 

  • Cross-promote your content.

  • Work with popular brand ambassadors.

  • Get more Instagram followers from your loyalty program.

  • Use your personal Instagram account for Instagram marketing.

  • Always apply the right hashtags.

Written By Sophia Martinez

Sophia, with an explicit experience of 10+ years in content writing, is the veteran writer and editor at She specialises in core content and advises the writer's team on writing business-maximizing content. She has worked as a content marketer for many brands in their young phases and thus, holds expertise in building brands through content. We are honoured to have her as part of our team and take the lead.