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Eager and excited to know how you can become a famous gaming YouTuber? We have the best guide for exploring righteous ideas to start your gaming channel on YouTube and take the lead soon after!

Getting your first gig on YouTube is a massive step into building your dream gaming channel. Altogether, it can seem too overwhelming in the start to grow your gaming channel on YouTube, but, you have to keep the pace right and work on the content in a way that takes your YouTube gaming career sky high.

This whole article is one guide that will give you an ultimate idea about starting a gaming channel and gaining fame from it. 

Let’s start!

How to Become Famous on YouTube Gaming?

You intend to start a YouTube channel to get famous! But, how do you get your gaming videos and tutorials on YouTube popular? 

Creating content isn't enough; you have to put more effort into getting your content popular and acquiring enough fame and audience base for your gaming channel on YouTube.

Here is a list of simple steps you need to practice with consistency to see real results. 

#1. Promote your videos

After you have streamlined your gaming videos into the calendar and started uploading, it's time you start the promotions.

Leverage the publicity of your other social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more to share your gaming videos. You can also reach out to other websites and get the word out about the channel. 

The better the visibility of your YouTube channel, the more you are inclined to gain new subscribers and viewers. 

#2. Be patient

Patience is the key to getting popular on YouTube. You won't see results overnight; however, it shouldn't stop you from making more content.  

In time, if you are consistent with ideating, planning, and promoting your videos on YouTube, you will start to see evident growth in the follower count on the media.

Remember what you are here for, and give yourself a time bracket wherein you will only put in work and not expect anything out of it!

#3. Collaborate with other YouTubers

Collaborating with fellow creators has been quite evident in growing fan bases on social media platforms. Therefore, you need to start putting out collaboration requests to other gaming YouTubers on YouTube.

Find them through email, direct messages (DM), and other ways, and check out if they are interested in collaborating with you. You will get many 'NOs,' but you need to keep looking and sending requests. You will surely find a Yes! 

YouTube collaborations help you with better exposure to new audiences and a lot of fun while creating content!

#4. Create interesting thumbnails

YouTube thumbnail is the first one any viewer on YouTube notices about your channel. Chances are that 85% of viewers would click on your video if the Thumbnail excites them about the content. 

Use a clickbait title, bright colors, and attention-seeking images that attract people and compel them to watch your videos.

#5. Use keywords in your titles and descriptions

If you don't use the right keywords and tags on your videos, your target audience searching for similar content you create won't be able to reach your gaming videos and tutorials. 

You can include relevant tags and keywords on your video titles, and descriptions so that it comes on top of the search results. This will, eventually, lead to getting more views on your gaming videos and, thus, attract new subscribers on YouTube. 

When you consistently use keywords on your YouTube gaming videos, your content will start ranking and appearing on top in time after consistent use!

8 Tips to Become a Famous YouTube Gamer

Starting a gaming channel on YouTube is no less than a start-up where you need to plan and strategize to make the budding idea a success in the coming future.

There are too many aspects of the YouTube career you need to get an insight into! It includes content, search optimizations, theme, calendar, and so many more such integral factors. 

Here is a list of 8 ultimate steps that can help you establish yourself as a successful gamer on YouTube in less time and through smarter ways. 

#1. Do a Little Planning

For starting a gaming YouTube channel that sets apart and shines, give yourself a little time and think about the approach before you join up can be an immense help to make the best out of the channel.

The very first step has to be sitting back, realizing, and watching YouTube videos that make similar content as your idea. 

The number of such channels on YouTube is endless, and you have the most comforting space to dive into some of the content pieces and take a while to plan better!

While you sit back and watch gaming content on YouTube, take note of the significant pointers. It includes-

  • Taking note of games that people like playing the most
  • What kind of gaming content gets the maximum engagement
  • What formats are being used
  • All the little details could make your idea and plan extremely rich!

#2. Come Up With a Theme

Before filming your first ever YouTube video, it is crucial to know the point of focus. After you are done planning, you must have a clear idea about the gaming channel's focus. 

All the YouTube videos you would be making should stand standard to the ideated theme right from the start. 

For example, you might start with a pink theme that gravitates more toward feminine interest, or a horror theme gravitates towards the first-person shooter genre. 

Naming the channel as per the decided theme is equally important to reflect the theme idea quite right.

