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Top Content Types for Generative

Likes on Instagram posts are one of the critical metrics that helps indicate the performance of your brand. It is a go-to indicator for many brands, and more likes mean that a particular brand is perceived well by its target audience. 

Do you think that you are getting enough likes on Instagram? Many will answer this question as No. 

If you are not getting a good amount of likes on your Instagram posts, your brand is missing out on a vast potential exposure. But don't worry. With the help of a few proven strategies, you can reach the right audience and also get more likes on your content instantly. 

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However, if you are still looking for some organic strategies to get more likes on Instagram and drive genuine value toward your brand, you are at the right place. In our article today, we are discussing some tried and tested tips to get more likes and we hope it works for you.

Proven Ways To Grow Instagram Likes Organically 

If you are consistent with the tricks we are listing below, you will for sure see significant results. 

#1. Run Contests Based On Post Likes

If you scroll through your Instagram feed to find posts with the highest engagement, you will see that they are usually centred around either giveaways or sales. 

People find it interesting to take part in contests, and the more they enter, the more likes and engagement you will receive on your posts. 

Running likes based contest refers to hosting contests where people should like your post. Typically, you will find two other requirements that brands usually post, one is to follow their account, and the other is to tag one or a few friends. 

Liking a post is the bare minimum and the easiest task you would ask from anyone on Instagram, and hence you will get a good number of likes and high engagement. 

#2. Develop A Hashtag Strategy

Brands leverage hashtags that benefit their business, and it helps them get organic reach easily. It doesn't mean that you should spam each post with hashtags like #top #likeforlike #amazing, etc. 

You need to select hashtags that are both relevant to your brand and the post. Know that with hashtags, it is easy to find related content and creators. 

Just as you can find creators or competitors on Instagram through hashtags, others will find your brand too. Also, make use of industry hashtags so that you can stay updated with the latest trends. This way, you will be saved from missing anything important. Each post should contain at least one hashtag. 

Bonus Tip: To keep the caption minimal and avoid cluttering it with too many hashtags, you can add some important ones to the comments section. This way, people will not get distracted, and your reach will increase. 

#3. Ask Your Followers To Tag Their Friends 

You must have already done this so many times we all do that. At times we come across an interesting post on Instagram and feel like tagging our friends to tell them about it. As a brand, you can create such content and ask your followers to tag their friends in the post. 

Such efforts are sure to bring results and will also help your brand reach a lot more people. The content type can be either informative or a silly meme; all they need to do is tag their friends. The result will be a lot of engagement on your posts and also the desired number of likes. 

#4. Stay Updated With Trends And Leverage Them In Your Posts

You need to be creative with content ideas, and at times you can drive great engagement on your posts by being sarcastic. There are several accounts on Instagram purely based on memes, and they receive a lot of likes and engagement. To leverage the same thing for your account, ensure that you have the right audience. 

That said, your audience should understand the concept and that they get the message you are trying to convey. Ensure that memes fit your brand, and it will not be perceived otherwise. Know your audience well before you step into something trending. 

#5. Post A Mix And Match Of Content Types

Would you visit a profile often or engage with posts that are all of the same type? Hardly anyone will like to discover an Instagram account that posts only selfies, does self-promotion, or is full of food pics. 

However, it doesn't mean that the type of posts is bad, it is just that users are more leaned towards a variety of content.  To stay away from such a problem, and to avoid stuffing your profile with the same post type, bring variation in your post type. 

Though photo posts are consumed the most, 71.9% of posts are photos on Instagram. You should mix different types of pictures to offer unique content to your audience. 

The different post types include business pictures, behind-the-scenes, memes, random pictures, the latest updates about your business, advertisements, customer stories, etc.  If you crack the trick of keeping your audience on their toes, likes on your Instagram posts will keep rolling in.  

#6. Promote Your Instagram Posts On Other Channels

Promoting your brand doesn't start and end with Instagram only. You should leverage the benefits offered by other social media channels and push people from there to your Instagram account. For instance, you can use Facebook and Twitter as referral platforms for your Instagram account. 

Why stop yourself from taking advantage of other available resources? The best way of achieving referrals from other social media platforms is to link your Insta account in the bio or about section. You can link your Instagram account to Facebook's About section and gain increased visibility. 

#7. Try Buying Likes In Between For Added Boost

If you are struggling to gain necessary exposure and have been tired of trying multiple things for days now, buy some authentic likes from reputed service providers. 