#3. Focus On Your Target Audience, Not a Particular Game

Right when you start your YouTube channel, you will be tempted to play all the games you have at home. Later, you would like to upload a few depending on the game's popularity in the community. In time, it might change to a Minecraft content idea.

It might be that you are ranked really well in some game that you have been playing for a while and are now planning to get the good compilation uploaded. 

But, the whole idea here is to tell you not to chase a game idea but the audience. Go, find the audience.

It is a smart move because the game's popularity might decline over time, but people's habits remain the same from a wider perspective. 

#4. Get the Right Equipment for Your Gaming Channel

A lot of times, gaming content is all about quality. The great quality of the gaming videos depends on the equipment. 

When asked what equipment you need to start the gaming YouTube channel, the answer is "Not much." However, a few great ones could make an immense difference. It includes-

Microphone- Invest in a good microphone that will lead to quality voiceovers for viewers to follow actions perfectly.

Screen-recording software - As and when you start playing games, you would need software that captures the action on the console's screen. Get screen recording software!

Digital Camera - It can be a DSLR, mirrorless camera, or webcam. You need to have only one of them to start recording yourself while playing games.

Green Screen - Using a green screen for live streaming is what most gamers do. It helps remove the background behind the steamer.

Lighting for YouTube Videos - Light will get the viewers in the dark, and you would not want it. Create a well-lit slot when planning to show your face.

#5. Choose the Right Name for Your Gaming Channel

Choosing a perfect name for your gaming YouTube channel is one of the most important things you will be required to do!

Here's a list of considerations you will be required to make when choosing the perfect name for your gaming channel on YouTube-

  • Do not make the name sound offensive
  • Pick a name that is easy to spell
  • The name must be easy to remember and recall
  • Pick a name that's easy to spell.
  • If you can, find a name that suits your channel's gaming content
  • Try and fit the name in 70 characters
  • Use precise and relevant keywords

You will find many successful gamers on YouTube naming their channel on the basis of the primary game they play. Thus, if you have settled for one theme, use it to curate a unique YouTube name for your YouTube channel.

#6. Avoid the ‘Let’s Play’ Trap

'Let's play' is the favorite tab to post for many gamers. After all, it is easy to edit when compared to other video types on YouTube. All you do to create such videos is record yourself while playing and sprinkle commentary for the audience. 

‘Let's Play’ videos are not so fun in real life. Getting decent views from such content is hard, especially when you do not have a set audience base.

As a keyword, the Let's Play tab is quite competitive and crowded. As a beginner, you must go a different route because no one knows you are that great yet!

You can include more speedruns, hacks, and Minecraft other than a Let's Play YouTube video.

#7. Upload Weekly Gaming Videos

Right before starting a gaming channel, you need to promise yourself that you'll be consistent in posting gaming videos every week despite the reach. 

You should post once every week to grow the audience size over time on your YouTube channel.

Posting once every week is a great number to start with because YouTube will serve your content to the right audience. Well-optimized content is always served well by the YouTube algorithm. 

Don't get into the glitches of an insane posting schedule, but go slow. This is how you fit YouTube into your daily life and strike a balance. 

#8. Make Your Video Introductions Brief and Entertaining

Audience retention is the most difficult part of a YouTube career. When YouTubers land on your video and pass it on after 30 seconds, that's not a very positive sign for your YouTube channel. 

It means that you are not delivering your promises. Such an act will not allow the YouTube algorithm to be recommended to more viewers. 

When you want to avoid such a problem, plan on creating a strong introduction in each of your videos. 

Get strong with your content rather than showing off too much of your menu screen. Your character must move around the game's landscape as you go on to explain the points on respective videos. 

5 Gaming YouTubers You Might Consider Knowing!

You might have a gaming idol in mind that you are taking inspiration from to start your YouTube channel with a gaming theme! However, a smart creator would always like to dig deep into industry standards, try to find the best practices, and seek inspiration.

Let's look at five gaming creators who have led a more significant impact in the gaming industry through their content and work through the years. 

#1. VanossGaming [Evan Fong]

  • VanossGaming is led by Evan Fong, a 26-year-old from Toronto. 
  • Evan Fong owns the biggest gaming channel on YouTube, and Evan Fong is also called the highest YouTube grosser, with an estimated net worth of $15.5 million. 
  • Vanoss Gaming has over 23 million YouTube subscribers, which makes Evan's influence on the platform huge. 
  • He covers all the gaming genres in his YouTube videos like Call of Duty, and Grand Theft that feature him and his friends making jokes about the gameplay.

#2. Markiplier [Mark Edward Fischbach]

  • Markiplier is led by Mark Fischbach, one of the leading gaming YouTubers. 
  • Markplier is a gaming channel, but the content also features comedy videos to entertain the 20.5 million firm subscriber count on YouTube.
  • Mark Fischbach's net worth is close to $12.5 million, and is one of the most influential gaming personalities on YouTube today! 
  • Mark is one gaming YouTuber who does many 'Let's Play' videos and covers indie and horror games like  Slender: The Eight Pages or Surgeon Simulator.

#3. Jacksepticeye [Seán William McLoughlin]

  • Jacksepticeye is led by Brighton, England-based YouTuber Seán William McLoughlin, who is considered the most energetic YouTuber. 
  • Seán has Irish roots that he flexes by saying "Top of the mornin" to ya laddies.
  • Seán creates Let's Play gaming videos on his channel Jacksepticeye started in 2012. 
  • The most famous YouTuber, PewDiePie, mentioned him in one of his videos in 2013, which led Jacksepticeye to gain over 10000 new subscribers in approximately four days. 

#4. DanTDM [Daniel Middleton]

  • DanTDM is led by Daniel Middleton, the 26-year-old and one of the wealthiest gamers on YouTube. His total net worth is $16.5 million. 
  • Daniel's videos focus on Minecraft modes. In the beginning, Daniel's audience was children aged between 5-10 years.
  • DanTDM was started in 2013 under the name Diamond Minecraft. Daniel changed Diamond Minecraft to DanTDM in the year 2016. Since 2016, Daniel has been uploading video games like Tomodachi Life and Roblox games. 

#5. CaptainSparklez [Jordan Maron]

  • CaptainSparklez is led by Jordan Maron, a YouTuber, music producer, and game developer from Los Angeles, California. 
  • CaptainSparklez was started by Jordan in 2010 and plays Minecraft in his YouTube videos. He has also featured command block reviews, animations, and mods on his YouTube channel. 
  • CaptainSparklez has crossed 10 million subscribers. He also owns other YouTube channels under the name Maron Music, CaptainSparklez2, and Jordan Maron, all of which have fewer subscribers. 


If you have read all the sections and subheadings of this blog, you must have jotted down the following list of activities you would be aligning for your upcoming gaming channel on YouTube. 

The most important factor that we have already mentioned in the blog but would like to emphasize more is having the right amount of patience and keeping the work consistent.

Conclusively, we suggest you start this journey as a fun activity and make it a hobby that you practice daily. If other YouTubers can make it, so can you.

All the Best.


#1. How to get famous on a YouTube gaming channel?

Be patient and consistently produce exciting content. Collaborate with other YouTubers, and over time, your audience will grow. Unless you're live streaming, you'll want the right kind of video editing tools to help you cut unnecessary footage, mix in audio, and more.

#2. How much money can I get per year as a YouTube gamer?

Gaming YouTubers can make anything between $25000 to $1 million in a year. What one YouTuber can make depends on skills, usage of streaming, the type of game played, and popularity on YouTube.

#3. How can I get subscribers on my YouTube gaming channel quickly?

Don't start with a quick mindset. You have to be patient and consistent throughout the journey. The course of time spent in getting your first gig highly depends on how much time and effort you are giving your gaming channel.

When you are consistent and take it seriously, you will find your first major gig or subscriber breakthrough in a span of a year or less.

#4. What if I am too young for a gaming YouTube channel?

There's nothing like too young to start. If you know how to do it and can self-handle and take responsibility for your gaming channel, you are good to start now! We are living in the world of GenZs where there's no age bar to upkeep. 

#5. What if I don't have enough money for a Gaming YouTube Channel?

Starting a YouTube channel does not require a lot of money. More than money, skills matter! There are so many free tools available that you can leverage to create content and publish. Also, YouTube does not charge any fee to post videos.

#6. What do I need to become a YouTube gamer?

To start a gaming channel on YouTube with a stable internet connection, you'll need a few basic items, like a good camera, a microphone, and a video capture app.

#7. How do I find my YouTube gaming channel through YouTube search?

Finding your gaming YouTube channel through YouTube search is very easy. Type the name of your channel and it shall appear on the screen.

A new channel takes time to rank. In that case, you would have to type the exact name to find your channel easily on the screen. With the right usage of keywords and consistency, you will see your gaming videos ranking better.

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