The process of buying Instagram likes offers several benefits besides increasing the number of likes on your posts. It works as an instant confidence booster and a great motivator for brands and individuals. 

When it comes to picking the service provider that offers noteworthy Instagram likes packages, you should be vigilant and make an informed choice. 

With the best service providers, buying likes means that you are investing in top-notch quality services, and real people will interact with your content, like it, and may also share it with others for enhanced reach and visibility. 

#8. Have A Robust Instagram Strategy In Place

You must have often heard the word 'aesthetic' when describing several accounts on Instagram. Developing such an image for your brand implies that you maintain the same image for your brand from post to post. Don't misunderstand it by creating the same type of post each time. 

It means that create an image of how you want it to look and then create each post keeping that image in mind. In addition to it, be consistent with your posts. You may not realize that you are not posting enough to let your target audience engage with your brand. 

Posting consistently leads to 50% more engagement. That said, you need to post at regular intervals so that your followers have something to look at. 

Would you now ask how to post on Instagram and stay consistent with the content? Generally, posting once a day is enough to have an engaged audience. You can post more if you want to, but limit it to three times a day. 

The more posts your followers have to look at, the more engagement and likes you will get. One post a day is the minimum.  

Still not feeling confident in your Instagram strategy to get more likes? We can help you have one in place to kickstart your journey. Don't worry if you have not paid attention to building your presence because it is not too late. 

Tips To Build An Instagram Strategy

Most people just keep guessing when it comes to their Instagram strategy. With us, you can stay away from such guesswork and get your game strong.

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1. Set High Targeted Goals 

You should have a clear answer in your mind to the question, why do you want an Instagram presence for your business in the first place? For leads? Increase brand awareness? Or are you looking to build a community with your target audience? 

Setting clear goals is crucial in any strategy. Your objectives will help you determine the content type, the aesthetic of your brand, and other similar aspects. In addition, there is no mandate that you have to stick to one goal only. You can have multiple objectives aligned, depending on your overall business goals.

2. Create Content Themes And Stick To It

A noteworthy trait of Instagram is the sheer amount of freedom the platform offers to its users. You can dig through the accounts of other creators to have an idea of what and how others are doing. After having a lot of ideas of what works best on the platform, create a crushing content strategy for your brand. 

The platform is visual, so you should follow a set theme for posting content that would represent your brand. You should define a content style and consider a few points for the same. The first consideration would be the branded theme and then the format of your Instagram posts. 

Set some filters, colors, fonts, and other similar elements for your brand, and then use the same to make them dedicated to your brand. Be it any format of post, follow the same theme so that it represents your brand and talks about it. 

If you scroll through the Instagram accounts of a few different brands, you will notice they follow the same theme for their posts and a mix of different post types. For instance, some use a combination of image posts and quote titles, whereas some publish more user-generated content. 

3. Collaborate With Other Creators

If you are looking to reach a wider audience in less time, besides buying Instagram likes, partnering with Influencers is another rapid approach. Look for creators who have built a large follower base, and have an engaged audience. Studies show that people invest in products or services recommended by influential people they follow. 

Including Influencer marketing in your Instagram strategy holds powerful possibilities for success. The key here is to partner with the right influencer for your brand so that it gets out in front of the right audience. 

Without much effort, it will help your brand put itself in front of thousands of potential customers. Also, Instagram is the most used platform for Influencer marketing in the US. 

Besides the unsaid benefits like short-term gains, and increased direct sales, there is more that influencer marketing offers. Customers resonate more with influencers and they trust their recommendations. 

Also, 32% of marketers say that Instagram is the easiest platform to work with creators and Influencers.  Building relationships with influencers will help you build brand awareness in front of new and potential audiences. 

4. Track The Right Metrics

Besides tracking the follower count in your account, there are a few other key metrics that you should pay attention to. It will give you an idea of how well your audience interacts with your content and also their liking. 

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Measuring the right metrics is the best Instagram marketing tip that anyone would give you, and it will help you play right. A few key metrics that you should keep track of include engagement rate, website traffic, follower growth rate, rate of engagement by followers, etc. 

The engagement rate defines the number of users who interact with your posts through save, share, or direct messages. Similarly, the engagement rate by followers is defined by the number of followers who interact with your posts, i.e. like, share, or save them. 

By tracking the following growth rate, you will know how quickly your followers are growing, and by measuring website traffic, you will know the percentage of people who are visiting your profile through Instagram. 

The pro tip for succeeding on Instagram is to post the right content to stay relevant to your followers and also bring new ones. The tips shared above will help you thrive online on Instagram. 

Buy Instagram Likes or Go Organic  - What's Right for You?

No denying that consistently and actively posting on the platform is one of the best ways of achieving goals. However, the organic process takes a lot of time, effort, and patience. If you want to achieve results instantly, we suggest taking the shortcut and buying likes from reliable vendors. 

Growth services like focus on organic followers and will also help translate to sales for your business. The process of buying Instagram likes is fairly simple, and it helps grow the engagement rate on your profile. You just need to make an informed choice with the service provider and make the payment. 

The entire process is taken care of by the service provider, and you just need to select the package you want to buy. When you have real likes from active accounts on your Instagram posts, the algorithm will push your content to the top. Leading brands and influencers also trust reputed Instagram-like services that are more organic.  

With so many benefits to offer, buying likes on Instagram is a smart move, and the goal is to provide steady, organic growth to the brands. If you want, you can go organic and avoid buying likes for your Instagram account, but giving growth services a try is worth it. 

You will get a chance to engage with your ideal audience and grow your Instagram profile the way it should. To be safe, make sure that you partner with a company that offers genuine likes from real accounts and doesn't deal with fake or bot accounts. 


We have discussed a medley of tips to help increase the number of likes on your Instagram posts, along with some tricks to create a robust Instagram marketing strategy. However, we have not included the fundamentals, and it goes without saying that you need to take care of the basics. 

For instance, engaging with your followers, taking good pictures to post, etc. should be kept in mind. The basics are the foundation of getting your Instagram game right and strong. Besides the basics, the tips in our article will help you get the most out of the content. 

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How to get free likes on Instagram? 

One of the ways of getting free likes on Instagram is to take the organic route. You need to be consistent with your posts and publish content that interests your audience. If they find your posts worth engaging, they will like, comment or share. Another foolproof way of getting free Instagram likes is to opt for the trial pack of growth service providers. 

The free Instagram packages enable you to test out the services before you pay. The free likes are the same as paid ones, and you will get authentic likes from real users so that you get a little boost in your account's visibility. 

#2. Why do likes on Instagram matter? 

Instagram likes are one of the key parameters that the platform takes into account while calculating overall engagement or visibility. It helps the platform gauge the performance of a brand's posts and also how well their audience perceives it. 

More likes on your posts mean that your audience likes the content and finds it valuable or entertaining. On the contrary, a low number of likes means that there is more potential for a brand to do better. 

#3. How can I grow my following on Instagram? 

Competition on the platform is fierce as more and more brands get on board. You need to take the right steps to grow your audience on the platform so that your brand obtains a notable presence. 

Tweak the visibility of your brand through organic and bought followers. You need to make wise choices if planning to buy Instagram followers. The organic process will take some time and you need to put in effort to get more targeted followers. 

The first and foremost thing to ensure is to optimize your Instagram account to the extent possible so that your visitors know what business you are into. 

In addition, keep posting content that your followers want to see, engage with your audience, partner with influencers and leverage other steps to delight your current followers and attract new ones. 

#4. What is the best time to post on Instagram? 

The best time to post on Instagram varies for different brands. That said, there is no such hard and fast rule when it comes to the best time to post on Instagram. 

Try to find the sweet spot for your brand and post when most of your audience is online. Typically, the best time to post is early in the morning, mid-afternoon, or late in the night. 

If you want to target students or working professionals, the best days to post would be the weekends, when most of them find time to scroll through social media. 

Alternatively, if you want to target housewives, posting during the weekdays would work too. To have a better understanding of when your audience is online, check Instagram insights. 

#5. Can hashtags help me get more likes on my Instagram posts? 

Yes, Instagram hashtags help bring your posts in front of more users and will eventually lead to more likes. When you use a hashtag, your post appears on the respective page for that hashtag, and people following that particular hashtag will get to see your post on their feed. 

Furthermore, hashtags will make it easy for your target audience to see your content and also like it if they find it relevant or interesting. Using the right hashtags is the best way to get more likes and also followers. 

Written By Sophia Martinez

Sophia, with an explicit experience of 10+ years in content writing, is the veteran writer and editor at She specialises in core content and advises the writer's team on writing business-maximizing content. She has worked as a content marketer for many brands in their young phases and thus, holds expertise in building brands through content. We are honoured to have her as part of our team and take the lead.